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.dFact, dficttoit, alibi Jfacettx. The EVILS OF IDLE-, ESS.iNine-teiiths of the miseries and vices of mankind proceed from idleness with men of quick minds, to whom it is especially pernicious, this habit is commonly the fruit of many disappointments, and schemes oft baffled and men fail in their schemes not so much from the want of strength, as from the ill direction of it, Life of Schiller. y A gentleman who has occasion to walk with two ladies and one umbrella, should always go in the middle-that secures a dry coat to himself, and is shewing no partiality to either of the ladies. A trial has just been made, at the Brussels station, of a system of night telegraphs for railroads, consisting of Bengal lights surrounded by glasses of various colours. It is said to have succeeded. PUT DOWN BY A Pux. A soi-disant naturalist was boring Theodore Hook with the distinctions in formation and habits between two animals of the same genus. Hook, who neither knew nor wished to know anything about it, exclaimed, It flashes on me now, I see the distinction it's just the same in swine." In swine cried the astonished naturalist. "Yes," said Hook; "you know some pigs are driven, and some pigs are lead." The bore gave a grunt and was silent. ADAM'S PALE ALE.—The above celebrated liquid, so strongly recommended by Father Mathew and the faculty of Priessnitz, may be procured in any quantity from the pump in Burlington Gardens, by applying yourself to the handle. Be particular to inquire for the ladle.—Punch. THE CHURCH AND THE BAR.—It is worthy of remark that barristers, in their addresses to the jury, are studiously- distinct in their enunciation. How important it is, then, that clergymen, who have far weigtier matter to communicate to their hearers, should aim at the same distinctness, by speaking deliberately, giving every syllable its proper quan- tity, and avoiding the prevalent error of dropping the voice (sometimes half an octave) at the close of a sentence, whereby its meaning is often lost. The clergy, in large churches especially, seem not to be aware of the inconve- nience and deprivation experienced by their congregations, from non-attention to these particulars and informing them of their failure would be so much like finding fault, that few persons would run the risk of giving offence. PICTURE OF A MARCH IN INDIA.—I can scarcely conceive anything that would excite more astonishment, if it could be exhibited in England, than the multitudes, the variety of costume, &c., attending the'march of a regiment in India. Several hundreds of camels, led by natives in every variety of picturesque Scindian and Hindoostanee garb carts which might be the stridentia plaustra of the classics, drawn by bullocks with heavy yokes, acd impelled by goads the irre- gular cavalry, with dresses in which the gayest colours were brought into the strongest contrast, their long black locks floating in the wind, their animated gestures, loud eties, and quivering spears, now urging their horses forward, now checking them in full career the regular cavalry, with their elegant light blue uniform, and systematic movements, powerfully contrasting with the erratic evolutions and dresses of the in egulars; native and European infantry; officers on horseback, some in furs, some in cloaks, as they might best resist the cold of the morning all this in the midst of a pathless and unfeatured desert, was a wild and animated scene. It is stated, on good authority, that Her Majesty and Prince Albert will visit Warwick Castle In about six weeks, and that the Queen has determined to take advantage of the opportunity of visiting Birmingham. Should this joyous event take place, we are convinced that the demonstration of loyalty and attachment of the people of this borough towards our beloved Sovereign will be of the most gratifying and enthusiastic description. -Birin infjhcttn Advertiser. THE CURRENCY.-The following notice made its ap- pearance on Friday The Governor and Company of the Bank of England do hereby give notice, that on and after the 2nd of January next, they will receive gold coin below the legal current weight, in amounts of not less than 51., at the rate of 3/. 