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GAZETTE AND GUARDIAN OFFICE, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. I PHASER'S MAGAZINE FOR FEBRUARY, Price 2s. 6d., contains Talleyrand—The Indian Maid—Russian Fabulists, with Specime-Mary. Magdalene—The Stranger's Tale; or, the Chimney-corner of a Country IQIl-" Lit- tle Men and Little Measures." Lord Melbourne—Le Due de NorrDanie-The Custody of Infants' Bill- Comedies of Lucian. No. II. Timon; or, the Mis- anthrope-Selectiolis from the Diary of a Traveller in the Alps. No. I.-The Land of Perjury and Murder- The Luddite's Sister-A Railway Glance at the Corn- J,aw<< or, a few Words which passed between Watford and Tring. on the 20th of January, 1839. James Franer, 215, Regent Street, London; and J. E. Dibb, High Street, Mertbyr. -Uj.' 11 '—' .-1t' A CLEAN and PERFECT COPY of the OXFORD ENCYCLOPAEDIA TO BE SOLD, for £ 7 7s., Published unbound, at £.13 17a. 4d. The Work is in parts and lwlfparti, and will form, when bound, six Quarto Voln;nes, and one Supplemental Volume, of 1,000 pages each. Apply, if by letter postage paid, at the Guardian Office, Merthyr. MERTHYR GUARDIAN. The GLAMORGAN, MONMOUTH, and BRECQN GAZETTE, and MERTHYR GUARDIAN, is published early every Saturday morning, containing the latest in- telligence. It is circulated very largely both-in the Principality and in the neighbouring Counties of England. Price 41d. or 5s. per Quarter. NEW AGENTS HAVE BEEN APPOINTED AT THE FOLLOWING PLACES PEMBROKE, Mr R, C. Treweeks, Chemist and Bookseller. TENBY, Mr John Howe, Ironmonger, High Street. NEWCASTLE EMLYN, Mr William Jones, Printer and Stationer, Bridgend House. 1 ABERGAVENNY, Mr C. B. Phillips, Auctioneer. BRIDGEND, Mr David Jenkins. To BOOKSELLERS, and STATIONERS, POST-OFFICE KEEPERS, or any other RESPECTABLE TRADESMEN, having extensive connections in the counties of Slamor- gan, Monmouth, and Brecon, an Agency for the GAZETTE and GUARDIAN will be found to offer con- siderable advantages. Every information may be obtained on application, either personally or by letter, to the Publisher, at the Office, Merthyr Tydvil. TO ADVERTISERS. The following is the scale of Advertisement charges s. d. 10 Lines, or under 5 0 14 7 0 20 8 6 30 II 0 40 13 6 50 — — 16 0 100 Lines, or half a column 30 0 A whole column 50 0 And £ 2 2s. for every additional column. !It. Newspaper and Advertising Accounts are payable Quarterly. MR J. E. DIBB, Respectfully requests the attention of the Public to bit entirely new and superior stock of STATIONERY. The whole has been selected with considerable care, and is matked for sale at very moderate prices. LETTER PAPER. Per Ream. Per Quire. s. d. a. d Superfine Bath Post. 9 6 0 6 Superfine Satin Bath 13 0 0 9 Ditto Ditto .13 6 010 Ditto, Middle. 17 0 1 0 Ditto, Thick 20 0 1 2 Superfine Thick Laid. 20 0 1 2 Superfine Thick Satin, Gilt 26 0 1 C Ditto, Black Edge 25 0 1 6 Ditto, Black Border 30 0 2 0 NOTE PAPER. Superfine Thick Satin H 6 0 8 Ditto, Gilt 13 6 0 10 Ditto, Black bdge 14 0 0 10 Ditto, Black Border 18 0 1 21 FOOLSCAP. Common Laid Foolscap 20 0 1 2 Ditto, Ditto IS 0 1 0 Fine ditto 26 0 1 6 Superfine ditto SO 0 1 10 Ditto, Ruled for Accounts 30 0 2 0 Yellow VVove 19 0 1 1 Fine ditto 23 0 1 3 Superfine ditto .o. 26 0 1 6 Fine Blue Wove 22 0 1 2 BROWN PAPERS. Bag Cap. J3 6 0 10 Ditto Thick 19 0 1 0 Imperial. 26 0 1 6 Ditto fine 30 0 1 10 Double Imperial 66 0 3 6 Double Small Cap 9 6 0 6 Double Small Hand 6 6 0 Ditto 11 0 0 8 Ditto M 0 0 10 Small Hand 3 3 0 3 Ditto o. G 0 0 4 CARTRIDGE- Royal 30 0 2 0 Imperial. 50 0 3 6 Printing Papers, Account Books, Pens, Quills, and Steel Pens in great variety. SEALING WAX. Red and Black, 6d. per stick, or 6s. 6d. per lb, contain- ing 20 sticks. Red aud Black, 3d. per stick, or 6s. 6d. per lb., contain- ing 40 stick: WAFERS. Common and Patent, 6,1. per ounce. DRAWING PENCILS. H. H., for Engineering and Outlining. B. B extra for Jeep shading. F. F., ditto for light ditto. H. B.. Hard and black for drawing. H., Hard for ditto, B., Deep shading for ditto. M., Me ium ditto for ditto. F., General usc. All the above 9d. each. H.H.H.,for Architectural use, Is. each. Common Writing Pencils, Red Chalk ditto, Rulers, Ivory Folders, Bone ditto, and Indian Rubber, of various qualities and prices. EVER POINTED PENCIL CASES. Beautifully manufactured from improved German Sil- ver, Is., Is. 3d.. Is. 6d., Is. 9d., and 2s. 6d. each. German Silver Caies for Pen and Pencil, Is., Is. 2d, Is. 9d., and 2s. 9d. each. /> Nearly the whole have reservoirs for leads and pens. Additional boxes, containing one dozen leads, may be had, price 3d. each. KNIVES. DoURLH-BLADEU KNIVES ;-oiie large and strong blade, and one superior pen-knife, Bone Handles 2 3 The same, of superior manufacture, Buck Handles 3 0 WALES. Walker's Maps complete, in case 10s. 6d. or mounted on rollers, and beautifully varnished 12s. Wales, North-East; North-West-, SOllth. East; and South-West, 2s. 6d. each. North Wales, 5s. South Wales, 5s. These Maps contain all the Market Towns, Parishes, and Principal Villages; the Mail, Turnpike, and chief Cross Roads, Canals, Railways, Rivers, <c.; the ridges of Hills; Woods and Parks; the boundaries of Hundreds, and of Boroughs, according to the Reform Act, with the most recent Amendments, CLARKE'S (Adam, L.L.D., F.A.S. &c.,) DE- -1 ACH LI) PIECES; including Critiques on various Publications, Historical Sketches, Biographical Notices, Correspondence, &c. &e. Ac. 3 vols. 12ruo. cloth, with various Engravings. 18s. CLARKE'S (Adam, L. L. D., F. A.S., &c.) CHRISTIAN MISSIONS. Including an Account of the Introduction of the. Gospel into the British Isles, the means employed by God and man for the general diffusion of the knowledge of Christ; Questions for Missionaries; a brief history of the Zetland Isles; Correspondence, &c. &c. 12mo. cloth. Gs. I^IIE DEVOTIONAL PSALMIST; or Chris- tian s Morning Companion. Select Psalms, wiih Practical Observations and Meditations; a series of daily readings during a course of three months. Se- lected from the rno3t eminent Authors. 