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NOTICES, &c. | THE CARDIFF AND EniSTOL STEAM PACKETS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, LADY CHARLOTTE HENRY JEFFERY, Commander, ^KSGSB»R/YJ. ARK INTENDED TO SAIL During the Month of January, ,ct, AS FOLLOWS: — (From the Bitte Ship Dod.) FROM CARDIFF. 30..Saturday.Lady Charlotte 10 morning Monday .Prince of IVales lZ afternoon 2.. Tuesday Lady Charlotte I afternoon 3.. Wednesday.. Prince of Wales 2; afternoon 4.. Thursday Lady Charlotte 3 afternoon 5.. Friday .Prince of Wales 8 J morning 6.. Saturday. Lady Charlot Ie 51iiioriiiiiq g.Nloil(lay Pi-iiiee of Wales 6 morning 9..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte 6 morning 10..Wednesday..Prince of Wales 7 morning 11..Thursday Lady Charlotte. 7l morning 1-2.. Friday .Prince of Wale-, 8^ morning 13.. Saturday .Lady Charlotte D morning 15.. Monday .Prince of Wales 11 morning 16.. Tuesday Lady Charlotte 1 afternoon 17.. Wednesday.. Prince of Wales 2afternoon 18..Thursday ..Lady Charlotte. 7 morning 19.. Friday. Prince of Wales 8 morning 20..Saturday.Lady Charlotte 5 morning 22.. Monday Prince of Wales. 6morning 23..Tuesday ..Lady Charlotte 7 morning FROM BRISTOL. 30..Saturday ..Prince of Wales 1 0 morning 1.. Monday Lady Charlotte. ] A afternoon 2 Tuesday Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 3..Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 3 afternoon 4.. Thursday ..Prince of Wales 8 morning 5..Friday Lady Charlotte 5J morning C..Saturday.Prince of Wales 6 morning S. -ty Lady Charlotte. 65 morning 9..Tuesday .Prince of Wales 7 morning LO.. IV etlned:lY, La(ly Chnrlotte 8 morning 11..Thursday ..Prince of Wales R morning 12.. Friday Lady Charlotte morning t3. Saturday. Prince of Wales. D morning 15..Monday Lady Charlotte 125 afternoon 16..Tuesday Prince of Wales l aftemoOIl 17..Wednesday..Lady Charlotte 7 morning 18..Thursday Prince of Wales 7 £ morning 19..Friday Lady Charlotte 5 morning 20 .Saturday.Prince of Wales 6 morning 22.. Monday Lady Charlotte 7 morning 23..Tuesday Prince of Wales 7 morning Carriages and Horses must be along side an hour and a half previous to the time of Sailing,otherwise they cannot be Shipped in conseqnonee of Locking through the Now Docks. FARKS: — After Cabin. 6s.— Fore Cabin, 3s. fid. Children under 12 Years of Age, II alf-plicc.- Dogs, Is. each., A Female Steward attends on Hoard both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four Wheel Carriage, 2 IK. ditto l'liealon or Gig. 10s. 6d. Two Wheel, drawn by One lIono and Driver. 19s Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 10s. Horse and Hidor, l-ore Cabin, 8s. fid.; Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. (i,1. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subjcct to Landing and Wharfages, at Bute Docks." Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Votes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the PRINCE OP WALKS, to he so-it to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Itobert Chaplin, Cumberland Hasin Locks; and for the LADY CIIARLOTTK, to Clare Street lIall, Marsh Street. Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, Llan- trissent, and Caerphilly. — Goods forwarded to these Places in Spring Waggons and Lock up Canal l?oats immediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular onvry anee in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freiglit to I)c paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c.. forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to eithor of their Steain 1'acket Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to rn-iuht, v. ill be readily obtained by applying to the Agents, .\1.r. Woodman. Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. Glasson, Agent, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the PHI-C¡': OF WALKS Packet; and of M r Donovan, at the Packet Office out he Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. W. B. Owen, '29, Avon Crescent, IJotwells, Bristol, for the LADY C I I A It Packet. NOTICK.—The I roprietois of t!m above Steam Packet* give Notice, that they will not he accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire. Leakage or otherwise) unless Hooked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the vttlue of 40s..I\\1I"88 CI1lr red at its value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the tiulP. of Hooking —Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in tlia evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due therein, but also for all previously IllJsalisiied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed unless a written notice of the same be sent 10 the Oilice Oil the day of delivery. LONDON MARKETS. GENEnAL AVKKAGK P lUCKS OF CON, per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. GENEIIAI. AVEHAG". 8. d. S. d. Wheat 51 3 Rye 30 2 Bailey 32 0 Roans 320 Oats 13 10 Peas 335 DUTY ON FO K FIG N CORN. s. d. s d. Wheat 10 0 I?ye 10 fi Kirley. 6 0 Beans 10 fci Oats 8 0 Peas 9 6 Oats 8 0 Peas 9 6 -7777777-;T CORN KXC HANG IC—Monday. WIIE,\T..Esscx .r..di9. 5;;8 While. 51s (n, Ks<ex new ,1-0s 49s White.. new AS-* — 57s Kent.new 45s -5 5,i ..new ;>ls — 58s Suffolk. do 139s — 41s Initio 4>s — 5!s Norfolk. York, and Lincoln -8 40s Ditto 47s — 53s Northumber- land, LSCC —S s >yiYR — IS?s BAULKY. Grinding 23s — '25s Chevalier,new 30s — 31s Malting ..new 2Hs — 2!>s I risli.. Scotch 24s — 26s Distillers' 2 (is — '28s OATS .York and Lin. colnslnre.fei d 15s — 19s Small H>s — 21s J)il 0.. l'oL.lld His 218 Potato. IUs 22, a d Scotch, f(. c (I 1 f>s — 21s Icaling 2 Piltr.. Poland 17s — 23s Potato 18s — 24s jDevo; sit: c, &c., bl ick l is — Us White H< — 15s Weldi. ditto.. 