17s. 63d. per ounce and further, that at the respective branches of the Bank of England, it will be re- ceived, in like amounts, at the rate of 31. lïs. 5d. per ounce, being, after deducting the charges of transmission to London, equal to tha above price of f3. 17s. 6ld. per ounce. Bank of England, Dec. 14th, 1843." The contents of Mr. Tyler's next message are the subject of much speculation in the American Papers, and great im- portance is attached to the position which it is expected he will take with regard to Texas. The notion that Great Britain will do all that it can to abolish slavery in that country, increases into a belief that some indirect movement against the Southern States of the Union is contemplated. The President, say the journalists, will take very" strong-, broad, comprehensive" ground, setting his face against all (,' attempts of the English Government to interfere with the linkm by intriguing or any projects of colonization. Sir Charles Napier, the gallant hero of Scinde, is on the t of returning to this country, on leave of absence arising from indisposition. Mr. Maeready concluded a very successful engagement at the National Theatre, New York, on Wednesday evening, the 29th ult. The prices of admission were doubled, and the house WU generally well tilled. REPORT OF THE COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO REVISE THE SEVERAL RATES, FOH, THE PURPOSE OF MAKING A GENERAL COUNTY RATE FOR GLAMORGANSHIRE. To tlte jíaJisfrrtles in Quarter Sessions assembled,— 'i he committeebeg to report that, availing themselves of the information already collected, and of the valuable notes and reports left by IMr. Bichcno, and also of the important assistance of the deputy clerk of the peace, they have, frum time to time, held adjourned sesions in those p;:its of the county whoie they fuuml it desirable to obtain evidence 011 the spot. They also submitted a se; ies of questions oil tlie law of rating to several experienced counsel, and have bi en guided by their opinions, and by tho decisions of the courts of law in fiaming the rate. Every parish has separately received their attention and whilst those purely agricultural demand no further observa- tion than liiat the groas annual letting value has been in ail cases, as far as possible, obtained, and used as the standard, it will be necessary for your committee to enter more at length into the circumstances affecting those parishes in which a manufacturing population has been collected. With regard to works, both iron, copper, tin, &e., your committee have employed some experienced surveyors, and have also had access to the surveys on which several of the parishes have rated themselves, and they believe that these works are in a fair proportion to one another, and to other property in the county. Coal has been charged at different rates of galeage, and in this the committee have been guided by the quality and the distance from a market. Canals and tram-roads have been rated acconling to the net income which they appear to produce, and railroads, worked by locomotive engines, according to the decision of The Queen V. South Western Railway." Docks, market tolls, arising from visible property, wharfs, keelage dues, and gas-houses, have also been rated on the principles laid down by the decisions of the Court of Queen's Bench. Light-houses, which have hitherto not been rated, will produce but a small addition, as the major part of the tolls are not collected in the parishes in which thsy are situate. A scale of allowances, graduated according to the nature of the property, has been acted upon throughout the county. Premises which have been for some time vacant, or which appear likely to remain so permanently, have been omitted. Your committee would recommend, that should the rate they submit be adopted, or as soon as a rate is finally agreed upon, it should, together with the evidence taken, be entered in full into a book, and preserved as a county record. They further