82mo. cloth gilt leaves. 3s. 6d. SPRING'S (Gardiner, D.D.) HINTS to PARENTS Is, on the religious education of children. lBino. cloth, With a beautiful frontispiece. 2s. MEDITATIONS OF A CHRISTIAN MOTHER or a practical application of Scripture to the circum- stances of herself and her children. 24mo. cloth. 3s. STRAUSS (Rev. Freidrich, D.D.) ON RESTI- TUTION; Lot and bis wife; the Rich Man; Christian Composure. Translated from the German of the Author, (the Chaplain to the King of Prussia Professor of Divinity; Counsellor of the supreme consistory and Minister of the Cathedral, Berlin ;) by Miss Slee. ISmo. cloth. Is. 6d. THOUGHTS ON RELIGIOUS SUBJECTS. JL 12mo. cloth. 2s. 6d. B.RIGHAM'S (Amariah, M.D) REMARKS on JL) the influence of mental cultivation and mental excitement upon Health. With notes by Robert Macnish. Author of "The Anatomy of Drunkenness," and The Philosophy of Sleep," and Member of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. Second Edition. 18mo. cloth. 2s. INIPSONIS (Rev. David) PLEA FOR RE- LIGION and the Sacred Writings; addressed to the disciples of Thomas Paine, and Wavering Christians of every persuasion. With an Appendix, containing the Authoi's determination to have relinquished his charge in the Established Church, and the reasons on which that determination was founded. A new edition. Edited by his son: with a Life of the Author, by Sir J. B. Williams, L.L.D., F.S. A- 12mo. cloth. With Portrait and Frontispiece. 7s. PEARSON (Rev. J. M.) ON CHRIST CRUCI- FIED; or gome remarkable passages of the suffer-ings of our Lord Jesus Christ devotionally and practically considered. In six discourses. 12mo. cloth. 3..6d. TTRUi\'IMACIIER (F. W., D.D.) on THE HOLY iV. GHOST and his living temples. Translated from the German of the Author of •' Elijah the lishbiie." Second Edition. 18mo. cloth. Is. KRUMMACHER ON THE TRUE CHURCH. Second Edition. 18rno. cloth. Is. KRUMMACHER'S ISSACHAR; or the portion between the borders. Second Edition. 18mo, cloth. Is. KRUMMACHER'S THE BELIEVER'S CHAL- LENGE Rom. viii. 34: "Who is he that condemneth ?" 18ino cloth. Is. KRUMMACHER ON THE TEMPTATION in the WILDERNESS. 18mo. cloth. Is. 6d. QSLER'S CHURCH AND KING. Comprising I.—The Church, and Dissent, considered in their Practical Influence, shewing the connexion of Constitu- tional Monarchy with the Church; and the Identity of the Voluntary Principle with Democracy- II.—The Church Established on the Bible or, the Doctrines and nexion of the yearly services appointed froin tfie Scriptures. III.-The Catechism, Explained and Illus- trated, in connexion with these appointed services. IV.-Psalrus and Hymns on the Services and Rites of the Church. Royal 8vo. cloth. 4s. fjd. CARPENTER'S YOUNG SCHOLAR'S MA- C NUAL of useful knowledge. 18mo. half-bound. Is. CALVIN'S CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY. Selected and systematically arranged with a Life of the Author. By Samuel Dunn. 12mo. cloth. With a Portrait of Calvin. 6s. "After the Holy Scriptures, I exhort the Students to read the Commentaries of Calvin; for I tell them that he is incomparable in the interpretation of Scripture." -ARMINIlIS. VERSTEEGEN'S (Gerhard) SPIRITUAL y CRUMBS from the MASTER'S Table. Translated from the German, by Samuel Jackson. 12mo. cloth. 5s. HEAVEN a Manual for the heirs of Heaven; designed for the satisfaction of the inquisitive, as well as for assistance to the devout. Also on Angels and their Ministry. 12mo. cloth. 4s. ANNUALS FOR 1839. £ • •• d- JENNINGS' LANDSCAPE ANNUAL. Crown 8vo, morocco 1 1 0 FISHER'S DRAWING-ROOM SCRAP BOOK. 4to 110 ALMANACKS FOR 1839. £ ■ s- d COMIC ALMANACK, with Twelve Plates, by George Cruikshank 2 6 NATIONAL ALMANACK, on a sheet 0 3 ENGLISH PSALMS AND HYMNS. Just published, price Is. 6d. bound in cloth, Is. 9d. in sheep, A SELECTION OF PSALMS AND HYMNS for the public worship of the Established Church. By the Rev. DANIEL UEES, Perpetual Curate of Aberystruth, Monmouthshire. SECOND EDITION. Llandovery William Rees. WELSH PSALMS AND HYMNS. Price, bound in sheep Is 9d.,—in roan, marbled edged 2s. 0d. CASGLIAD 0 PSALMAU A HYMNAU addas i addoliad cyhoeddus yr Eglwys Sefydlcdig. Gan y Parch. DANIEL REES, Periglor Aberystruth, Sir Fynwy. This day is Published, fcp. Svo. cloth, gilt edges, Price One Shilling and Sixpence, THE SIEGE OF PARADISE. A POEM: BY THE EDITOR OF THE MERTHYR GUARDIAN1. INTRODUCTORY NOTICE. "The outline of the following Poem was suggested in a Sermon delivered at St. James's ( Episcopal) Clape), Hampstead Road, London, by the Rev. Henry Stebbing to whom, in admiration of his eloquence and faithful- ness as a Minister of the Gospel, as well as the talent displayed in his voluminous writings, the author respect- fully inscribes these pages." Published at the Guardian Office, Merthyr Tydvil; and sold by the Agents for this Paper. In 8vo., price 10s. Cd., cloth, AN ESSAY ON THE WELSH SAINTS; Or, the Primitive Christians usually considered to have been the Founders of Churches in Wales. By the Rev, RICl; REES, M.A., Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford, and Professor of Welsh at. St. David's College. Lampeter. All Orders for NEW BOOKS, MUSIC, MAG A lJNES, and PERIODICALS, as well as for PRINTING & BOOKBINDING, promptly executed. J. E, DXBS, BOOKSELLER, PRINTER, STATIONER, AND BOOKBINDER, Gazette and Guardian Oflice, High Street, Merthyr Tydvil. t) Published this day, the SF.COM> EDITION carefully revised, in 2 vols, 8/0. of rpHREE EXPEDITIONS into the INTERIOR < of MsrbRN AUSTRALIA, with descriptions of the recently explored region of AUSTRALIA FELIX, and of the present Colony of NEW SOUTH WALES. By Major T. L. MITCHELL, F.G.S. and M.R.G.S. Surveyor General. Containing a general Map and ninety Illustrations from original drawings by the Author. T. W. Boone, 29, New Bond Street. THE MARfe-LANE EXPRESS IS THE LARGEST AGRICULTURAL AND COMMERCIAL JOURNAL In the United Kingdom. IT is PUBLISHED every MONDAY EVENING M in time for