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NEWPORT. LIVE AND LET Livr,At his last tithe-collection, on the 21st instant, the Rev. A. Morgan caused to be returned by his agent, Mr. Young, full 10 per cent. The recipients of this, were, on the occasion, regaled with abundance of beef and plum-pudding. The health of Sir C. Morgan, Bart., was drunk with the most enthusiastic acclamation, and with honours," only accorded to the Prince of Wales. As the prince of good landlords, he is eminently entitled to that mark of a grateful and contented tenantry. Too much," says a correspondent, "cannot he said in praise of Mrs. Morgan, whose active benevolence has repeatedly brought her to visit the sick of the neighbourhood. Whilst she administers to their corporeal wants, she, at the same time, interests herself in their spiritual necessities. Had the country a few of such excellent, ladies, the cry of the Church is in Danger,' would be rarely heard." NEWPORT UNION WORKHOUSE.—On Christmas day, the inmates of this house were regaled with an excellent dinner of roast beef and plum-pudding, without stint. It is grati- fying to observe, that the general comfort afforded the pau- pers in this establishment, and the dietary are such as to leave no room for complaint; and the occasional feasts afforded them in this way, show that the board of guardians are desirous, that, like others, more fortunate amongst us, the paupers should participate also in the luxuries of life. On Saturday, the 23rd inst., a fine schooner was launched from the building yard lately in the possession of Mr. John Young. NAMTYGLO IRON WORKS.—MT. Clay's patent process of obtaining malleable iron llirectly from the ore in the pun- dling furnace has just been adopted here with success. The iron-stone operated upon is the blackband, lately discovered in such vast quantities in the neighbournood of Beaufort. This iron-stone is of the carboniferous class, very rich in carbon, and, consequently, very peculiarly adapted for the above purpose.



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