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NOTICES, &c. Griffith Phillip, CHEMIST AND DRUGGIST, CARDIFF, BEGS leave to inform his Friends and the Publick that he has REMOVED his SHOP to more Commodious- Premises in DUKE-STREET, {next door to the New Post Office,) where he respectfully solicits a continuance of their commands. April 12th,U843. COURTS LEET. GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the COURTS LEET of our Sovereign Lady the QUEEN, and General COURTS BARON of the Most Honourable JOHN CRICHTON STUART, Marquess of Bute, and Earl of Dumfries, Barcm Cardiff, of Cardiff Castle, Lord of the several Manors hereinafter named, will be holden at the several Places, and on the several following days; that is to say:— For the Manor of Glynronthy, at the Dwelling-house of David Naunton, Innkeeper, at Pandy, on Monday, the 24th day of April inst&nt, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manors of Lequeth, Landough, Cogan, Cosmeston, and Walterstone, at the Dwelling-house of Nicholas Rimbron, situate at Lequeth, on Tuesday, the 25th day of April instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manors of Lystalybont, Roath Dogfield, Roath Tewkesbury, Spittle, White Fridrs, and Kibbor, at the Dwelling-house of Amy Thomas, Innkeeper, situate in the parish of Saint John the Baptist, in the Town of Cardiff, on Wednesday, the 26th day of April instant, at One o'clock in the Afternoon. For the Manors of Lanmaes, Bedford, and Malefant, at the Dwelling-house of William Williams, Innkeeper, situate at Lanmaes, on Thursday, the 27th day of April instant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. For the Manors of Boverton, Lantwit, and Lanwit Rawley, at the Dwelling-house of William John, inn-keeper, I situate at Lantwit Major, on Thursday, the 27th day of April instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manor of Ruthin, at the Dwelling-house of Martha Howell, Innkeeper, at Lanharran, on Friday, the 28th day of April instant, at Ten o'clock in the Forenoon. For the Manor of Miskin, Cum Membris, Pentirch, and Clunn, at the Town-hall, Lantrissent, on Friday, the 28th day of April instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manor of Lanblethian, at the Dwelling-house of James Ballard, Innkeeper, situate at Cowbridge, on Wed- nesday, the 3rd day of May next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. For the Manors of Senghenith Supra et Subtus, Cum Membris Whitchurch, Rudry et Lanfedw, at the Dwelling- house of Evan Evans, Gentleman, at Caerphilly, on Thursday, the 4th day of May next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. When and where all Persons who owe Suit and Service to the said several Courts, are required to attend and to pay their respective Quit and Chief Rents, Fines, and other Rents due to the Lord of the said Manors. EDWARD PRIEST RICHARDS, Cardiff, April 10th, 1843. Steward. STIVENS' OKIVALLEDTfimMiaeER WINE, A Luxurious and Cooliraj Beverage in Cold Spring Water. THIS delicious and wholesome beverage, so highly re- commended by the Faculty as a valuable Specific in cases of Flatulency, Spasms, &c., and patronized by the Nobility and Gentry, is composed of Jamaica Green Ginger, Raisins of the Sun, Citrons, and Seville Oranges one of the most useful and pleasant Cordials extant. It has long been deservedly popular throughout the kingdom and though the price is a trifle higher than what is commonly sold for Ginger Wine," the superior richness of the in- gredients renders it impossible to charge a lower price. CAUTION.-The extensive demand for STIVENS' GINGER WINE has induced some dealers in sweets to imitate the labels, and, in many instances, to re-fill the empty bottles with the labels on. To check such deception, the present bottles are labelled in blue letter, and each envelope over the cork stamped STIVENS, BRISTOL." To imitate this is forgery. Agents are appointed in all principal towns. Messrs. J. and J. BETTS, GROCERS, CARDIFF. Charles Bassett, N ewbridge.. Edward Gilbert, Dowlais.. George Baker, Newport..Edward Cook, Neath..Benjamin Davis, Aberavon.. W. Leyshon, Bridgend.. Joseph Pugh, Tredegar.. Mn. Thomas, Brynmawr..William Crump, Usk ..J. Sanders, Abergavenny.. James Maskell, Brecon.. Jos. Owen, Hay H. Newman, Gloucester.. Thomas Giller, Cheltenham .Thomas