Post, and will be found invaluable in I the present state of FLUCTUATION and EXCITE- MhNl in the CORN TRNDE. In anthenticity and extent of Market Information the MARK-LANE Ex- PRESS stands unrivalled as a medium of communication to all interested in GRAI N, WOOL, MALT, HOPS, SEED, FLOUR, PROVISIONS, &c.riie Reports, Country Fairs, Smithfield and other Cattle Maikets, Agricultural Meet. ings, and Monthly Reports, arc full and comprehensive, being obtained from nearly Exclusive Sources. Annual Subscription, if paid in advance, XI 8s. 2d. 11 ,^ad. by order, of all Booksellers and Newsmen in the United Kingdom; and at the Office, 24, Norfolk- Street, Strand, London. npHE COMMITTEE appointed to receive sub. seriptions to a fund, in memory of THE LATE REV. JOHN JONES, Curate of Merthyr, intend closing their accounts on Wednesday, the I2th inst., and forwarding the balance in hand to the widow. Those who have not yet paid their subscriptions, are earnestly requested to forward them to Mr D. Evans, at the Dank; or to Mr J. E. Dibb. Guardian Office on or before that day. Additional contributions will also be thankfully received. t JOHN EDWARD DIBB, ? JOHN HOOPER DAVIES, > Committee. JOHN HOOPER DAVIES, Committee. EVAN EVANS. S ( RK. p "taaLji The fine Coppered Ship s Mm KINGSTON, 600 Tons, Captain; R. KEY, Having a great part of her Cargo engaged, will be despatched early next Month. Has most excellent Accommodations for Passengers. Apply to the Captain on Board; or to William Cross, and Son, Broad Quay, Bristol. Newport, Monmouthshire, January 30th, 1839. r. ~TAFF~VALE RAILWAY, f From Merthyr Tydvil to the Port of Cardiff Tenders for Loans. 1 r|>HE Proprietors of this Company having: resolved I to take up on LOAN the Sum of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS, -which they are authorised bv their Act to do now that half their Capital is paid up NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVRV. That the Directors will receive Proposals for the Loan of Money on Deben- tures, for a period of not less than 5 years. Interest at the rate of 5 per rent. per annum, will be paid half- yearly, at Cardiff or in London. Proposals to he addressed to the undersigned at the Railway Office, Cardiff, or to Messrs Swain, Stevens, & v Co., Solicitors, 10, Whitehall, or London and West- minster Bank, London, or to the West of England and South Wales District Bank, Bristol. C JOSEPH BAW^,v. k TAFF VALE RAILWAY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, (hat the next ( HALF-YEARLY GENERAL MEETING of the Proprietors of this Company, will be held, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the ANGEL INN, CARDIFF, on TUESDAY, the 26th nay of F Erwu. r ARY instant, at 1 o'clock, for the general purposes of business. The Chair will be taken at 2 o'clock precisely. J. JOHN GUEST, Chairman. The Transfer Books will be closed on the 18th instant, and will not be opened "pt'l after the said half yearly general meeting on the ioth instant. By order of the Board, JOSEPH BALL, Railway Office, Cardiff, 7th Feb 1839. SeCrelary" NEWPORT DOCK. 1 To Quarrymen and Masons. ANY Persons desirous of undertaking to raise STONES atTEN-Y-CWM QUARRY, near Kisca, e and deliver the same at the DOCKS at NEWPORT, may see the Specifications of the Work to be performed, at the Engineer's Office, at the Docks, and may deliver Scaled Tenders for performing such Work, to the Secre- tary, Jer. Cairns, Esq., at Newport, on or before the 21 st day of FEBRUARY instant; the Tenders to be en- I dorsed Tender for Ten-y-Cwm Quarry." ( Security will be required for the due performance of the Contract, and the Committee will not pledge them- selves to accept the lowest Tender. JAMES GREEN, Engineer. Newport Dock, 4th February, 1839. A NOTICE. I^HE POOR LAW COMMISSIONERS FOR ENGLAND AND WALES have ^notified to i the Clerk of the countyof GLAMORGAN, < that 3EORGE CORNEWALL LEWIS, of HARP- TON COURT, m the county of It 4, DNO It, Esq., was, appointed on '1H^ n 'V*' the twenty fourth day of JANUARY instant,a 1 OOR I-A VV COMMISSIONER, pursuant to the provisions of the fourth and fifth Wm. IV., cap. 76, intituled An Act for the Amendment and better Administration of the Laws relating to the Poor in England and Wales and that on the Thirtieth day of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty nine, at Westminster Hall, the said George Cornewall Lewis took the oath required by the eleventh Section of the said Act before the Hon. Mr Justice Littledale, one of the Judges of her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench. S WOOD, J 31st Jan., 1839. Clerk of Peace. I COUNTY OF BRECON. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that I have received a Notification that GEORGE CORNE- WALL LEWIS,of HARPTON COURT. in the county of RADNOR, Esq., was appointed, on THURSDAY, the twenty fourth day of JANUARY last, a POOR LAW COMMISSIONER, pursuant to the provisions of the fourth and fifth Wm. IV., cap 76, intituled An Act for the Amendment and better Administration of the laws relating to the poor in England and Wales-" and that, on the Thirtieth day of January one thous- and eight hundred and thirty nine, at Westminster Hall, the said George Cornewall Lewis took the oath required by the eleventh Section of the said Act before the Hon. Mr Justice Littledale, one of the Judges of her Majesty's Court of Queen's Bench. Dated this 1st day of February, 1839. POWELL, Clerk of the Peace. POWERFUL MUSICAL BOXES. OF which the Mechanism is finished in a very superior manner, may be had at LEVY'S BRISTOL BAZAAR, 7, UNION STREET, BRISTOL, at the following low prices: Four Airs in Wood Self-changed 13 in. by 5.. 8 18 0 Eight Airs ditto ditto 13 in. by 5.. 15 0 0 Six Airs ditto ditto 16 in. by 5.. 7 10 0 I Twelve Airs ditto ditto 16 in. by 5.. 