13s — 17s Ditto J IH" Irish fd, while 13s — Itis Black 15s — 17s Ir.sli Potato.. 16s — IDs Limerick .See., Dis — 10s ItFWS -Ticks, new.. 27s — 29s M.izagan, new 22s — 25s Old '-Us — 31s O.d 26s — 2!>s Narrow, new 27s — 29* Small, new 31s — 8:»s Old 2!i s — ois Old 35s — 45s ■PKAS .Grev ..new 28s — Os Blue 33s — 49s Mau'e 28s — 31s Suffolk ..now 33s — 36s Ditto, Scotch -s-s White 3), SMITI! rI KLO M A H KETS-~Monday. A Comparison of the Supplies ami Prices of Fat St-eck, Inhibited and Sold in Smithheic. 1 attic Market, on MosJay, Dec. 26, I012,and Monday. Dec.2D, 1843 Dec. 20, 1842. Pec. 25, 1843 s. (I. s. d. s. d. s. d CoarRC and inferior Resists. 2, 10 to12.2 8210 Second quality ditto 3 4 3 0 3 6 l'rime large Oxen 3 10 4 "°\? 3 Prime Scots, &c 4 4 4 4 4 Coarse and inferior Sheep 3 0 3 4.J 4 3 ft 'Second quality ditto 0..36g10 3 104 () Prime (oalse wool led ditto 4 0 4 2.4 0 ,J, 2 PrimeSolllhdowllllilto. 44 46.44, .1. 6 'I.arye coarse Calves 2 10 3 6.3 4 3 8 Prime small ditto 3ft 4 8.3 10 fj () Jiaree Hogs 3 2 3 '0 1 8 4 0 Kent small Porkers 4 2 4 6.4 2 4 lo SUPPLIES. Beasts 1,522 1.014 Sheep and Lambs 13,180 8,190 Calves. 30 8 ]pigs 119 CO NOTICES, &c. Î » THE a\RDIFF Advertiser and Mcrthyr Guardian, AND A'r A'l r IPUITHS SiFPIUSI, OLD BANK, 3WKS STEEBT, C 4 A WHILST a conti mance of thp patronage and support of the Friends of this Constitutional JOUIINAL is respectfully solicited by the Proprietor, he begs to call attention to the facilities which his Printing Ofifce presents for executing, with elegance and precision, Ðooft, plain, 0rnamcniai fruiting In all its .Branches, .tf!J @@ @ !)! Ji'J! fF E?(D(DEKZ, MANUFACTURED ,7'1) KULlil) TO ANY PATTERN BOOKBIJfDING IN MOROCCO, llUSSIA, OR TLAIN; Stattoncr)) of rberg istjscrt^tton: LRTT :•?, NOT! PO()LS(; VP, D :\IY, MEDIUM, ROY A L SLIP Kit ROYAL VVUI l'iN(« PAPERS; PKNS, QUILLS, Ei" V liLO P l-S. D H A VV I NiJ-P UNCI LS, AM) CARD HOARD; Pocket BIBLES, in Morocco Binding, 4s. 3cl. to 5s. each. Small PRAYER BOOKS, ditto, 3s. 6d. each. POCKET AND MEMORANDUM BOOKS, HAIR, CLOTHES, TO )TIJ, NAIL, AND SHAVING BRUSHES, WINDSOR SOAP, &c., &c. TVF ALL AT M<>!)KRATE CIlARfiKS, THE NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR WURKS OF Tilli I)A Y; NOVELS, MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, &c., PROCURED AT THE SHORTEST NOTICK SCHOOLS SUPPLIED ON LlBEUAL TERMS. JUST PUBLISHED A GREAT VARIETY OF AOIMICS AM) P0€KET nOOKS lati, NOW ON SALS AL' THIS OFFICE. TO ^D72ariSSSS. TIIE pxtensive CIRCULATION of the "CARDIFF ADVERTISER, AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN," through the Counties of GLAMORGAN, MONMOUTH, and BRECON, coupled with a well-condensed Summary of General and Local intelligence, presents a very desirable medium to ADVERTISERS for giving full publicity to their views. HENRY WEBBER, Agent to the" Sun Fire and Life Assurance OfSce." (,0=- IMPORTANT to the INHABITANTS of CARDIFF Imperial Pekin IMack Tea, At 6s. per lb. HONG BLACK TEA at 5s. (id. per lb., and the IMPERIAL GREEN TEA at 7s. per lb. In Sealed Packages of lbs., half-lbs., and quarter lbs. The Sole Agency for these exquisite Teas, for Cardiff, IS PLACED IN THE HANDS OF Mr. Henry Webber, "Ailvcrtiscr and Guardian" OiTiee, Duke-Street. SggT The extraordinary demand for these Teas afford a guarantee, that cannot be given with other Teas, that they arc GENUINE as Imported. AiSERMRE TURSPIKS TRUST. NOTICE IS HERZBY GIVEN, rnilAT an Adjourned MEETING of the ABERDARE JL TURN PIKE 1 RU ST will be held at the house of ROHEUT JONES, the BLACK LION INN, ABERDARK, on THURSDAY, the -1th day of JANUARY next, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon, 'for the purpose of LETTING THE TOLL GATES upon the Aberdare Turnpike Road, called and known by the names of Craig Evan Leyshon, Cefn Glas, and Aberdare Village Gates. (Signed) THOMAS WAYNE. Aberdare, Dec. 20, 1843. I SAMUEL MILES, at present and for ten months 9 last past, residing in tile parish of CADOXTONE- JUXTA-BAURY, in the County of GLAMORGAN, and being a Grocer and General Shopkeeper and Shoe-maker for Eleven months previously of the City of Landaif, in the same County, Shoe-maker, and Dealer in Butter and for Three years previously of Maesteg, in the Parish of Lan- gonoyd, in the same County, Shoe maker, and Dealer in Bread and I-lour, Do UKRKIJV GIVH NOTICE, that I intend to present a. Petition to the COMMISSIONERS of the BRISiOL DiblRICT COURT of BANKRUPTCY, praying to be Examined touching my Debts, Estate and Effects, and to be protected from all Process npon making a full disclosure and surrender of such Estate and Effects, for Payment of my just and lawful Debts; and, I hereby further give Notice, that the time when the matter of the said Petition shall be heard is to be advertized in the London Gazette and in the Cardiff Advertiser and Merthyr Guardian newspaper, One Month at the least after the date hereof. As witness my hand this Twenty-First day of December, in the A ear of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Three. SAMUEL MILES. Witness,—HENRY MORG AN, Attorney-at-Law, Cardiff. flHEA and COFFEE (from London) carriage free, at the |_ Wholesale Prices.