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NOTICES, &c. THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, LADY CHARLOTTE HENRY JEFFERY Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL During the Month of JULY, CFrom the Bute, Ship Dock.) FROM CARDIFF. 15.. Saturday Lady Charlotte 0 morning 17.. Monday .Prince of Wales 7 morning 2 18.. Tuesday .Lady Charlotte 1h morning I).. Wednesday.. Prince of Wales 8* morning 20.. Thursday Lady Charlotte. 8 morning 21..Friday Princc of Wales Ð morning 22..Saturday Lady Charlotte ii-L morning 24.. Monday Prince of Wales 1 afternoon 25..Tuesday Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon 26.. Wednesday..Prince of Wales 3 afternoon 27.. Thursday Lady Charlotte 4 afternoon 28.. Friday .Prince of Wales 5 afternoon 29.. Saturday Lady Charlotte 5 morning 31.. Monday .Prince of Wales 7 morning FROM BRISTOL. 15. Saturday Prince of Wales 7 morning 17.. Monday Lady Charlotte 8 morning 18.. Tuesday Prince of Wales 9 morning l')..We(luesday..La(lyCli,-Li-lotte 8 j evening 20..Thursday Prince of Wales 10 morning 21..Friday Lady Charlotte. 10 morning 22.. Saturday. Prince of AVales 12 noon 24.. Monday .Lady Charlotte L) Lafternoon 25 ..Tuesday Prince of Wales 3j afternoon 26.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 4 afternoon 27.. Thursday Prince of Wales 4 afternoon 28.. Prida.) Lad)- Charlotte Ii morning 29.. Saturday. Prince of Wales 6j mornin g 3 1.. Monday Lady Charlotte 8 morning Carriages and Horses must be along side an hour and a lied previous to the tillle of Sailing, otherwise they cannot be Shipped ? consequence of Locking through the New Docks. F A ttlis:- After Cabin. 6s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. 6d. Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-pricc.—Uogs, Is.each., 1\ Female Siewartl attends on lioard both Jackets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four Wheel Carriage, 215.; ditto Pheaton or Gig. 10s. 6J Two Wheel, drawn bv One Horse and Driver. Its; Horse and "ider. After Cabin," 10s. Horse and Rider, l ore Cabin, 8s. (id. i Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. 6d. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to "Landing and Wharfages, at Bute Docks." Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the tiNCH OF WALKS, to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Hubert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin l.ocks and for the I.ADY CnAItLOTTB, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, ltiisiol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Ntwbiidjte, A berdave. Cowbridge, Bridgend, Ilan- trissent, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these Places in Sprint; Waggons and Lock up Canal Boats immediately on arrival, tiiiless ordered by any particular conveyance, in which they will he deposited-MI the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for. Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of the Kindolll without delay. when sent to either of their Steam ].k,-t Oilic(-s in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, will be readily obtained by applying to the Agents, Mr. Woodman. Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. Glasson, Agent, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the PltlNCK OF WALKS, I'('kl't; aud of 1"1' Donovan, at the Packet Office, onthe Wharf", Cardilf; or to Mr. W. B. Owen, *29, Avon Crescent, llotwells, Jlri^tol, for the l-ADY Cif A Packet. NO'l'ICl'.—The roprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Otlices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the vulue'of 40s..unless entered at its value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of Booking -Uoods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re measurement, claims for loss or damage, tic., cannot be allowed unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. Aberdare Canal Navigation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING or ASSEMBLY of the COMPANY of PROPRIETORS of this NAVIGATION, will be held at the CANAL OFFICE, on THURSDAY, the 27th day of JULY, 1843, at 11 o'Clock in the Forenoon. EDWARD LEWIS, Clerk to the Company. Canal Office, July 3d. 1843. LONDON MARKETS. GKNEKAI. AVERAGg PHICES OF CO fN, per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. GENEUAI. AVERAGE. 