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THE DINNER took place at the Masons' Arms. Nearly one hun- dred gentlemen sat down to a substantial repast. William Williams, Esq., presided supported on his right by Whitlock Nicholl, Esq.; and on his left by the Rev. Mr Jeffreys. Mr Reynolds presided at the second table. Immediately after the cloth was drawn the Pre- sident read the following commullication:- Mr Jones, of Beaupre, subscribes five sovereigns, for the best poem on the following subject" Mu- tual goodwill without dissention." Mr Jones presents his compliments to the Pre- sident, begs his acceptance of the above subscrip- tion for the next year, and hopes he will consider it an appropriate one from A lawyer." The reading of the latter clause excited a good deal of merriment. We waited for some time after the dinner, in ex- pectation of the usual loyal and appropriate toasts; but after a considerable time had elapsed, observ- ing that the glasses of the President, and the gen- tlemen in his immediate neighbourhood, were nearly drained, the unpleasant conviction was forced on us, that this part of the proceedings was really to be passed without notice: -an oversight, we think, of no small magnitude. We were afterwards in- formed that just before the last of the party separa- ted, the propriety of a toast was suggested to the President; who having enquired what it ought to be. was told The Queen, or something else." "The Queen," was accordingly given without the slightest introduction, and unaccompanied with any display of loyalty; conveying surely rather a mark of contempt, than any attachment to Her Majesty's person or respect for her office. On this head there need never be any mistake, so far as relates to the first two toasts. "The Queen," and "Oes y byd i'r Iaith Gymraeg," should be, and are every where else, standards; and we trust we shall never have occasion to mention a similar instance of such neglect of common propriety.



--.1-A"riccotte .

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