—One of the most formidable articles of expense in all large Establishments is Tea, and yet the difficulty of obtaining it good and cheap is much complained of. The want of an Establishment devoted exclusively to the interests of large consumers has long been felt, and, to remedy this, we have made arrangements with the principal Carrying Establishments to deliver all orders exceeding in amount ti-) Carriage Free. This arrangement will enable the country purchaser to procure this very necessary article at a saving of from 10 to 30 per cent. The iollowing is a list of our present cash prices, and we rely on a multiplicity of business to enable us to carry out our plans successfully liLACK TEAS. Good Breakfast Congou, 3s. 4d. (ordinary much lower.) Fine Congou of the Pekoe kind, 3s. 8d. (an excellent tea strongly recommended.) Pekoe Souchong, 4s. (few persons require better tea.) Fine Pekoe Souchong, 4d. 4d. (This is decidedly a first class Tea a higher price is unnecessary.) GREEN TEAS. Good useful Congou, 3s. 8d. Fine ditto Hyson kind, 4s. Genuine Ilyson, 4s. 4d. Finest Hyson importeJ, Gs. Young Hyson, 4s. 4,1 fine, r)s. finest, 5s. 4d. Gunpowder, 5s. 4d. finest, 7s. The young Hyson at 5s. and 5s. 4d. is particularly recom- mended equal to the finest Gunpowder. COFFEE. The low price of Coffee has considerably increased the demand and the price. We were the first to reduce the price at the fall, and although now much higher in the market, we retain our former quotations. Good Common Coffee fld. Ceylon (an excellent Coffee), Is. Fine ditto, Is. 2d. Finest ditto, rich mellow flavour, Is. 4d. Finest Java, Is. Gd, Finest Cuba, Is. 8d. Finest Mocha, 2s. We invite the Trade to send for samples of the above which are under market value. It is obvious the above will admit of neither, risk, credit, or trouble of collecting we therefore expect every order will be accompanied by a remittance or Post-office order, and at least a day's notice for the execution. G. T. MANSELL AND CO., Wh olesale Tea Dealers, 2, Bucklersbury, Cheapside, Hew and Enlarged Series of the Medical Times. THE PRODIGIOUS IMPROVEMENT" which Dr. JAMES JOHNSON, in his Quarterly Review recognized as evinced in the MEDICAL TIMES under its new management having been followed by an equally PRODIGIOUS SUCCESS, the Conductors have found that though already the Largest of the Medical Journals, they cannot do justice to the numerous claims arising out of their new responsibilities without a considerable enlargement. They have therefore to announce, that on the ifrst Saturday of the new year the MEDICAL TIMES will be permanently enlarged by the weekly addition of 24 closely printed quarto columns -being AN INCREASE of ONE HALF to its already numerous pages, of TWO THIRDS to its scientific matter. Tills important change (introducing a new era in Journalism) will, it is believed, give the Profession a Periodical which, in its scientific claims on their support, will be wholly without a precedent. No new fact in Medicine or Pharmacy—no improve ni enf-iio discovery in any quarter of the globe will escape' its record. It will mirror everything of original worth in the English Jourii-,tl:i-ivili carefully give the substance of those published in France, America, and Germany, and by a compendious weekly retrospect, put its readers in the position of one subscribing to all the Journals. On other matters the system followed will be:- I". To give Lectures by G. J. GUTIIUIE, Esq., F.R.S., on Clinical Surgery; Dr. C. J. B. WILLIAMS, F.R.S.. and Professor of Medicine in the University College, on the Theory and Practice of Medicine H. T. BRANDE, F.R.S., L. & E. &c., on Chemistry; and by the distinguished French Savant, RASPAIL, on Animal and Vegetable Physiology. In this part of the work, also, any single lecture delivered in the Hospitals, Schools, and Public Institutions, possessing any peculiar importance, is sure to be found. 2° To publish, every fortnight, short Biographic Sketches of our eminent and more prominent medical characters. The Pencilling of Jan. 6, will be of Sir B. BRODIE. 3". To publish weekly two foreign letters—one from a gentleman doing honour even to the illustrious Liebig's labora- tory (J. S. MUSPRATT, Esq.,) recording, from Giessen, the achievements of German science—the other from a foreign Savant, Dr. DE BEAUMONT, Physician to the Spanish Embassy at Paris, detailing all the facts and theories bubbling from out the seething cauldron of French scientific exertion. No week will pass in which these letters will not record a discovery, or practical improvement, of great importance to every medical man. 4". To give original contributions on the most important points of Medicine and Surgery from eminent Surgeons and Physicians. The Editor has been honoured already by promises of articles from, amongst several other gentlemen,— W. F KRGUSSON, F.R.S., Surgeon to King's College Hospital, and Lecturer on Surgery. T. WHARTON JONES, F.R.S., Lecturer on Physiology to Charing Cross Hospital Medical School. H. HANCOCK, Esq., Surgeon to Charing Cross Hospital. CHARLES CLAY, M.D., Lecturer on Jurisprudence, Manchester. 1,; T. PIERS HEALEY, Esq.. of the Middle Temple, Barrister at Law. J. B. THOMPSON, A.B., M.D. R. HUNTER, M.D., Lecturer on Anatomy and Physiology to Westminster Hospital School. SAMUEL LANE, Esq., Surgeon to the Luck Hospital, &c. &c. RUTHERFORD ALCOCK, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Ophthalmic Hospital. G. PILCIIER, Esq., Senior Surgeon to the Surry Dispensary, President of the Medical Society, &c. J. SIMON, Esq., Surgeon to King's College Hospital. B. PHILLIPS, F.R.S., Surgeon to the Marylebone Infirmary, Lecturer on] Surgery to Westminster Hospital Medical School. To give RECORDS of singular or important cases occurring in the private experience of the Journal's numerous sub- scribers, or the public practice of hospitals. G". To REPORT faithfully all the MEETINGS of the Royal Society, Royal Institution, Royal Medico-Chirurgical, and other Societies connected with medicine* To REVIEW ALL NEW MEDICAL BOOKS—favourably as justice to the public warrants, uncomprisingly as non- connection with all Publishers justifies. RI). To give a fortnightly list carefully prepared of all the new Medical Works published at home or abroad. 