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NOTICES, &c. TH CARDIFF AND BRISTOL ? STEAM PACKETS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, LADY CHAITLQTTE HENRY JEFFERY Commander, ARE INTENDED TO 8Alt During the Month of APRIL. (From the Bute Ship Dock.) FROM CARDIFF. 2* Monday Prince of Wales 12f afternoon 25 Tuesday .Lady Charlotte 1» afternoon 26.. Wednesday.. Prince of Wales 2^ a^crnoon 27..Thursday ..Lady Charlotte 2* afternoon 28..Friday Prince of Wales 3a afternoon 29. Saturday. Lady Charlotte 5 morning FROM BRISTOL. 22..Saturday.Prince of Wales 1° morning 24 .Monday Lady Charlotte 1 afternoon 25..Tuesday Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 26.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte 3 afternoon 27.. Thursday Prince of Wales 3 ? afternoon 28..Friday Lady Charlotte 5 morning 29.. Saturday. Prince of Wales H morning Carriages and Horse* must be along side an hour and a ha previous to the time of Sailing, otherwUe they cannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New • FAKES — After Cabin. 6s.-Fore Cabin. 3s. 6d. Children under 12 Year, of Age. Is. each., A Female Steward attends on Board both I ackets. Refreshments may be had on Board .onraode'ate term Four Wheel Carriage, 21s. ditto Pheaton orG.plO, 6d Two Wheel, drawn by. One Horse and I river 19s, Hoirs a Rider, After Cabin, I0». Horse and Rider, Fore Cabin, an 8s. 6d.; Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. 6d. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and Wharfages, at « Bute Docks. • Net accountable for any Goods without Shipping i otes Freirliters are requested to order all Goods intended for the PIUNCØ OF WALES, to be sent to No. 12, Quay Street. or to Kobert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks. and for the LADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, "'Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. n r/„ Merthur, Newbridge, Aberdare, Cambridge. Bridgend Llan- griisent, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these 1 laces in Sprin* Waggons and Lock up Canal Boats immediately on arrival. unless ordered by any particular ronvcysnce. in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freight to be paid on delivery. GOOAS, Packaees, Parcels, &c.. forwarded to all parts of the Ku'gdom wi*lio?u delay, when sent to either of their Steam l'arltft Offices in Cardiff or Bristol.. Furtlter information as to Freight, will be readily b* autlv'ne to the Agents, Mr. Woodman, Agent, at the 1 acket oXe on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to MV,^N6F OT WALRS* No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the I'lUNCE OF WAM.b. Pwket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, onthc: Wharf. Cardiff: or to Mr. W. B. Owen, 29. Avon Credent, llotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHAHLOlfK Packct. NOCnCK.—The I roprietors of the above Steam 1 ackets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's LiiltKaae, nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, or l'arcel* (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) utiles* Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol. if above the value of 40s., uuless entered at its value, and Carnage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of Booking -Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot he allowed unless a wrilieu notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery* I Beaupre Estate. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that no Persons are allowed to Fish, Hunt, or Shoot over this Estate without permission in Writing. I Beaupre, April 11th, 1843. WATER CURE ESTABLISHMENT. SYDNEY GARDENS, BATH. THESE extensive Pleasure Grounds and Mansion, situate at the foot of the Claverton Hills, fitted up in an elegant manner, with DOUCHES, &c., for the cure of Chronic t Diseases ARE NOW OPEN for the reception iof Invalids. The Sydney-gardens establishment combines the advantages of an abundant supply of pure cold water and salubrity of climate, with every recreation and comfort. Consulting Physician—C. H. WILKINSON, M. Pulteney-street. Resident Physician—A. E. MASTALIER, M.D., &c. Dr. Mastalier visited Grafenberg in 1835, and has prac- tised the Water Cure in Germany, on-Priessnitz s principles, for 7 years. For Cards of Terms, &c., apply by letter, addressed to *• The Secretary of the Establishment." LONDON MARKETS. GEN Ell AL AVERAGE PIUCES OF CO-N, per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. GKNKRAL AVERAGE. a. d. s. d. Wheat 45 5 Kye 3 Barlev 28 «t Beans 26 2 Oats 17 2 Peas 26 II DUTY ON FOREIGN CORN. s. d. *• d. Wheat 20 0 Rye 6 B*rley«. 