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L I T T U It E.


L I T T U It E. .0 Fraser's Magazine, February 1839. This able and popular perjodicaJ, for the present month, opens with a dissertation on the character, and a memoir of the life of the late Prince Talley- rand. The subject is not brought to a conclusion in the number before us; but already the pro- positions respecting the wily diplomatist are fully borne out.-that he was an unbeliever,—an egotist of the first water,—and seltisli to the extreme. What more remains to be adduced, can hardly depict him in harsher or darker colours than the unfinished sketch already pourtrays. So much 01 the history of France is necessarily mixed up with the life of Talleyrand, that although we are com- pelled to dislike such a man, it renders the memoir peculiarly interesting. It is too late in the week to transfer the lines on the Indian Ilaid to our poet's corner but those who are of such stuff, that the lamentations of a child of nature for things of nature, impart to them any feeling of sympathy wit!) the sorrower, will have their sympathy drawn out by the touch- ing lines to which we refer. The paper on Russian Fabulists, supplying also specimens in the shape of translations of their performances, is curious. We confess it fails in convincing us of any extraordinary degree of merit in that portion of Lord Durham's friends. We are almost tempted to say the same thing of the author of some lines which follow, on Mary Mag- dalene. They want spirit and energy. A de- fender of the female character should have more genuine knight-errantry in him. genuine knight-errantry in him. The Stranger's tale or, the chimney-corner of a country inn,is a busy stiring narration of miraculous escapes, from robbers and murderers, on the night of a snow storm; and by consequence a fitting story to be read just now, when the hills of Glamorganshire are white to their tops,like ancient hoary headed men, and the vales are knee-deep with the driftings from the mountain-sides. We are sure nobody will read it, let them be seated before never so comfortable a tire, without holding their breath more than once. Lord Melbourne is now numbered in Preiser's list of 4 little men and little measures;" but we have not yet read the bonne bouche, nor any of the subsequent papers. We reserve t hem till next week. ApropiJs of Lord Melbourne. Some people will have it that he will wear a ducal coronet; and be united to the Duchess of Kent. We don't think the Sun was the originator of the story but believe it was some print of equal respectability, credility, and all other ilitics thereto appertaining. The Monthly Magazine. Januuarv, 1839. This number has reached us so near the time for the appearance of its successor, that we can only say, that the editorship has passed into most able hand-,—John A. Heraud, Esq., the Author of The Descent into [hll,-Tlte Judgement of the Flood,-An Oration on the Death of Coleridge, and other wo:ks we need not now mention. Under this new superintendance we are sure the Monthly will essentially ditter from all its con- temporaries. It will deserve to be read for. we suspect, it will rather supply materials for think- ing, than food for the mere novel reader; as is the case with many periodicals. We must just mention that the Monthly Nurse, whose tales were read with considerable interest in Prater's Magazine, some time since, has, in the number before us, commenced a new series and this commencement promises well. LETTERS To A DISSSNTER.- Under thi-i title, the author of the Essays on the Church, has just published an abridgment of that work, which will serve for an excellent manual to the supporters of the Established Church, as they will find in it al! the facts and arguments that bear on the subject, in a small compass and at a cheap rate.

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