9a. To publish monthly a Drug Price List, giving the latest record of the wholesale market prices. The MEDICAL TDlES will thus contain nearly twice as much as any other Medical Journal. The following will be the TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. For a single number:—Plain 5d. Stamped, 6d. Per Quarter, free by post, 6s. 6d. Half Year, 13s. -ç To facilitate the reception of the MEDICAL TIMES in remote country places, &c., the Publisher will keep open, for a month, A Roll of Subscribers," in which ge:<tleman sending their names, with a post-office order, or an order on a house in town, for El Is., will receive the Journal by post, free, every Saturday morning for twelve months. This con- venience is offered to avoid the trouble and uncertainty of book debts. The New Series will begin January Sixth, 1844. TS3 HBDJC AJ, T I 3SS 3 3 A L BE A N A O K Will be ready in the. last week in December. The enormous sale of last year's Almanack justifying the most limitless expenditure in doing justice to the Almanack for 1844, the Conductors of the MEDICAL TIMES will present it with numerous novel attractions, and more than one-third larger than the last, viz., 96 quarto columns. Price 5d., Stamped Gd. Advertisements should be delivered in by December 20th. OFFICE, 49, ESSEX STREET, STRAND- J. A. CAHFRAE. Publisher. NEW FARMERS' NEWSPAPER. TO LANDLORDS AND TENANTS. THE time lias coinc when Landlords and Tenants must devote tlieir anxious attention to improved cultivation — when, in the words Sir Robert Peel, All must learn how, in the shortest time, and at the least expense, to produce the greatest quantity of food, vegetable or animal, without permanent injury b the land." To accomplish this, no means can be so effectual as that which brings the results of Experience and Science before every man, in a cheap form. For this purpose THE AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE is to be established. The Proprietors are aware of the difficulties of dealing with the many details of cultivation without au acquaintance with circumstances, often as varying as places. They condemn the ida of conducting farming operations upon one invariable plan, and, while they welcome science as the best auxiliary of practice, they regard crude speculations as the most dangerous of delusions. But, they also feel that in Agriculture, as in all other arts, ihert are general principles upon which successful fanning must dep.-nd; that there are practical errors which no local circumstances can justify in short, thnt there is. room for improvement even in those branches which are best understood. Noone man can be competent to deal with the multifarious questions ailecting husbandry, and the duty of the Editor of such a Paper as THE AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE is to make known the knowledge'of all. It is to practical Farmers that the Proprietors trust for the means of carrying out their views, and nut to the talents of any individual- While, therefore, they state that the Editor of THE AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE will be -a gentleman well acquainted with the best kind of Farming, iu which he is actively engaged, they feel it to be of more importance to announce that they have received the promise of assistance from the most considerable part of the landed and fanning interest.* With Free rJ IVade, Fixed Duties, Sliding Scale, &c., Sic., THE AGRICULTUR AL GAZETTE will in no way concern itself-such questions can only be of temporary interest; wnereas THE AGRICUL1 URAL GAZETTE will be devoted to the invesiigation of those great truths which humin laws cannot affect. The Practice of Ariculture-its Science—Animal and Vegetable Pliysiolorv-lmoi,ovenients in Iruplerti,-nts -better modes of Husbandry—resulis of well-conducted experimental Fa.rming-Growth and Rotation ot Crops—Stock—Drainage—Irriga t; ,n—Foresting—Road-making—Farm-buiidings—Labourers- iu short, whatever ailects the beneficial employment of capital in land-will form topics of consideration. Reports will be given of the English, Scotch, and Irish Agricultural Societies— LHldon Market Prices of Corn, Hay, and Cattle, and the Weekly Averages. Replies to questions connected with the object of the paper will also be furnished weekly. Considering the union which exists between Horticulture and Agriculture, it has been thought advisable to make THE AGRICULTURAL GAZETTE an addition to the Gardeners'Chronicle," edited by Dr. Lindley, and so extensively known but that there nl:ty be ample room for discussion, that raper will be increased one-half in si:e without additirmal charge-thus Twenty-four Columns will be occupied, as at present, by Horticulture, and Twenty-four by the General News of the Vv eek, whilst TWENTY-FOUR COLUMNS WILL BE DEVOTED TO AGRICULTURE. On the Sixth of January, therefore, will be Published, Price Sixpence, Stamped, to go Free by Post, the First Number of The eiaers, CJIiroiiide and Agricultural Gazette. A Prospectus, with list of contributors, may be had on application, or by letter, at the Office, 3, Charles Street, Covent Garden, Loudon. Parties intending to commence with the Volume, had better give their orders at once to any Bookseller or Newsvender. LETTINGS. GLAMORGANSHIRE. I To be Xiet, AND ENTERED urox THE FIRST DAY OF MAY NEXT, I THAT OLD ESTABLISHED And Commodious PaMic-IJouse, WITH STABLES AND YARD, CALLED the N E IV INN, situate in the ancient C Market Town of LANTRISSENT. The House has lately been Rebuilt, and conveniently arranged to command