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jttoumoutii0iuix. 'oo. "r. NEWPORT. Sir C. Morgan, Bart., has commenced taking down the old Post-office, for the purpose of building a commodious and handsome edifice. We understand that government takes it upon lease. The barracks are proceeding very rapidly by the contractor in the erection. It commands a very prominent feature in its appcarance from the town. A new steam-packet slip is contracted for, we understand, by a company to run their vessels near to the Great Western Company Railway Station. The ground is leased by his Grace the Duke of Beaufort, and adjoins the Bridge End Inn. The Newport dock is increasing in its trade. About this time last year there was only one vessel in it, now it is almost full. The Annual Show of Stock at Court-y-Bella Farm takes place on Wednesday next, under the patronage of Sir Charles Morgan, Bart. The quantity and quality of the stock to be exhibited will be at least fully equal to any former show. The prizes will be as rich and numerous as on any previous occasion. HAULIER'S NEGLIGENCE.—Mr. Young, of Machen, nar- rowly escaped severe injury on Saturday last, when on his way into Newport, returning home from Chepstow. Near Maindee his gig came in contact with a cart on the wrong side of the road by which his vehicle was dashed to atoms, and himself slightly bruised. On his arrival at the Bridge Inn, Newport, Mr. James Hawkins was sent for, and ren- dered prompt medical assistance—after which Mr. Young was enabled to proceed home. SHIP SUNK IN THE DOCK.—On Wednesday week, the Aatrsca, having discharged her ballast in our dock, was about to take in a cargo of coal, but the first tram on being shot into the hold from the new machine, turned suddenly, and precipitated the contents, weighing three tons, upon the lar- board side of the deck, which caused the ship immediately to fall on her beam and the port-holes being open, the water rushed in, and in half an hour she sunk, despite the most energetic exertions made to right her. We are happy to add that, with the exception of a slight injury experienced by one of the crew, no personal damage was sustained. No blame whatever is attached to the dock officers Merlin. POETRY.—On Tuesday evening last, T. T. Lotherington, Esq.. of Cambridge, delivered an eloquent lecture on poetry, at the Mechanics' Institute to a large audience. Mr. W. J. Monkhouse occupied the chair on the occasion, who with the lecturer received a vote of thanks at the close. RE THOMAS WATERS.—In this bankruptcy Sir Thomas Phillips (formerly of Newport), and Mr. Williams of the same town, auctioneer, attended as witnesses, and were examined touching the matters of the estate by Mr. Phelps, of Newport. Mr. Savery attended as solicitor for Sir Thos. Phillips. It appeared that there had been two fiats against the bankrupt, to the former of which Messrs. Prothero and Phillips, of which firm Sir Thomas Phillips was a partner, had acted as solicitor. They also previously advised the bankrupt, and they, pending the first fiat, conducted some arrangements which ended in the payment of the creditors a composition of 6s. 8d. in the pound. In the course of these proceedings the bankrupt became indebted to Messrs. Pro- thero and Phillips, to whom he mortgaged some property. The property was afterwards offered for sale two or three times, and ultimately bought, under an order by the Court of Review, by the mortgagees for £885. The circumstances connected with this and some other sales of property under the first and second fiats formed the subject of investigation. The claim of Messrs. Prothero and Phillips against the bank- rupt was stated to be in the Against this some sums received and other property purchased had to be set off, but Sir Thomas Phillips stated a considerable balance to be still due to the firm with which he had been connected. The investigation lasted to a late hour, but the details pos- sessed no public interest. NEWPORT POLICE, MONDAY 4. [Before the Mayor, Thos. Hughes, and R. Mullock Esq.] John Tew, Elizabeth Tew, and William Prior, were re- manded 011 the charge of having stolen goods in their possession, and not accounting for the