8. d. I s. d. Wheat 411 9 Bye 30 6 Rarley 27 5 Beans 28 4 Oats IB 6 Peas 30 2 lJUTY ON FOUEIGN CORN. 8. d. 8. d. Wheat 20 0 Kye 10 6 Rirley 9 0 1 Beans II 6' Oats 8 0 I Peas 10 6 CORN EXCHANGE—Monday. WHEAT..Essex .red 46s 54s White. 54s — fils Chittum. 60s 055 Kent .do 42s — 53s Ditto 50s — 59s Suffolk do 44s — 52s Ditto 50s 585 Norfolk, York, and Lincoln -s -s Ditto 445 51s Northumber- land, -8 —s n Y E ?0s -32s BARLEY. Grinding 27s — 29s Chevalier 32s — 34s Malting. 30s 32s Irish. 23s — '29s Scotch 26s -28s Distillers' 28s — 30s OATS York and Lin. colnshre, feed 18s — 29s Small I8i —• 23s Ditto.. Poland 191 — 23s Potato. 20s — 24s Nortlitiiberld and Scotch, feed. ]9s — 23s Mealing 20s — 25.. Ditto.. Poland 19s — 25s Potato 20s 26s Devonshire, &c., black 17s — 21s White 16!t 21s Welsh, ditto.. His -205 Ditto. 15s — 20s Irish fd, white 16s 19s Black 18S-.20S Irish Potato.. 19s 21s Limerick,&c., IS" -21s I Distilling.. 2ls, — 23s RR\NS ..Ticks, new.. 27s — 29s Mazagan,new 26s 2Bs Old 28s — 3Is 0 d .28s — 30s Harrow, new 29s — 31s Small, new 33s — 35s old 31s- 34s Old 37s — 39s PEAS .Grey. 28s — 30s Blue 353 — 50s Maple. 30s — 32s Suffolk. 31s — 3(js Ditto, Scotch —s -s White.30s — 32s 8MJTHFIELD MARKETS —Monday. A Statement and Comparison of the Supplies and Prices of Fat Stock, Exhibited and Sold in Sinithtield Cattle Market, on klonday, July 11, 1842, and Monday, .July 10, 1843. July 11, 1842. July 10, 1843. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d Coarse a d inferior lie, sts 3 4to 3 6.2 10 3 0 Second quality ditto. S 8 3 10.3 2 3 4 I'rinie iarge Oxen 40 42.36 310 l'riinc Scots, &c 4 6 4 8.4 0 4 ,2 Coarse and inferior Sheep 3 4 3 6.3 2 3 4 Second quatityditto. 38 3 10.3 6 3 8 Prime coarse woolled ditto 3 10 4 0.3 10 4 0 Prime Southdown ditto 42 4 6.4 042 Lambs. 46 5 6.3 10 4 10 Large coarse Calves. 3 8 4 0.3 2 3 10 Prirnesmallditto. 42 4 6.4 0 4 4 Large Hogs 310 4- 4.2 3 2 Nt-at small Porkers. 46 4 10.3 4 3 10 SUPPLIES. Beasts. 2,454 2.759 Sheep and Lambs 31,700 29,840 Calves. 216 HJ: — 361 NOTICES AND SALES. Glamorganshire Clergy Charity. THE SUBSCRIBERS are requested to MEET at the 1. BEAR INN, in CVBRIDUE, on TUESDAY, the 25th instant, to RECEIVE and coxsmER PETITIONS, and to make DISTRIBUTION of the BALANCE in hand. T||$cB:usinesp .will-commence at 12 o'-cthck. WILLIAM liRUCE KNIGHT, Ty'nycaeau, Margam, Treasurer. 3rd July, 1843. N. B. A Dinner will be provided by-Mr. BALLARD, as on all former occasions. TO BUILDERS. PERSONS desirous of CONTRACTING for the Erection of a STATION HOUSE for the Police at MEllTPIYli TYDVIL, in the County of GLAMORGAN, are requested to send in Sealed Tenders, addressed to the Clerk of the Peace, Cardiff, indorsed, "Tenders for Station House at Merthyr Tydvil," on or before the 19th day of JULY next. The SUPERINTENDENT of POLICE at Merthyr Tydvil will point out the Site of the proposed Building, and also produce a Plan and Specification of the oiks, 011 and after the 2(5tli day of June instant. Tenders are also required, all or before the said 19th day of July, for the Erection of a STATION HOUSE at NE Wli RIOGE, in the said County, to be indorsed, "Tender for Station-house at Newbridge." The Superintendent of Police at Newbridge will point out the Site of the proposed Building, and also produce a Plan and Specification of the works, on and after the 26th day of June instant. The names and residence of two responsible parties must be returned with each Tender, as sureties for the due per- formance of the works Ihe Justices do not pledge themselves to accept the lowest Tender. WOOD, Cardiff, June 22, 1843. Clerk of the Peace. Taff Yale Kail way Company. TO BE SOLD; SEVERAL SHARES in this Company. Apply (pre- paid) to 11. M. M., at Solicitor's Register-OJliee, 44, Ciu-ey-street, London. VALE OF GLAMORGAN. TO BE SOLD IIY AUCTION, By Mr. Vvr. MORRIS, AT THE PLOUGH AND HARROW INN, In the Village of Monknash, On MONDAY, the 21th JULY, 1843, At 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced, A MOST DESIRABLE DWELLING-HOUSE, in the Parish of WICK, fit for the reception of a GENTE EL FAMILY, together with a good GARDEN, anil 3 Closes of most excellent PASTURE LAND adjoining, containing about Eighteen Acres. The Premises, which are now in the occupation of Mr. PHILLIPS, the Proprietor, are delightfully situate in the salubrious Village of Wick, within a short distance of the Sea, of which it commands a fine and exten- sive view and about equi distant from the good Market Towns of Cowbridge and Bridgend. The House which is in good repair, contains on the Ground Floor, 2 large Parlours, and a Kitchen in front, a Back Kitchen, Wash- house, Dairy and. Cellar a good 3-Stall Stable, Coach- house, Cart-house, Cattle Shed, and other offices attached. —The Upstairs Apartments are 4 good sixed airy Bed-rooms in the front, and 2 ditto behind.