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To Drapers' Assistants. WANTED immediately, a Clever Active V V YOUNG MAN, who thoroughly understands his Business, who can give respectable references. He must understand the Welsh Language. Apply to Benj. Rice, London and Manchester Ware- house, Neath. MUSIC. A YOUNG LADY, who has studied and practiccd under the most celebrated Professors of the Me- tropolis, begs to,offer Instruction on the PIANOFOIITE to Ladies in the vicinity of Cardiff, either at their own Houses or hers, as may be arranged, and on such reason- able Terms as she hopes will promote the diffusion of this heaven-born science. Letters to be addressed, post-paid, for S. R. S., P. 0., Cardiff, N OTtCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that NO HUNT- IG, SHOOTING, or FISHING, will be allowed on i sgwyddgwyn, Kilhoyf, Heolddu, or Grosfane Farms, during the ensuing lIea"on. WILLIAM PHILLIPS. HARRY LEWIS. EVAN WILLIAMS. March 16th, 1839. NOTICE To the Creditors of the late Mr John Bradley. ALL PERSONS having CLAIMS on the effects of the late Mr JOHN BltADLEY. of CARDIFF, nV ™'<lueste^ forthwith to send their accounts to Mr Vv. A. Bradley, as the Executors are about to make a final distribution of the residue. lqOTIC E. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that JAMES J- FISHEK, who has travelled for me in the DRAPERY TRADE, during the last two years, HAS BEEN DISCHARGED from my service for bad con. duct, and is no longer authorised either to receive money or transact business for me in any way whatever; and all Persons who shall pay money to the said James Fisher, on my account, after receiving this Notice, will be compelled to pay the amount again to me. D. G. CURRIE. Merthyr Tydvil, March 15th, 1839. To Watchmakers, Pawnbrokers, and others. OBTAINED under FALSE PRETENCES, on the 28th FEBRUARY, a Silver Double Bottom Engine turned HUNTING WATCH, with Silver Dial and Steel Handa; Maker's name John Lloyd, Brecon, No. 2079, with a Ribbon, and Gold Seal engraved D. W. P. If Bought or Pledged, all expences will be paid by applying to William Latch, High Street, Newport, Monmouthshire. PT^HE COMMISSIONERS in a renewed FIAT in BANKRUPTCY awarded and issued against GEORGE HAYNES, the elder, GEORGE DAY, GEORGE HAYNES, the younger, and WILLIAM LAWRENCE, of SWANSEA, in the County of GLAMORGAN, Bankers, Dealers, Chapmen, and Copartners, intend to meet on the Twenty.sixth day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, at the PUBLIC ROOMS, on the BURROWS, at SWAN- SEA, aforesaid, in order to audit the Accounts of the Assignees of the Joint Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupts, and also to receive proofs of Debts due from the said Bankrupts. rpHE COMMISSIONERS In a renewed FIAT in BANKRUPTCY awarded and issued against GEORGE HAYNES, the elder, GEORGE DAY, GEORGE HAYNES, the younger, and WILLIAM LAWRENCE, of SWANSEA, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, Bankers, Dealers, Chapmen and Copartners, intend to meet on the Twenty-sixth day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the PU B LIC ROOMS, on the BURROWS,at SWANSEA, aforesaid, in order to audit the Accounts of the Assignees of the Separate Estate and Effects of George Haynes, the elder, one of the said Bankrupts, and also to receive proofs of Debts due from the last named Bankrupt. fl^HE COMMISSIONERS in a renewed FIAT in BANKRUPTCY awarded and issued against GEORGE HAYNES, the elder, GEORGE DAY, GEORGE HAYNES, the younger, and WILLIAM LAWREVCE, of SWANSEA, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, Bankeis, Dealers, Chapmen and Copartners, intend to meet on theTwenty-sixth day of M A RC H next, at Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the PUBLIC ROOMS, on the BURUOWS, at SWANSEA, aforesaid, in order to audit the Accounts of the Assignees of the Joint Estate and Effects of the said George Haynes, the elder, and George Haynes, the younger, and also to re- ceive proofs of Debts due from the last named Bankrupts. ^T^HE COMMISSIONERS in a renewed FIAT in BANKRUPTCY awarded and issued against GEORGE HVYNES, the elder, GEORGE DAY, GEORGE HAYNES, the younger, and WILLIAM LAWRENCE, of SWANSE\, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, Bankers, Dealers, Chapmen, and Copartners, intend to meet on the Twenty-ninth day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the PUBLIC ROOMS, on the BURROWS, at SWANSEA, aforesaid, n order to make a final Dividend of the Joint Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupts; when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be ex- cluded the benefit of the said Dividend and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. TT^HE COMMISSIONERS in a renewed FIAT in BANKRUPTCY awarded and issued against GEORGE HAYNES, the elder, GEORGE DAY, T*?«/itr'vrnuA^rNTE^' l^e younger, and WILLIAM LAWRENCb, of SWANSEA, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, Bankers, Dealers, Chapmen and Copartners, intend to meet on the Twenty-ninth day of MARCH next, at Eleven o Clock in the Forenoon, at the PUBLIC ROOMS, on the BURROWS, at SWANSE A, aforesaid, in order to make a final Dividend of the Separate Estate and Effects of George Haynes, the elder, one of the said Bankrupts, when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come Prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend and all claims not then proved will be disallowed. THE COMMISSIONERS in a renewed FIAT in BANKRUPTCY awarded aud issued against GEORGE HAYNES, the elder, GEORGE DAY, GEORGE HAYNES, the younger, and WILLIAM' LA. WRENCE, of SWANSEA, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, Bankers, Dealers, Chapmen and Copartners, intend to meet on tliR Twenty-ninth day of MARCH next, at Eleven o'Clock in the Forenoon, at the PUBLIC ROOMS, on the BURROWS. at SWANSE aforesaid, in order to make a final Dividend of the Joint Estate and Effects of George Haynes, the elder, and George Haynes, the younger, two of the said Bankrupts, when and where the Creditors who have not already proved their Debts are to come prepared to prove the same, or they will be excluded the benefit of the said Dividend; and all claims not then proved will be dis- allowed. SUBSCRIPTION for the Relief of the Widows ks and Children of the Crew of the Porth Cawl Pre- ventive Service Boat, swamped on its return from the Wreck of the brig Charles, on the Sker Weathers, ou the 8th of February, 1839. Amount already advertised in this Paper, f 187 Ss. £ s. d. A Gentleman 1 0 0 Win. Brunton Esq 1 0 0 John Rowland, Esq I 0 0 Mrs Buckland 1 0 0 Mr H. Buckland 10 0 Nathaniel Tregitlis. I 0 0 Morgan and Gardner 0 10 0 JonatbanRees. 