an extensive Business in the Public Line, containing on the First Floor a Parlour, Tap Room, and spacious Bar, with Kitchen, Larder, and Brewing Kitchen, with an underground Arched Cellar. The Second Floor consists of Five Good Bedrooms, with a large Dining Room, and a Roomy Attic adapted for a Storeroom. Rent Moderate, and no Stock, Plant, or Furniture to be taken by the incoming Tenant. The Tenant may also be accommodated on the 2nd of February next, with about 7 Acres of excellent Meadow and Pasture Land, close to the Town. Further particulars may be known by applying (postage pre-paid) to Mr. RICHARD HOWELL, Rhiwfelan, near Cardiff. Dated 6th Nov., 1843. BOROUGH OF CARDIFF. Market and Slaughter-Mouse Tolls. To be list by Auction, At the GUILDHALL, CARDIFF, on THURSDAY, the 11th day of JANUARY, 1844, at Twelve o'clock at Noon precisely (subject to such conditions of letting as shall then be produced)- LOT 1. milE several MARKET-PLACES in CARDIFF, known I by the names of THE NEW MARKET," THE CORN MARKET," and « THE PIG MARKET." LOT 2—The NEW SLAUGIITEit-H OUSE. Term One Year, or Three Years, at the option of the Tenant, from the 2nd day of February, 1844, free from Church, Poor, Street, and Highway Rates, which will be paid by the Landlords and the New Market will also be Lit at their expense. £ 10 per cent. on the amount of the Rent for each Lot will be required to be paid by the highest bidder on the day oi the Auction, and security for payment of the balance by monthly instalments in advance will be also required. The Market-places arc held at £800, by Mr. Richard Morris, and the Staiigliter-hcuse at £ SG, by Mr. Henry Hodges, for the present year. Further particulars may be known on application at the Office f Mr. E. P. Richards, Town Clerk, Cardiff. Cardiff, Dec. 16, 1843. Notice to Markers. SKBBITgVORB IIGHTaOUSE. rpHE COMMISSIONERS of the NORTHERN X LIGHTHOUSES hereby Give Notice that a LIGHT- HOUSE has been erected upon the SKERRYVOUE ROCK, which lies off the ISLAND of TYREE, fa the County of Argyle, the Light of which will be exhibited on the Night of the 1st FEBRUARY, 1844, and every Night thereafter, from Sun-set to Sun-rise. The following is a Specification of the Position of the Lighthouse, and the Appearance of the Light, by Mr. ALAN STEVENSON, Engineer to the Commissioners The Skerryvore Rock lies off the Island of Tvree, in lat. 5G° 19' 22" N.; long. 7° G' 32" W. By Compass the Lighthouse bears from Barrahead Light- house, S. E. distant 33 nautic miles; from Hynish Point, in Tyree, W.S.W. W., distant 10} miles; from Iona Island, W.N.W. J N., distant 20 miles from Ilhinns of Islay Lighthouse, N. 1 E., distant 44 miles; and from Innis- trahull Lighthouse in Ireland, N.E. by N., distant 53 miles. Owing to the distance to which the foul ground extends on every side of the Rock on which the Lighthouse is placed, and the weight of sea which breaks on the shallow ground all round it, it is necessary to give the LIGHT A WIDE BERTH. The better to enable seamen to judge of this, their attention is called to a Chart, prefixed to a separately printed notice, which exhibits the relative position of the Skerryvore Rock, and the various dangers around it. In particular, it is neces- sary to notice the position of those Rocks which lie seaward of the Lighthouse, viz., MACKENZIE'S Rock, about 3 miles W. by S. -1 S. from the Lighthouse STEVENSON'S, 21; miles W. i N. and FRESNEL'S, which lies between these two Rocks. Copies of the notice, with the Chart prefixed, will be extensively circulated to all the Custom-houses of the United Kingdom, and will be seen by any mariner on application. The SKERRYVORE LIGHT will be known to Mariners as a REVOLVING LIGHT, producing a BRIGHT FLASH once every minute. The Lantern, which is open all round, is elevated 150 feet above the level of the sea. In clear weather the flashes of the Light will be seen at the distance of six leagues, and at lesser distances according to the state of the atmos- phere and to a near observer, in favourable circumstances, the Light will not wholly disappear between the flashes. And THE COMMISSIONERS hereby further give notice, that by virtue of a Warrant from' the QUEEN in COUNCIL, of date the 13th Dec., 18-13, the following Tolls will be levied for voyages in respect of which benefit will be derived from this Light, viz., from every British Vessel (the same not belonging to Her Majesty, or being navigated wholly in Ballast), and for every Foreign vessel which by any Act of Parliament, Order in Council, Convention, or Treaty, shall be privileged to enter the Ports of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, upon paying the same Duties of Tonnage as are paid by British Vessels (the same not being navigated wholly in Ballast), the Toll of ONE PENNY per Ton of the burden of every such Vessel; and for every Foreign Vessel not so privileged, the Toll of TWOPENCE per ton. By order of the Commissioners, (Signed) C. CUNINGHAM, ) T Q ALEX. CUNINGHAM,y ut Secretaries. Edinburgh, 23rd December, 1843. NOTICES AND LETTINGS. TO DRAPERS, HAWSERS AID OTHERS. TO BE LET, AN old and well-established ROUND in the DRAPERY TRADE, situate in the neighbourhoods of Melin- Griffith, Pentyrch, Maesmawr, Treforrest, Newbridge, Basin, Nelson, Quaker's Yard, Llanvabon, De Leuce, Blackwood, Caerphilly, Machen, Tydee, Neupoi-t, Castle- town, Ely, St. Fagan's, Llandaff, and Cardiff; doing an annual business of £ 600. The Slock-in-Trade and Out- standing Debts, about £ 200, for which Four Approved Bills will be accepted, to suite the convenience of parties. For further particulars apply (if by letter, post-paid), to A. B., Guardian Office, Cardiff. Cardiff, December 