—The Pasture Land will be found to be some of the best quality in the Yale. A view of the Premises may be obtained, and any further information given by applying^to Mr. Phillips, at Wick or the Auctioneer, at Cowbridge. ■« BRIDGEND, GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, At the Wyndham Arms Inn, Bridgend, On SATURDAY, the 29th day of JULY, 1843, Between the hours of Twelve at noon, and Two o'clock in the Afternoon, unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, (of winch due notice-will be given,) subject to such conditions as shall be then declared, rpHE REVERSION in fee expectant, 011 the decease of a JL Lady, now aged about Sixty-six years, of and in Wateilown Farm, Situate in the Parish of Coychurch, Glamorganshire, within Two Miles of Bridgend, consisting of capital Farm House, Garden, Orchard, Barn, Stable, Cow-bouse, Piggery, Waggon-house, Court, Rick-yard, and upwards of fifty-six acres of very excellent Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. The House contains good Parlour, Hall, Kitchen, Back- Kitchen, Dairy, Cellar, 5 Bed-Rooms, Granary, and Attic. The House and Buildings are in good repair, a large sum having been expended upon them about 7 ydars ago. The Farm adjoins the best Stream for Salmon and Trout in the County. The Premises are in the occupation of the Tenant for Life, and are worth to Let from fHO. to £ 100. per annum. For further particulars apply to Mr. Win. LLEWELLYN, Solicitor, Neath. GLAMORGANSHIRE. MESSRS. ADAM MURRAY AND SONS Beg to announce, that they are INSTRUCTED TO SELL BY AUCTION, At GARRAWAY'S COFFEE HOUSE, Change Alley, Cornhill, LONDON, on TUESDAY, the 18th JULY, 1843, at Twelve o'clock Noon, (unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given,) 11HE very eligible FREEHOLD FARM of PENLAN, lying in a ring-fence, and comprising a good FARM- HOUSE and Home-stead, and 194A. 3R. 20p. of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land. This Farm is situate within a short distance of the Seaport and Market Towns of Neath and Swansea, two of the best Market Towns in South Wales. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Frampton, Solicitor, Gray's Inn or Messrs. Adam Murray and Sons, Surveyors and Laull Agents, 47, Parliaifient-street, London. GLAMORGANSHIRE. Valuable Freehold Estate, Comprising a Gentlemanly 31ansioiiand suitable Offices, with about 650 Acres of productive Land, and Coal Royalties of is. and 2s. per TVey. TO [ID KM ou METOM, BY MESSRS. ADAM MURRAY & SONS, At GARRAWAY'S COFFEE HOUSE, Change Alley, LONDON, on TUESDAY, 18th of JULY, 1843, at Twelve o'clock at noon, (unless previously disposed of by private contract, of which due notice will be given,) THE GLANBRANE ESTATE, comprising a Mansion in excellent repair, and which contains an entrance Hall, a Drawing-room, and Dining-room, 21 by 17 feet each; Breakfast-room 151 by iqi Five Bed-rooms Three Servants'-rooms Offices of various descriptions Stabling for Eight Horses, Coach-house, &c., the whole is adapted for the accommodation of a genteel family. The Mansion is surrounded by a demesne of about 80 Acres of Meadow and Pasture Land, in a high state of cul- tivation. Immediately contiguous to the Mansion are about 80 Acres of Woodland and Plantations, affording excellent cover for game. Adjoining the Demesne, and in a ring-fence are about 500 Acres of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture Land, divided into well-proportioned Farms, with suitable Farm Buildings in good repair. The Timber to be taken at a valuation; but the Minerals are reserved. This Estate is conveniently-situated about Four Miles from the Market and Seaport Town of Neath, and Six Miles N' e, from the Borough Market and Seaport of Swansea; and presents a most eligible opportunity for investment, as it unites the comforts of a country residence, with other advan- tages, seldom to be met with. Also, to be SOLD, the separate ROYALTIES of Is. and 2s. per WEY on 23ih. 2R. 30r. of COAL GROUND. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Frampton, Solicitor, Gray's Inn and to Messrs. Adam Murray and Sons, Sur- veyors and Land Agents, 47, Parliament Street, London. NOTICES, &c. THE CARDIFF Advertiser and Merthyr tiuardian, AND MIIM BTOTTIM mmm, M' TilE OLD BANK, DUKE STREET, CA R D I F F: WHILST a continuance of the patronage and support of TV the Friends of this Constitutional JOURNAL is respectfully solicited by the Proprietor, he begs to call attention to the facilities which his Printing Office present* for executing, with elegance and precision, Boolt, Vlain, aittr Ortiamrtitat Vrfittfitg IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, WHERE ALSO MAY BE HAD JS.(gqstStWMIF IB(E)(S)!K&, MANUFACTUNED AND RULED TO ANY PATTERN; BOOKBINDING. IN MOROCCO, RUSSIA, Oil PLAIN; Stattoners of ebery Sirsmptton: LRTTKR, VOTE. FOOLSCAP, I) .MY. MEDIUM ROYAL SUP El! ROYAL WISHING PAPKRS; PENS OUILES EN V ELOPES, AN!) CARD BOARD i Pocket BIBLES, in Morocco Binding, 4s. 3d. to 5s. each. Small PRAYER BOOKS, ditto, 3s. 6d. each. POCKET AND MEMORANDUM BOOKS, HAIR, CLOTHES, TOOTH, NAIL, AND SHA. YLNG BRUSHES, WINDSOR SOAP, &c., &c. ALL AT MODKRATE CHARGKS. THE NEWEST AND MOST POPULAR WORKS OF THE I)A y NOVELS, MAGAZINES, PERIODICALS, &c., PROCURED AT TIIK SHORTEST NOTICE" SCHOOLS SUPPLIED ON I,IBEIZAI, TERAIS. JUST PUBLISIIFI) The Charges on Vessels at all the Ports, Sub-Ports, and Creeks, in Great Britain and Ireland. TO ADVERTISERS. THE extensive CIRCULATION of the" CARDIFF ADYERTlSElt, AND MERTHYR GUARDIAN," tiii-otigli the Counties of GLAMORGAN, MONMOUTH, and BRECON, coupled with a well-condensed Summary of General and Local intelligence, presents a very desirable medium to ADVERTISERS for giving full publicity to their views. o r j HEN R Y IV E B B E R, Agent to the Sun Fire and Life Assurance Office." ESTABLISHED SIX T Y YEARS. J. S C It W E P P E & Co.,s SODA WATER &, LEMONADE, Principal Manufactory, BERNER'S STREET, LONDON, Branch Mail ufactories, LOXDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL; FRIAI, GATE, DERBY, And for the supply of the Counties of Somerset, Wilts, North Devon, Gloucester, and the Principality of Wales, at 20, BRIDGE-STREET, BRISTOL. TF1HE constantly increasing demand for the above Waters, J_ have, as might, naturally be expected, produced a num- ber of Rivals and Competitors, some of whom, both in the Metropolis and in the provinces, attempt an ephemeral celebrity, by surreptitiously assuming the name of the above Firm, both 011 their bottles and labels. The Public are, therefore, respectfully cautioned to ascertain that NO OTHER names than those of J. SCHWEPPE & Co., are on the labels,-sitch alone are Genuine. These well-known Waters are constantly used by Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Prince Albert, at Windsor and Buckingham Palaces, (by virtue of a Special Royal appointment) as well as by the principal Nobility and Gentry of the United Kingdom, and universally recommended by the leading faculty. J. S. & Co. manufactures also aerated Potass and Magnesia Waters, as well as a LIQUID MAGNESIA, in Bottles at Is., 2s., and 4s. (hI. each. This latter preparation is highly approved of as an agreeable corrective of Acidity. J. S. & Co. are the largest Importers of Gerftian Seltzer Water in Quarts and Pints. imiTANNIA LIFE A S S IJ R A N CE COMPA N Y No 1. PRINCE'S ST RENT, BANK, LONDON. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Vict. cap. IX 1)1 ItfcCTOitS. William UARIL 11, Esq Robert EG.linton, Eoq Samuel I5nvinst<>„, Ksq Erasmus Itobt. Foster, Ego, Samuel I5nvinst<>„, Ksq Erasmus Itobt. Foster, Ego, Will, Fechney Black. Esq Alex. Robert Irvine, Es(l. John Hiightman Ksq I Peter Morrison Esq George Cohen, t:sq Henry LewIs Smale, Esq Millis Coventry, Esq Thomas Iced, Esq. John Druwett, Esq A I) 1) I TOIi S. J. B. Hevington, Esq.-F. p. flockcrill, Esq.— J. D. Dow, Esq, MEDICAI. OFFICKK. John Cletitlitiiiitlg, At. I) F.R S., 16. Wimpole St., Cavendish Sq. STANDING CotlNSKI.. The Ron. John Ashley, New Sqlldre, Lincoln's lun.-Mr.Serjeant Murphy, M !