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FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. « FRANCE. The King of the French has resolved to retain the Mole ministry, and as a necessary accompaniment to this resolution, his Majesty has dissolved the Chamber of Deputies. After his Majesty had in vain tried to form a new ministry, this course became inevitable. The Chamber had virtually declared war with the Mole Cabinet, but when the King showed a disposition to replace that Cabinet, the heterogeneous factious of the opposition could supply no substitute. What was the King to do ? Obviously his Majesty must either govern without a Cabinet, which would not be consonant with the theory of a constitutional monarchy, or must govern by a Cabinet in opposition to one of his Chambers-a still more unconstitutional anomaly, or dissolve the refractory Chamber, as he has done. The character of the new Chamber may not differ materially from that of the last but the King has taken the right course to iro. prove it, by placing the factious opposition clearly and manifestly in the wroug. AMERICA. The Roval Williain steamer, has brought New ork papers to the 16th ult. The accounts from Canada are unsatisfactory, though no serious movemert had oc- curred. The disturbed state of the district of Terrebone had caused Colonel Wetherall to be dispatched with a body of troops to that quarter, and Sir John Colburne had found it necessary to reinforce the whole frontier line as far as the limited number of troops at his dis- posal would permit. The executions were proceeding at a rate which the Governor's known character for humanity prove to be suggested by a deep conviction that terrible examples are still required to repress the spirit of rebell ion. The New Orleans papers mention the complete defeat of the French expedition in an attempt to take posses- sion of Vera Cruz. The Mexican general, Santa Anna, is said, however, to have received upon the occasion a wound in the leg, so severe as to render amputation ne- cessary. BERBICE. The accounts from Berbice in the Demerara papers are of an unfavourable character with respect to the unwillingness of the negroes to labour, excepting on wages too high to be afforded, and when at work it is complained that their labour is very inefficient. It was feared that some portion of the crop must be lost through these causes. JAMAICA. The advices from Jamaica to the 26th December, com- municate the meeting of the new House of Assembly, the adherence of the members to the resolutions of the late House, and their consequent prorogation to the 5th of February by the Governor, Sir Lionel Smith. After his Excellency's reply to the Address a disturbance took place in the house, in consequence of the Provost Mar- shal General attempting to force his way into the assein. bly, in order to summon the house to attend in the Council Chamber to hear the order for prorogation pre- vious to the entry of the reply on the minutes. The result was the expulsion of the Provost Marshal General and an angry discussion, in the course of which the ex- pelled official attempted three times to summon the house-a measure which was not accomplished until after a division on a resolution to the effect That the conduct of the Provost Marshal General, in attempting to force an entrance into the house with violence, after the closing of the doors, is a breach of the privileges of the house." On the return of the members from the Council Chamber another discussion arose, regretting the tone of the Governor's sp ech, which was dwelt upon as likely to increase rather than allay, the excite- ment which already existed oa the questions at issue between the Government and the House of Representa- tives. Quiccncss, however, continued to prevail in the island.





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