15 0 Ot Three Splendid Overtures 14 14 0 1 Accordians in great variety with Semi Tones, from 30s. to 50s. The Small Musical Boxes, in Composition Cases, 3 inches long, may be had at 24, also 3 and 4 Tunes, Self- changing (small) at 45s. and 55s. A list of Tunes may be had gratis, in answer to a post iaid application. The Stock of Gold and Silver Watches, Silver Sheffield Plated Goods. Gold and Mosaic Gold Jewellery, Lamps, iltirnisljiag Ironmongery, Cut Glass. French Clocks, Cabinet Furniture, &c., have received considerable addi- tions. Levy's Bristol Bazaar, 7, Uuioa Street, Bristol. NEWBRIDGE FAIR- To Horse and Cattle DealersGraziers, Batchers, $c. Sfc. FAIR for the SALE of HORSES, HORNED fx. CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGSv &c will he held at NEWBRIDGE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, on THURS- DAY, the 14th FEBRUARY, where Dealers from the neighbouring Counties are expected to attend, being the day succeeding Llantrissent Fair, i Newbridge, 6th February, 1839. FARM TO LET. Co fit flet, FROM THE 25TH DAY OF MARCH NEXT, THE FARM of KIL-Y-FRANE, consisting of about 120 Acres of good sound Turnip and Barley Land, and particularly well adapted for Sheep situate within Six Miles of two of the best Markets in Wales. For particulars, or to view, apply to David Davios, Glanbrane, near Neath, Glamorganshire. Letters to be post paid. To bt Hct, ANn ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, /4 GENTLEMAN'S HOUSE, in a retired part of the County, either Furnished or Unfurnished, with extensive rights of Shooting and Fishing.—-The House is replete with every convenience, and Coal very cheap.— kny quantity of land may be had with it. Apply personally, or by letter post-paid, to J. Bruce Pryce, Esq., Duffryn, Cardiff. VALUABLE SHEEP WALK. Wo be iLrt, 'OR A TERM OF YEARS, AS MAY BE AGREED UPON, A |I!vtEP WALK, in .he Parish of LLANHAR- -i a t, ii,, ^0m,n°tiiy called or known by the name of JAII 1 fl MELOG. Particulars may be learnt on application, by letters, lost paid, to Mr James Williamson, New Mill, Llantris- eut, near Cardiff. Jan. 27tb, 1839. COAL AND CLAY. 8To be iLrt, S EYERAL VEINS OF CLAY, fit for making !S Earthen Warn, Fire Bricks, Copprr and Iron Fur- wees and other purposes requiring intense heat. The ay las passed the ordeal, and Coal has liov been fund in the same spot. A lease will be granted on Klvantageous terms. Specimens of the Clay may be een at Mr Edmonds's Ironmonger, Swansea. Apply to Evan Davies, Tyllagarw, near Neath, if by etter, post paid. i!to fit ,Sol't1 b» Auction, )n TUESDAY', the 19th day of FEBRUARY lS'39 at the WYNDFIAM ARMS IVY, B ifDG EMI),' (subject to conditions of Sale then and there to be produced,) ALL that FREEHOLD MESSUAGE or TENE- tl MENT called or known by the name of THE GLOBE INN, vith the Appurtenances, situate i;: the Town of BRIDG- IND, in the County of GLAMORGAN. And also all that CUSTOMARVHOLD MESSUAGE 1 \RDBN, CURTILAGE and CELLAR, DOW, or late, !},¿!sfveral occupations of Eliza and aid, and held of and within the, or n the said County of Glamorgan. Further particulars may ba obtained, on application, postage free) to Mr J. Gwyn Jetfrcys.sohcltor. Swansea. GLAMORGANSHIRE- riMBER, PIT AND CORD WOOD. To lie Soitr b» fctictum, By Mr THOMAS \VATKINS, U the CARDIFF AllitS INN, CARDIFF, On SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16, Itfs9< at. Two °'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced, TKA OAK TIMBER TREES, 31 ASH TLM. LU"* BER TREES, 4 BEECH TIMBER niEBS, and 2 ALDER TREES, all scribe marked. Also, about 210 Short Cords of PIT WOOD, and 180 Short Cords of CORD WOOD. The above Timber Trees, and P'1 an" ^ord Wood are standing and growing on Uedda du Farm, in the I'arish of Ystradyvoduck, are of fine growth, and well worthy the attention of Iron Masters, and Coal and Timber Merchants. Further particulars may be obtained of Mr Edwar,| Sdmunds, Penyrhos, near Caerphilly i Mr lhomas Ajax, jantrissent; or at the Office of Mr fi- P* Richards, iolicitor, Cardiff. Cardiff, January 28th, 1839. )AK, ASH, AND OTHER TIMBER; JFat gale tip sanction, IN TWO I.OTS, BY MR T. wATKINS, Lt the ANGEL INN, CARDIFF, on MONDAY. the 11th day of FEBRUARY, 1839. at Two of the Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced. LOT 11, CONSISTS OF OAK TIMBER TREES, with tlieir '-9*7X7 Lops, Tops, and Bark. LoT 2.-Consists of 216 ASH, 16 BEECH, and 8 SYCAMORE, with their Lops and Tops. The above are numbered with White Paint, from 1 upwards, and are standing upon the Cwoi and Tymawr Firms, near Hendresythan, in the Parish of Lantwit Vardre, in the Connty of Glamorgan, close to a good carriage road, and an easy distance from Cardiff, Newbridge, and Lantrissent. May he received upon application to Thomas MIles, at Hendresythan, aforesaid. For further particulars apply to Mr Montague Grover, Solicitor, CarditT, if by letter, the postage to be paid. CRICKHOWELL, BRECONSHIRE, SOUTH WALES. CAPITAL FREEHOLD INN. AND ADJOINING PREMISES, FOR SALE. 4!ro tie Solfr fin ftuctfcm, By Mr HUGH JONES, At the 13EAR INN, in tbeTown 0f CRICKHOWELL, on WEDNESDAY, the 20th day of FEBRUARY, 1839, the Sale to commence at Twelve o'Clock at noon, subject to such Conditions as shall be then produced, LOT K ALL that CAPITAL FREEHOLD HOUSE, with the extensive Coach-houses, Stabl es, Brewhouses, Yards and Garden belonging to the same, forming the Old and well Established Inn, Hotel and Posting House, called THE BEAR INN, also, the Dwelling- House adjoining; lately-occupied as the Post Office, situate in the Town of Orickhowell, in the County of Brecon, and now in the occupation of Mrs Lewis, widow of the late Mr John Lewis, the proprietor of the Premises. LOT 2.