10 0 I. Redwood. 1 0 0 I)irector-t of Cambrian Iron and Spelter Co. 9 0 0 B. Devonport, Esq. 1 0 0 Joseph Rusher, Esq. 1 0 0 George Bush, Esq. 10 0 Rev. George Thomas 100 Nash E. Vaughan, Esq. 3 0 0 Mrs Gwyn, Neath 2 0 0 Mr G. Young 0 10 0 Mr W. Llewellyn 0 10 0 ,Sir J. J. Giiest, NI.P 5 0 0 Rev.Jolin rrelierne 1 0 0 rs 1'icton, Ishcoed 1 1 0 J; D. Harding, Esq 1 0 0 'r Buckland, sen. 10 0 Joseph Price 2 0 0 ranger and Evans 1 0 0 A Friend to the Poor. 0 2 6 m. Weston Young 1 0 p M. Buckland 2 .0 0 Coast Guard, and Cardiff Subscription 14 10 0 Bedwas Ale and Porter Brewery. MESSRS. CHARLES LLOYD and co. beg respectfully to announce to their Friends and the Public, that thpy have JUST OPENED the above large and commodious ESTABLISHMENT, at Bedwas, (adjoining the Rhymney Tram Road) for the supply of Ale and Porter, of the best quality; and beg that sup- port which they, by punctuality in attending to orders, and by supplying the very best articles, will ever be found solicitous to merit. AGENTS. Merthyr. Mr Edward Williams, Swan Inn. Cardiff Mr G. Lloyd. Newport. Mr William Jenkins. Bedwas, March 6th, 1839. CROUCH & WILLIAMS, COACH BUILDERS, PROMENADE, RICHMOND HILL, CLIFTON. Manufactory, 105, Temple Street, Bristol. CI & W. respectfully invite the attention of the • Public to the Clifton Establishment, which is opened for the inspection and sale of Carriages and Harness, of their own Manufacture. They beg to return their best thanks for the very liberal support they have received so many years, and are determined that no ex- pense shall be spared, in the selection of their Materials and Workmen, to merit a continuance of the patronage already conferred on them. Carriages Sold on Commission. W. IltM LILSDI WHOLESALE TEA, COFFEE, AND FLOUR MERCHANT, AND GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, WITH grateful feelings to the numerous Grocers, Sec., of Monmouthshire and Glamor- ganshire, who have favoured him with their support, begs to inform them, that, in consequence of the great increase in his business, he has taken into partnership Mr CHARLES SMITH, of Newport, and that the Concern will, in future, be carried on in the name of IRELAND 6. SMITH, Who avail themselves of this opportunity of soliciting a continuance of the very liberal encouragement hereto- fore bestowed on W. F. Ireland. IRELAND and SMITH will always have on hand, in their Warehouse at Newport, A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF TEAS, Purchased with Cash from the East India Company and also a large Stock of coffee, riour, &c. &c. &c., In which articles they will not be afraid to compete with any House in the Kingdom. Moderator Bridge, Newport, March 2nd, 1839. OF, S Y BYD I'R INITIJ GYMREIG." cc CYMRU FU, SYDD, AC A FYDD." CARDIFF CYMREIGYDDION SOCIETY. P ATRO N, The Most Noble the Marquis of Bute. ^l^HE SIXTH ANNIVERSARY of this SOCIETY will he held at the TOWN HALL CARDIFF, on EASTER MONDAY, APRIL 1, 1839, J. Nicholl, Esq, M.P., President; On which day the PRIZES will he awarded to the suc- cessful Candidates on the various interesting subjects in Prose and Verse, given by the Society and others. ADDRESSES will be delivered in the Welsh and English languages. Several HARPERS will contend for°the Prize Harp. PENNILLION SINGERS will also display their vocal Powers according to the manner of Gwent and Morganwg and North Wales. JUDGES. COMPOSITIONS-Cawrdaf. IIARPF.Rs-Rev, J. Webb, M.A., W. Nicholl, and J. Bird, Esqrs. SINGERs-Gwilym Ilid and H. Ddu. This Society having attracted the notice, and received the support of the Nobility and Gentry of the County of Glamorgan, as an Institution for the encouragement of Welsh Literature and National Music, it is needless to add that the ensuing Anniversary is expected to be one of the most interesting Eisteddfodau held in the Priiici- pality. THE ARRANGEMENT FOR THE DAY. The Members will meet at the Angel Inn. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, and will walk frOlh thence in procession to the Town Hall, where the Chair will be taken pre- cisely at 11 o'clock, and the Prizes for the Literary Com- positions will be awarded. At intervals the meeting will be entertained with National airs by the Harpers. The Members and their Friends will Dine together at the Assembly Room, Angel Inn. Dinner to be on the Table at 4 o'clock. I he Chair will be resumed at the Town Hall, at 7 o'clock when the Prize Harp will be contended for and awarded, and the competition between the Singers will take place. Admission Tickets lo the Platform 5. and to the body of the Hall 2s. 6<1. None admitted without Tickets. T'ickets to be had of Mr LI. Jenkins, Printer, Duke Street, and at the Angel Ian. LL. JENKINS, Secretary. AT a MEETING of the OWNERS of TEiNE- MENTS in the Borough of MERTHYR TYD- VIL, held at the Bush Inn, on the 19th of March instant, the following Resolutions were unanimously agreed upon 1st. Resolved,-H That this Meeting cannot but express its satisfaction that the Legislature has taken into its serious consideration the policy of Hating small Tenements for the relief of the Poor, inasmuch as it has a tendency to stop private and vexatious con- tention, and has prevented that acrimony and bitter feeling which so frequently arises from local collision." 2nd.—"That this Meeting anxiously awaits the appearance of a Parliamentary Bill on this subject, and urgently requests the attentive consideration of the Inhabitants of this district to any future pro- ceedings on the subject." 3rd.—" That the thanks of this Meeting be given to Sir J. J. Guest, M.P., Bart.,for his attention and ex- ertions during the discussion of this important ques- tion, and for the readiness with which he, at all times, forwarded the views of the Committee ap- pointed to communicate v.ith him. 4th.—"That the thanks of this Meeting be given to E. L. Richards, Esq., Barrister at Law, for the able and zealous manner in which he has invariably supported the general interests of this town and neighbourhood on this subject. 5th.-u That the Resolutions of this Meeting be pub. lished in the Merthyr Guardian." 6th.