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NEWPORT MECHANICS' INSTITUTE. A lecture was delivered in the Town-hall, by permission of the mayor, on Wednesday eAening last, to a large audience, on Hebrew Poetry," by the Rev. Thos. Parry, in which the rev. gentleman commented upon poetry in general, and its various kinds, with especial reference to the Hebrew muse-Limits and history of Hebrew poetry, with characteristics of the various poets-Traces of metre-Ab- ruptness of Transition—Sources of imagery—The double sense-Importance of attention to eastern habits of thoughts, &c. The lecturer evinced considerable learning, and proved himself to have made deep researches in the subject of his lecture, at the close of which an unanimous vote of thanks was presented to him. The second annual general meeting, for receiving the report of the above Institute, was held at their new rooms in the Town-hall, on Tuesday evening last. The meeting was not so largely attended by the members as that of last year, from which a superficial observer might infer, that the cause of the mechanics is retrograding; but the fact that a goodly number of the staunch supporters and workipg-men of the Institute were present, induces a belief, that those who have mainly contributed in carrying it on so far will not desert their posts for the future. The report was read, and received with acclamation ;—no wonder, containing, as it did (notwithstanding some references to present liabilities) the most cheering grounds for calculating on future pros- perity and success. Several resolutions were passed on the occasion of thanks to various donors of money, boofis, &c. and also one containing a pledge on the part of the members present to use every effort for upholding the Institute in its present state of prosperity and efficiency. The meeting for the change of officers and committees takes place on the 20th instant. NEWPORT UNION.—From a return recently issued by the clerk of this union, Mr. W. D. Evans, we find the guardians for the ensuing years are as follows: Bed was, Thomas Price—Bettws, John Hodgkinson—-Bishton, Benjapiin Samuel--Caerleon, Geor$Ce Daniel-Christchurch, James Milner Coedkernew, William Watkins-Dutfryn, J. D. Collins-- Goldcliff, William Baker-Graig, William Edmunds -Heullys, John Samuel--Kemys Inferior, Edmund Jones —Llandavenny, Edward Williams—Llangattock, Sir D. Mack worth, bart—Llangstone, Rev. T. Williams -Llanhen- nock, Rev. W. Powell-Llanmartin, Morgan Williams- Llanvaches, James Long—Llanvedw, Thomas Powell- Llantarnam, Rev. D. Davies-Llanwern, John Morgan- Machen Upper, Rev Howell Williams—Machen Lower, Henry John Davis-Magor, J. Leonard-Malpas, John S. Allfrey-Marshfield, Henry Collins—Michaelstone-y-vedw, George Blind—Mynyddyslwyn, John Llewellyn, Thomas Hopkins-Nash, Charles Hale-Newport, Lewis Edwards, George Gething—Penhow, Thomas Williams-Peterstone, T. J. Phillips-Red wick, Edward Walters—Rhydgwern, Joseph Russell-Risca, Thomas Cross-Rogerstone, John Brown, jun--S-,tiiit Brides, Rev. Morgan Powell--Saint Woollos, Mr. T. Smith, Rev. D. R. Stephen—Tredunnock, James Williams—Wilcrick, Thomas Williams --Witson, William Morgan. THE MONMOUTHSHIRE COLLIERS AGAIN.—We are sorry to hear that some of the new hands in the Flower Colliery, not far from Coed Penmaen, have been savagely abused by a party of the old hands who had formerly struck. This is but a bad return for the great lenity with which the late dis- turbers of the public peace were universally treated, and a poor encouragement for the future to discharge such offenders on their own recognizance." FATAL ACCIDENT.-On Thursday morning last, about 8 o'clock, Captain Burridge, of the Matilda," of Southamp- ton, loading coals at Russell's wharf, went down into the hold for the purpose of seeing the coals properly stowed. On returning to the deck he caught hold of the shoot, (used for conveying coals into the vessel), which not being securely fastened above gave way, and struck his head violently against the opposite side of the hatchway. He was conveyed on shore i:1 a dreadful state, and under the skilful treatment of Mr. Jones, surgeon, some hopes were entertained of his recovery, but lock-jaw supervened, and he died on Thursday. He has left a wife and family. Mr. Jones did not attend the deceased until late in the evening, but had he been sent for earlier in the day there were hopes that he would have suc- ceeded in bringing him round. Within the last week there have been landed at Drogheda, three hundred and fifty tons of the permanent rails for the Dublin and Drogheda Railway. They were shipped at Newport, having been manufactured by the Cwm-Celyn and Blaina Company, and are of superior quality and work- manship. ELECTION OF