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IRELAND. COUNTY OF TIL'PERARY.—ONE OF THE MURDERERS OF MR COOPER. It is well known that there were four persons at the murder of Messrs. Cooper and Wayland; that two of them have been convicted; that the third (John Ryan Corbett) died in gaol, that the fourth (Thomas Ryan Mungo) has not been amenable to justice; but it is a fact little known and scarcely credible, that Ryan Mungo, dressed in female attire, attended the funeral of his de- ceased relative and associate in guilt, Ryan Corbett, from the gaol of Clonmel, and that he was actually listening in the same disguise, to the rial of Hickey and Walshe, at the late commission, immediately after which he left the town for some lone retreat. This is a forcible instance of the recklessness and daring temerity of the Irish character.-N, nagh Guardian. COUNTY OF LIMERICK. DARING ATTACK ON THE HOUSE OF THE REV. GEO. FRANKLIN, AT KILDIMo,-A.t an early hour en Tuesday evening last the glebe-house of the Rev. George Franklin, situate at Kildimo, a few miles from this city, was at. tacked by an armed party of men, shortly after Mr Franklin's return from Limerick, where he had been during the day. Eight men, one of whom had his face blackened, entered the kitchen by means of the back door, which was open at the time, and immediately demanded the fire-arms, at the same time attacking an unfortunate horse-rider, who was sitting by the kitchen fire, and struck him several times; but one of the party havjnir rpi-nanijcd .him, interfered, and -1 '•••» «TUi ins master in -» wiio was eating his dinner when the pany entered, sprung from his seat and demanded what they wanted, on which one of the ruf. fians struck hiin with a stone and cut him, though not severely. Three of the party then remained in the kitchen, and the other five attempted to go up stairs, but the women servants endeavoured to prevent them, and the Rev. Mr Franklin, hearing the struggle on the back stairs, went out into the hall to inquire what was the matter, on which the servants exclaimed, The house is full of Whitcboys." Mr Franklin now asked them "what they wanted?" and they immediately replied "fire-arms" and rushed into the hall. Mr Franklin desired them not to he so violent, when one of the ruf- fians rushed forward and struck Mr Franklin (wlio is between 70 and 80 years of age) in the breast, near the shoulder, with a stone, and knocked him against the wall, on which he said, What! will you strike an old man, and a minister of God '?" This appeal had some effect, as the others of the party cried out No, no" and the fellow who struck him retired to the rear. Mr franklin seeing that resistance was impossible, in reply to their repeated demand for arms, informed them that the only arms in the house were a gun belonging to a neighbouring farmer, which his son, the late George Franklin, Esq., had borrowed for protection, and an old cut down musket. Having accompanied Mr Franklin's daughter up stairs, they procured these and an old gnn- stock, with which they departed Whilst this was going on, the servant, bleeding as lie was, attempted to get out to the police-station, which is not more than a quarter of a mile distant, when immediately on getting outside the back-door, lie received a blow of some weapon in the face, and was pushed in by two men who were stationed outside. The village of Old Kildimo is not 50 yards from Mr Franklin's residence, and it is but a few nights since the house of Mr Fosbery, in the same vicinity, was attacked and plundered of arms.—Limerick Standard. IRISH METROPOLITAN CONSERVATIVE SOCIETY. Monday evening, at the usual hour, the members of this society met at their rooms, 19, Dawson Street, Mr W. Croker King in the chair. Prayers being read, and the usual routine business of the society having been gone through, Mr Stokes rose to move the following resolution "Resolved,—That a committee be appointed to pre- pare a petition to the House of Commons, praying the discontinuance of the annual grant to that nurse'ry of immorality and sedition, the Roman Catholic College at Maynooth, and that we invite the Protestants of the empire to co-operate with us in that object." LORD OXMANTOWN.—This nobleman was sworn in as high sheriff of the King's County on Monday. THE O'CONNELL TRIBUTE.—The tribute this year is, notwithstanding all that has been said to the contrary, much less than upon any former occasion, the trades- men having declined to contribute. ACTION FOR LiBLL.-Tlie present Earl of Norbury is about to institute legal proceedings against the Reqister and Pilot for libelling his character in connection with the murder of his father. There are fourteen persons now in custody for the murder of Lord Norbury. PROTESTANT MUNIFICENCE.—With feelings both of pride and pleasure, we are enabled to lay before our numerous Conservative readers one of the most splendid statements of Protestant munificence on record, in the history of Ireland. On the day of the great meeting in the town of Belfast, held for the purpose of devisinc means for the further extension of church accommoda- tion throughout Ireland, the following sums were instantly subscribed, which sums, it will be superfluous to add, will be increased fifty fold ere the subscription list has travelled through the two Protestant counties of Antrim and Down :-The Marquis of Hertford, xlooo d Marquis of Donegal, £ 300; Lord Dufferin, £ 200 Lord Dungannon, £ 100; Lord Bishop of Down and Connor, £ 100; Sir Robert Bateson, M.P., £ 300; Samuel Fenton, t300; Colonel Waid, fIOO; George Langtry, £ 100; James Goddart, £ 100; William Tranor, Eloo. Anonyinous,,EIOO Rev. Mr Bland, EIOO Rev. John Cliaui-ie,,EIOO I J. Gitussen, _CIOO J. Crosby, £ 100; J. Shannon, tlOO; John Tunley, £ 200 Robert Thomp- son, £ 100; Captain 15oyd, £ 100; Samuel Nelson, £ 100 exclusive of £ 1200 in minor sums. the particulars of which we have not space to enumerate, constituting a grand total of £ 4900. Let Pro'estant Ulster put forth her gigantic means, in men and money; then, in a good cause, what shall withstand her mighty energies Drogheda Conservative.




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