recommend that the finance committee should be instructed once a year in future to report to the general quarter sessions, whether they deem any portion of the county rate requires amending, and they are induced to do this from the daily development which property is receiv- inir in this county, to which their attention has been strongly called in the course of this investigation. Your committee have only further to observe, that they regret having been obliged, after long forbearance, to put several parishes to the expense of a sliney; but they felt that by delaying any longer they would be doing an act of injustice to the county at large, and neglecting the duty entrusted to them. (Signed) ROBERT OLIVER JONES, HENRY THOMAS, GRIFFITH LLEWELLYN. CAERPHILLY HUNDRED. New. Old. £ £ Urithdir 140.35 1157 Cefu 4952 1473 Energlyn '2G3(3 2399 Forest. 3745 1220 Garth 8402 4764 Garth, Lanvabon 2753 1454 Garthynid 557 486 Gellydeg 15448 5980 Glynrumney 1551 1461 Glyntaff 3537 1581 Hendredenny 1371 1154 Hengoed 3792 99G Heolchwormwood 49852 19837 Lanvedw 1764 1642 l Park 824 843 1 Rudry 1301 860 Rhydyboithan. 3134 1814 Rhydygwern 513 310 Taff and Cynon 1005 602 Van 311 548 Whitchurch Higher 4857 4116 Yttgwyddgwin 589 467 Total £ 126929 £ 55164 The parish of Eglwysilan comprises Energlyn, Glyntaff, Hendredenny, Rhydy- boithan hamlets. The Parish of Gellygare comprises Birtlidir, Cefii Garthynid, Hengoed,. and Ysgwyddgwin hamlets. The parish of Lanvabon comprises Garth, and Glynrumney hamlets. The parish of Merthyr Tydvil comprises Forest, Garth, Gellydeg, Heolchwoim- wood, Taff, and Cynon hamlets. CARDIFF TOWN*. John Saint 12852 Mary Saint. 11935 12730 Total £ 24787 JEI2730 COWBRIDQE HUNDRED. Athan Saint 2303 1654 Cowbridge Town 2282 1844 Donatt* Saint Welsh 1174 925 Eglwysbrewis 408 300 Flemingston 926 685 Gilestone 648 511 Hilary Saint 1838 ] 656 Lanblethian 4952 3967 Landough 858 7152 Lanharran 1597 1481 Lanharry 1220 1214 Lauilid 669 6i4 Lanmaes 1529 1538 Lanmihangle. 75G 6G4 Lansannor 1073 1064 Lantwit Major 6848 4938 Lisworney, including Nash 1290 1200 Mary Church Saint 699 CUO Nash, extra Par E335 Pendoyloii 2935 2338 Ystradowen 1164 1040 Total £ 35103 £ 29175 DYNASPOWIS HUNDRED. Andrew Saint 2546 2551 Barry 412 384 Bonvilstone T294 897 Brides super Ely Saint. 869 648 Cadoxton juxta Bariy 775 6G9 Cogau 347 347 Pagan's Saint. 2449 2170 George's Saint 1272 1108 Highlight, extra Par 214 220 Lancanan East, 2561 2489 Lancarvan West 3075 221G Landough 437 55 5 Lanilterne 928 960 Lantrithyd. 1432 1347 Lamithcn extra Par, 490 401 Lavernock 586 652 Leckwith 895 893 Lj than's Saint. 1078 1078 Merthyr Dovan 871 827 Michaelstone-le-Pit 59G 588 Micliaelstone super Ely 407 321 Nicholas Saint 2034 1854 Penarth 647 532 Penmark East 1941 1567 Pen mark West 1839 1781 Peterstone super Ely 1984 1778 Porthkerry 994 710 Sully 1614 2113 Wenvoe 2G18 2393 Total £ 37205 £ 34049 KIBBOR HUNDRED. Canton 1475 1420 Cayra 868 771 Ely .1192 1016 Fairwater 087 645 Gabalva 1411 92G Landaff 2911 3072 Lanedame 2055 2175 Lanishen 1746 1620 1050 1047 Itoath 3052 2735 Wliitel,ure',i Lower 1033 970 Total £ 17480 £ 16397 The Parish of Landaff comprises Canton, Ely, latrwater, Gabalva, and Landaff Hamlets. LLANGEFELACH HUNDRED. Alltgreek 21U 1(43 Blaeneagle. 495 451 Caegerwain I. 15C7 1345 Ishcocd 1725 1(579 Lansamlet Higher gggy Lansamlet Lower 5453 231G 1 Parcel Clase Higher 2631 1872 2 Parcel Clase Lower 5846 3427 3 Parcel Muwr Higher 1781 1497 4 Parcel M awr Lower 1488 1488 Parcel Mawr Languke 1473 1372 5 Penderry Higher 1810 lû29 6 Penderry Lower 2396 1242 7 Rhyndwyclydach Higher 1424 1300 8 Rhyndwyclydach Lower 3(^7 2543 Thomas Saint 2119 1201 Total C41408 E28403 The Hamlets marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, u form the Parish of LlangefelacU. The Parish of Llanguick compirses Allt- ;r:cg, DiaellC<lbl", Caegerwain, and Parcel .la\H. MISTAN HUNDRED. Cxstella 4707 2302 Cefnponnar 2K14 911 Clydacli and Home.pen-ilees 2074 1206 Cwmdure 47fi7 1/92 Forchamon 140G 859 Geliywion 1738 1738 Glynronnou 2101 1290 Havodrinog 0090 1473 Lantrissent Town 20G9 1814 Lantwitvardre .10370 2COS