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SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. I CARDIFF. FOREIOV REPORTED INWARDS.—The De Goede Trotuv, Masker, and the Roelfina, Bolhuis, from Amsterdam, and the Concordia, Cheminant, from Guernsey, in ballast; and the Eliza, Girara, from Memel, with timber and deals. FOREIGN ENTERED OUTW. IlDs.-The Emily, Turner, and the Snpplv, All ward, for Oporto, the Sisters, Lamb, for Viana and Oporto, the Goede Hoop, De Jonge, the C ede Trouw, Masker, the Gesina, Poolman, the Roelfina, Bolhuis, and the Nyverheid, Horeling, for Amsterdam, the Avon- tuur, Horeling, and the Infronw Maria, De Boer, for Rotterdam,—Todd, agent; the Vivid, Orfeur, for Naples, and the Concordia, Cheminant, for Con- starllinople,-Crisp, agent. FOREIGN CLEARED OUT.-The Margaret, Howe, for Constantinople, with iron and coal; the Efford, Orfeur, for Messina, and the Johanna Margaretha, Brons, for Amsterdam, with iron. COASTERS INWARDS.—The Three Sisters, Fifoot, from Newport, the Queen Adelaide, Evans, the M iry Roberts, Perry, the Hibernia, Lewis, the Favourite, Davies,tlieThetis, Davies, theCapella, Candlish, and the Sylph, Evans, from Glasgnw, the Iris, Wealock, from Swansea, the Mary, Griffith, from Neath, and the Tredegar, Crockford, from Minehead, with iron the Victoria, Harris, from Weston, with potatoes; the John and Mary, Ho'e, from Bideford, and the Alfred, Croft, from London, with timber; the Supply, All- ward, from Bristol, with glass bottles; the James, Phillips, from Carmarthen, and the Y oug-hall, Shehan: from Youghall, with oats; the Grecian, Flaharty, from Waterford, with flour; the James Carmichael, Sutton, from Cork, and the Delight, Boucher, from Waterfor, with fliii- and oats the Friends, Bryaut, the John George, Gnlliford, and the Royal Foi-resfer, Furuey, from Bridgewater, the Liverpool Packet, Westlake, from VVatchet, the Mary Ann, Morgan, and the Robert, Clampitt, from Newport, the William, Thomas, the Celerity, Williams, the Amity, Rogers, and the Merthyr Packet, Edwards, from Bristol and the James, loye, from Kinsale, with sundries; 37 in ballast and 30 with iron ore. COASTRRS OUTWAKOS.—The Britannia, Childs, the William, Thomas, the Blossom, Reed, and the James and Ann, Gayner, for Bristol, the Orion, Jones, for Belfast, the Friends, Thomas, for Limerick, the Wiliiam and Elizabeth, Fisher, for Dublin, the Mary, Hoope, for Newport, the Rochaell, Kewley, for Whitehaven, the Mary Jane, Corbett, and the Ann, Stone, for Goole, the Henry, Halsall, the Velox, Harris, and the Enterprise, Fletcher, for Liverpool, the Fairy Qneen, Lovering, and the Economy, Davies, for Shoreham, the lliidscott, Hooper, for Glasgow, the Cygnet, Lodwiir, for Galway, the Vigilant, Langdon, for Hull, the John Wesley, Peek, for Newcastle, and the Samuel and Ann, Buckingham, for Cork, with iron; the Gleaner, Hughes, for Newport, the Friends, Davies, for Bristol, and the Cardiff Packet, Joblin, for London, with sundries aDd 29 with coal. NEWPORT. ARRIVED, The Three Sisters, Fifoot, from Cardiff, with iron; the Tredegar, Gayner, from Gloucester, with machinery, floTir, and beansthe Betsey and Martha, Jones, from Portmadoo, the Six Brothers, Roberts, from Bansor, and the In- dustry, Thomas, from Aberdovey, with sifttes the Prudence, Roberts, from Gloucester, with flour; the Jane, Smith, from Bridgewater, with barley and bay the Iraveller, Guy, from Gloucester, the Dolphin, Fly, from Bristol, the Industry, Meritt, and the Taunton, Thomas, from Bridgewater, the Lady Ackland, Davy, from Bude, and the Charles, Sharm, from Chepstow, with hay; the Gannet, James, from Bridgewater, with beans; the Rhoda, Griffin, from Gloucester, with planks; the Queen, Halve, from Waterford, with flour and bacon; the Love, Govier, from Watcliet, with cattle; the Friendship, Bryan', from Bridgewater, with bricks and hay; the Otter, White, from Gloucester, with timber and planks; the Victory, Davies, from Chester, with bricks, tiles, and ware; the