STREET COMMISSIONERS. On Wednesday last, pursuant to notice, a numerously attended meeting of rate-payers and others interested was held at the Town Hall, Newport, for the election of Com- missioners, under the Street Improvement Act, in the room of those who were deceased or disqualified. The mayor presided, and opened the business of the day by briefly adverting to the object of the meeting. The town clerk stated the law relating to the Election of Commissioners, and read counsel's opinion, which had been taken, and from which we could hear the opinion was that a show of hands was sufficient to decide the election-a clause from the act was also read. The town clerk called over the names of the parties deceased, and of persons otherwise disqualified, which amounted to 18. The town clerk further intimated that the meeting pre- liminary to proceeding to the election must decide that the offices were void. At this period of the meeting the unanimity which ap- peared to accompany its proceedings was disturbed by the exhibition of strong party feeling, and the proceedings became rather stormy. Mr. Cartwright intimated that he should oppose the mode of election, and would insist upon a poll. This an- nouncement created much confusion. The mayor, notwithstanding, said, he should proceed to the election, and recommended that the voters in the old borough should go on one side of the room, and those who were not voters at the back, so as to cause no confusion. Mr. Thomas Howard, was then proposed as a commis- sioner, and duly seconded; Mr. Dowling, was also proposed and seconded. Considerable confusion here took place in the attempt of several speakers to address the chairman together. The mayor said he knew of no party he came here to do strictly that which was right, (great confusion and many speakers) he should goj straight forward he could not listen and reply to all, but would propose that those who voted for Mr. Howard should go to the right of the room, and those for Mr. Dowling to the left. He then added, with much warmth, I will take the show of hands for Mr. Howard, I am in the chair, and am determined to be chairman. On a shew of hands there appeared For Mr. Howard 59 For Mr. Dowling 24 Majority in favour of Mr. Howard 35 Mr. Thomas Morris, Mr. T. B. Batchelor, and Mr. A. Crossfield, were then duly proposed and elected without opposition. Mr. Edward Thomas, Mr. M. Morrison, and Mr. Fraser, were put in nomination, when on a shew of hands there appeared. For Mr. Thomas 51 For Mr. Morrison 33 For Mr. Fraser 38 Mr. Thomas was declared duly elected. On Mr. Wm. Penny being proposed, Mr. Batchelor said, that Mr. Morrison had several times handsomely given way, and that the least compliment for such conces- sion would be to allow that gentleman to be again put in nomination. This proposition was acceded to, and Mr. Morrison, was declared duly elected. Mr. Thomas Turner and Mr. J. J. Nicholas, were then proposed, when, on a show of hands, there appeared- For Mr. Turner. 61 For Mr. Nicholas 27 Mr. Wm. Evans, was then put in nomination and elected without opposition. Mr. James Hewitt and S. Towgood, Esq., were then proposed and seconded, when Mr. Hewitt, was elected by a majority of 18,—the numbers being 52 to 34. Mr. Daniel Tombs, jun., and Mr. Cartwright, were then put in nomination. On a shew of hands there appeared For Mr. Tombs 53 For Mr. Cartwright 07 Majority for Mr. Tombs. 26 Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Samuel Jones were then pro- posed, when the former withdrew. Mr. Jones and Mr. T. R. Williams, became competitors, when Mr. Jones, was elected by a majority of 35, the numbers being 59 to 24. The following were successively put in nomination Mr. J. Brewer and Mr. Ed. Morgan Mr. J. Brewer, 53, Mr. Morgan, 26.—Mr. Edward Morgan and Mr. Henry John Davis; Mr. Morgan, 58, Mr. Davis, 24—Mr. E. E. Beckingham and Mr. Jas. Davies Mr. Davies, 51, Mr. Beckingham, 26.—Mr. Henry Williams and Mr. Penny Mr. Penny, 52, Mr. Williams, 25.—Mr. John, senr., 34, and Mr. J. W. Jones, 37.—Mr. Hellicar, 30, Mr. John John, sen., 54.—Mr. Wm. Davies, 61, Mr. John Clements, 20. This terminated the business of the day. Mr. Cartwright again pressed upon the mayor the pro- priety of taking a poll. The mayor said he thought they had done with it, and de- clined naming any time. The thanks of the meeting were then unanimously ac- corded to the mayor, for his dignified and impartial conduct in the chair. That gentleman returned thanks, and assured the meeting that in thus securing the approval of so respect- able a body he only acted with strict impartiality. The meeting then separated. Mr. Cornelius Evans was teller on the occasion.


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