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THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, A D Y CHARLOTTE HENRY JEFFERY Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL |V\ During the Month of AP11IL. (From the Bute Ship Dock-J FROM CARDIFF. 15.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte 5 morning 17.. Monday. Prinea of W ale* 6 morning 18..Tuesday.Lady Charlotte 6t morning 19..Wednesday..Prince of Wales 7l morning 20.. Thursdav Lady Charlotte. 8 morning 21.. Friday Prince of Wales 85 morning 22..Saturday ..Lady Charlotte 10 morning 24..Monday .Prince of Wales 12 afternoon 25 Tuesday Lady Charlotte Ii afternoon 26.. Wednesday Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 27 Thursday Lady Charlotte 2^ afternoon 28 Friday Prim:* of Wales 3 afternoon 29.. Saturday. Lady Charlotte. 5 morning FROM BRISTOL. 15, Saturday. Prince of Wales 5. morning 17.. Monday Lady Charlotte 7 morning 18..Tuesday Prince of Wales 7\ morning 19.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte. 8 morning 20.. Thursday.. Prince of Wales 9 morning 21..Friday Lady Charlotte. 9 morning 22..Saturday.Prince of Wales 10 morning 24 .Monday Lady Charlotte I afternoon 25 Tuesday Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 2B..Wednesday..Lady Charlotte. 3 afternoon 27.. Thursday Prinee of Wales 3 afternoon 28..Friday Lady Charlotte. 5 morning 29..Saturday Prince of Wales morning Carriages and Horse" must be along side an hour and a half previous to the time of Sailing, otherwise they cannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New Dock*. FA ttES -After Cabin, 6s.-Fore Cabin, 313. 6d, Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.-Dogs, Is. each., Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four Wheel Carriage, 21. ditto Pheaton or Gig. His. bd Two Wheel, drawn ov One Horse and Driver, 19s; Horse and Rider, After Cabin, 10s. Horse and Rider, Fore Cabin, 8s. 6d. Sheep. Pigs, and Calves, I s. 6d. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to "Landing and Wharfages, at Bute Docks." Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for tl.e PIUNCE OF WALKS, to he sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or Kobert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin I-ocks and fof j'10 D Y'CH ARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Goods will be hamled from the Warehouses to the Packets at the expense of the Companies. r, Merthyr, Newbridge, Aberdare. Coicoridye, Bridgend, Llan- tris.ve,it*a?id Caet-ptiiily.-Gooiis forwarded to these Placcs in Sprhv Waggons and Lock up Canal Boats immediately on arrival, unless ordered by any p-,trtictil,-tr,-oiiveyancv, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels. he., forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to either of their Steam l'iu ket Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Furtl.er information as to Freight, will be readily obtained by Applying to the Agents, Mr. Woodman. Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr. G. C. Glasson. Agent, N0. 12,Quay Street. Bristol, for the PRLNCH OF WALLS, Packet' and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, ontlie Wharf, Cardiff' or to Mr. W. B. Owen, 29, Avon Crescent, Hotwelis, Rritol, for the LADY CHA RL.0 T 1 li Packet. NOTICR. The t roprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger'* IJUggage, nor will they bo answerable for any Goods, Packages, or Parcels (if lotit or damaged by Fire. Leakage or otherwise) Unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s.,unless entered at its value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of Ilooking -Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six. o clock in the evening of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight alld charges due thereon, but also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the ay of delivery. d_ GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO IS 14 SOLI) BY AUCTION, At the CASTLE INN, in the Town of NEATH, ( Under a Writ of Fieri Facias,) On AVEDNESDAY, the 19th day of APRIL, 1843, between the hours of One and Three in the Afternoon, subject to such conditions of sale as shall be then produced, ALL that recently-erected CHAPEL or Meeting-House, situate at MAESTEG, in the County of Glamorgan, on the north side of the River Llunfi, and now or lately used as a place of Worship by the Independent denomination of Dissenters. The building is large and commodious, having a frontage of 49 feet, and being 56 feet deep. The Premises are held for an unexpired term of ü4 Years, Subject to the reserved yearly rent, of £t 16s. lOcI. Further particulars may be had on application to Mr. Cuthbertson, Solicitor, Neath. LONDON MARKETS. SUNEItAL AVKKAGU PRICKS OF CO N. per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. G EN ERAI- AVERAGE. s. d. s. d. Wll0at 46 2 Bye 29 4 lfarlev 26 4 Beans -6 0 Outs I' 4 Peas 38 5 DUTY ON FOREIGN CORN. s. d. j s. d. \V|i(<at 20 0 Rye. 1 6 li,rlev 9 0 Beans II 6 Ouls 8 0 I Peas 11 f< CORN EXCHANGE-Munday. W H E AT.. Essex Kent, and Suffolk red 41s 52s Ditto white 52s — 55s Norfolk and Lincoln red 4U — 49s Ditto white 45s — 52s Northumberland and Scotch red -s s Ditto wlite -s -s tlY E 34s 3-is New 3-is -37a Brank -8 -s Distilling 21s — 26s Malting 26s 28s MALT.Brown.52s 54s Pale 54s — 58g Ware S(is 5&a ^RANS ..Ticks, old and new 28s — 25)s Harrow.. 29s s Pigeon 33s — 36s t*!•s .(;rey 39s 32s Alaple 30s -32, White Ms — 33s 0,1'5 .Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.. Feed 20s 2'28 Poland.. 19s — 2">s Scotch, new. Angus 19s.— 23s Potato.. 19s 23s Irish, white 9s — 17s Ditto, black l is — I6g S.M ITHFI ELD MAHKETS—Monday. A Stittemeiitard Comparison of the Supplies and Prices of Fat Stock, Exhibited and Sold in Sniithtield Cattle Market, on •Mond'av April. 11, 1842,and Monday, April. 10, 1B43. April. 11, 1842, April. 10. 1843. s. (I. s. d. s. d. s d ^Oarse and inferior Beasts. 32 to 3 4.2 8210 cond quality ditto 3 6 t S.3 0 3 4 j'itne iargc Oxen 3 10 4 2.3 0 ,5 8 'fiine Scots, &c 4 4 4 8. 3 10 4 2 ^ourse and inferior Sheep 3 2 3 4.3 0 3 2 ?"'cond quality ditto 3 6 4 0.3 4 3 6 rime coarse woolled ditto 4 2 4 6.3 8 3 10 rinie Southdown ditto 4 8 4 10.4 0 4 4 •umbs f> 4 7 4.5 0 ft 0 K*rKe coarse Calves.. 4 6 5 2.4 0 4 0 rime small ditto •> 4 5 6.4 8 5 0 i'^rge Hogs 4 0 4 6 3 4 3 10 •at small Porkers 4 8 5 0.4 0 4 6 SLLPPL.IES. Beasts 8,167 3.115 Sheep and Lambs. 25,540 26,260 Calves. 5S 90 Pigs 471 3Ji EXECUTIONS AT DERBY.—The county gaol, after a lapse ()f ten years without exhibiting the dreadful spectacle of an locution, put forth the apparatus of death on Friday. v5nmel Bonsall, aged 20, William Eland, 39, and John ^ulme, 24, convicted of the murder of Miss Martha God- at Stanley, four miles from Derby, by dashing her lftins out. with a crow-bar, after breaking into and aftcr- ^ards ransacking the house, underwent the extreme sentence a¡-ds ransacking the house, underwent the extreme sentence P. laly. NOTICES, SALES, &c. TOWN OF CARDIFF. TO lID SOUP M AUCUEOH9 BY MR. T. WATKINS, On WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 19th and 20th of APRIL, 1843, at his Residence, in WORKING- STREET, the whole of the New and Modern MOUSEHGXJD FURNITURE, OF J. D. SCALE, ESQ., WHO IS ABOUT TO LEAVE THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD; COMPRISING Four-post, Tent, and French Bedsteads and Furniture; Feather Beds; Wool and Hair Mattresses; Bedding; Mahogany and Painted Chests of Drawers; Dressing