9 0 Deans 6 Oats 8 0 Peas 11 fi CORN KXCHANQK—ifoncfay • WHEAT..Rssex.Kent,and Suffolk red 40s — 51s Ditto ••••••••••••••••white 51s — 54s Norfolk and Lincoln red 40s — 48s I Ditt white 44s — 5ls Northumberland and Scotch .••red —s s Ditto white —s — —s RYE .Old.34s — 37s New 34s — 37s Brank — s —s BARLEY. Grinding.20s — 22». Distilling 21s — 26, 1M Malting. 26s 2Bs MALT.Brown 52s 54s Pale 54s — 58s Ware. 5Ps 5j,s BEANS ..Ticks, old and new 2lis 29, Harrow.. 29s s Pigeon. 33s — 36s PEAS W.Grey 30s 32s Maple. 30s — 32s White 308 83s OATS .Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.. Feed iOs — Us Poland.. 19s 2Ss Scotch, new. Angus 19s 2:Js Potato ..19s 238 Irish, white 9s 17s Ditto, black 14s — 16s 8M ITUFIELD MARKETS-Monday. A Statement ard Comparison of the Supplies and Prices of Fat Stock. Exhibited and Sold in Smithfield Cattle Market, on Monday. April. 18, 1842,and Monday, April. 17, 1843. April. 18, 1842. April. 17. 1843. s. d. ». d. s. d. s. d Coarse and inferior Beasts. 3 2 to 3 4.2 8 2 10 Second quality ditto. 3 6 3 0 3 4 Prime large Oxen 3 10 4 2.3 6 3 8 Prime Scots, fcc. 4r 4 4 6.3 10 4 0 Coarse and inferior Sheep. 3 2 3 4.2 10 3 4 Second quality ditto 3 6 3 10.3 2 3 4 Prime coarse woolled ditto ♦ 0 4 4.3 6 3 8 Prime Southdown ditto 4 8 4 10.3 10 4 2 Lambs. 5 10 6 10.5 4i 6 4 Large coarse Calves. 4 6 5 2.4 0 4 6 Prime small ditto 5 4 5 6.4 8 5 0 Large Hoes 4 0 4 6.3 4 3 10 Neat# all Porkers 4 8 5 0.4 0 4 6 | SUPPLIES. Beasts 3.1 II 2.729 Sheep and Lambs. 27,410 28,580 Calves 76 68 Pigg 416 333 THE NATIONAL BANK OF IRELAND, the head office of ^yhich is situated in this country, while the business is ear- r,ed on in Ireland, have appealed against the income-tax, awd the result has been a decision that those subscribers °nly who reside in England will be liable to the tax for the ^moutit of their shares, and that the institution as such will be untaxed. A THOROUGH TEE-TOTALLER. — The Leipsic Gazette states, from Munich, that there is now living at Priend a 23 years of age, in perfect health, although her lrnent for the last eleven years has been only water. The Account adds that she is, with her own consent, to be ex- *roiaed by a medical commission appointed for the purpose. SALES. William Jones' Bankruptey. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS WATKINS, At the CARDIFF ARMS INN, CARDIFF, on TUESDAY, the 25th day of APRIL, 1843, At Two o'clock in the Afternoon, (Subject to such conditions of sale as shall then be produced,) THE FOLLOWING Valuable Property and Effects, THE HULL of a New SCHOONER of „Ninety 75-94 Tons, O.M.; built of British Oak, will stand A. 1. for 11 Years, at Lloyd's, and ready to Launch, being now on the Stocks at the Ship-yard, at Cardiff. Eight Canal Boats, lately in use on the Glamorganshire Canal. Four Shares in the Taff Vale Railway, on which £ 100 per Share has been paid up, besides 1:18 capitalised for Interest. Ten Shares in the Rhymney Iron Company, on which JESOperSbareispaidup. One Share in the Cardiff Steam Tug Superb," on which JE51. 12s. 6d. has been paid. The beneficial Estate and Interest of the Bankrupt in that excellent and well-accustomed Corn and Grist Mill, called Ely Mill," situate at Ely, in the Parish of Llandaff, together with Five Closes of rich Meadow Land held therewith, containing about 12 Acres. This valuable property is held under Two Leases from the Earl of Plymouth, for the term of Sixty years, com- mencing in 1830, at the low Yearly Rent of EIOO. A considerable sum has been laid out by the Bankrupt on this part of the property. The whole will be allotted at the time of Sale to suit the convenience of purchasers. Credit will be given for part of the purchase money of the Stock, on approved Security. For further particulars, apply to the Assignee, at Cardiff; to Mr. Hutton, the Official Assignee, Bristol to Messrs. Savery, Clark, and Co., Solicitors, Bristol; or to Messrs. Prothero and Towgood, Solicitors, Newport. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. THOMAS WATKINS, AT THE CARDIFF ARMS INN, IN CARDIFF, On WEDNE-IDA Y, the 3rd day of MAY, 1843, At 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, By Order of the Assignees of Mr. WILLIAM JONES, a Bankrupt, (Subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall then be produced)- A LL that Pretty and Commodious VILLA RESIDENCE fl. situate near CARDIFF, on the Newport Road, now let to Mr. WEBBER, on a Seven Years' Lease, at the low yearly rent of 1:60. The HOUSE is approached by a neatly planted lawn, has a good Walled Garden, Stabling and Coach-house attached, and every convenience suitable for a family of respectability. The Property is held under Lease from the Marquess of Bute, for a term of 99 Years, of which only about 15 are yet expired, at a ground rent of EIO. The land tax is redeemed. For permission to view the Premises, apply to Mr. Webber and for further particulars, apply to the Assignee, at Cardiff; Mr. Hutton, Official Assignee, Bristol; Messrs. Savery, Clark, and Co., Solicitors, Bristol; or, to Messrs. Prothero and Towgood, Solicitors, Newport. GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. EVAN LEYSHON, At the Ang-el Xnn, in the Town of Cardiff, On MONDAY, 29th day of MAY, 1843, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon precisely (subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then produced)- LOT 1. A FREEHOLD BUILDING, situate in ST. MARY STREET, in the Town of CARDIFF, now let to the County of Glamorgan, and occupied as an Armory, at the net Annual Rent of JE31 10s. Two undivided third parts of this Lot are Freehold, the remaining one third is held for the Life of Mr. John Wood, now aged about 65 years. LOT 2.—The LIFE ESTATE of Mr. JOHN WOOD, in TWO FREEHOLD. MESSUAGES, or Dwelling-Houses and Shop, nearly adjoining Lot 1, now in the occupation of Mr. John Williams, at the Yearly Rent of JE27 Gs. LOT 3.-TWO SHARES, of £100 each, in the ABER- DARE and CANAL NAVIGATION. LOT 4.—THREE other SHARES in the said Aberdarc Canal Navigation. LOT 5.—A DEED POLL for £100, secured on the Tolls of Rumney Bridge, between the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth. LOT 6.—One undivided Fourth Part of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT, called BEDW, situate in the parish of Llan- trissent, in the County of Glamorgan, containing 107 Acres, more or less. This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under it, and a Tramroad, used by Mr. Coffin, passes over it. LOT 7.—One undivided Fourth Part of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT, called PENYLAN, in the Parish of Lango- noyd, in the County of Glamorgan, containing 92 Acres, more or less. This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under it, and the Duffryn Llynvi Tramroad runs over it. LOT 8.—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called the HEATH FARM, situate in the Parish of Lanishen and Llandaff, in the County of Glamorgan, con- taining about 114 Acres, more or less. This, and Lot 9, are now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Daniel, as Tenant at Will, at the low Yearly Rent of X60. LOT 9.—A FREEHOLD PIECE OF LAND, called CEFN COED, in the Parish of Lanishen, and adjoining to, and now held with Lot 8, qpntaining 35 Acres, more or less. There is a fine growth of Timber on this Lot, which is to be taken at a Valuation down to One Shilling per Stick. LOT 10.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises, situate in DUKE-STREET, in CARDIFF aforesaid, now in the occupation of Miss Todd, and Mr. Charles Vacbell. The Dwelling-house and Shop is held by Lease for 42 Years, from the 2nd of August, 1821, at the Yearly Rent of JE55. The Premises at the back, consisting of a Malt-house and Court, are held with Lot 11, by Mr. Charles Vachell, for 21 years, from the 1st of September 1832, the apportioned rent of such premises payable to the purchaser of this Lot will be E5. LOT 11.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises, adjoining Lot 10, now in the occupation of Mr. Charles Vachell. These Premises, with a Malt-house and Court at the back of Lot 10, are held by lease for 21 Years, from the 1st of September, 1832, at the Yearly Rent of 1:35, of which Rent, E30 will be apportioned to this Lot, as the other part of the Premises comprised in such Lease are at the back of Lot 10, and properly belonging thereto. LOT 12.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, situate in ANGEL-STREET, in CARDIFF aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Harris, Seedsman, as Tenant at Will, at the Yearly Rent of;C35. LOT 13.—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, called the OLD BANK, in DUKE-STREET, in CARDIFF aforsaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Webber, as Tenant at Will, at the Yearly Rent of £ 50. LOT 14.