—All that DWELLING HOUSE and GARDEN adjoining the said House, called the Post Office, now in the occupation of Mr Samuel Prichard, at the low yearly Rent of ZCIB 18s. The Auctioneer begs respectfully to can the attention of the Public to this Valuable Property, which is in excellent repair, the greater part having been lately rebuilt at a considerable expense, and of which immediate possession may be had; thus rendering the purchase peculiarly important. The Inn, -from its commanding situation and accom- modation, possesses every requisite for continuing that first rate Business, which it has long enjoyed, in a Country which for beauty of Scenery, excellence of Neighbourhood and Commercial advantages, arising from its vicinity to the great and increasing Iron Works of South Wales, is rarely equalled. Further particulars may be obtained, if by letter post paid, of the Auctioneer, and Messrs. Jones and Powell, Solicitors, Brecon. Jan. 18th, 1839, QtowbritJge Etmtpite 19iøtritt. NOTICE IS HF.REBY GIVEN, That the GE- NERAL ANNUAL MEETING of the Trustees ,es oi the said District will he held at the BEAR INN, jn OF COWBRIDGE, in the County of GLA- MORGAN, on TUESDAY the Fifth day of MARCH next, at the hour of Twelve at Noon, in pursuance of an Act passed in the 3rd and 4th years of the Reign of his late Majesty King William t]le Fourth, intituled A n Act requiring the Annual Statements of Trustees, or Commissioners of Turnpike Roads, to be transmitted to the Secretary of State, and afterwards laid before Parliament." WM. EDMONDES, „ „ Cl^u to the Commissioners. Cowbridge, 6th Febr. y, } JOHN IiSEBXISJG'S GENUINE HORSE MEDICINES. Prepared from the original Recipes (late hi the Posses- turn f GEORG E BOTT, of Nottingham), by BARCLAY and SONS, the sole Proprietors. LEEMING'S ESSENCE for Lameness in Horses: a certain Cure for old Strains or Swell in us, Slips atil S-raiiis of the Shoulder, Stifle, Hough, Whirlbone, Knee, Fetlock, Pastern, and Coffin Joints, Strains of the Back Smews, &e. price 2s. 6d. per bottle LKEMING'S MATURE, for the Cholics. Gripes. Belly-ache, Fevers, Coughs, Colds, Strangles, Yellow Staggers &c. price 4s. per bottle. LEEMING'S SPAVIN LINIMENT for Spavins. Splents, and Strains in the Back Sinews, price 2s. 6d. per pot. LEEMING'S SHOULDER MIXTURE, for Sore Shoulders and Swellings, Galls of the Collar or Saddle, &c, price Is. per bottle. LEEMING'S BALSAM, for all Fresh or Old Wounds in Horses, price Is. per bottle. OBSERVE -.—None of these Medicines can be Genuine, unless the Names ef BARCLAY and SONS, Farringdon Street, London," are affixed; they having purchased the Original Recipes from the Executors of George Bott, of Nottingham. THE TOILET. Rowlands' ttlacassar Oil. IpHIS Elegant, Fragrant, and Pellucid OIL- t. is in Universal High Repute for its unequalled Restor- ative, Preservative, and Beautifying Properties. It pre- vents HAT R from falling off or turninggrev, to the latest period of life; changes grey hair to its original COLOUR; frees it from scurf, and renders it beautifully SOFT', gl CURLY, and GI.OSSY. In dressing H AIR, it keeps it firm in the curl uninjnred by damp weather. crowded rooms, the dance, or in the exercise of riding. To Children, it is invaluable, as it lays a foundation for a Beautiful Head of HAIR. Cautioii.A,ik for" Rowlands' Macassar Oil," and observe that each bottle is (with a Treatise on the Hair, 31st edition,) inclosed in a wrapper, on which are their Names and Address in Red, thus, A. ROWLAND & SON,20, H ATTON GARDEN, Counter-signed ALEX. ROWLAND! The lowest price is 3s. 6d.—the next price is 7s.- family bottles containing four small IOs. 6d. and double that size 21s. per bottle. ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, A mild and efficient protector of the Skiii. and Complexion from the baneful influence of Frost, Cold fVinds, or Damp Atmosphere; heals Cltilblains, Chaps, and rend rs the most harsh and rough Shin delightfully soft, fair, and smooth; effectually eradicates all Pimples, Spins, Red- ness, Tan, Freckles, and other Cutaneous Defects, at the same time imparting a healthy Juvenile Bloom, as well as realizing a delicate White Neck, Hand, and Arm. In cases of Burns and Scalds, it immediately allays the irritability and reduces the inflammation. GENTLEMEN, after Shaving, will find it allay the ROWI. A N^blDON T O, OR PEARL DENTIFRICE, A WHITE POWDER. of Oriental Herbs of the most delightful fragrance, and free from any mineral or pernicious ingredient-It eradicates Tartar and decayed Spots from the Teeth, preserves the Enamel, and fixes the Teeth firmly in their sockets, rendering them deli- cately White, Being an Anti Scorbutic, it eradicates the Scurvy from the Guir.s, strengthens, braces, and renders them of a healthy red; it removes unpleasant, tastes from the month, which often remain after fevers, taking medi- cine, &c. and itnuarts a delightful fragrance to the breath. Price 2s. 9d. per'Box, duty included. Notice—The Name and Address of the #; Proprietors, A. ROWLAND k SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, are engraved on the Government Stamp, which is pasted on the two latter Articles also printed in red, on the Wrapper in which each is enclosed. Many Shop-keepers offer for sale Counterfeits of the above, composed of the most pernicious ingi edicnis. They call thcirfrajs/i the GENUINE," and sign .4. Rowland Son, omitting the recommending thein as being Cheap. Be sure to Ask for Rowlands' Sold by them, and by Respectable PERFUMERS and MEDICINE VENDERS. B! NO HI Or the ST. COME et ST. DAMIEN (Brother! and PAyiiciadlJ feg OINTMENT. ALBINOLO'S OINTMENT, FOR the Cure of Cancer, Scrofula, Eruptions of the Skin, Contagious Diseases, Cholera, Plague, n ounds of every description, Burns, Pains or Aches of any kind, Lues, Chilblains, and various other Diseases. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. TyTR FELIX ALBINOLO, (from Turin,) 23, Earl- iVJL Strett, Blackl'riais, L ondon, sole Proprietor and Com- pounder of the Ointment c.redALBlKOLO'S OINTMENT, warns the public tliattho testimonials of Sir Benj. C. Brodie, BarL, Herbert Mayo, E-q., Dr. Wageer, J. Malyn, E q., aivi W. C. Deedv, Esq., (from which Mr Tliemas Holinway, of 13, Rroai Street, Buildings, City, gives garbled extracts in frtVoUr of a medicine of liis own,) rcferre.1 to Albinolo's Ointment, and not to any discovery of Mr Thomas Hollowav, who never knew, nor was never made acquainted with the ingredients of which Aihinolo's Ointment is composed, or the secret of manufacturing the same. Extract of n Lettei' from Sir Benjunin Brodie. Bart., Surgeon to the Q.ieen, directed to Sir Thomas Hilloway, for F. Albiuolo. London,—14, Savlile Row,—Tune 19th, 183". Sir -I have made several trials of the Ointment which vcu sent me. I have found it usetul in some instances 5 I am more inclined to employ those of which I know the composi- tion, than I am to employ 'Si?nor Aihinolo's Ointment, the composition of which you have not informed me. I am, Sir, your obedient servant., (signed) B. C. BRODIE. By Herbert Mayo, E, q., F.R.S., Senior Surgeon to Middlesex Hospital, Pi-ofesior of Anatomy and Pathology to theKine's College, London, &c., directed to Mr Thomas Holloway, for F. Albiuolo. ,sir,-IViii you have the goodness to excuse this informal answer. The Ointment Mas been of Use in all the cases in which I have used it. =>ena me, if yon pleisp_ some I1)ore in a few days' time. I bave enous|, for t)ie prc8ellt> Middlesex Hospital, ApiH tf>37, (Signed) H. MAYO. By Herbert Mayo, Esq., &c. Sir,—I am much ohlig',<! to you for your ;m]ite offer to send me more of the Ointment, which I nied at Mr Hollo way's request. I really have kept no note of itsetfects beyond what my communication to Jur Holloway contained. 1 n a few ca*e» of skin disease it was serviceable. The best case I had of its efficacy was one of serotinous tubercles, 011 ihe face of a child, which mended rapidly with it.-19. George Street Aucust 29, 1837. I am. &c, Hanover Square. (Signed) HERBERT MAYO. Dr. Felix Albiuolo, 5, Paul s Chain. Prepared only by FELIX ALBINOLO, No 23, Earl-street, New Bridge-street, Blackfriars, London, by whom the Country dealers are supplied on tne usual terms. And sold Wholesale and Retail in L001I011 hy BARCLAY and SONS,05, Farringdon Street EDWARDS, 07, St. Paul's Church Yard; SCTTON and Co., Bow Church Yard; NEWBEaxy, 45, St. Paul's Church Yard WILLOUGRBY, til, BUhopsgate-street Without; T. BuTLEft. 4, Clieapside, Agents for SCOTLAND BUTLER, 29, Waterloo Place, and L and R. RAIMES, Leith Walk, Edinburgh. IRELAND; At the Medical Hall, 51, Lower Sackvllie- street, Dublin. And Sbld by all other Venders of Pntent Medicines in everv Town throughout the Kingdom.—Any shop in the Country which may not have them, will be supplied (if they are ordered) without any extra charge. *<* Ask for ALBINOLOIS Ointment. III poh at 2s. yd.—Is. 6d.—-1 Is.—22s —33a.—Duty Included. N.B. Also dealer in Leeches, wholesale and retail. Agents for MERTHYR; Mr Divii) MOROAN, Chemist and Druggist; Mrs JENKINS, Chemist and Druggist; and all other rendors ol^Patent Medicints.j CROSSTHWAITE & CO.'S OCCULT LOZENGES, For the cure of COLDS and COUGHS, INFLUENZA, SORE MOUTHS and THROATS, CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA. SHORTNESS of BREATH, DISPER-. SION of PHLEGM, HO VRSENESS, WIfEEZINGS, and all affections of the CHEST and LUNGS, and are au infallible Remedy for the HOOPING COUGH. fT>HE OCCULT LOZENGES are a preventive l and a destroyer of the incipient seeds of corrupt Consumption, and in confirmed Asthma or Chronic, diseasekof the Chest, they afford immediate relief as well as in all Pulmonary complaints. For Hooping Cough they are infalliable, generally curing that dreadful com- plaint in the short space of a to 20 days. The composi- tion of these Lozenges are not only agreeable, but of so innocent a nature, that they may be given with perfect security to the most delicate Infant a* well as to the robust of all ages, with a positive certainty of success; they invigorate and strengthen the Lungs Persons occasionally taking them are fortified against Cold and Inflammation. twenty years experience has placed their beneficial effects beyond the shadow of a doubt, having in no one instance during that long period fallen short of the de- sired result. Prepared (only) by the Proprietors, CROSSTHWAITE & Co., 23, Thavies Inn, Holborn, London; in boxes, price 2s. 6d. each, duty included. N.il.-None are genuine but those signed by the pro- prietors on the Government Stamp. Full directions for each complaint, including the ciethod of giving them to Infants, enclosed with every box. Sold by Mrs Jenkins, Druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Crntchley, Druggist, Swansea Phillips, Druggist, Car- diff; Price, Druggist, BridgenJ Evans; Journal Office, Carmarthen; Samuel, Llandibvawr, Phillips, Druggist, Haverfordwest; Bowers, Bookseller, Tenby Cole, Druc- gist, Aberystwith Jones. Drqggist, Cardigan; Williams, Silurian Office, Brecon Williams, Printer. Crickhowell Davios, Newtown; Briscoe, iVrexham; Strone, Bangor; Williams, Druggist, High Street, Carnarvon; Barker, Beaumaris; Lea, Druggist. Ellismere; Edwards. Book- seller, Oswestry Heath, Bookseller, Monmouth Wyke, Druggist, Abergavenny; Morgan, Druggist, High Street' Newport Weston, Hereford Gardiner, Bromyard Taylor, Kington; Gilkes, Leominster; and by most Druggists and Medicine Venders throughout the King- dom, Extract of a Letter dited Bath, 16th Oct. 1837. I am happy in being able to bear testimony to the excellence of your preparation. I have made a point of making minute enquiries, and the result has been, in the generality of instanccs: such as to place your Occult Lozenges in the lit of the first rate Cough Medicines extant. (Signed) J. R. KING, Chemist. To Messrs. Crossthwaite & Co. London. Extract of a Letter da.ed Hyde, near Manchester. 