21st, 1843. BRECONSHIRE. ira be 3Lft, And Entered upon on the 25th of Jl_j n rH, 1844, THE FOLLOWING FARMS:— A. R. P. Garth Demesne, containing 391 2 11 Brest y Garth ] (1:1 3 20 Treflys about l^J 0 0 rpiIE above FARMS WILL BE LET either together JL or separately,—they are in a good state of cultivation, and a responsible Tenant will meet with every encourage- ment. Distant r, Miles from the Market Town "f Builth, and 1 fi from Brecon, having direct Turnpike ids to each Town. For further particulars apply to Mr. LAWRENCE, Solicitor, Brecon; or to Mr. COLL SMITH, Garth House, near Builth. CAUTION. ] .ELCROIX & CO., 15S, New Bond-street, London, £ Perfumers (by appointment) to Her V<>st Gracious Majesty, and Her Majesty the Queen Don'r. respectfully caution the Nobility and Gentrv aaainst base counii-rft-its of their far-fam"d Esprit de Lanande, Vegetable Extract, i^r., made by discharged servants of J. Deleroix and Co., v !!(o are equally incompetent to ascertain the danger of what 1 lu-y extol as Dclcroix's Co-mctics." &c as they are to (liscovt r what might be useful. These worthless imitations are, f, r the sake, of ex- orbitant profit. foisted upon the public as genuine by Perfumers and Hairdressers, having the appearance of respectability, well knowing them to be gross iinpo-itions, possessing none of the hiehlv appreciated qualities of the original. To prevent such fraudulent practices, the Nobility and (Sentry of the United Kingdom are invited to send their orders direct to Messrs. Deleroix & Co., 158,Nov.- Bond-street, who, to protect the far-famed celebrity of their Establishment, will forward them, free of carriage, and on the same terms as they supply the Nol.ility in Tov.n. With the view, also, of offering a lurther protection against the insidious and unprincipled attacks of those individuals usurping the title, and endeavouring to undermine the ac- knowledged fame of DULCROIX AND CO.'S OHKJINAI. ARTICMiS," they respectfully caution their Illustrious l'atrons against being misled bv Placards, &c..announcing a "¡{emoya! which the unwary w uld believe was that of Deleroix and Co., but which is, in reality, the removal of J. Delcroix and Co.'s tiischarged servants. The improvements in the premises are now completed in a style of comfort and elegance hitherto unattempted, and the NnLility and Gentry a,re invited to inspect an unequalled assortment of Fashionable I. 01 eign and Knglish Perfumery. Also, their long-established and far-celebrated Delcrois's Esprit de Lavande Aux Blillefieurs, So universally appnivi-u in every qviaitcr ot tin- pi.>be the fact being established by numerous attempts of unprincipled contemporaries (who have totally failed) to imitate the same. It is. however, nefessarv the public should be cautioned against imposition. —Price 3s. 6d, and 5s. 6d. Deicroix's Vegstahle Extract, Well known in the fashionable world as pre eminently successful for cleansing the hair, and giving it a most delectable appearance and pleasing fragrance, and keeping it in curl during exercise or damp weather. — Price 3s. Cd., 5s.. and 10s. Delcroix and Co.'s Royal Bouquets, Viz :— BOCQUET DE LA RElMi ViCrORIA-BOUQ! Er DU PIUNCE A'.IiRRT, BOUQUET DFS NOCKS POYAI.KS,— BOUQUET DK J, PRINCESSR ROYALE, BOUQCiT ItOYALE WILLIAM IV.BOUQUET DU nOI GEO'tGK IV. D Er.C!WIX ANi) CO'S new Perfume is the 44 PRINCE OF VV A LI-JS'S I!OUQUJCI wj.icli is a ccmhination of tlie fragrance of the most delicious flowers, in which the flavour of the moss rose beares a most conspicuous part. This perfume is colourless and will not soil the most delicate handkerchief. Price 3s. 6d. and 5s. per bottle. The Lovers of Elegant Perfumes are solicited to call at 158, New Bend-street, and try 1!lcroix and Co.'s Sioyal Bouquets on their handkerchiefs (tor which purpose bottles are always open free), and to a handkerchief so perfumed the combined fragrance of the choicest conservatory must yield precedence. Delcroix's Macassar Oil, Imported under the sanction of the" Lords of the Treasurv," for the use of her Most Giacions Majesty, and their Royal Highnesses the Prince of Wales, the Trincc-s Roval, &c.. is a delightfully fragrant and transparent preparation for the Hair, and. as an invigorator and bcautifi'-r, is beyond al■ precedent. It bestows the most brilliant gloss, together with a strong tendency to cur!; and is the only known specific capable of ctlectually sustaining the Hair in decorative charm from the heat of crowded assemblies, or the effects of a damp atmos- phere.— The Original and Genuine MACASSAR OIL. Is protected by two elegantly-executed, correct likenesses, in embossed medallions, of Her Majesty, and His Royal Highness Prince Albert, with the signature and address of the proprietors It produces beautifully flewtng curls, ai(I by tbe transcendent lustre it imparts tenders the I-Lir truly enchanting. To avoid tiie eoun'erfeiis generally sold by Hairdressers, be sure to ask for4' Delcroix's Macassar Oil," 15a, New Botid-S'rect.—Price 3s. 6d. per bottle. Delcroix's ICalydor, A French Cosmetic, surpassing all others for pre serving and beautifyi!1g tin complexion, prepared for the use of Her Most Gracious Majesty the. Queen, and Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, by especial command, and protected by letters patent, the label bearing the Royal Arms, elegantly embossed, sur- mounted by the Prince of Wales's plume. 