—" That the thanks of the Meeting are due to Mr Oakey. for his kindness in taking the chair. SENT FOR BY EXPRESS. HPHE BARON SPOLASCO left his residence I. Adelaide Place, Swansea, on Monday last, the 18th of March, on his Professional tour, pursuant to an advertisement in the Cambrian, to Merthyr, Tredegar, Nantyglo, Abergavenny, Pontypoo), Newport, &c. Ily, I The Baron having staid his allotted time at Merthyr, and was preparing -,o go to the next Town on his list, Tredegar, when he was met by an express to attend to Four Patients from America, who have arrived in England for the express purpose of placing themselves under his Professional care in consequence of which the Baron had to forego his visits to I redegar, Nanty- glo and Abergavenny, but will be able to fulfil his engagements, and will be most happy to see his Friends at the White Hart Inn, Pontypool. on Monday and Tuesday, the 25th and 26th of March; and at the Westgate Inn, Newport, on Wednesday and Thursday, the 271h and 28th of March .and return home to his residence, Swansea, ou Friday, the 29th of March, where he will remain. "0. '< NATIONAL EDUCATION IN THE PRINCIPLES OF THE ESTABLISHED CHURCH. fTWE BISHOP OF LLANDAFF wishes to CON- VENE a MEETING of the Clergy and Laity of his Diocese, residing in MONMOUTHSHIRE, with a view of forming a Diocesan Society for the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Church of England, and therefore earnestly invites them to meet him at USK, on WEDNESDAY, the 3rd of APRIL next, at Twelve o'Clock, for that purpose. TAFF VALE RAILWAY, From Merthyr Tydvil to the Port of Cardiff. Tenders for Loans. r|~>HE Proprietors of this Company having resolved 1 to take up on LOAN the Sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS, which they are authorised by their Act to do now that half their Capital is paid up, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEV. That the Directors will receive Proposals for the Loan of Money on Deben- tures, for a period of not less than 5 years. Interest at the rate of 5 per cent, per annum, will be paid half- yearly, at Cardiff or in London. Proposals to he addressed to the undersigned at the Railway Office, Cardiff, or to Messrs Swain, Stevens, & Co., Solicitors, 10, Whitehall, or London and West- minster Bank, London, or to the West of England and South Wales District Bank, Bristol. JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. GLAMORGANSHIRE. IVTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the L ¥ Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the said County will be holden On TUESDAY, the NINTH Day of APRIL next, At the Town Hall, in the Town of COWBRIDGE in the said County, on which day the Magistrates will meet and proieedto Court at Eleven of theclochinthe Forenoon. The Grand Jury will then be sworn, at which time all Prosecutors and Witnesses are directed to attend, and prefer their Bills of Indictment. All Appeals and Traverses must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace before eleven o'clock of such day. All business relatinq to the assessment, application, or management, of the County Stock or Rate, and to the internal regulations of the County, will commence at haf) past eleven o'clock of such day. All Bills and Demands relating to the Public Expenditure of the County must be delivered into the office of the Clerk of the Peace fourteen days before the Sessions, or they will not be audited and settled at such Sessions. All Persons who have any Traverse or Appeal to bring before the Sessions, are to be prepared to proceed on the same on Tuesday morning's Court: ex- cept in cases relating to Bastardy, which will not be heard until Wednesday morning's Court. All costs given or allowed by the Court, must be tared at the same Sessions, or they will not be afterwards allowed. The several acting Magistrates within the said County are re- quested to return all Depositions, relating to Felonies and Misdemeanors to be prosecuted at the same Sessions. into the office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before Friday, the 5th Day pf April next. Cardiff, March 9th, WOOD. 1839. Clerk of Peace. BRECONSHIRE. TXTOTICEIS HEREBY GIVEN, that the x » Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace for this County, will be holden On TUESDAY, the NINTH day of APRIL Next, at the Shire-hall, in the town of Brecon on which day the Magistrates will meet and proceed to Court at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. The Grand Jury will then be sworn; at which time all Prosecutors and Witnesses are directed to attend and prefer their Bills of Indictment • and all Appeals and Traverses intended to be prosecuted at the same Sessions, and notice of all applications by Overseers or Guardians of Parishes, for orders upon putative fathers, for reimbursement for maintenance and support of bastard children, under the Act Ath and5th William IV., cap 76 must be entered with the Clerk of the Peace, before the sitting of the Court. NOTICE IS HEREBY ALSO GIVEN, That all persons having claims upon the County, in respect of work done and articles furnished for the use of the County Gaol, must attend with their accounts before the Visiting Magistrates, at the Gaol, on Tuesday, the se.;ond day of April next, at eleven o clock in the forenoon; and persons having other claim's "Pi),' the County, viust attend with their accounts before the Magistrates, at the Town Hall, Brecon, on Monday, the Eighth day (!f April next, at elevet& o-clock in the forenoon, when sitch several accounts will be audited. And further, that the business relating to the Assess- ment, Application and Management of the County Stock of Rate will commence at two o clock in the afternoon of the said ninth day of April next, A'ID NOTICE IS HEREBY LASTLY GIVEN1, That all Costs of Prosecutions to be allowed bi/ the County must be taxed at the same sessions, previous' to or durina which they shall be incurred, or they will not afterwards be allowed. -Dated tÙ 13tlt day of March, 1839 POWELL, Clerk of the Peace. MERTHYR TYDVIL UNION. TT^HE Church wardens and Overseers of the several Parishes comprised i„ the above Union, and hereafter na.i.e will, in pursuance of the order of the Poor Law [0* England and Wales, proceed on the 28th day of MARCH instant to the ELECTION of the number of the GUARDIANS of the Poor, set opposite the name- Of such Parishes for the year ending the 25lh day of March, 1840. Parishes. Guard.ans. Parishes. Guardians. Merthyr Tydvil .