Robert,Clampitt, from Cardiff, with iron; the Prudence, Davidge, from Bridge- water, and the Stu. key, Hatherly, from Bude, with oats; the Good Hope, Thompson, from Cardiff, with iron; the Hope. Buridge, from Bridgewater, with flour, beans, and bran; the Fortitude, Lewis, from Bridgewater, with hay and bricks; the Royal Adelaide, Matthews, from Gweek, with deals the Charlotte, Carev, from Bridgewater, with hay, oats, and bricks the Traveller, Stribley, from Padstow, with barley; the Hannah, Jones, from Cardigan, with oats; the Fanny, Johns, the Moderator, Clat- worthy, the Moderator, Williams, the Bristol Packet, Tivers, the Bristol Packet, Prewitt, the Mary, Gainev, the George, Ashton, the Tredegar, Johns, the Swift, Richards, the Caerleon, Harwood, and the Turtle, Oxland, from Bristol, the Swift, Hiscox, from Chepstow, the Unanimity, Mitchell, and the Caerleon, lleadford, from Bridgewater, the Blaina, Oakley, and the Newport, Trader, Jackson, from Gloucester, the Glamorgan, Jones, and the Conftdenee, A ng-e I, from London, all with sundries; the Regent, Salt, and the Unity, Fowler, from Fowey, the Jane, Couche, the Traveller, Stribley, and the Larrin, Stepheo, trom Padstow, the Ex- periment, Thoma-i, and the Melenira, Huxtable, from Bristol, the Search, Churchward, from Dart- mouth, the Dispatch, Price, the Thomas and Francis, Evans, the Victoria, Davies, the Sarah Ann, Martin, the Eliza, Evans, and the Maria Ann, Evans, from Barrow, all with iron ore. SAI t,l,'D. -'rite Ann, Maggs, for Bristol, with stones; the Victoria, Davies, for Liverpool, with tin plotes and wood hoops; the I wins. Cooper, for Shoreham, the Anna Maria, Lloyd, for Glasson dock, the Melenira, Huxtable, for London, the Diligence, Rees, for Liverpool, the Elizabeth and Sarah, Sandford, for Bristol, the Charles, Howe, for Bridgewater, the Mercury, Lewis, for Glasgow, the Eleanor, Williams, for Ardrossan, the Victory, Davies, for Liverpool, the John Hicks, Butterfleld, for London, the Three Sisters, Fifoot, for Cardiff, the Search, Church vard, for Gainsborough, the Thomas and Sarah, Beer, for Swansea, the Octavia, Nicholson, for Workington, the Frederic, Duret, for Dunkirk, the John and Robert, Parry, and the Eliza, Evans, for Liverpool, tle Six Brothers, Roberts, for Gainsbrough, the Victory, Nicholas, for Troon, and the Harmony, Berry, for Bideford, all with iron; the Resolution, Evans, for Liver- pool, with iron and tin plates; the Blaina, Oakley, for Gloucester, with castings and iron the Lark, Warren, for Chepstow, with junk; the Charlotte, Lewis, for Greenock, with timber; the Mary Ann, Morgan, for Cardiff, the Erin, Sharp, for Constanti- nople, the Robert, Clampitt, for Bristol, and the Vaga, Bowen, for Chepstow, all with sundries; the Sisters, Jaques, for Liverpool, with iron and tiail rods the Egeria, Kennedy, for tionlfctir, the Joinville, Nor for Marseilles, the Eden, Johnson, for Honfleur, and the John, Blampied, for Jersey, all with coal; the Maria and Ann, Evans, for Belfast, with iron and tin plates; the Blaina, Oakley, and the Druid, Tavener, for Worcester, with coke. NEWPORT FOREIGN SHIPPING LIsT. (From the Mercantile Presentment.) ENTERED INWAltt)o.-Tiie Caesar, Le Brlln, from Jersey; the Mary. Wakeham, from Guernsey; the Ajax, Bellessime, and the Marie Rose, Halgand, from Rouen. ENTERED OUT AND LOADING.-The Naples Packet, Richards, for Naples the Twel Trienden, Bakker, for Amsterdam the Marie Rose, Halgand, for Rouen the Ajax, Bellessime, for Algiers; the Astrea, Rice, for Trieste; the Albert, Hary, for Malta the Mary, Wakeham, and the LawOgilby, Morris, Constantinople. SAILED.—The Erin, Sharp, for Constantinople; the Egeria, Kennedy, and the Eden, Johnson, for Honfleur, the Frederic, Duret, for Dunkirk; the Joinville, Noll, for Marseilles; and the John, Blampied, for Jersey 145 vessels cleared from this port in the week. COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE EXCEPT TO IRELAND. 1 Olin Newport Coal Co 2942 J. F. Hanson 457 W.andR.Thomas. 