—A COTTAGE and TWO CROFTS, Copy- hold, called TYR DOWNTON, in the Village of Rumney, in the County of Monmouth, containing about 2A. On. 25r. LOT 15.-The LIFE ESTATE of Mr. JOHN WOOD, in one undivided Third Part of a Farm, called CWM FARM, in the Parish of Langorse, in the County of Brecon, now in the occupation of Mr. John Higley, as Tenant at Will. L6T 16.-All those THREE FREEHOLD FIELDS, called COED-Y-PERTHI, in the Parish of Langorse, in the County of Brecon, containing 4A. 2R. llr., more or less, in the occupation of the said John Higley, as Tenant at Will. These Fields are now held with the Cwm Farm, and the apportioned Rent will be JE2 10s. Messrs. Maybery and Williams, Solicitors, Brecon, will give information as to Lots 15 and 16 and for further par- J ticulars, apply to Hr. Thomas I)altoul Attorney, Cardiff. NOTICES, SALES, &c. P I LLOW E NLLY, In the Borough of Newport, and County of Monmouth. ONE OF THE MOST DESmABLE LEASEHOLD PREMISES, EVE-R OFFERED rOB. SALE BUT AUCTION. Mr. S. H. LONG, Begs leave most respectfully to inform Capitalists and Inn- keepers that he will submit to competition, on MONDAY, APRIL 24th, 1843, at the TREDEGAR ARMS INN, in the Town of NEWPORT, punctually at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, (unless Disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), subject to such Conditions as will be then produced THE Well-accustomed and Established NAVIGATION- HOUSE, at present a Beer Shop, (but the Auctioneer would most respectfully suggest that a Spirit License may speedily be obtained) situate at Pillgwenlly, held under a Lease from the Tredegar Wharf Company, 54 years of which are unexpired, at a moderate Ground Itent. Comprising on the first floor an excellent Brew-house, 22ft. by 11 Kitchen, I Ift. by 10; Cellar, 16ft. by 8 and a Pantry. The second floor comprises a Tap-room, 22ft. by 11; Parlour, lift. by 11; Bar, lift, by 8; and a China Pantry. The third floor or suit of Bedrooms are four in number, one 15ft. by 9, and three lift, by 8. The Frontage of the House are 31ft. but the extent of Frontage of the said Leasehold Premises are 91ft. and is capable of erecting several Dwelling-house or Shops. The Auctioneer begs leave, without arrogation, to assert, that the above Property is, without exception, according to its Locality, dimensions, capability of improvements, its contiguity to the Canal and Tram Roads which leads to the splendid, unrivalled, and magnificent Floating Dock, as well as the centre of the several Shipping Departments of all the great Mercantile Interests, Shipping Yards, &c., of this Emporium of South Wales, and is decidedly one of the most desirable properties ever offered to a discerning public. For a view of the premises, or for further particulars, apply, if by letter, post-paid, to the Auctioneer, 26, Cross House, Stow Terrace, Newport, Monmouthshire. ESTABLISHED SIXTY YEARS. J. SCHWEPPE & Co/s SODA WATER & LEMONADE, Principal Manufactory, BERNER'S STREET, LONDON, Branch Manufactories, LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL FRIAR GATE, DERBY, And for the supply of the Counties of Somerset, Wilts, North Devon, Gloucester, and the Principality of Wales, at 20, BRIDGE-STREET, BRISTOL. THE constantly increasing demand for the above Waters, have, as might naturally be expected, produced a num- ber of Rivals and Competitors, some of whom, both in the Metropolis and in the provinces, attempt an ephemeral celebrity, by surreptitiously assuming the name of the above Firm, both on their bottles and labels. The Public are, therefore, respectfully cautioned to ascertain that NO OTHER names than those of J. SCHWEPPE & Co., are on the labels,-such alone are Genuine. These well-known Waters are constantly used by Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Prince Albert, at Windsor and Buckingham Palaces, (by virtue of a Special Royal appointment) as well as by the principal Nobility and Gentry of the United Kingdom, and universally recommended by the leading faculty. J. S. & Co. manufactures also aerated Potass and Magnesia Waters, as well as a LIQUID MAGNESIA, in Bottles at Is., 2s., and 4s. 6d. each. This latter preparation is highly approved of as an agreeable corrective of Acidity. J. S. & Co. are the largest Importers of German Seltzer Water in Quarts and Pints. ¡r J 'L. '# Z < I! Price Is. I id per box. THIS excellenta Family PILL is a Medicine of long- tried