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Glamorganshire Midsummer Quarter…

Trial of Prisoners.



NEWPORT. THE BURGESS PROPERTY. -The grass upon the marshes, of which there is this season an abundant crop, has been dis, posed of by auction at a profitable rate and we understand the second crop has been purchased by Mr. George Masters, to be cut after the 1st of August who hopes in the mean- time, by assiduously applying himself to the matter, to get up the Newport races, under the patronage of the Colonel and officers of the 73rd regiment. The dues paid by the trustees of the Newpcrt district for the road attached to the marshes, and the rental paid by the owner of the mill for the use of the Burgesses' invaluable inillpond, together with the produce of the hay above alluded to, will, on division, amount to about 14s. to each recipient of the burgess iiio iiies. -I,)ziizottilish ire Beacon. MASONRY. — On Wednesday last, between twenty and thirty of the brethren of the Silurian" lodge of free and accepted masons, met at the Westgate Inn, and dined together in celebration of St. John's day. The viands were in the host's best style, and the brethren passed a verv pleasant evening together, having agreeable cause to congra- tulate themselves on the increased extension of masonry in the town and neighbourhood of Newport. We hear, that in August next, the lodge will be consecrated, when Sir John Guest will attend as Provincial Grand Master for South Wales. ST. PArL's CHURCH.—We understand the Rev. Henrv Wyburn, of Beverston Rectory, Tetbury, has been appointed to the incumbency of St. Paul's Church, in this town, vacant by the death of the Rev. Jas. Francis. The rev. gentleman preached here on Sunday week for the first time. FATAL ACCIDENT.—Some short time back, we recorded the death of the master of the Matilda," of Southampton, at this port (Newport), occasioned by a piece of coal falling upon him while the vessel was being loaded. On Saturday evening last, this vessel being again in our port, was likely to receive some damage from contact with another coming in;- and one of the hands of the Matilda" went out on the bowsprit to ward off the vessel, when he slipped his hold, fell in, and was drowned. The body, we understand, was picked up at Caerleon, on Thursday. NEWPORT POLICE-Thursday, June 29th. [Before the Mayor and W m. Brewer, Esq.] Tf m. Reese was committed to take his trial at the next assizes, on the charge of stealing iron, the property of Mr. Powell. 11. James Campbell made complaint against Mrs. Lance, who was too modest to make her appearance, of having assaulted him. The complainant, although a soldier and corporal of the 73rd regiment, would rather run than fight a woman and, therefore, after Mrs. Lance, in the absence of a lance, had done her best with a pair of tongs, he quitted the house and sought the protection of the police. The assailant was said to be at the time of the onset, rather f, 'toxicated," and used language which the gallant corporal would not soil his tongue with repeating. The magistrates postponed the case for the production of other witnesses. -0- MONMOUTH UNION.—At a meeting of the Board of Guar- dians on 1-rid ay week Mr. J. Woollett was appointed surgeon for the Monmouth division, and that gentleman has also undertaken to discharge the duties of the Skenfrith division, until another is chosen. Mr. George Watkins, of Wyebridge-lane, entered into a contract to supply the Union with bread, for the next six months, at five-pence the four-pound loaf. Jones's GRAMMAR SCHOOL.—On Tuesdayweek, the half- yearly meeting was held at the Grammar School, Monmouth. The Rev. Thos. Williams, Edward Machen, Esq., Rev. J. L. Dightpn and D, Jones, examined the boys on the founda- tion, and prize-books were given to the following :—C. Garnsey, first prize C. Parsons, second C. Parry, third J. Coates, fourth W. Cossens, fifth; H. Williams, sixth W. Yeates, seventh; George Bushel, eighth, for drawing; K W eare, ninth, for writing and cyphering. Nineteen boys were afterwards admitted into the school. FESTIVITY AT SIR BENJAMIN AND LADY HALL'S, PORT MAN-SQUARE. On Saturday last his Royal Highness the Prince of Wir- tinburg and his Serene Highness Prince Reuss de Lobenstein honoured Sir Benjamin and Lady Hall with their company to dinner, at their residence in Portman Square, attended by his Excellency the Baron de llugel, the Baron de Maucler, Count Zeppelin, and the Baron de Beust. There wh ere present to meet their Royal Highnesses the Russian Minister and the Baroness Brunow, the Belgian Minister and Madame Van de Weyer, the Prussian Minister and Madame Bunsen, the YiCOUlt Mandeville, Lady Elizabeth and Miss Fielding, Viscount Seaham, Viscount 'Templeton, and the Hon. Lady Murray. In the evening her Ladyship had some ancient W elsh melodies performed under the able superintendence of Mr. Parry, jun., who presided at the pianoforte. Among other. airs the Druidical chaunt of "Hob y deri danno." with the Welsh words, and the war song of Owen Glei}dw-r, sung by Lieut. Ernest Bunsen, were particularly admired. Besides the amature perform- ance, the Misses Williams of Cardiganshire, sang several of their native melodies with the Welsh words with great taste, and were much applauded, as well as Miss Rainforth, who sang two or three ancient Cambrian airs in a most efl'ective manner. The Welsh harper (Mr. Jones, from Llanover) was in attendance, and performed some very fine pieces on the triple harp durind dinner, also accompanying the Welsh amateur singers during the evening. Mr. Parry, by particular desiie, gave some of his most celebrated comic songs. The whole concluded with the ancient melodv of "Ar hyd y nos," sung by seven voices accompanied by harp and piano, with two verses in Welsh and two in Eng- lish, commencing "Hail to our Queen," "Hail to our Prince." The air, by a rapid transition, concluded in "God save the Queen the whole entertainment was very unique and, with the exception of Mr, Parry's comic songs, con- sisted entirely of original Welsh music. There was a small select party in the evening, among whom were the Brazilian Minister and Madame de Lisboa, the Greek Minister, the Netherlands Minister, Marquis and Marchioness of Plla- vicini, Baron Kiel, Count de Schen Meffensdorff, Earl and Countess of Fortescue, Earl of Devon, Lord and Lady Jas. Stewart, Mr. and Miss Stuart, Lord and Lady Delame.te, Hon. Mist Cholmondeley, Yiscount Loftus, Viscount and Viscountess Gage, Lady King, Lady Maria West, Lady C. and Mr. Sandf^d, Loid and Lady Cuttenham, and Hon. Miss Pepys, Baron and Lady Parke, Hon. Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard, Lady Shelley, Miss Greviile, Mr. Hanburv, Lord and Miss Bateman, Earl of Ilchcster, Lady C. Strang- ways, Mr. and Lady Harriet Mostyn, discount Clements, discount Ebrington, Viscount and Viscountess Courtenav, Lady Blantyre, Hon. Miss Stuart, Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Rashleigh, Sir Robt. and Lady Gardiner, Sir Wm. and Lady de Bathe, Mr. and Mrs Gaily Knight, Hon. Mrs. Dawson Damer, Mr. and Lady L. D. Bromley. Mr. Har- court, Hon. E. Lascelles, Miss W. W. Wvnn," Hon. Mrs. Cunliffe Offley and Miss Crewe, Hon, Mr. and Mrs. Locke King, Sir C. Salisbury, Sir J. Y. Buller, Sir A. Woodford, Bishop of Norwich, Colanels North and Stanhope, Lieut. E. Bunsen, Rev. H. Bunsen, Dr. Dunsford, &c.


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