••• o Llanfahon I Aberdare £ L,anwonno 1 Gelligaer f- Ystraclyfodwff 1 Penderyn Rhigos 1 Vaynor ..2 Any person entitled to vote in any 0f the said Parishes may propose as the Guardian or G„ardians thereof, any number (not exceeding the number to he there elected) of persons, who are severally rated to the Poor Hate of any Palish in the Union, in respect of property of the annual -value or rental of £ 2o. The proposal must be written, and must state the names, residences, and callings of the persons proposed, and the name of the proposer, and must be delivered to one of the Church- wardens, and Overseers of such Parishes, on or before the 21st day of March instant. Owners of Rateable Property in such Parish, as well as Rate Payers, are entitled to vote, provided their names are on the Register of Owners, or if they send in to the Churchwardens and Overseers, before the day of Elec- tion,their claims to vote, with a statement of lheir names and ai(iress, and a description of their property. Owners may also vote by proxy but Proxies must m 6 j statement» above mentioned for their princi- pals, and transmit to the Churchwardens and Overseers the originals or attested copies of their appointments. In case of a contest for the office of Guardian, in anv k i Sa'"C' Parish«s. 'he votes will be given in papers to be left by the Churchwardens and Overseers,two davs at least, before the day fixed for the Election, at tIle Houses of those residents of the Parish, who are then entitled to vote. All Residents out of the Parish, and all ersons who become entitled after that day, must apply to one of the Churchwardens and Overseers for votincr papers on the day of Election. ° The Forms of nomination papers, statements of owners and appointment of proxy, may be seen and copied by Voters, at the Board Room, in Merthyr Tydvil. J. W. EDWARDS, m Clerk to the Board of Guardians. Merthjrr Tydvil, 6th March, 1S39. FORM OF NOMINATION PAPER. To the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish Names of the Person Residence, and quality or or Persons proposed as calling of the Person or Guardian or Guardians. Persons proposed. I nominate the above to be Guardian or Guardians Sa'^ Parish, for the Year ending March 25th Io40. Signature and address of the Proposer. The First Meeting of such Guardians will be held in the BOARD ROOM, MERTHYR TYDVIL, on SA- rURDAY, the 30th Day of MARCH instant, at Eleveu o'Clock in the Forenoon precisely. -J' _=:- GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET on thalfirst of MAY next, G3Et3cENrzuzb COTTAGE, Situated a mile off Bridgend, three off Porth Cawl Har- bour: it contains Two front Pafcars, with Five Bedrooms; a Kitchen; Back Kitchen- Btewhouse; Dairy; Stable; Saddle Room; Coach-house ipd Cow-house; Six Acres of Land, and a productive Girden. Apply to Mr LI. Jones, NeVton Nottage toMrRees Powell, Haregrove; or to M^fearr, the present Tenant. AND ENTERED UPON ON TWE FIRST OF MAY NEXT, A COMMODIOUS DWjLxiNO-UOUSE, fit for the reception of a snMftneijteel Family, situate in the village of Fairwater, from Llandaff; con- sisting of Three Sitting Roorns/Kitchen, Pantry, Dairy, and Cellar; also Seven Bedrooms, a good Garden, Stable, Pigstye, See.; and, if required, about Seven Acres of good Pasture Land. For further particulars enquire, if by letter, post-paid, of Mr David, Radyr Court, near Cardiff. COAL AND CLAY. 2To be iLrt, SEVERAL VEINS OF CLAY, fit for making S Earthen Ware, Fire Bricks, Copper and Iron Fur- naces and other purposes requiring intense heat. The Clay has passed the ordeal, and Coal has now been found h1 the same spot. A lease will be granted on advantageous terms. Specimens of the Clay may be seen at Mr Edmonds's Ironmonger, Swansea. Apply to Evan Davies, Tyllagarw, near Neath, if by letter, post paid. FARM TO LET. Co be met, FROM THE 25TH DAY OF MARCH 1839, FARM of KIL-Y-FRANE, consisting of -*• about 120 Acres of good sound Turnip and Barley Land, and particularly well adapted for Sheep situate within Six. Miles of two of the best Markets in Wales. For particulars, or to view, apply to David Davies, Glanbrane, near Neath, Glamorganshire. Letters to be post paid. NEWBRIDGE, GLAMORGANSHIRE. To he iLet, or $ollr, I^FIE whole of that PROPERTY situate at TRE- FOREST and NEWBRIDGE, known by the sign of the QUEEN ADELAIDE consisting of a Public- House, with a Shop and Bake-IIouse, and from four to five hundred yards of Ground, fit for Building, attached. The Property is held under a lease of ninety-nine years, and forms a most desirable investment of capital for any person engaging in the public or shop business. For further particulars. apply (if by letter, post paid) to Mr David Price, OD the premises. MERTHYR TYDVIL. Valuable Leasehold Property. On TUESDAY, MARCH 26th Inst., ttll be £ oIH bp auction, BY MR JOHN JONES, At the CASTLE INN. ERTOYR. TYDVIL, at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, in the following Lots, viz LOT IsT. A LL that Old Established PUBLIC HOUSE, i*. the WELLINGTON or JACKSON'S BRIDGE, situate at Jackson's Bridge, in the Parish of MERTHYR TYDVIL; consisting of a very spacious House, with an excellent Cellar, Brewhouse a Pump abundantly sup- plied with Water,two Stables Warehouse, Garden, and S' every convenience requisite for carrying on an extensive Innkceping business, which has been carried on with great success for the last 20 years by the late Proprietor, and might be conveniently adapted for other business held under a Lease for the unexpired term of 69 years, subject to the yearly Ground Rent of £ 2 Js- 7d. LOT 2ND. —FOUR DWELLING HOUSES, m front of the Street, and near lot 1st, with Cellars and let at the annual rents of £ 29 Is Lor 3RD. -FOUR DWELLING HOUSES and a CARPENTER'S SHOP, immediately behind lot 2nd; and let at the yearly rents of £ 20 6. LOT 4TH.—SIX DWELLING HOUSES, facing lot Three and let at the yearly rent of £ 2J °f- Lots 2, 3, and 4, are held under a Lease for yy years, of which 58 years are now unexpired, subject to the yearly ground rent of £ 5s. d. it Lor 5rH.-A STABLE conveniently situated near the three last preceding lots, held under a Lease of which 85 years are unexpired, at the yearly ground rent of 2s. 7d., and now let at the yearly rent of E4 4s. Further particulars may be obtained on application to Mr Edward Paynter, grocer, Merthyr; the Auctioneer; or at the Office of Messrs Meyrick and Davies. G LAMORG AN SHIRE. To Butchers, Graziers, Farmers, and Others. Co be Olb 55 duetton, By Mr W. MORRIS. On THURSDAY, the 28th of MARCH. 