295 R. Welsh 201 Ann Rees, and Co 126 TredegarCoatCo. 970 James Poole, Jun. 486 Monmouthshire Iron and Coal Co 78 COAL SHIPPED COASTWISE TO IRKLAND. Newport Coal Co 150 Ann Rees, and Co. 135 SWANSEA. ARRIVALS.—The Ant, James, the New Hope, Morgans, the Active, Owens, and the Fanny, Rees, from Milford; the Venus, Watkins, and Ille Heart of Oak, Davies, from Chester; the Providence, Russell, from Hayle; the Catherine O'Flauagan, Phillips, from Scilly; the Redruth, Mimis, the Happj Couple, Clark, and Ihe Joseph, Can, from -h- I St. Ives; the New House, Tadd, from Fowey; the Guillaume Tell, Ravilly, from Nantes; the Mary, Care, from Penzance; the Pladda, M'Furson, the Alexander Stewart, Owens, and the Rose, Patrick, from Cork; the Endeavour, Rees, from Tenby; the Western Star, Williams, from Wexford; tho 0 Mary,Enswell, from Plyiiioiith the Alfred, Ealgey, the Peace, Lowther, the George, Williams, the Harmony, Shadwick, the Hero, Lovering, the Apraycombe, Marsh, the Devonshire, Lowther, the Tucker, Lowther, the Elenor, Phillips, the Martha, Norrox, and the Hippocampi, Fowler, from Water- ford, the Heart of Oak, Thomas, from Cardigan; the Providence, Masters, and the Princess Regent, Camer, from Falmouth; the Edward Protherough, Skinner, the Victoria, Roach, the Edward Jones, Lanben, the St. Patrick, Foelan, the Minerva, Morgans, the Liverpool, Oneal, and the Lahogue, Jenkins, from Ross; the Fame, Baily, from Pem- broke; the Erin, Byron, the Union, Doolittle, the Breeze, Wall, the Ellen, Conner, the Rambler, Wall, the Mermaid, Doolittle, and the Success, Vum, from VVicklow the Waterwitoh, Greenway, the Miner, Roycroft, the Henrietta, Hart, and the A Hi 1m a, Cock, from Beerhaven the Ann Brinismead, from Neath; the Rose, Jenkins, and the Alexandre, Lanquy, from Bristol the Alfred, Eastway, from Youghall the Argo, Brown, from Llanelly; the Thetis, Lorenzer, from Chili; the Jane and Louisa, Barbier, from Belfast; the Betsey, Johns, from Aberthaw; the Swan, Griffiths, from Barmonth; the Owen Cambridge, Muse, and the William and Mary, Dingly, from Bridgewater. LLANELLY. ARRIYKD.—The Mary Ann, Burgess, the Eliza Jalle, Nicholas, the Good Intent, Howells, the Maria, Gilbeit, the Comet, flilman, the Mary Kitty, Evans, the Ocean, Stribley, the John aud Eleanor, Andrews, and the Air, Jennings, from St. Ives, the James, Samuel, and the Ann, Samuel, from Truro, with copper ore; the Union, Marker, from Bristol, wittisutidries; the Reparaleur, Hameliu, from Crosic, with wheat, the Minerva, Potts, from Southibpton, the Hannett anc^Phoebe, Davies, from Bideford, the E'iza, Wall, from Penzance, the Ageuoria, Robson, from Cowes, the Kingston, M'Leao, from Liverpool, the Palnott, Cobden, from London, the Aurora, Howell, and the Royal George, Rees, from Milford, the John and Mary Shainbrook, from Ross, the Elizabeth, Rogers, and the Trader, Reed, from Waterford, the Agnes, Huhes, from Amlwch, the Mary, from Newry, the Mary Ann Lloyd, the Peggy, Davis, the T. A. Ti-ehai-n, Griffith*, and the William and Nancy, Evans, from Liugharne, all in ballast. SAILED-The Douchfour, Thompson, for New York; the Countess of Durham, Stowe, for Jamaica; the New Parliament, Brabyn, for Rouen; the Einily, Thomas, for Bristol; the Culloden, Davies, for Waterford; the Joseph R. Pim, Southwick. for Cork; the Susan and Sarah, Oliver, and the Emulous, Bell, for London; the Eleanor Grace, Roberts, for Liverpool; the Eliza Jane, Nicholas, for Carmarthen the Mary Ann, Burgess, the Brothers, Williams, the Lydia, Davies, Ille Mai-ia, Gilbert, the St. Agnes, Carter, the Eliza, Wall, the Prince Regent, Husband, the Integrity, Husband, and the Nelly, Llewelyn, for St. Ives; the Lord Rolle, Samuel, and the William Henry, Ball, for Truro; the Hannett and Phoebe, Davies, for Bideford the Eliza, Davies, for New Ross; the Thomas, and the Albion, Guy, for Barnstaple; the David, Harris, for Neath; the Orb, Elery, for Padstow the Sisters, Lewis, for Bridgewater, and the Favourite Nancy, Rees, for Miit*ord.