> Temple. SOLICITOR. William Bevau, Esq., Old Jewry. HAKERS- Di-ewf,tt and Fowler, l'rinctl Stret, Bank. This llIlititutioll is empowered by a .Special Act of Parliament, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policy-Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usunlly oifered by other Companies, The decided superiority of its plan, and its clallD to public prefeieuce and support, have been proved iucontestably by its extraordinary and unprecedented socceis. Asturnncei may either be e ffected by Parties all their own Livei, or by Parties inlet ested therein all the Lives of others The etiect of all Assuiance on person's own lite is to create at once a Property in Reversion, which can by no other means be realized. Take. for instance, the case. of a person at the age of Thirty, who by the payment of 5/. 3s. 4d. to the Britannia Life Assuiance Company, c;tn become at once possessed of a bequeathable property, amounting to 1000/ subject only to tilo condition of his continuing the same payment quarterly during the remainder of his life,- condition which may be fulfilled by the mere saving of LIGHT SHILLINGS weekly in his expenditure Thus, by the exertion of a very slight degree of economy-sllch indeed, as can scarcely be felt as an inconvenience, he may at once realize a capital of 1000/ which he can bequeath or dis- poteot ill any way he may think proper. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at Two o'clock PET E It !II 0 H.R I SO ¡- Elq., Resident Director. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to the mode of effecting Assurances, may be obtained upon appli- cation to tIl. foilowilig AGENTS— N I., %v i, o it'i ill r It. Jeiikins. TKKDKGAR Mr. George llavihy, Bolnk. CHEPSTOW Mr. J. L. Baldwyn, Solicitor MONMOUTH MR. T. George, Solicitor. Edinburgh Life Assurance Company ESTABLISHED 1823. Constituted by Act of Parliament. CAPITAL Half A MILLION STERLING. Edinburgh—24, George-street, and 11, King William-street, City, London. President—The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Melville. ice-President Alex. Pringle, Esq., 0f Whytbank, M.P. LONDON BOARD. The Right Hon. Lord lleay William A. Eade, Esq. I he Hon. Robert Dundas Johll mchanls011 Esc John Abel Smith, Esq., M.P. James Bonar Esq George Mackingtosh, Esq. Evan BaiUi Est,! II raneis Whitmarsh, Esq.Ci.C..Hugh Johnston, Esq. Henij Barkly, Esq Arthur J. Blackwood, Esq. II raneis Whitmarsh, Esq.Ci.C..Hugh Johnston, Esq. Henij Barkly, Esq Arthur J. Blackwood, Esq. Charles Stamforth, Esq., Resident Director. U, GLIOMAS Marshall, Secretary. Medical Officer-Robert Dickson, M.D., 5, Cur/.on-street, May Pair. B,tiikc-rs-AlessrR *Siiith, Payne, and Smiths. fT1„To Solicitor — David Rowland, Esq., Cornhill. { ( ompanj combines, in the most beneficial way for t ic Assuied, all the advantages of the different systems on which Life Olhces have generally been formed, with peifect securitj to the assured, freedom from all liability, and a right of paitinipating iu the whole profits of the Company to the extent of iour-tifths. Assurances effected on equal, or ascending or descending scales, or in any other way that the interests of parties may require, at very moderate rates. A Bonus was declared in 1842, averaging (on policies which have existed from the commencement of the Company) upwards of 50 per cent. on the premiums received thereon during the preceding seven years. J NOTICES, &c. T CAUTION. 1 JfLCIIOIX & CO., 158, New Bond-street, London, .-I /^efcftimers (by appointment) to Her Most Gracious Jfajesty, 4 Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, respectfully caution th Mobility and Gentry against base conllterfeits of their far-fam*. Esp)-it d-c Lavande, Vegetable Extracts, made by discharged servants of J. Delcroix and Co., who are equally incompetent to ascertain the danger of what they r-xtol as Delcroix's COlnetics." &c, as they are to discover what might be useful. These worthless imitations are, for the sake of ex- horbitant profit, foisted upon the public as genuine by I'urfumers and Hairdressers, having the appearance of respectibility, well knowing thein to be gros* impositions, possessing none of the highly appreciated qualities of the original. To prevent such fraudulent practices, the Nobility and Gentry of the United Kingd-im are invited to send their orders direct to Messrs. Delcroix & Co., 158,New Bond-street, who, to protect the far-famed celebrity of their Establishment, will forward them, free of carriage, and on the same terms as they supply the. Nobility in I'oun. With the view, also, of offering a further protection against the insidious and unpriiu ipled attacks of those individuals usurping the title, and endeavouring