Yarnold, Cheap stow .Editors of Times and Journal, Hereford.. Thomas Stephens, Merthyr ..Samuel Davis and Co., Aberdare. Thomas Lewis, Cowbridge..Francis M'Keirnin, Llanelly.. Thomas Jones, Carmarthen.. Richard Chase, Carmarthen.. G. Franklyn, Laugharne. Messrs. Griffith and Nicholas, Narbeth. Charles Clark, Tenby..J. Ormand, Pembroke..Abel Hicks, Haverfordwest. ,N. Owen, Pater..C. Thomas, Cardigan. H. Humphries, Aberystwith..James Evans, Lampeter. John W illiams, Landilo.. William Christopher, Crickhowell Powell and Prin, Builth..Messrs. Jull and Co., Chel- tenham. J t d. ;"J 1' Contract for Alder Wood. NOTICE IS HEREBY GI'V EN to all Persons desirous of Contracting to Supply 211 CORDS OF ALDER WOOD; That proposals, in Writing, addressed to the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, Sealed up and Marked on the Outside, Tender for Alder Wood," will be received at the Ordnance Office, Pall Mall, on or before FRIDAY, the 21st APRIL; but none will be received after Eleven o'clock on that day. Persons who make Tenders are desired not to use any Form but that which is issued by the Board of Ordnance, and which may be had on application to the Secretary to the Board of Ordnance, Pall Mall, London. I n By order of the Board, Ordnance Office, ) R. BYHAM, Secretary. 7th April, 1813. 3 I NOTICES, &c. THE COMMITTEE of the RURAL DEANS of the DIOCESE of LLANDAFF, appointed to carry into effect the proposal of Presenting the Reverend WILLIAM BRUCE KNIGHT with some lasting token of gratitude and esteem, invite the Subscribers to attend a MEETING to be held at the CARDIFF ARMS INN, at CARDIFF, at 12 o'clock ofi THURSDAY the 27th instant, to make final arrangements as to the nature of the Testimonial, and the time and manner of its Presentation. HUGH WILLIAMS, }H Secretaries. THOMAS EDMONDES,) Hon' becreUr April 12th, 1843. Cardiff Schools for the Education of the Poor. A SPECIAL .GENERAL MEETING of the SUB- SCRIBERS to the above Schools, will be holden in the Committee-room, on TUESDAY, the 18th day of APRIL instant, at One o'clock in the Afternoon, for the purpose of taking into consideration the expediency of in- creasing the accommodation for receiving Poor Children, and for general purposes. By order of the Committee, ?:Sros'}~ Cardiff, April 12th, 1843. lieauprc Estate. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE that no Persons are allowed to Fish, Hunt, or Shoot over this Estate without permission in Writing. Beaupre, April 11th, 1843. ALL PERSONS having CLAIMS or DEMANDS on the ESTATE of the late Mr. THOMAS ANDREW, of DYNAS POWIS, are requested to send in the same by the 1st of MAY next, addressed to "Estate of Thomas Andrew," care of Mr. G. ECKLEY, Dynas Powis, near Cardiff; and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are hereby required to pay the amount of their respective Debts forthwith, to the said Mr. G. ECKLEY, at Dyuas Powis aforesaid. To Medical Practitioners. A GENTLEMAN, who has recently been admitted a Member of the College of Surgeons, is desirous ef ASSISTING a Surgeon in extensive country practice, where he would meet with gentlemanly treatment. No salary required. Address to A. B., Mr. Pritchard's, Chemist, King-street, Westminster. Bedford-Hotel, Covent-Garden. ROBERT WARNER, (for many years past the managing Partner of the TAVISTOCK-HOTEL,) begs to inform his Friends and the Public, that he has Taken the BEDFORD HOTEL, which it is his intention to conduct on the same plan as the Tavistock, and hopes to meet with that Patronage and Support which it will be his constant endeavour to merit. London, April, 1843. NOTICE. lash-House.—Sale of Furniture, &c. 7 W. MORRIS BEGS to acquaint his Friends and the Public generally, that the BOOKS ADVERTISED for SALE in the GUARDIAN of last week, are NOT TO BE SOLD and as the Sale is so extensive, to inform them, that on WEDNESDAY, the 19th of APRIL, 1843, will be Sold, the whole of the Kitchen Requisites, Pewter, Copper, and Culinary Articles, Dairy and Brewing Utensils, together with those Articles in the Stable and Out-houses. THURSDAY, the Second day, the Dining and Drawing- room Furniture, the Bedsteads, Drawers, and other Furni- ture of the Bed-rooms. Third day, the China, Glass, Plated Articles, and other contents of Butler's Pantry, Linen Beds and Bedding. Fourth day, Sundry Varieties. WATER