20th Dec. 1817.. I hear very satisfac'ory accounts of the Occult Lozenges sold the people arc surprised at the good effects they produce; many think them too simple, but a careful trial soon convinces them to the contrary My opinion of them is, they are deserving the attention of every one who his any affection of the Chest or Lungs. (Signed) JAMES BRoCKLEHURsT, Chemist and Druggist. To Messrs Crosithwaite, & Co., Loudon. The following is another proof of the efficacy of these Lozenges. Copy of a Letter addressed to Messrs Crossthwaite & Co., London. Gentlemen,—I am happy to be able to bear testi- mony to the excellence of your Occult Lozenges, decided benefit has resulted from their use in every case which has come under my notice, one case in particular I will mention. The Wife of a Mechanic in this Town had been for years afflicted with confirmed Asthma, so much so that he dared not venture from her home during the cold months, but having been induced to try a box of your Lozenges at the beginuing of last Winter, she found such eftectual relief, thau^^iiLstandiugt-hre extreme severity not been troubled" to her'c0mplaint Vin'ce", please to send me afiesh supply immediately with a few circulars for distribution. I am, Gentlemen, yours respectfully, (Signed) HENRY DYER, Trowbiidge, Wilts, 21st June, 1838. Chemist. Yoland's Specific Solution. T^OR speedily curing Gon°rrhoaa, G'eets, Stric- tures, Irritation of the Kidnies,Bladder, Prostrate Gland, and all Diseases of the Urinary Passages, Pains in the Loins, Stone in the Bladder, Gravel, Lumbago, and Local Debility, &c. CASE OF STONE IN THE BLA.DDER. CURED. Look at the Cut; it represents a Stone expelled by Yoland's Solution 011 the 25th of October, 1838, and the Proprietors challenge the whole world to produce a case in parallel. It weighs one ounce and a half, is three and a half inches in length and four and a quarter in circum- ference. The patient had suffered for years, and had in- struments passed without success; but a short continuance of Yoland's solution relieved, and finally removed all her sufferings. She was miserable, but is now happy, and desires her case to lie made public. Her name and ad- dress is Mrs Anne Spillnne, 5, Bedford Street, Blackwall, and the medical gentleman who attempted the operation, Mr Christopher Tatham, of Poplar. If you doubt, app!y to the patient: call, or desire some friend to do so, upon the Proprietors of the Solution, at 138, HOLBORN, near Furnival's Inn, London, who will gladly afford every facility to enquiry, Rho shew the stone, which is now in their possession. YOL\ND'S SOLUTION is equally efficacious in all the diseases for which it is recommended -it never fails,—read the testimolJiaIs,-ty it, and you will very soon udd yours to the thousands it has already cured; no matter how long yoa may have suffered, or how bad your case may appear, for it effectually cures when all other means have failed. The Proprietors bcin determined to prove it in every way, repeatedly offered FIVE HUNDRED POUNDS REWARD to any one who could equal it, but no one could. It has esta- blished irseliufJon its own merits alone, for the Empirical method of polling has never been resorted to-indeed preparations intrinsically valuable, such as Yoland's Solution do not require it. TESTIMONIAL. Having tried Yoland's Specific Solution in our public and private practice, for Urethral Discharges, we readily bear our testimony to its very superior powers, its perfect safety, and permanent effects; altogether, we consider it a very efficacious remedy, and far more so than any other in all urethral diseases. Signed by Surgeon per. H. Ley. M.D. Lecturer on Millwifet-Y, Dr- Clarke. Dr. Green, &c. Sold in Bottles at 2s. 9d. 4s. 6d. and 1 Is. each, by D. Morgan, Dru??^st> Merthyr Tydvil Wil- liams, Cambrian Oflice, Swansea; J. L, Brigstock, and Evans, Journal Office, Carmarthen; P. John Uees, Vatchel and Phillips. Cardiff; Williams, Pontypool Hird and Drinkwater. Pembroke Griffith and Protberoe, Narberth Hawood, Neath; Evans, Newport; Davis and Williams, Cardigan; Bradford, Chepstow; Farror, Monmouth Rees, Llandovery Ferris, Browne, and | Score, Union-street, Bristol and by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors in the Kingdom, Wholesale hv Hannay and Co., 63, Oxford Street, London. Prepared and sold Retail by Messrs G HA- HAill & Co., 138. Holborn, near Furnival's Inn, I London, where the Physician may be consulted as usual, personally, from 9 till 3 daily, or by letter, (post paid) enclosing the usual fee of 10s. and patients in the country will be corresponded with until cured. Dropsy and Consumption Cured,' By a Physician. The new system triumphant!! The most extreme cases being daily cured with great rapidity, as reference to patients will prove. So satisfied is the discoverer of the certainty of his success, that he is willing to forego his fee (to all who personally apply) for advice until after they are cured. Attendance from 9 till 3 daily, at Messrs. GRAHAM & Co.'s, 138, Holborn, near Furnival's Inn, London, where may be obtained the Anti-consumptive Liniment, so celebrated for quickly curing and preventing Consumption, Asthma, Colds, Coughs, and all diseases of the Lungs, Throat, Liver, and stomach, which is effected without tenderness, or other inconvenience. The remedy is perfectly safe, and is applied by gentle friction, and its power is so great in ;strengthening the Chest, &c. that all of weakly habits, or predisposed to pulmonary diseases, should apply to it .without delay; as also all Vocalists, Public Speakers, :&c„ who necessarily have much exercise for the Lungs. With each bottle will be given the EB.say lately published, ,on the new method of Curing Dropsy and Consumption. or the latter may be had alone of all booksellers, or at ^Messrs. Graham's as above. The Anti-consumptive Liniment may be obtained of the Agentsfor Yoland's Solution, Price 48. 6d. and 10s. BRISTOL and NEWPORT STEAM PACKETS WILL SAIL During-the NEXT WEEK, as follows. FROM BRISTOL. FEB. 11, Monday Usk 7 morn 12, Tuesday Glamorgan 8 morn 13, Wednesday. Usk 9 morn 14, Thursday Glamorgan 7 morn 15, Friday, Usk 71 iijurn 16, Saturday. Glamorgan 8 mOln FROM NEWPORT. FEB. 11, Monday Glamorgan 2 aftrr 12, Tuesday. Usk 21 after 13, Wednesday. 'Glamorgan 9,1 morn 14, Thursday Usk IOil morn 15, Friday. Glamorgan 11 morn 16 Saturday Usk 7 morn FA R P.s .-—After Cabin, 4s.—Fore-Cabin, 2s.