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Destructive Fire in Bute-street.




NEWPORT. On Friday, the 15th instant, as the bark Lord S.a-idon was being towed by a steam-tug up Newport river, through the negligence of the pilot or captain her anchor was not dropped in time, and she ran against the bridge. By the eolation the buttress and coping-stone were damaged, the expei.se of repairing which is estimated at 5. NE^ PORT POLICE.—DECEMBER 18. [Before the Mayor, Thomas Hawkins, Thomas Kugiits, William Brewer, and Thomas Prothero, EsorsJ Informations laid by the Inspeetor^f Police. George Duckham, inn-keeper, for allowing billiards to be played in his house.Fined 10s. and 9s. 6d. costs. The same George Duckham, for assaulting Edward Wm. M'K •-■una.—Dismissed. Thomas Lewis, for being disorderly in the streets.—I ixied Is. and 5s. 6d. costs. Susan Carter, beer-house-keeper, for keeping her I.cui-c open for the sale of beer after the proper hours. — Fine 1 10s. and costs. Henry Williams, beer-house-keeper, for the same oliVaee. -Fined ]Os. and costs. Hubert Waters, beer-house-keeper, for the same offence. —Fined ]0s. and costs. James Bond, beer-house-keeper, for the same offence. Fined lOs, and costs. The same James Bond, for allowing thieves and '.rosu- tutes to assemble in his house.—Fined 40s. and costs. Cornelius Halt, beer-house-keeper, for allowing drunk and disorderly company in his house.—Adjourned. David Morgan, beer-house-keeper, for keeping his house open for the sale of beer after proper hours—Fined 10s. and costs. William tewis, beer-house-keeper, for the same offence. —Fined 10s. and costs. Sarah Hawkes, beer-house-keeper, for the same offence. — Fined 2s.Gd. and costs. The same Sarah Hawkes, for allowing spirits to be con- snmed in her house. Fined 1:5 and costs.


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