efficacy for correcting all disorders of the Stomach and Bowcls, the common symptoms of which are Costivcnrss. Flatulency. Spasms. Loss of Appetite, Sick Head-ache, Gid- diness. sense of tulness after Meals, Dizziness of the Ryes. Drowsiness and Tains in the Stomach and Bowels. Indigestion producing a Torpid State of the Liver, and a consequent in- activity of the Uoweli, causing a disorganization of every function of the Frame, will, in this most excellent preparation by a little perseverance, be eff< rtually removed. Two or three doses will convince the amlcted of its salutary effects. ThcStomach will speedily regain its strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys, will rapidly take place; and, instead, of listlcssness, beat, pain, and jaundiced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, will be the quick result of taking this medicine according to the directions accompanying each box and if taken after too free an indulgence at table, they quickly restore the system to its natural state of repose. Persons of a FULI. HABIT, who are subject to llead-ache, Giddiness, Drowsiness, and Singing in the Ears, arising from too great a flow of blood to the head, should never be without them, as many dangerous symptoms will be entirely carried off by their immediate use. FOR FEMALES these I*ills are most truly excellent, remov- ing all obstructions j the distressing llead-ache so very prevalent with the sex Depression of Spirits, Dulness of Sight, Nervous Affections, Biotches, l'imples, and Sallowness of the Skin, and give a healthy and juvenile bloom to the complexion. As a pleasant, safe, easy Aperient, they unite the recom. mendation of a mild operation with the most successful effect, and require no restraint of diet or confinement during their use. And for ELDIiKLY IIEOPLE they will be found to be the most comfortable medicine hitherto prepared. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY No.1. PRINCE'S STllEET, BANK. LONDON. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Viet. cap. IX DIRECTORS. William nardgett, Esq RobertEglinton, Esq. Samuel Bevington, Esq Erasmus llobt. Foster, Esq, Wm. Fechncy Black, Esq Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. John Brightman, Esq I Peter Morriaon, Rsq. George Cohen, Esq Henry Lewis Sniale, Esq Millis Coventry. Esq Thomas Teed. E, sq. John Drewett, Esq AUDITORS. J. B. Bevington, Esq ._F. P. Cockerill, Esq.—J. D. Dow, Esq. MEDICAL OFFICER. John Clendinning, M.D., F.R S., 16, Wimpole St., Cavendish Sq. STANDING COU NS F.I,. The Hon. John Ashley. New Square, Lincoln's Inn.— Mr.Serjeant Murphy, M.P., Temple. SOLICITOR. William Bevan. Esq., Old Jewry. IIANKERS- Mcssrs. Drewett and Fowler, Princes Street, Bank. This Institution is empowered by a Special Act of Parliament, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policy-Holders, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually offered by other Companies. The decided superiority of its plan, and its claim to public preference and support, have been proved incontestahly, by its extraordinary and unprecedented success. Assurances may either be effected by Parties on their own Lives, or by Parties interested tlterein on the Lives of others The effect of an Assiuance on a person's own life is to create at once a Property in eversion, which can by no other means be realized. Take. for instance* the casc of a person at the age of Thirty, who by the payment of 51. 3s. 4d. to the Britannia Life Assurance Company, can become at once possessed of a bequeathable property, amounting to 10001., subject only to the condition of his continuing the same payment quarterly durine the remainder of his i e, a condition which may he fulfilled by the there saving of EIGHT SHILLINGS weekly in his expenditure 1 bus, by the exertion of a very slight degree of economy—such indeed, as can scarcely be felt as an inconvenience, he may at once realize a capital of ]0(XW., which he can bequeath or dis- pose of in any way he may think j,roper. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at Two o'clock. pgTElt MORRISON, Esq., Resident Director. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to the mode of effecting Assurances, may be obtained upon appli- cation to the following 1 r vr AGENTS- NEWPORT MR R. Jenkins. IREDKGAR Mr. George llarrby. Bank. Cili'.PSTow .A. ir. J. L. Bldwyn, Solicitor I MONMOUTH MR. T. George, Sulicitor.



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