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IMPERIAL PARLIAMENT, HOUSE OF COMMONS—Tuesday, MARCH 19. The Bristol and Gloucester Railway Bill was read the second time, after some opposition aud a division. On the motion of Mr HAWKS, it was ordered that none of the "Small Debts" Bills, now before the House, should be committed until after April 8, in order to afford the opportunity of proceeding with the general and uniform measure on the subject now on their table. Sir T. FREEMANTLE presented a petition from Wigan, complaining of the undue return of Mr Ewart. Ordered to be considered, April 16. Mr GRATTAN moved for various returns respect- ing the appropriation of £ 50.030 annually voted for the purposes of education in Ireland. Lord MORPE TH expressed his readiness to pro- duce the returns, excepting that portion which re- quired the Protestant and Roman Catholic children to be separately enumerated. Mr Grattan's motion led to an extended and desul- tory, but uot very animated discussion. Lord SANDON moved an address for copies of any memorials addressed to her Majesty's Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, by British merchants trading with Mexico and Buenos Ayres, praying his interfe- rence to protect British commerce against the effect of blockades established in the ports of those countries by the government of France, together with the cor- respondence with the said merchants arising thereout; 2nd, for copies of any communications with the French government, founded on the said memorials; and 3rd, the amount of British force in the bay of Vera Cruz at the time of the taking of the Castle of San Juan de Ulloa, by the Frenchsqaatten under Admiral Baudin, and at the taking of Vera Cruz by the same squadron. The motion led to considerable and interesting dis- cussion. Lord PALMPRS-1 ON said that he had no objection to the production of the papers, except the corres- pondence; but to that he must object, as negociations were proceeding, and to which he expected the most satisfactory result. Mr E. TENNENT moved all amendment, for the production of any papers and correspondence regarding occupation in Brazil by the French. Mr GROTE complained of the conduct at Vera Cruz and Mexico of the French, maintaining that it called for the marked interference of the British Government. Dr. LUSHINGTON also strongly condemned the proceedings of France, as oppressive and unjustifiable, and contrary to the usages of nations; and urged the interference of our Government, by the most L decided remonstrances that could be well enforced after what had taken place in that House, to show France that England was ''wide awake" to its conduct. Mr C. WOOD stated what force had been sent to the station, declaring that there was sufficient to protect British interests, the best proof of which was that they had not suffered. Sir R. PEEL thought that there had not been adequate activity and remonstrance on the part of our Government; that there ought to be informa- tion produced; and that it was far from being clear that British interests had not suffered. The motion, however, was eventually withdrawn. The orders of the day, together with the report of such army estimates as were adopted on Mon- day night, having been disposed of, the House adjourned.


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