1S39, on the Premises, at MERTIIYRMAWR DEMESNE FARM, distant about a Mile and a Half from the Town of Bridgend, 11 IE undermentioned vpry Superior and Valuable 1. LIVE STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY. &c., the Property of John Nicholl, Esq., M. P. The Live Stock consists of 7 Fat Oxen, 3 ditto Heifers, and 5 ditto Cows, 7 Milch Cows (either with or in calf), 6 two and three year old Store Heifers 8 ditto Steers, a remarkably handsome Ayrshire Bull, a'nd 11 yearling Cattle; the Cattle are chiefly of the Ayrshire breed, and the remainder a cross between the Ayrshire and Glamorgan,the superior quality of which for a dairy, combined with a hardy constitution, is universally admitted, and the whole will be found in excellent condition; 157 Breeding Ewes, either with or in lamb), 55 Fat Wethers, 80 yearling Ewes, 40 ditto Wethers, and 7 Rams the Sheep, which are of the Leicester and Cotswold breed, have been selected with great care, and are well worthy the atten- tion of Breeders; 3 valuable Draught Horses, 3 Saddle ditto, and several Saddle and Pony Colts; also 15 Fat Pigs of the Berl- sliire breed. The Implements are 2 good Waggons, 1 Broad and 2 Narrow Wheel Carts, a Water Cask and Wheels, 2 Iron and 3 Wooden Ploughs, Iron Drags and Harrows, 2 Rollers, Turnip Drill, Winnowing Machine, several sets of Cart and Plough Harness, &c. &c. The Sale will commence with the Sheep, (which will be divided into suitable lots), at 11 o'clock in the fore- noon precisely the whole to be sold without reserve and Three Months' Credit given on approved Security to purchasers of Ten Pounds and upwards. The Auctioneer respectfully solicits an early attendance, as the whole is intended to be sold in One Day, and the Sale will commence precisely at Eleven. CAPITAL OAK TIMBE U FOR SALE. CARMARTHENSHIRE. o fit oliJ by auctijon, At the CASTLE INN, in X0WQ of LLANDOVERY on SATURDAY, the 6t,hnl° LAI>RlL» <839, between the Hours of 3 and ♦ ° (jlock, m the Afternoon, THE following CAPITAL OAK TIMBER aud POLES. LOT l.-Consistif)g of 50 capital OAK TIMBER TREES, wiih their ops and Bark, marked progressively with whit« P»'nt, fr0ni 1 ,0 now 8tan(j. ing and growing on Go'eu8oed Farm. The above are well adapted for Naval purpose*, as they are of very iat(e dimensions. The above are well adapted for Naval purpose., as they are of very large dimensions. LOT 2. -Consistillg. of 300 OAK TIMBER TREES, marked progicssively from I to 300, and 100 Poles, now standing and growing on the Farm of Treventy. LOT 3.-Consists o" 357 OAK TIMBER TREES, marked progressively from 1 to 357, and 482 Poles, now stancling and growing on the Farm of Garreglefn. Lot., 2 and 3 are well adapted for House Builders, Coopers, &e. &e. The above Timber are situated in the Parish of VTothvey, and close to he Turnpike Road leading from Llandovery to CArmartleu- :K;tii: n..r .0. -—— CROSSTHWATTE & CO.'S OCCULT LOZENGES, For the cure of COLDS and COUGHS, INFLUENZA, SORE MOUTHS and THROATS. CONSUMPTION. ASTHMA, SHORTNESS of BRRATH, DISPER- SION of PHLEGM, HO I?SFVESS, WHEEZINGS, and all affections of the CHEST and LUNGS, and are au infallible Remedy for the HOOPING COUGH. THE OCCULT LOZENGES are a preventive and a destroyer of the incipient seeds of corrupt Consumption, and in confirmed Asthma or Chronic diseases of the Chest, they afford immediate relief as well as in all Pulmonary complaints. For Hooping Cough they are infallible, generally curing that dreadful com- plaint in the short space of 14 to 20 days. The composi- tion of these Lozenges are not only agreeable, but of so innocent a nature, that they may he given with perfect security to the most delicate Infant as well as to the robust of all ages, with a positive certainty of success; they invigorate and strengthen the Lungs. Persons occasionally taking them are fortified against Cold and Inflammation. Twenty years experience has placed their beneficial effects beyond the shadow of a doubt, having in no one instance during that long period fallen short of the de- sired result. Prepared (only) by the Proprietors, CROSSTHWAITF. & Co., 23, Thavies Inn, Holborn, London; in boxes, price 2s. 6d. each, duty included. N.B.-None are genuine but those signed by the pro- prietors on the Government Stamp. Full directions for each complaint, including the method of giving them to Infants, enclosed with every box. Sold by Mrs Jenkins, Druggist; and by Mr David Morgan, Druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; CrutAley, Drug- gist, Swansea Phillips, Druggist, Cardiff; Price, Druggist, Bridgend; Evans, Journal Office, Carmar- then Samuel, Llandilovawr, Phillips, Druggist, Haver- fordwest; Bowers, Bookseller, Tenby; Cole, Drug- gist, Aberystwitti Jones. Druggist, Cardigan; Williams, Silurian Office, Brecon Williams, Printer. Crickhowell; Davies, Newtown; Briscoe, Wrexham; Strone, Bangor; Williams, Druggist, High Street, Carnarvon; Barker, Beaumaris; Lea, Druggist, Ellismere; Edwards, Book- seller, Oswestry; Heath, Bookseller, Monmouth; Wyke, Druggist, Abergavenny; Morgan, Druggist, High Street, Newport; Weston, Hereford; Gardiner, Bromyard; Taylor, Kington; Gilkes, Leominster; and by most Druggists and Medicine Venders throughout the King- dom. Extract of a Letter dated Bath, 16th Oct. 1837. I am happy in being able to bear testimony to the excellence of your preparation. I have made a point of making minute enquiries, and the result has been, in the generality of instances, such as to place your Occult Lozenges in the list of the first rate Cough Medicines extant. (Signed) J. R. KING, Chemist. To Messrs. Crossthwaite & Co., London. Extract of a Letter dated Hyde, near Manchester, 20th Dec. 1S37. I hear very satisfactory accounts of the Occult Lozenges sold; the people are surprised at the good effects they produce; many think them too simple, but a careful trial soon convinces them to the contrary My opinion of them is, they are deserving the attention of every one who has any affection of the Chest or Lungs. (Signed) JAMES BROCKLEHURST, Chemist and Druggist. To Messrs Crossthwaite & Co., London. The following is another proof of the efficacy of these Lozenges. Copy of a Letter addressed to Messrs Crossthwaite & Co., London. Gentlemen,—I am happy to be able to bear testi- mony to the excellence of your Occult Lozenges, decided benefit has resulted from their use in every case which has come under my notice, one case in particular I will mention. The Wife of a Mechanic in this Town had been for years afflicted with confirmed Asthma, so much so that she dared not venture from her home during the cold months, but having been induced to try a box of lour Lozenges at the beginning of last Winter, she found such effectual relief, thatnotwithstandiogthc extreme severity of the weather, she was enabled to take exercise in the open air, and follow her usual occupation, and she has not been troubled with a return of her complaint since. Please to send me a fresh supply immediately with a few circulars for distribution. I am, Gentlemen, yours respectfully, (Signed) HENRY DYER. Trowbridge, Wilts, 21st June. 1838. Chemist. Yoland's Specific Solution. I^OR speedily curing Gonorrhoea, Gleels, Stric- tures, Irritation of the Kidnies, Bladder, Prostrate Gland, and all Diseases of the Urinary Passages, Pains in the Loins, Stone in the Bladder, Gravel, Lumbago, and Local Debility, &c. CASE OF STONE IN THE BLADDER CURED. 