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Trial of Prisoners.



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VISIT OF THE QUEEN TO WALMER CASTLE We had the gt atification a few weeks since to announce that our beloved Sovereign again contemplated to honour the county of Kent, by renewing her residence, during the present summer, at W aimer Castle. The present intention, we hear, is. that the Queen, with her Royal Consort and the infant Prince of W ales and the Princesses, will take up their abode at Walmer Castle, for the purpose of enjoying frequent short sea excursions along the coast in the Royal Victoria and Albert yacht, which splendid vessel will be moored off the Castle during the time of Her Majesty's sojoum.-Kentigh Gazitte. THE LOG Y AC.UION.-It is known to the initiated that there is a long vacation" in law proceedings, from the 10th of August to the 24th of October, and that pleas are often pleaded at great expense to plaintiffs, for the purpose, as it is termed in the profession of throwing an action ever the long vacation," gaining about two months' time. There is, however, a bill in the Housj of Commons (Supe- rior Courts Common Law Bill), in which it is proposed to annihilate the long vacation," as far as legal proceedings are concerned, in actions for sums not exceeding £20. By the 21st section it is provided that proceeding's shall be con- tinued between the 10th of August and the 24th of Octo- ber. There is no long vacation in the Palace Court, where there is generally an accession of business when actions in the superior courts are stayed. There are three Queens and two Kings now in London. The Queen of England, the Queen Dowager, and the Queen of the Belgians the Kiug of Hanover, and the King of the Belgians. INCOME TAX.—Doubts have arisen whether landlords making deductions of a per centage to their tenants, from their rents can be allowed to deduct in proportion to such allowance from their property tax, but it is now understood that such deduction cannot be allowed from the ra!e. USEFUL DUCK.—Mr. Meyrick, farmer, of the parish of Yarkhill, has in his possession a duck which, from the 8th of January to the 15th of May last, laid 126 eggs, having missed laying one day only, for which it made up by deposi- ting two the next. She has since hatched fourteen young ones. PEN-SIO.NS.-By the death of the Earl of Cathcart and of Sir Charles Bagot, two diplomatic pensions have fallen in to the Government, amounting together to the sum of £ 3,486 but by the accession of Lords Beauvale and Ponaonby pensions of a similar nature, amounting together to £2,568, have accrued, so that a saving of E918 only will take place in the diplomatic list, which contains 43 members. The total amount of payments being £43,138 12s. 4d. for the year ending January 5th, 1843, for retired pensions and £ 140,408 for ambassadors in active service, for the same period being in the whole the sum^of £ 183,138 lis. 4d. for this branch of the public service, PorvvAiios.—A Parliamentary paper just published, states that according to the census of 1841 the population of England, Wales, and Scotland, was 18,531,853—of whom 9,012,972 were males, 9,513,985 females, and 4,896 travelling by railways and canals. The population for Ireland by the same cencus was 8,175,238. The following is an abstract of the number of persons in Ireland 'ascertained by the Com- missioners of Public Instruction to belong to each religious denomination in the year 1834 :-Iembers of the Established Church, 852,064; Roman Catholics, 6,427,712; Paesbv- terians, 642,356; other Pratc-stant Dissenters, 21,808—Total of abstract, 7,943,940, FAVEHSHAM,—There are now living in his own freehold in this place, a retired publican and his wife, whose united ages amount to 178 years. They have been married <53 years last Thursday, and keep no servant to wait upon them. — "Maidstone Journml. XOYEL WAGER.-Some evenings ago a wager of a some- what novel and laughable character came off at Mr. B-'s, the highly respected landlord of the White Hart, Turner- street, London Hospital, between two east end gentlemen. A bet was offered that one gentleman would sip a pint of ale with a small tea-spoon in less time than his friend would eat an ordinary captain's biscuit, the latter gentleman boast- ing of matchless molares of his own. The biscuit was backed at great odds to win in a canter. As the performances pro- gressed, however, it was obvious that the masticator could not afford to allow his jaws a moment's hoJyday, whilst his ale-bibbing antagonist, smiling and looking up at intervals with provoking tantalization, invited him every now and then to a tea-spoonful of wet. The result was, that the whole of the liquid was disposed of when a considerable portion of the solid remained undemolished. John Webb, who was at the last gaol delivery holden for the county of Hereford, on the 28th day of March last, in- dicted for murder and found by the jury insane, was removed on her Majesty's warrant to the Whitciiurch Asylum, on the 15th instant.

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