CURE ESTABLISHMENT. SYDNEY GARDENS, BATH. THESE extensive Pleasure Grounds and Mansion, situate at the foot of the Claverton Hills, fitted up in an elegant manner, with DOUCHES, &c., for the cure of Chronic Diseases ARE NOW OPEN for the reception of Invalids. The Sydney-gardens establishment combines the advantages of an abundant supply of pure cold water and salubrity of climate, with every recreation and comfort. Consulting Physician-C. H. WILKINSON, M.D., Pulteney-street. Resident Physician-A. E. MASTALIER, M.D., M.F.V., &c. Dr. Mastalier visited Grafenberg in 1835, and has prac- tised the Water Cure in Germany, on Priessnitz's principles, for 7 years. For Cards of Terms, &c., apply by letter, addressed to The Secretary of the Establishment." BRIDGEND. FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE, MALTHOUSE AND LANDS, FOR SALE. TO II SOLD OT MMM, By Mr, EVANS, At the BEAB. INN at aItIDGEXD, On SATURDAY, the 13th day of MAY, 1843, At Four o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to certain conditions LOT 1. ALL that DWELLING-HOUSE, MALTHOUSE and STABLE, adjoining each other, situate near the Eastern Turnpike Gate, at Bridgend, and now occupied by Mr. WILLIAM THOMAS, Maltster. LOT 2.-All that DWELLING-HOUSE, COACH- HOUSE. STABLE, and a Piece of PLEASURE GROUND adjoining, the first Lot, and now occupied by T. G. SMITH, Esq. LOT 3.—A CLOSE of LAND, containing 4 Acres, situate at Watertown, in the Parish of Coychurch, and called WAUN JOYCE. LOT 4.—TWO CLOSES of LAND, containing 11-1 Acres, or thereabouts, situate between Bridgend and Waun Skeel, and on the North of and adjoining the Turnpike Road leading towards Coychurch, and called GWAUN SHAG. LOT 5.—TWO CLOSES of LAND, containing 61 Acres, situate near Lot 4, and called CAIA DORLAN. I Further particulars may be had by applying at the Office of Mr. LBWIS, Solicitor, Bridgend. GLAMORGANSHIIIE. DR. Abstract of Accounts of EDWARD PRIEST RICHARDS, Gentleman, Treasurer, from CR. 25th March, 1842, to 25th March, 1843. s. d. 9. s. d. £ s. d. County Rates—Easter, 1842 1348 12 6 Balance—Due on last account 844 1 9| Trinity 1685 15 7± Bridges—Building and repairs. 1091 3 6 Michaelmas 1685 15 7| Clerk of Peace's bill 342 1 6 Epiphany, 1843.. 1685 15 7| Coroners' Bill 493 10 10 6405 19 4* Corpses-Burial of found on sea shore 10 10 0 Finea- Caerphilly Upper 20 15 3 Felons—Conveyance to gaol, house of correc- Ditto Lower. 6 10 3 • tion, and depots. 338 5 7 Cardiff 24 0 0 • Prosecution of 45 at the assixes. 856 13 9 Cowbridge 8 6 0 Ditto 120 at the quarter sessions 1420 I 1 Borough of Cowbridge 13 2 6 Fees—Marshal and crier at the assizes 9 16 0 Dynaspowis 13 5 4 Magistrates clerks for schedule of fines 13 16 0 Kibbor 7 7 6 lu Lunatics—Maintenance of pauper 30 7 0 Langavelach 4 6 0 Militia-Rent and repairs of depots. 33 10 9 Miskin Upper 4 4 0 Printing—Stationery and advertising. 79 14 3 Ditto Lower 0 10 0 Police-Allowance to treasurer keeping Neath. 43 11 6 accounts. 40 0 0 Newcastle & Ogmore.. 51 5 4 Extra expenses in Merthyr police district.. 6 1 0 Swansea. 19 4 8 Clerks' fees swearing into office 0 16 0 Borough of Swansea.. 7 13 6 Poor—Conveyance of Irish 56 10 6 ———————— 224 1 101 Prisons-County gaol maintenance and dis- Ely Bridge-One year's composition in lieu bursements of 1063 1 7 of repairs. 5 0 0 House of correction the like. 553 12 8 Felons Overpaid in prosecution of 2 17 0 32nd & 33rd payments to Exchequer Bill Paymaster of Civil Services -Half the expense Loan Office, in further account of of criminal prosecutions for the £13,000 borrowed by the county for year, ending 30th June, 1842, building— and the whole expense of con- f. s. d. veying criminals to the depots Principal. 650 0 0 for cor.victs 1454 0 2 Interest 124 6 3 Balance—Due to the treasurer 1039 4 7 774 6 3 Prisoners—Allowance to those confined in the iia mi jaw Queen's Bench, Marshalsea, and Fleet Prisons 6 0 0 Salaries—Clerk of Peace 145 0 0 Gaol governor and turnkeys 454 11 0 Surgeon 40 0 0 Chaplain 40 0 0 House of correction, master and turnkeys 203 16 0 Surgeon 30 0 0 Chaplain. 40 0 0 Surveyorofbridges. 