-Chil- drcn under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is each. Four-Wheel Carriage, 20s.; Two-Wheel ditto, 10s. i Horses each, 5s. Two-Wheel Carriage or light Phaeton, drawn by one Horse with one Passenger, 15s.; Horse atid Rider, After-Cabin, 7s ditto Fore-Cabin, 6s. {¡::T The Proprietors of the above Packets GIVE NOTICE that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Package, or Parcel (if lost or damaged) unless booked at either of their Offices in Bristol or Newport and if above the value of 40s. to be entered at its value and Carriage in proportion paid for the same at the time of Booking. Goods, Packages, and Parcels should be delivered at the Packet Office, one hour (at least) before the time stated for Sailing. PONTYPOOL AND ABERGAVENNY.—Coaches Daily between these places and Newport. TREDEGAR IRON WORKS, through Abercarn, New- bridge, Bedwelty, and a branch from Newbridge to ianty, o.-A Coach Daily between these places and Newport arriving at Newport about 10 o'clock morn- ing, and starting at 1 o'clock afternoon. Apply at the Bristol General Steam Navigation Com- pany's Office, Quay, Bristol or at the Packet-Of«ces. Rownham-Wharf, Hotwells, and Rodnev Wharf, New- port. JOHN JON ES, Agent. CARDIFF and BRISTOL. THE STEAM PACKET NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander, IS INTENDKD TO SAIL JjiffcV During the NEXT WEEK, as follows, (With liberty to Tow Vessels.) FROM CARDIFF. FEB. 11..Monday 3 afternoon 13..Wednesday morning 15.. Friday 6 morning FROM BRISTOL. FEB. 12..T"-csday. 7k morning 14..Thursday 9.1 morning 16..Saturday 6 morning The NAUTILUS will proceed to Neath Abbey, on the 24th inst., for the purpose of fitting a new boiler and other improvements: due notice will Jbe given of her resuming the station. Carriages and Horses to be along-side an hour previous to the time of Sailing. FARES:—After Cabin. 5s.—Fore Cabin, 3s. Children under 12 Years of Age, Efalf-I)rice.-Dogs, Is. each. A Fenvale Steward attends the Ladies, Cabiii. lot 6f7 Two-Wheel CarriagVr^>s?'cfnvy''rryt^rirS;'flJS. each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 9s. Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattle, Sheep. These Fares include every ex- pense. r reightors are requested to order all Uoous intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CHAKLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Llantrisscllt ,and Caerphilly.-Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Package Parcels, &c. forwarded toallparts of the Kingdom witlioti, delay, when sent to eitherof their Steam Packet Offices in Cai-dilf or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c. will be readily obtained by applying to the Agents, Mr Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agent, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol; for the NAUTILUS Pac- ket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr W. B. Owen, 15, Avon Cres- cent. Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. NOTICE,-The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenget's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire. Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristo if above the value of 10s.. unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.— Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landiug. wilt oe warehoused at the risk and expence of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not ouly for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously oil- satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. Price Is. lid. per box, npHIS excellent family PILL is a Medicine of Ion; tL tried emeacy for correcting ailDisorders oftheStomach and Bowels, the common symptoms of which an" Costive- I)t-s,Flatulency,Spastiis,liossof Appetite,Sick Hea'd-ache, Giddiness, Sense of Fulness after meals, Dizziness of the Eyes, Drowsiness, and pains in the Stomach and Bowels, Indigestion, producing a Torpid State of the Liverand a consequent inactivity of the Bowels, causing a disorgani- zation of every function of the frame, will, in this most excellent preparation, by a little perseverance, be effec- tually removed. Two or three doses will convince the afflicted of its salutary effects. The Stomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys will rapidly take place; and instead of listlessness, heat, pain, and jaundiced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, will be the quick- result of taking this Medicine according to the directions accompanying each box. I hese Pills are particularly efficacious for stwnacb Coughs, Colds, Agues, shortness of Breath, and all ob- structions in the Urinary Passages; and if taken after too free an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose. Peisons of a FULL HABIT who are subject to Head- ache, Giddiness, Drowsiness, and Singing in the Ears arising from too great a flow of Blood to the Head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried off by their immediate use. FOR IEM À LES these Pills are most truly excellent^ removing all obstructions; the distressing Head-ache 80 very prevalent with the sex Depression of Spirits, Dull- ties-, of Sight, Nervous affections, Blotches, Pimples, and Sallowness of the Skin, and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. TO MOTHERS they are confidently recommended a the best medicine that can be taken daring Pregnancy and for Children of all ages they are unequalled. As a pleasant, safe, easy Aperient, they unite the Ie commendation of a mild operation with the most suc- cessful effect, and require no restraint of diet or confine- ment during their use. By regillatiug the dose according to the age and strength of the patient, they become suit- able for every case in either sex, that can be required and for ELDERLY PEOPLE they will be found to bo: the most comfortable Medicine hitherto prepared. Sold by T. Prout, 229, Strand, London. Price Is. lidt and 2s. 9d. per box and by Mr D. Morgan, Druggist, Merthyr Tydvil; Mr Cardiff; Mr Farror,Monmouth and by the Venders of Medicines generally throughout the Kingdom. Ask forFRAMPTON'S PILL OF HEALTH, and ob- serve the name and address of "Thomas Prout, Z2»» Strand, London;, on the Government Stamp.