to undermine the ac- knowledged fame of DHt,C I! O IX A:) co.'s 0!!I<!1NAL ARTICUCS." they respectfully cant.on tlu ir Illustrious Fairons against being misled by l'Sacards, &c..announcing a "Iteniovil." w. which the unwary w uld believe was that of Delcroix and Co., but which is, in reality, the removal of J. Delcroix and Co.'s discharged servants. The improvements in the premises are now completed in a style of comfort and elegance hitherto unatternpted, and the Nobility and Gentry are inviicd to inspect an unequalled assortment of Fashionable f oreign and English Perfumery. Also, their long-established and fur-celebrated Delcroix's Esprit de Lavande Aux Millefleurs, So universally approved in every quarter of the habitable globe; the fact being established by numerous attempts of unprincipled contemporaries (who have totally failed) to imiiate the same. It is. however, necessary the public should be cautioned against imposition. -Price Ss. 6d, and 5s. fid. Delcroix's Vegetable Extract, Well knotm in the fashionable world as pre eminently successful for cleansing the hair, and givin¡.( it a most ddCdahle appearance and pleasing fragrance, and keeping it in curl during exercise or damp weather. — I'rice 3s. 0d., 5s., and 10s. Delcroix and Co.'s Royal Bouquets, Viz BOUQUET DE HEINE VICTORIA—BOUQCET DU PRINCE A Lit RUT. UOUQUEI' DES NOCKS lWY,\I.I:S,-BOUQUEI' !)K LA PRINCESS!: It 0 Y A 1. -BOUQUET ItOy ALE WILLIAM IV.,—BOUQUET DU IWI GKOIK; E IV. DELCROIX AND CO 'S new Perfume is the "PRINCE OF WALES'S BOUQUET," which is a combination of the fragrance of the most delicious flowsrs, in which the flavour of the moss rose beares a most conspicuous part. This perfume is colourless and will not soil the most delicate handkcichief. Price 3s. Gd. and 5s. per bottle. The Loners of Elegant Perfumes are solicited to call at 158, New Ronii-street, and try Delcroix and Co.'s Royal Bouquets on their handkerchiefs (for which purpose bottles are always open free), and to a handkerchief so perfumed, the combined fragrance of the choicest conservatory must yield precedence. Delcroix's Macassar Oil, Imported under the sanction of the fó Lords of the Treasury," for the use of her Most Giacious Majesty, and their Royal Highnesses the Princc of Wales, the I rinccss Royal, &c.. is a delightfully fragrant and transparent preparation for the Hair, and. as all invigorator and beautifier, is beyond all precedent. It fes £ ov^ the most bnjliaiit gjs'ss^j^o^ether wijh a strong tendency To curl; and is the only known specific "capable of effectually sustaining the Hair in decorative charm from the heat of crowded assemblies, or the effects of a damp atmos- phere.—The Original and Genuine DELO :()IX'S MACASSAR OIL. Is protected by two elegantly-executed, correct likenesses, in embossed medallions, of Her Majesty, and His Royal Highness Prince Albert, with the signature and address of the proprietors. It produces beautifully flowing curls, and by the transcendent lustre it imparts renders the Hair truly enchanting. To avoid the counterfeits generally sold by flikii-dressei-s, be sure to ask for" Delcroix's Macassar Oil," 15S, New Bond-street.—Price :3,. Gd. per bottle. Delcroix's ICalydor, A French Cosmetic, surpassing all others for preserving and beautifying the complexion, prepared for the use of lier Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, and Her Majesty the Queen Dowager, by especial command, and protected by letters patent, the label bearing the Royal Arms, elegantly embossed, sur- mounted by the Prince of Wales's i)ltime. Ceit essnntiel parfait" for the Lady's Toilet imparts a softness to the skin, and removes all cutaneous eruptions, giving to the complexion a clear and healthful appearance. DELCROIX'S KALYDOR Is an odoriferous creamy liquid — the only safe and efficacious preparation for dissipating lan. Freckles, Pimples, Spots, and other disfigurement* of the skin. The radiant blootn it imparts to the cheek, and the softness and delicacy it induces on the hands, arms, and iieek, render it indispensible to every toilet. Ask for Ielcrolz s Kalydor," 153, New Bond-street. Price 4s 6J. per bottle. Caution to ILadies and Families. The high repute, and, consequently, great demand for Delcroix and Co.'s unique Preparations, have, excited the cupidity of IMPOSTORS (destitute alike of honour and of taleni), Quacks, who, for the sake of" GAIN," impose (by a connivance with unprincipled vendors of pe funiery) their pernicious compounds upon the Public as the real" Delcroix's Kalydor" for the complexion, Delcroix's Macassar Oil for the Hair, &c., &c.; to frustrate such impositions, Delcroix and Co. have obtained Injunctions from the High Court of Chancery against several offenders, also a Chancery Protective Label, which in future will be affixed to every genuine article, with the signature of 11 J. DELCROIX, in lied Ink; at the top, a Ci-owit," and the address," 158. New Hond-street." in the centre, surrounded by the words" Protected by the Court of Chancery," and at the bottom, J. DELGlyOIX & CO. in Blue Ink. Purchasers will do well to return all articles not so guaranteed. The extreme difficulty in < xecuting this label, (which is on the principle adopted to prevent forgery in the departments of Gaverument,) precludes the possibility of imitation, and will effecmally protect The Nobility from Imposition and Fraud. Orders for India shipped on board free of expense. Treasures more precious than Gold. THAT excellant Ointmtnt, called the POOR MAN'S FRIEND, which is confidently recommended to th« Public as an unfailing Remedy for Wounds of every description, and a certain cure for Ulcers, if of twenty years' standing, Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Bruises, Chilblains, Scorbutic Eruptions, Pimples in the Face, Weak and Inflamed Eycs, Piles, and Fistula, Gan- grene, and is a Specific for those Eruptions that sometimes follow Vacciiiation.-Sol(i in pots at 13d. and 2s. 9J. each. Also his PILULiE ANTlSCROPHCIconfirmed by more than forty years' successful experience as an invaluable remedy for that (tirtressiiig complaint, callrd Scrophula, Glandular Swel- lings, particularly those of the Neck. &c. They present one of the best A Iterative* e.ver compounded for purifying the Blood, and auisting nature in all her operations. They form a mild and superior Family Aperient, that mav be taken at all times without confinement or change of (iiet.-Soiti in boxes at 13id and 2s.9J. By the late Dr. Roberts' ill, Niessrs Beach and Barnicott, (who have been confidently intrusted with the preparation of his .Medicines for many years past), are left joint proprietors of the Poor Man'* Friend," and '■ Pilule Antiscropliulae," &c., with the exclusive right, power, and authority to prepare and vend the same. "To Messrs. Beach and Barnicott, llridport, Successors and Executors of the late Dr. Roberts. C;entleiyieii,-Fol. ti,e i)enefit of others, I think it my duty to inform you of the good I have received by the use of the Ointment called the Poor Man's friend, lately prepared by Dr. Roberts, but now prepared by you, and of the particular service it has been to many other afflicted persons, together with the occasional use of the Pilulae Antiscrophulae. Respecting myself, when a boy I had the misfortune to hurt my leg repeatedly, an obstruction in the circulation, attended by violent inflammation and several large wounds, was the consequence. I was attended by several of the best medical men in the town and elsewhere, but all failed in effecting a cure after more than twenty years' inconvenience and suffering, I had recourse to the Poor Man'i Friend, and the occasional use of the l'dls; after a few tilnes applying the ointment I perceived an amendment, aiyl the use of two or thiee pots effected a cure. I have repeatedly since, by accident, injured the leg, but bv having recourse to the ointment it is soon made sound, I always keep it by me, and in cast of any inflammation in the leg or elsewhere, an application of the ointment removes it. I am, Gentlemen, yours, very respectfully, St. !\lban s, July 23, 1H35." "JOilV WING RAVE, Prepared only by the Proprietors, BEACH and BAKMCUTT, and sold wholesale, by them at their Dispensary, Bridport; by the London Houses and retail by all respectable Medicine Venders in the United Kingdom. Oi,,si.,itvi,, -No %Iedicille sold under the above names call be genuine tiniest 'Beach and Harnicott, late Or.Robtris, Bridport, is engiaved and printed on the stamp affixed to each package. GLAMORGANSHIRE. SCHEDULE of FINES, FORFEITURES, and PEN- ALTIES, paid or payable to the TREASURER of the COC Tl of GLAMORGAN, from Easter Quarter Ses- sions, to and including Trinity Quarter Sessions, 18-13. Sum pay- whom « 1 able but to be paid, or N ames. Sum paid, not ren^ Caerphilly. E .s. d. ;C. s. d. Gwenlliau Richards.. 