44 Cet csscntiel parfait" for the Lady's Toilet imparts a softness to the skin, and removes all cu'aneous eruptions, giving to the complexion a clear and healthful appearance. T)ELCUOIX'S KALYDOR Is an odoriferous creamy lifJnid-thc only safe and efficacious preparation for dissipating Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Spots, and other disfigurements of the skin. The radiant bloom it imparts to the cheek, and the softness and delicacy it induces on the hands, arms, and neck, tender it indispensible to every toilet. Ask for 44 Dclcroix's Kalydor," 158, New Bond-street, l'rice 4s. 6J. per bottle. Caution Id Ladies and Families. The hih repute, and, consequently, great demand for IVlcioix and Co's unique Preparations, have, excitcd the cupidity of IMPOSTORS (destitute alike of honour and of talent), Quacks, who, for the sake of" GAI," impose (by a connivance with unprincipled vendors of pe.futnery) their pernicious compounds up >11 the Public as the real 44 Delcroix's Kalydor" for the om;)lexion, Delcroix's Macassar Oil "for the Hair, &c., &c. to frustrate such impositions, Deleroix aud Co. have obtained Injunctions from the High Couit of Chancery against several offenders, also a Chancery Protective t,abel, which in future will be affixed to every genuine article, with the signature of "J. DEIiCROIX," in itel ink at the top, a and the address,44 158. New P.ond-strcet, in the centre, surrounded by the worus" Protected by the Court of Chancery an t at the bottom, 1, J. DKLOROlX & CO." in Blue Ink. Purchasers will do well to return all articles not so guaranteed. The extreme difficulty in < xecuting this label, (which is on the principle adopted to prevent fergery in the departments of Gaveri.ment, precludes the possibility of imitation, and will cffec ually protect The Nobility from Imposition and Fraud. Orders for India shipped on board free of expense. INFLUENZA, COUGHS, AND COLDS. SIMCO'S ESSENCE of LINSEED is the most effica- s cious remedy ever discovered for the relief of person., suffering from Influenza; the two first doses generally aires, the progress of this distressing complaint, and a little perse verance completely removes it. Children's Coughs, as wel as recent ones in adults, will be removed by a few doses (frequently by the first), and asthmatic persons, who pre- viously bad not been able to lie down in bed, hayc received the utmost benefit from the us? of SIMCO'S ESSENCE OF LINSEED, Sold by A. WILLOUGHBY and Co., late B. G. VV INDI S, ol, Bishopsgate Street Without, London, and all Medicine Venders, in bottles at Is, I id, or 2s. 9d. each. I -#lI NOTICES, &c. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY No l.pniNcr.'s STREET,BVVK, r.ovnns'. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Viet. cap. I X Dl RECTORS. William T'ardeett, Fsq Robert "glinton, Esq. Samuel Uevingtnn, Est] I Krasnins i!oi>t. Foster, Esq, Win. Feclmey Black, 1-:8<1 A iex; It'¡ut 1 rvi ne. lisq John Bright man, Fsq I P(, tf* r orri s On Esq George Cohen, Ksq Henry Lewis :m,dc, Esq Mil lis Coventry, Esq Thomas Teed, ii q. John Drewett, Esq AUDITORS. J. B. Bevington, Esq.—F. P. Cc kerill, Fsq.—f. D. Dow, Fsq. MEDICAL OFFICFR. Jo)in F.R S., 16. Wimpole St.,Cavendish S-. STANDING COt'NSI-L. The Hon. John \shlev, New Square, Fineoln's a tit Murphy, M P., Temple. SOLICITOR. William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. BANKEEIS- ATessrs. Drewett and l owler. Princes S roet. Bank. This Institution is empowered by a Special Act of J'arHament, and is so (onstilutrd as to afford the benefits ol Fib* Assurance 111 their fullest extent to Policy-floltlers, and to present greater far-ilitirs alld accommodation tlun are usually offered hyothe:- Companies. A Sfurance* may either he effected hi; Pnr'irs on their own Lives, or by I'nrtics interested therein on the Lives of others The effect of an Assurance on a person's own life is to create at once a Property in Reversion, which can by no other means be realized. Take, for ins ance, the case of a person at the a"" of Thirty, who by the payment of 51, 3s. 4-J. to the Britannia File Assunncc Company, can bccome at once possess'd of a bequeatliable piopertv, zmonn'ing to 1000/ subject only to t'.c condition of his continuing the same payment qnartcr1, Oil! :1\; the remainder of his life,—a condition which may he fulfi led by the mere saving of EIGHT SHILLINGS weekly in his «xt.e,H};tiirV. I bus, by the exertion of a very slight degree of economy—si.eii indeed, as can scarcely be felt as an iticanx-ci,,icnee. lie iz,a- ;¡t o-ce a capital of 10001., vthicii he can beQ'ieath or op- pose of in any way he may think (.roper. A Table of Decreasing Rates of Premium on a nO"el atnl re- markable plan the Policy holder having the potion of liiscontiiin. inn the payment (If allfurtheT Premiums after TW E i'Y, ] till T. TKN, and even FIVE years; and the Policy stilt remaining if, force in the jirst case for the full amount originally assured and in either of the three other case*, fur a portion of the same according t:i a fixed and equitable scale endorsed upon the Policy. Increasing Rates of Premium, on a new and remarkable (11; for securing Foans or Debts; a less immediate payment Iteing required on a policy for the whole term of life than in any other office. Age of the Assured in every case admitted iu the Policy. Ail claims payable within one Month after proof of death, idedical Attendan s remunerated in all casps for their reports. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at 2 o'clock. Extract from Increasing Rates of Premium, for an Assurance of -CIOO, for Whole Term of Life. (", 7)a J I Annual Premiums j)ai/ablc during > —— X < First Second Third Fourth Remain S Five Five Five Five der of i | Years. Years, Years. Years. iLiie. ¡-' 1- I; | £ s. d. £ g. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.1 £ s. d.; 20j 1 1 4 1 5 lOi 1 10 11 1 16 9 2' 3 8; 30 1 6 4 1 12 2 1 19 1 2 7 4 2 17 6* 40 1 16 12441214 6 3 7 3 4 3 4; 150 2 16 7i39414.5 .5 5 6 3 (; 13 PF.TF!