same. Phillip Morgan, for assaulting William Wayne, was fined 10s. and costs. Rachel Holiday, who makes a holiday of every day, has had her last for a few weeks, having been sent to Usk for two months, where she will have an opportunity of trying how hard labour will agree with her, for making too free with being drunk, and turning her last night in Newport into a holiday of debauchery. Elizabeth Thomas, charged with stealing a pair of pattens, from Thomas Harttrace, was remanded. Gaorge Feneran, was also remanded on a charge of wilful damage. Edward James, charged with assaulting David Davies, case dismissed. THE ABERGAVENNY STEEPLE CHASE. Wednesday was appointed for the sport; and as the few days before were wet and uncheery, it cast a gloom over many but a finer or brighter morning at this time of the year could not have been. The time fixed for starting was 1 o'clock, but it was near 3 before the horses appeared; the spectators were very numerous indeed we did not expect to see such a large assembly of the sentry present. THE HANDICAP STEEPLE CHASE Of 3 sors. each, with a purse added of not less than E15. Mr. Reynolds's ch. geldinr, Ragged Jack, aged, list. 91b. (Powell) '.I Mr. J. Syrnonds' nas bay horse Nottingham, aged. list. 91b. (J. Dally; 2 Mr. Williams's bay gel. by Wamba, 5 years old, list. 41b 3- The ground chosen was such as could be seen nearly all the way rouud there were 36 fences, some of them raspers. Ragged Jack took the lead, and maintained it till he came to the lane, where he refused the leap into the next field, as did also Nottingham. The Wamba Colt leaped the fence, and then gained about 150 yards of them when they came to the Ploughed Field, Ragged Jack made up his ground, and at the second time of coming to the lane, he took the lead, caught the colt, and then forced the running till they came near the Brecon turnpike gate, where the Wamba Colt fell; Ragged Jack passed him and kept the lead, Not- tingham jumping the last fence with Ragged Jack, the rider I of Nottingham flogging heavily, whilst Ragged Jack's rider neither used whip or spur, and won by three lengths. THE HANDICAP HACK STEEPLE CHASE. Of One Soveign each, with a Purse added. Mr. Richards' br. m. Longwaist, 5 years old, 9st. 101b. (J. Dally) 1 Mr' Hughes's br. horse Gamecock (late Bravo), aged. 10«t. 91b. (A. Vivian). 2 Mr. Humble's Iodine, bay 91b. gel., a,-ed, (S. Vivian.) 3 Mr. Stretton's br. horse Ludford, aged, 10st. 91b. (Goodwin) 4 Ludford took the lead for about a quarter of a mile, when Longwaist passed him-took the running at a good pace, and kept it all the way, closely followed by Gamecock and Iodine, Longwaist winning by a length. Two better chases could not have been the running was excellent, and the leaps were taken in good style. We are glad to hear that no accident occurred throughout the day. Among the company were Capt. Stretton and the Hon. Mrs. Stretton F. H. Williams, Esq., and lady Jones, Esquire, of Llanarth J. Rolls, Esq., Hendre J. Green- field, Esq., and lady R. Wheeley, Esq., and lady ——— Willims, Esq., Abercamlas, &c. &c. The ball at the Angel Hotel was not quite so numerously attended, in consequence of the Fancy Ball taking place early in this month. An Account of COAL and IRON brought down the Mon- mouthshire Canal Compan) 's Tram-Roads and Canal, for the Month of November, 1843. For a Month. For a Week. Tram Road j Canal. COAL. i Tons. Cwt. Tons. Cwt. Thomas Powell 8842 18 125 Thomas Prothero. 7681 3 RosserThomasandCo. 2442 3 1\ Thomas Phillips and Son 1704 19 Martin Morrison 2979 11 150 Joseph Beaumont 2509 7 W. S. Cartwright 2663 10 100 Joseph Latch and Co 1991 19 Latch and Cope 2159 12 John Russell and Co 5594 10 Tredegar Iron and Coal Co.. 3190 2 Roger Lewis. 1529 11 John Jones 1025 8 James Poole, Jun Joseph Jones 1406 ]8 Rock Coal Co 4071 2 R. J. Blewitt 125 Mon. Iron and Coal Co. JohnVipond 200 Richard Morrison Rosser Williams J. F. Hanson 49 John Davies Mrs. Treasure Pentwyn & Golynos Co. IRON. Tredegar Iron Company 1921 9 Rhymney Iron Co 2360 10 Ebbw Vale Iron Co 2418 2 r Cwm Celyn&Blaina Iron Co. 1771 1 Coalbrook Vale Iron Co 839 1 From Sundry Works jotiO 18



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