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FOREIGN PROVISIONS. — Another public sale of foreign, provisions took place a few days ago, a.,j aa arli(le novefto ihe London market, Labrador salted salmon, imported by the Hudson's Bay Company, was introduced. 25 tierces of the salmon found purchasers at 70 the tierce of Tiie fish is very salt, anJ requires much ttoakinr before it is cooked. American cheese sold from 32s. to {;')I. per Cwt., duiy paid. Brandy cheese fetched 2'Js. New York ox tongues s 1 i tit 2s. 5d. each. American family uip.^ beef, in bond, sold tit 20s. t)d. tor hall barrels ot 10J,o. e icn fair American mess beef fetched 57s. to 5!)s., in bond, for tierces of 304-ib. weight. Cape of Good Hope bed suld at ,1(.îs. in casks, in bind. PRESENTATION OF A CAUPKT TO TIIS L^rd Bisitop OF Dec. 9th, a most beautiful carpet, of Berlin worsted work, was presented, by several ladies of the county acd city of Gloucester, to our respected Diocesan and his lady, at the Tü!y, as an oŒring uf I!¡pir grateful s[n:¡ of lI¡t) Ih,op\ and Mrs. Monk's uniform hospitality and obliging additions to all tlie families of the extensive circle of their acquaintance. This splendid and unique present consisted of seventy-seven large squares, of puce and white ground alternately, on which was worked some device of flowers, fruits, or birds, except the centre piece, which contained tlie armorial bearings, each contributed by a ddlerent lady, according to her own taste; and although the several squares were worked at home, without reference to one another, they afterwards formed, when put together, a tout emsemble, about i feet in length, and 1G in breadth, ol the most harmonious colours and designs. Indeed we may truly obserie the effect of the whole was 110 less pleasing to the eye, as a picture, than gratifying to the feelings, as a testimonial, ha>ing been produced wIfit lil) little time and trouble, by the (air h.ui 1.4 numerous ladies of the highest respectability, out of complhiKat to the Diocesan and his lady. IZEDL-CTION OF TAXATION.—By a parliamentary return of last session, a statement has been taven of the total amount of taxation reduced or repealed in Great Britain since the 1st of January, 1814, which amount was computed on the average produce of each tax during the five years next preceding hs partial or total repeal. 'Ihe amount of the several sums is given in the ind the (if the perio(l. It) Great Britain, the reduction, or the repeal of the taxts, amounted to E ;file amount in Ireland was in Scotland, £ 4^,110,82-1,—from Id 14 to the year 1842. The several branches are then given in distinct statements—namely, the CustnmlS Excise, ".Stamps, Taxes, and the Post-Office. The amount reduced in the Customs, in the period specified, was in the United Kingdom, £ 1 l,43(j,(S3<5 in tiie Excise, £ 747,200 in the Stamps, £ 1,150,00-1; in the Taxes, £ (>14,'<3-1; and'iti the Pos!-OlTice theannuatestintatefor the }ear 1840 was £ 1/2-10,000. There is a remarkable circumstance in the Post-Office return the reduction in 1839 was only £ 100 and in 1840, when the alteration was in part effected, it was The j rturn is dated in August last. ONE HUNDRED SHEEP DESTROYED EY* FIRE. A de- structiva fii-e broke out.011 Sunday last about six o'clock, at .w/.e ^ick^Iarni, 011 Foulness Island, Essex, in the occu- pation ot ..ly (varies Harvey, and in an incredibly short ume aestroyed a sheep-yard (the walls of which wer'e com- posed of niusiaru and carraway straw), 100 ewe sheep, all ill I bm h, and a largo bean-stack, the produce of forty acres, adjoining. ho rapid was the progress of the Haines, that alttiougn Mr. Rarvey's workmen were upon the s:;ot in a few minxes, they could not approach the gate, or make an o;.e;inig to rescue the poor animals. Groat praise is due to the labourers, who rendered every assistance hi their power and on the arrival of Lieut. Hussoy, of the coastguard sen ice, who was speedily on the spot with his men, lie, by ms example and efforts, caused all present to renew their exertions, and succeeded in removing another large stack, thus saving from destruction a large range of stacks, which might otherwise have fallen a prev to the dames. The same night, a man, named James Rambling, was apprehended by poiice-constable Went, on suspicion of having caused the conflagration, and, after a preliminaiv examination, was remanded upon the charge. On Wedne/ day, he was again examined, and fully committed for trial The vahie of the property destroyed is estimated at about £ oOO, insured 111 the Equitable _Office. LITHOGRAPHIC PORTluns.-An artist of very consider- able talent has lateiv been introduced into this country under tne patronage of King Lipoid. His name is Bauqu'iet, and tae novelty of Ins mode ot taking portraits is this- He draws them at once on a stone prepared for lithographic printing and the impnssmns are at once made from the ordinal drawing upon paper. By this means any person who has his portrait L11;n by M. Banquiet can have 500, or more iw- presioiis taken of the original, and merely fur the expense of ti.e proper and printing multiply the picture, and oblige his and acqiuuutuace wnh H likelier. Bel voir Castle is one of those fine oid halls in which the good custom ot our forefathers are still kept up The establishment ot his grace embraces a very excellent' private band anu wiieu the dinner cell rings a signal communicates the ld,A to the leader in nis appartnsent in the baud barrack, as tney are termed. Immediately the whole force turn ont.and every passage in the mansion, from the base- ment to the upper .story, w traversed by the musicians, who plaj sorae h^eJy lune, generally -The Roast Beef of Old England, for tne purpose of calling the guests together. I his done, the band retire to the gallery. In the morning a,so, a similar practice prevails. After breakfast the band parade round the terraee under the outer walls, playim- a hunting cnorus, for the purpose of summoning the inuiates°to go iorth to thespnrts of the hvU—Mornin,; Herald IVe understand that Prince Louis Napoleon, now in a Irene!, prison for the demonstration against the dynasty of Louis 1 htlippe which he made a few years ago off BoulJne is at present engaged writing a voluminous work o^the condition of the labouring classes in the various countries of Europe. Ihe unfortunate Prince has, within the last few weeks, written to several eminent authors in London, with the view o( outlining accurate and detailed information respect- io the coutÍition of the Jabollring c]:,s-<fL>s in this country,- ()!;ser¡;er.



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