Llwydeoed 42-18 3107 Miskiu Hamlet 2730 2362 Pentyrch 5757 1915 Radvr 1932 1365 Rhigos 1630 917 Trane 2526 208*2 Ystradjvoduck Middle 1214 1123 Total. £ 58202 JE28533 The Parish of Aberdare comprises Cvfll- pennar, Cwmdare, Forchamon, and Lwyd- coed Hamlets. The Parish of Lantrissent comprises Castella, Geliywion, Lantrissent Town, likin, awl Trane. The Parish of Ystradyvoduck comprises Clydach and H ome-pen-llees, Ystrady- voduck Middle, and Rhigos. NEATII HUNDRED. Aberavon 2068 779 B'lglan Higher 1406 304 Baglan Lower 2028 1121 Blaengwrach 1431 913 1 Blaenhonddan 3455 3083 Briton r, el-ry 2G70 1273 Coed Frank 450G 2115 2 Clytie 427 2134 3 Duffryn Clydach 3480 1997 4 Djlais Higher 1380 1079 5 Dylais Lower 1260 1072 Glyncorwg.. 790 790 ii i lit!bebill. 1819 1179 Lantwit Lower 4292 2515 G MichacIstone Higher 1121 577 7 Micliaelstone Lower 5035 750 Neath Town 10022 C220 Neath Higher 3056 1235 Neath Middle 185(3 1204 4 Neath Lower 1000 719 8 Resolven 1073 G70 9 Y'nisymond 2355 7IG Total. E-16530 £ 30625 The Hamlets marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, form the Parish of Cadoxton-juxta- Neath. The Hamlets of Blaengwrach and Glyn- corwg form the Parish of Glencorwg. Clyne, Lantwit Lower, and Resolven, form the Parish of Lantwit-juxta-Neath. NEWCASTLE HUNDRED. Baydon 821 555 Bettws 1541 1397 Brides Minor Saint 889 830 Bronib-ill aild 3187 2453 Coity Higher 2147 2100 Coity Lower 4418 2150 Coychurch Higher 1121 994 Coychurch Lower 1180 910 Cwmdu 5192 807 Havodyporth 47is 1894 Ivenfig Higher. 2GG 25G Keiifig Lower Kenfig Boro 847 665 Laleston Higher. 439 296 Laleston Lower llCG 781 Langonoyd Higher 1131 732 Langonoyd Middle 976 873 Newcastle Higher 1730 1091 Newcastle Lower. 1717 1'J98 Newton Nottage 2427 994 Newton Hamlet 1129 619 Pencoyd 951 914 Peterstone super Montem G76 580 Pyle, including Sker ) Sker, extra Par 105 Trissent 1033 802 Tythegstone Higher 2937 735 Tythegstone Lower 797 594 Total £ 45420 £ 26371 The Hamlets of Coychurch Higher and Lower, Pencoyd, and Peterstone, form the parish of Coychurch. The Hamlets of Langonoyd Higher and Middle, Bayden, and C'wnulu, form the Parish of Langonoyd. The Hamlets of Havodyporth, Kenfig Higher, Margam, Brombill, and Trissent, form the Parish of Margam. OGMORE HUNDRED. Andrew's Minor Saint. 400 233 Bride's Major Saint 1500 800 Colwinstone 1900 1396 Donatt'b Saint. ] 142 906 Ewenny 1935 1306 Landevodock 1255 1004 Landow 1313 1070 Langan 1276 713 Langeinor ]144 1020 Lamphey 1278 898 Marcross 914 714 Maryhill Saint. 1005 627 Merthyrmawr 1369 906 Monknash 1580 1173 Penlline 2390 1613 Souiherndown 1977 1322 Iviel.: 1315 1237 Ynisawdra 271 268 Total 0.C239(;4 £ 17266 The Hamlets of Saint Bride's Lamphey, Southerndown, and Ynisawdra, form the Parish of Saint Bride's Major. SWANSEA HUNDRED. Bishopstone 1419 88(5 Cheriton I. 090 368 Glynlloughor 100-1 043 Gwenlais 507 5IG Ilstone 1538 1014 John's Saint 2922 1463 ivnelstone 481 480 Landewy 106;3 10UG Langennith 1707 1331 Lainnaddock 645 321 Lanrhidian Higher 1219 1146 Lanrhidian Lower 1423 761 Loughor I.. I 998 679 Loughor Borough 1295 1110 Nicholaston 288 284 Oxwich 687 416 Oystermouth 2539 2047 Penmaeu 732 586 Pennaid. 1776 1320 Femice. 1319 1000 Porteynon 617 5G6 Priskedwin 619 G30 Reynoldstone 990 724 liossilly 076 577 Swansea Town 37512 20247 Swansea Higher 2205 1416 Swansea Lower 3221 1808 Ty' rbrenill. C45 545 Walterstone and Killebion 891 337 Ynislloughor 948 630 Total. £ 72614 1;44957 The Hamlets of Glynlloughor, Gwenllai.s, Ynislloughor, Ty'rbrenin, and Priskedwin, form the Parish of Llandilotalybont. TOTAL OF THE FOREGOING HUNDREDS. Caerphilly 126929 55164 Cardiff Town 24787 12730 Cowbridge 35163 29175 Dynas Powis 37205 34049 Kibbor 17480 16397 Llangefelach 41408 28403 Miskin 58262 28533 Neath 46530 3G625 Newcastle 45420 26371 Ogmore 23964 172G6 Swansea 72614 44957 Total £ 529,762 323,670 At the General Quarter Sessions holden at Swansea, 17th October, 1843:— Resolved,—" That the foregoing report, with the abstract of the assessment as returned by the committee be printed." WOOD, Clerk of Peace.


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