{ MORRISON, Hesident Director Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to i'mk iiiv/ao of Assurances. m».v be obtained upon a bdi- cation to the following AGENTS—' N P, T Mr R. Jenkins. TREDEGAR Mr. George flarrliv, Bank. CHEPSTOW .Mr. J. L. Baldwvn, Solicuos It is a fact (and one worthy of public mention, for the sake of example), that her Majesty has a decided abjection to the practice of gentlemen who spend the evening over their wine. Het Majesty allows half an hour, after the ladies have left, for the gentlemen to arrive, and during this period she does not take a seat, but enters into conversation vvitli the ladies in the drawing-room. Occasions have, it is said, occurred, when a summons to the royal presence has fol- lowed a deviation from this accustomed and now generally understood rule. CAPTURE OF HEBECCAITES.—Jonathan Jort's, Enoch Jones, Jonathan Jones, (2d), Jonathan Leicis, and David Lewis, against whom informations were laid on Friday last, charged with the destruciion of Water-street gate and toll- house, at Carmarthen, in May last, were apprehended by inspector Tierney, and some of his officers, and are now safely lodged in the borough gaol, under a warrant of remand for further examination. A NOBLE EXAMPLE.—Much has been said and written and many are the little anecdotes recorded, of the liberality aud determination of the Duke of Wellington. A sti-ilirig instance of the former occuired a short time ago. A neecy agriculturist being compelled by necessity to advertise a small farm adjoining the park at Stratlifieldsaye for sale, his Grace's steward made an offer for it, which was readily accepted and when the Duke, a few days afterwards, ar- rived from town, the steward acquainted his Grace of the judicious purchase he flattered himself he had made, adding doubtless with inward satisfaction, that he was happy to inform his Grace that the land had been bought cheap. "Cheap, sir," exclaimed the noble Duke, cheap, sir; I want no man's land cheap. Let two proper persons be im- mediately appointed to survey and value the farm." Crest- fallen and sorely disappointed the steward returned to fulfil his Grace's directions, and at the next interview handed his Grace the report of the surveyors, who had estimated the value of the land at. several hundred pounds beyond the purchase-money previously agreed upon. His grace carefully perused the document, and then remarked, This is correct is it, sir" "It is, your Grace," was the reply. Then," continued the Duke, then, sir, pay the amount at once. I can better afford to pay a fair price than the owner can to take an unfair one and bear in mind, I want no man's land cheap."—Morning paper. THE QUEEN'S BILLIARD-TABLE.—It was scarcely antici- pated that a portion of the timbers of the ill-fated Royal George (sunk in 1782), after having lain upwards of sixty years at the bottom of the sea, would have furnished ma- terials for a royal billiard-table in 1843. Mr. Thurston, of Catherine-street, Strand, having purchased several leads of this salvage timber in the dock-yard at Portsmouth, was ho- noured a short time since with her Majesty's command to convert a portion of it into a billiard-table. The most beautiful of the wood has been selected, and a superb table, highly creditable to the manufacturer, and worthy the resal splendour of Windsor Castle, has been put up within these few da, s. NOVEL AND CRUEL MATCH.—Mr. Burke, of trottfno- ce- lebrity, having undertaken for a considerable waprr to drive a poney in harness, without whip, from Bedford to the George and Blue Bear, Holborn, and return the same after- noon, and from Bedford to London the following day,. starting with the Times coach, and completing the distance in less time than that conveyance; commenced his arduous exploit on Monday se'nnight. The entire distance to be gone over in the two days was 130 miles, Bedford being ex- actly 50 miles from London, and in the first journey the pony had the advantage, arriving at his destination before the coach but on the second, the poor little animal W413 completely exhausted by his extraordinary exertions, ajad on reaching Sheftord, eight miles from Bedford, fell to the ground, and immediately expired. L-EBECCA OUTRAGES—We were right in our assertion that the spirit of popular malignity was still fermenting in this and the adjoining neighbourhood, and that it was only kept down by the repressive power and active vigilance of the military and civil forces, with which the whole of this county and the adjoining districts are chequered. This week two fresh cases have occurred, which shows the profunditv and prevalence of the feeling adverted to, in the destruction by drowning of one of the prosecutors of the Reùpccaiteõi who are charged with burning his house about tlie ears of himself and family and in the shooting of a clergyman, a magistrate of the county of Pembroke, whose crime is his impartial- and firm administration of the duties of his office. These are violent symptoms of a virulent and sweltering disease, unmitigated by any of the curative specifics hitherto applied for its eradication. Such a state of feeliiim-the existence of which is proved by means resorted to by the violators of law -to de.eat the ends of justice, and to intimidate jurors from the firm and fearless discharge of their functions, exhibits such a formidable recklessness of purpose, and the predomi- nate of the savage instincts of our nature in such bold relief as to leave very little doubt as to the impotency of the law in. this part of the kingdom to punish wickedness ami vice.— Carmarthen Journal,