0 1 0 EvanRees. 0 2 6 William Nloi:gaii 0 5 0 j MorganRees. 0 5 0 David Thomas 05 0 Isaac Watkins 0 2 (j "William Davies 010 0 John Lewis 0 10 0 John Stephen" j 0 5 0 William Stephens, 0 5 0 William Rees 0 2 6 William Jenkins 0 2 o Thomas Jenkins 050 Morgan Rees j 0 8 9 Absconded. Nlor- Thomas Jones 0 8 9 itieliard Richards. 0 2 6 Michael O'Neil 0 2 6 William Jones 0 0 6 John Evans 0]0 0 John Charles 010 0 Benjamin Williams 0 2 G Daniel Llewellyn. 0 2 6 .%Iary Gay 0 2 G Benjamin Williams 0 5 0 Committed. John Jones 0 5 0 Sarah Owens 0 1 0 Ann Morgan 0 0 8 Morgan Jones 0 1 0 William Mathews. 0 10 DavidLisle. 0 1 0 Samuel Williams 0 1 0 Thomas Lewis, 0 I 0 I Sarah Lewis 0 2 6 Thomas JOlles 0 2 0 James M'Kevengan 0 2 0 William Williams 1 To be paid 30th June. Thomas James 2 6 Committed. Thomas James. 0 2 (j Committed. Morgan Rees 1 0 0 Committed. Richard Williams. 0 10 0 Robert Roberts 010 0 John Harris 0 2 G David Thomas 0 5 0 Gwenny Edwards 0 10 Mary Evans 1 0 0 Elizabeth Smith 0 10 William Jones 1 2 0 John Jones 2 0 0 Hopkin William 050 I ThomasThomas. 0 2 6 Cardiff. Joseph Evans 0 2 6 David Thomas 0 5 0 William George 1 0 0 Committed. Thomas Lemiard 4 10 0 Daniel Williams 010 James Weaver 0 10 0 Time allowed CuwlJl Ùlge. John Th"niaw 4- 1-4) .r ''7 MaryJenkin 0 10 Borough of Cowbridge. Thomas Thomas 0 0 G David Thomas 0 0 G William Ilowell-i 0 0 6 Dyiiaspotcis. Evan John 0 3 4 Iticii,-ii,,l IVrixoii f 0 0 10 Edward John 0 3 4 Thomas Ellis 0 19 Edward Meazy 0 5 0 Kibbor. "W illiam Williani3. 0 10 G David Edwards 1 11 0 Lhmgar clack. John Jenkins 0 10 0 Richard Davies 010 0 Mi skin. John Lewis 100 Thomas Joliii 10 0 Richard Davies 0 I 0 Evan Williams 0 1 0 John Williams 0 10 John Lewis 050 Neath. Thomas "Williams. ISO William Rees 0 0 Rees David. 0 10 0 Richard Lewis 010 G Netccastleand Ogtnore. Jenkin Jenkin 014 6 IVilliaii-i Wiiistoiie 09 6 William Llewellyn 0 S 3 Hannah Lewis. 010 0 Committed. Jeiiliet Donovan 0 10 0 Ditto. John llees 10 0 Ditto 0 5 0 Richard Bowen 0 0 (> Swansea. Elizabeth Webb 0 0 6 MaryThomas. 0 0 G Ann Peake 0 5 0 John Abraham 00 6 Margaret Michael 0 0 G ? Thomas Webb 0 1 3 William Griffiths 0 0 4 William David 0 5 0 Committed. William Gordon 1 0 0 Ditto. David Jeremy 0 4 6 Hannah Williams 0 0 6 Robert Sparkes 096 DaYidWechis 0 2 0 Evan Francis 006 Griffith Williams. 0 10 6 David Davies 0 0 6 John Webb 1 00 William Mullan Oil 6 John Grant 0 4 3 Borough of Sicansea. Owen Morgan. 0 10 0 Thomas Perry 2 0 0 Committed. Edward Ilellen 0 1 0 Margaret Jones 0 1 0 Committed. Anne Edwards 1 0 1 0 Ditto. William Edwards. 0 1 0 Ditto. Edward Hughes 0 1 0 Ditto Anne Kift 2 0 0 Patrick Purcell 0 0 1 William Abraham 0 5 0 Ebenezer Morris 0 2 6 Thomas Smith 0 1 6 £ 33 15 10 ¡£33 15 10 -1- T 1 E. P. RICHARDS, TREASURER. Cardiff, 10th July, 1843. C.\T IIEDRAL CIIURCHHS IN WALES. Sir J. Graham, on Tuesday night, moved for leave to bring in a bill to regulate the cathedral churches of AVales.-I,eave was given. Sin R, PEEL AND 11 IS IENANTS. On Saturday week the right hon. baronet's half-yearly audit was held at Tam- worth, when £ 10 per cent, was returned to the whole of the tenantry. This substantial mark of consideration on the part of their landlord gave uniform satisfaction. SINGULAR ROBBERY OF NOTES.-Ir. Beeman, one of the firm of the eald of Kent Bank, left London in the latter part of last week, taking with him three parcels which were handed to him by one of the clerks, which contained notes to the value of upwards of £ 000. Mr. Beeman brought the parcels home, and delivered them to the clerk at Cranbrook, who, on opening them, instead of notes to the amount stated, found only slips of brown paper. Immediate proceedings took place in London, and the numbers of the notes were published in the Times, and, strange to say, a loud knock being heard at the door of one of the bankers, Mr. Wilms- hurst, on the servant opening the door a parcel was dis- covered, which dropped from the knocker (no person being in sight). The parcel was taken to Mr. Wilmshurst, and on opening it £ 800. worth of the stolen notes were discovered. The greater part of the remainder of the property stolen has been in a similar way returned, and the bank now only loses £ 5. It is quite believed the thief will be discovered. Maidstone Journal.


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