17A, Look at the Cut; it represents a Stone expeiled by Yoland's Solution on the 25th of October, 1838, and the Proprietors challenge the whole world to produce a case in parallel. It weighs one ounce and a half, is three and a half inches in length, and four and a quarter in circum- ference. The patient had suffered for years, and had in- struments passed without success; but a short continuance of Yoland's solution relieved, and finally removed all her sufferings. She was miserable, but is now happy, ai.d desires her case to be made public. Her name and ad- dress is Mrs Anne Spillane, 5, Bedford Street, Blackwall, and the medical gentleman who attempted the operation, Mr Christopher Tatham, of Poplar. If you doubt, apply to the patient; call, or desire some friend to do so, upon the Proprietors of the Solution, at 138, HOLBORN, near r urnival's Inn, London, who will gladly afford every facility to enquiry, also shew the stone, which is now in their possession. YOLAND'S SOLUTION is equally efficacious in all the diseases for which it is recommended —it never fails,-read the testimonials,—try it, and you will very soon add yours to the thousands it has already cured; no matter how long you may have suffered, or how bad your case 4way appear, for it effectually cures when all other means have failed. The Proprietors being determined to prove it in every way, repeatedly offered FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD to any one who could equal it, but no one could. It has esta- blished itself upon its own merits alone, for the Empirical method of puffing has never been resorted to-indeed preparations intrinsically valuable, such as Yoland's Solution, do not require it. TESTIMONIAL. Having tried Yoland's Specific Solution in our public and private practice, for Urethral Discharges, we readily bear our testimony to its very superior powers, its perfect safety, and permanent effects; altogether, we consider it a very efficacious remedy, and far more so than any other in all urethral diseases. Signed by Surgeon Oooper, H. Ley, M.D. Lectereron Midwifery, Dr- Clarke. Dr. Green, See. Sold. Bottles. at 2s. 9d 48 6d. and lis. each, by D. Morgan, Druggist, Merthyr Tydfil; Wil. liams, Cambrian Office, Swansea; J. L. Briirstocke. and Evans, Journal Office, Carmarthen P. John Rees, Vatchel and, Phillips, Cardiff; Wiliams, Pontypool; Hird and Drinkwater, Pembroke; Griffith and Protheroe Narberth; Hawood, Neath; Evans, Newport- Davis and Williams, Cardigan Bradford, Chepstow; Farror, Monmouth; Rees, Llandovery; Ferris, Browne, and Score, Union-street, Bristol; and by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Venders in the Kingdom. Whole sale by Hannay aud Co., 63, Oxford Street, London. Prepared and sold Retail by Messrs GRAHAM and Co., 138, Holborn, near Furnival's Inn, London, where I the Physician may be consulted as usual, personally, from 9 till 3 daily, or by letter, (post paid) enclosing the usual fee of 10s. and patients in the country will be corresponded with until cured. Dropsy and Consumption Cured. By a Physician. The new system triumphant!! The most extreme cases being daily cured with great rapidity, as reference to patients will prove. So satisfied is the discoverer of the certainty of his success, that he is willing to forego his fee (to all who personally apply) for advice until after they are cured. Attendance from 9 till 3 daily, at Messrs. GRAHAM & Co.'s, 138, Holborn, near Furnival's Inn, London, where may be obtained the Anti-consumptive Liniment, so celebrated for quickly curing and preventing Consumption, Asthma, Colds, Coughs, and all diseases of the Lungs, Throat, Liver and stomach, which is effected without tenderness, or other inconvenience. The remedy is perfectly safe, and is applied by gentle friction, and its power is so great in strengthening the Chest, &c. that all of weakly habits or predisposed to pulmonary diseases, should apply to it without delay; as also all Vocalists, Public Speakers &c„ who necessarily have much exercise for the Lungs' With each bottle will be given the Essay lately published, on the new method of Curing Dropsy and Consumption, or the latter may be had alone of all booksellers, or at Messrs. Graham's as above. I The Anti-consumptive Liniment may be obtained of the Agents for Yoland's Solution, Price 4s. 6d. and 10.. ..II" "'1., -f"- "I_- -f; RAPER'S PATENT WATERPROOF- I MESSRS RAPER AND CO., RESPECTFULLY inform the Public, that having COMPLETED their MACHINERY they are now prepared to carry out on a very extensive scale their new process of WATERPROOFING every article used in Clothing, as well as Leather. The properties of the invention are inestimable, as it perfectly excludes rain. water and sea-water, and at the same time, is porous to the perspiration proceeding from the body. Messrs R. and Co., have the lIatisfactlon of being Patronised by Her Majesty the Queeo, and by many of the Nobility, as well as by public bodies of great con. sideration. Messrs R. and Co., beg to announce, that the under- mentioned houses have been appointed Agents, where samples, &c., may he seen. G. W. Toogood .Cowbridge. Eli James .Swansea. Wall and Sou .Welsh Pool. M. Powles Monmouth. H. Williams Abergavenny. Agents continue to be appointed in all the principal Towns ill the United Kingdom. 8, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London. THE TOILET. Rowlands' Macassar Oil. THIS Elegant, Fragrant, and Pellucid OIL- is in Universal High Repute for its unequalled Restor- ative, Preservative, and Beautifying Properties. It pre- vents HAIR from falling off or turning grey, to the latest period of life; changes grey hair to its original COLOOR frees it from scurf, and renders it beautifully SOFT, CURLY, and GLOSSY. In dressing HAIR, it keeps it firm in the curl, uninjured by damp weather, crowded rooms, the dance, or in the exercise of riding. To Children, it is invaluable, as it lays a foundation for a Beautiful Head of HAIR. Caution.