30 0 0 Treasurer 60 0 0 Sundries-Allowance to late master of house of correction 20 0 0 Treasurer on payment to Exchequer Office 2 18 0J Postages and stamps 0 17 11 i:9131 3 0 X9131 3 0 Cowbridge, 4th April, 1843. The accounts of Mr. EDWARD PRIRST RICHARDS, the Treasurer, ) v '•i! have this day been examined and allowed, and the vouchers delivered •" up to the Clerk of the Peace—the balance of t 1039 4s. 7d., due I > from the county to Mr. Richards, is hereby directed to be carried to his next account. JOHN NICHOLL, CHAIRMAN. GEORGE TYLER. J. BRUCE PRYCE. THQS, TOT. BOOKER. < NOTICES, &c. WANTED, A YOUNG MAN, who understands the GROCERY BUSINESS, and can speak the Welsh Language. Apply, personally, to J. F. Burrow, Cardiff. GUANO ON SALE, as imported, in any quantity, direct from the Bonded Stores, either in London or Liverpool. ALSO, NITRATE OF SODA. Apply to H. ROUNTHWAITE and Co., Merchants, 6, Cable-Street, Liverpool. > William Jones's Timber, Deal, and Slate Yard, Cardiff. BATCHELOR BROTHERS, HAYING Purchased from the Assigness of Mr. WILLIAM JONES the entire STOCK-IN-TRADE, &o., at CARDIFF, consisting of- Quebec Oak Timber, I Memel Timber, Ditto Elm ditto, Ditto Deals, Ditto Red Pine ditto, Ditto Boards, Ditto Yellow Pine ditto, I English Elm Ditto Pine Deals, Ditto Oak Ceiling and Tiling Laths, Slates, Crests, Hair, &c. Will in future carry on the Business 011 the same Premises. April 10, 1843. PICKERING V. BISHOP OF ELT. VICÈ CHANCKLLOR'S COURT.-In this case, which was heard before his Honour on the 20th of March and other days, it was decided that whatever the legal right of the plaintiff might be as Receiver General of the see of Ely, this Court ought not to grant the prayer of the bill, which was in effect substantially one for specific performance. Whatever these legal rights might be, his Honour thought that, under the circumstances, there was not that mutuality between the parties which, according to the universally un- derstood rules of a court of equity, there ought to be to justify it in pronouncing a decree for specific performance. Not giving any opinion, nor even intimating one, upon the legal right of the Receiver-General under his patent'of 1801, his Honour felt it right to dismiss the bill without costs, and without prejudice to any action that might be brought by or against any party in relation to the subject matter of the suit. THE PUBLICATION OF TIIE REVENUE RETURN has given very great satisfaction in the city, as indicatory of a state of- national prosperity. The whole effect of the reduction of the duties has been already felt, and is represented in the return; while the property-tax is still in collection, and the amount is not yet made up for the financial year. In the city no more has been paid than the half-year's tax, and consequently all the large amounts due from the wealthy merchants, bankers, and traders, will have to be doubled before the real produce of the year just expired can be exhi- bited. In some of the suburbs the plan has been adopted of collecting the whole year's tax at once and the collection not having as yet terminated, there are several persons who as yet have not paid a shilling to the revenue. So large a r sum has already been obtained, not the slightest doubt is felt that the estimate of Sir Robert Peel ( £ 3,771,000) will be exceeded to an enormous extent when the whole amount for the year is collected. The Decay of the Teeth and Gums arises from various causes but, principally, it may be attributed to early neglect, ill health, and the use of Tooth Powders containing mineral and other deleterious acids, which give a momentary white- ness to the teeth, while they corrode the enamel!—-The extreme prevalance of this last cause is too well known to need comment. To this fact, indeed, is principally to be attributed the long Botanical Research, which was happily terminated by the most felicitous discovery ever given to the world for the PRESERVATION of the TEETH, GUMS, and BREATH, viz:-ROWLAND'S ODONTO, or PEARL DENTIFRICE this Powder now occupies a distinguished place at the Toilets of the Sovereigns and the Nobility throughout Europe, while the general demand for it at once announces the favour in which it is held by the public at large. Sinzenick, the young man charged with shooting at a clergyman, in London, has been sent by the Lord Mayor to the Compter for a fortnight, in compliance with the wishes of his friends, to prevent his remaining so long in Newgate. He will then be fully committed for trial.



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