—A«k for" Rowlands' Macassar Oil," and observe that each bottle is (with a Treatise on the Hair, 31st edition,) inclosed in a wrapper, on which are their Names and Address in Red, thus, A. ROWLAND & SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN, Counter-signed ALEX. ROWLAND. The lowest price is 3s. 6d.-the next price is 7s.— family bottles containing four small 10s. 6d. and double that size 21s. per bottle. ROWLANDS' KALYDORi A mild and efficient protector of the Skin and Complexion from the baneful influence of Frost, Cold Winds, or Damp Atmosphere- heals Chilblains, Chips, and renders the most harsh and rough Skin delightfully soft, fair, and smooth; effectually eradicates all Pimples, Spots. Red- ness. Tan, Freckles, and other Cutaneous Defects, at the same time imparting a healthy Juvenile Bloom, as well as realizing a delicate White Neck, Hand, and Arm. In cases of Burns and Scalds, it immediately allays the irritability and reduces the inflammation. GENTLEMEN, after Shaving, will find il allay the irritation and make the Skin smooth and soft. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per Bottle, duty included. ROWLANDS' ODONTO, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, A WHITE POWDER, of Oriental Herbs of the most delightful fragrance, and free from any mineral or pernicious ingredient-It eradicates Tartar and decayed Spots from the Teeth, preserves the Enamel, and fixes the Teeth firmly in their sockets, rendering them deli- cately White. Being an Anti scorbutic, it eradicates the Scurvy from the Gums, strengthens, braces, and renders them of a healthy red; it removes unpleasant tastes from the mouth, which often remain after fevers, taking medi- cine, &c. and imparts a delightful fragrance to the breath. Price 2s. 9d. per Box, duty included. Notice—The Name and Address of the Proprietors, A. ROWLAND ft SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, are engraved on the Government Stamp, which is pasted on the two latter Articles; also printed in red, on the Wrapper in which each is enclosed. Many Shop-keepers offer for sale Counterfeits of the above, composed of the most pernicious ingredients. They call their trash the U GEN VINE, and sign A. Rowland Son, omitting the & recommending them as being Cheap, Be sure to Ask for 41 Rowlands' Sold by them, and by Respectahle PERFUMERS and MEDICINE VENDERS. IN CASES OF SECRECY CONSULT THE TREATISE On every Stage and Symptom of the V EVE RE AI DISEASE, in its in lid and mo3t alarming forms, just published by ■> MESSRS. PERRY & Co., SURGEONS, 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham; 23, Slater Street, Liverpool; and 2, Bale Street, Manchester; and given gratis with each Box of PERR Y'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS Price 2s. 9d., U. 6d. and I Is. per Box. /CONTAINING a yy full d escription of the above complaint, ILLUSTRATED BY ENGRAVINGS, shew- ing the different stages of this deplorable an /dShS? often fatal disease, as NJFTOL v \li! (• well as the dreadful liV'AfTkj&p effects arising from the Xv I'H- Br&Sr u,e °' mercury« accom- panied with plain and XirA practical directions for an effectual and speedy cure with ease, secrecy, and safety, without the aid of medical assistance. PERRY'S PURIFYING SPECIFIC PILLS, price 2s.9d., 4s. Gd.and lIs. pet. Box, are well known throughout Europe and America, to be the most certain and effectual cure ever discovered for every stage and symptom of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes, including Gonorrhoea Gleets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures, Seminal Weak- ness, Deficiency, and all the Diseases of the Urinary Passages, without loss of time, confinement, or hind- rance from business; they have effected the most surl prising cures, not only in recent and severe cases, but when salivation and all other means have failed and when an early application is made to these Pills for the cure of the Venereal Disease, frequently contracted in a moment of inebriety, the eradication is generally com- pleted in a few days and in the more advanced and inveterate stages of venereal iufeetion, characterized by a variety of painful and distressing symptoms, a perse- verance in the Specific Pills, and to the directions fully pointed out in the Treatise, will ensure to the patient a permanent and radical cure. It is a melancholy fact that thousands fall victims to this horrid disease,owing to the unskl fulness of illiterate men, who by the use of that deadly poison, mercury, ruin the constitution, cause ulceration, blotches on the head face, and body, dimness of sight, noise in the ears, deaf- ness, obstinate gleets, nodes on the sInn bones, ulcerated sore throats, diseased nose, with nocturnal pains in the head and limbs, till at length a general debility and de- cay of the constitution ensues, and a melancholy death puts a period to their dreadful sufferings. In those dreadful cases of sexual debility, brought on by an early and indisel-itninate indtilgelice of the passions frequently acquired without the knowledge of the dread. ful consequences resulting therefrom, and which not only entail on its votaries all the enervating imbecilities of old age, and occasion the necessity of renouncing the felicities of marriage to those who have given way to this delusive and destructive habit, but weaken and destroy all the bodily senses, producing melancholy, deficiency, and a numerous train of nervous affections. in these distressing cases, whether the consequence of such baneful habits, or any other cause., a certain and speedy cure may be re- lied on by taking Perry's Purifying Specific Pills and bv a strict attention to the directions pointed out in the Treatise, which fully explains the dreaaful results arisiue from these melancholy cases. o Messrs Perry and Co Surgeons, may be collsuUed usua at No 4 Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and 23, Slater Street, Liverpool. Only one personal visit is required from a country patient, to enable Messrs Perrv and Co. to give such advice, as will be the means of effecting a permanent and effectual cure, after all other means have proved ineffectual. Letters for advice must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound. Sold by the principal Medicine Sellers in every Market Town in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland • also on the Continent, and North aud South America. N.B.-Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medi- cine Venders, and every other Shopkeeper can be sup- p-il .K ny of PE"Y s Purifying Specific Pills, wnh the usual allowance to the trade, by Barclay and Son, Farringdon Street; T. Butler, 4, Cheapside"; Edwards, 67 St. Paul's Church Yard Sutton and Co. Bow Church Yard Hannay and Co., 63, OxforJ Street- Loudoa wholesale patent Medicine Houses in 1S&L THE SCHOONER CARDIFF PACKET. H. Joblio, Master, IS NOW LOADING, at COTTON'S WHARF, TOOLEY STREET, LONDON, For Cardiff, Newport, Merthyr, Abergavenny, Brecon, Monmouth, Pontypool, Cowbridge, Bridgend, and places adjacent, AND WILL POSITIVELY SAIL ON FRIDAY, APRIL 5th, 1839. For Freight, &c. apply to the Master, on Board Mr R. BUTton, jun., Newport; Mr Thomas Richardst Abergavenny; Messrs Winstone,Prosser and Co. Brecon, Mr Smith, the Wharfinger, London; or to Mr H. H. Parry, Agent to the Cardiff, Newport, and London Shipping Company, at Cardiff. London, March, 19th, 1839. BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS \|P|V During'the NEXT WEEK, as follows. FROM BRISTOL. MAR.25, Monday 2 after 26, Tuesday ? morn 27, Wednesday 8 morn 28, Thursday 6 morn 29, Friday. 6imorn 30, Saturday ? morn FROM NEWPORT. MAR. 25, Monday 12l after 26, Tuesday 14 after 27, Wednesday. 21 after 28, Thursday 3 after 29, Friday 3 after 30, Saturday 31 after FARES:—After Cabin, 4s.—Fore-Cabin, 2s.-Chil- dren under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is each. Four-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, IOs. Horses each, 5s.; Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse and Rider, After-Cabin, 7 s j ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. n::r The Proprietors of the above Packets GIVE NOTICE that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel(if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport and if above the value of 40s. to be entered at its value and Carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered at the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. PONTYPOOL AND ABERGA VENNY.-Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercam, New- bridge, Bedwelty, and a branch from Newbridge to Kantyglo.-A Coach Daily between these places and Newport arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn, ing, and starting at 1 o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com- pany's Office, Quay, Bristol; or at the Packet-Officcs, Rownbam.Wharf, Hotwells, and Rodney Wharf, New- port. JOHN JONES, Agent. THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKET LADY CHARLOTTE, H. T. PARFlTf, Commander, iflSSjkjf IS INTENDED TO SAIL During: the NEXT WEEK, as follows, (With liberty to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. MAR. 7! 28..Thursday J* m°™ "f 30.. Saturday 6 moru,D& FROM BRISTOL. MAR. 25..Monday I afternoon 27..Wednesday 71 mOTng 29.. Friday 9 morning Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. FARES:—After Cabin, 5s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.—Dogs, Is each. A Female Steward attends the Ladies'Cabin. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, Sls.; Ditto drawn by One Horse. 10s. 6d. Two-Wheel Carriage, 10s. 6d.; Horses, s. each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 9s.; Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle, 6s.; Sheep, Is.; Pigs, Is. These Fares iuclurie every expense. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks and for the LADY CH VKLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Llantrissent,and Caerphilly.-Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Package', Parcels, &c. forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to either of their Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c. will be readily obtained by applying to the Agents, Mr Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones, Agent, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac- ket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr W. B. Owen, 16, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passengei's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless eutered at its value, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.-— Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expence of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously un- satisfied Freight and Charges due bjf consignees to th? Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights, or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. TO THE SUFFERERS FRO VI BILIOUS AND LIVER COMPLAINTS. TH E unexampled success of FRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH calls for particular attention.—These PHIs give immediate relief in all Spasmodic and Windy Complaints, with the whole train of well-known symp- toms arising from a weak stomach, or vitiated bilious secfetion, Indigestion, Pain at the pit of the Stomach, Bilious or Sick Head-ache, Hearthurn, Loss of Appetite, Sense of Fulness after Meals, Giddiness, Dizziness, Pain over the Eyes, &c. &c, Persons of a Full Habit, who are subject to Head-ache, Giddiness. Drowsiness, and Singing in the Ears, arising from too great a flow of Blood to the Head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried off by their immediate use. They are highly grateful to the Stomach, create Appetite, relieve Laugour and Depression of Spirits, gently relaxing the Bowels without griping or annoyance, removing noxious accumulations, rendering the System truly comfortable, and the head clear. The very high encomiums passed upon them by a large portion of the public, is the best criterion of their merit, and the con- tiuual statements of their good effects from all parts of the Kingdom, is a source of the highest gratification. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, London; and by most Mediciae Venders in the Kingdom. Plice Is. lid. per box. Mr D. Morgan, Druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Mr Phillips, Cardiff; Mr Farror, Monmouth and by the Venders of Medicines generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask for FRAMPTO-N',oi PILL OF HEALTH, and ob- erve the name and address of "Thomas Protit, 229#- ."o. ,1. A- .1 -• —-