Tables; Washstands; Commodes; Bidets; Swing Glasses, &c.; Mahogany Telescope Dining Table Mahogany Sideboard Brussels and Kidderminster Carpets; Pier Glasses; Bronze and Steel Fenders and Fire Irons: Rosewood Loo, Sofa, and Card Tables Mahogany and Maple Work Tables; Rosewood Couches, with Chintz Covers Drawing-room Chairs, with Cane and Wicker Seats; Stained Rosewood Easy Chairs, with Hair Cushions Book Case Damask Window Curtains; Kitchen Dresser; Deal Tables .Chairs Cooking apparatus; China, Dessert, Break- fast, and Tea Services; Rees's Encyclopedia, complete, in 48 Yols. and several Volumes of Miscellaneous Works; Hall Table and Chairs; Lamp; Two Eight-day Clocks; Kitchen Requisites, &c.; very handsome Piccolo Piano- forte, by Wornow Brown Mare, goes well in Harness, and an excellent Roadster; Gig, with Cane Back (London built); capital Harness, Saddles, Bridles, Side-saddle and a variety of other valuable articles, all of which will be sold without reserve. The Auctioneer begs to observe, that the whole of the above is in excellent condition, being almost new. N.B. Catalogues may be had of the Auctioneer at Six- pence each, which will be returned to Purchasers of more than One Pound. The Sale to commence at 11 o'clock precisely. William Jones' Bankruptcy. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. THOMAS WATKINS, At the CARDIFF ARMS INN, CARDIFF, on TUESDAY, the 25th day of APRIL, 1843, At Two o'clock in the Afternoon, (Subject to such conditions of sale as shall then be produced,) THE FOLLOWING Valuable Property and Effects, THE HULL of a New SCHOONER of Ninety 75-91 Tons built of British Oak, will stand A. 1. for Eleven Years, at Lloyd's, and ready to Launch, being now on the Stocks at the Ship-yard, Cardiff. Eight Canal Boats, lately in use on the Glamorganshire Canal. Four Shares in the Taff Vale Railway, on which £ 100 per Share has been paid up, besides £ 18 capitalised for Interest. Ten Shares in the Rhymney Iron Company, on which £ 50 per Share is paid up. One Share in the Cardiff Steam Tug "Superb," which cost £ 51. 12s. 6d. The beneficial Estate and Interest of the Bankrupt in that excellent and well-accustomed Corn and Grist Mill, called Ely Mill," situate at Ely, in the Parish of Llandatf, together with Five Closes of rich Meadow Land held therewith, containing about 12 Acres. This valuable property is held under Two Leases from the Earl of Plymouth, for the term of Sixty years, com- mencing in 1S30, at the low Yearly Rent of;EIOO. A considerable sum has been laid out by the Bankrupt on this part of the property. The whole will be allotted at the time of Sale to suit the convenience of purchasers. Credit will be given for part of the purchase money of the Stock; on approved Security. For further particulars, apply to the Assignee, at Cardiff; to Mr. Ilutton, the Official Assignee, Bristol to Messrs. Savery, Clark, and Co., Solicitors, Bristol; or to Messrs. Prothero and To\vgood, Solicitors, Newport. TO HE SOLD BY AllTIOV, By Mr. THOMAS WATKINS, AT THE CARDIFF ARMS INN, IN CARDIFF, On WEDNESDAY, the 3rd day of MAY, 1843, At 3 o'Clock in the Afternoon, By Order of the Assignees of Mr. WILLIAM JONES, a Bankrupt, (Subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall then be produced)- A LL that Pretty and Commodious VILLA RESIDENCE .1-1. situate near CARDIFF, on the Newport Road, now let to Mr. WFiiBEit, on a Seven Years' Lease, at the low yearly rent of £ 60. The HOUSE is approached by a neatly planted lawn, has a good Walled Garden, Stabling and Coach-liouse attached, and every convenience suitable for a family of respectability. The Property is held under Lease from the Marquess of Bute, for a term of U9 Years, of which only about 15 are yet expired, at a ground rent of £ 10. The land tax is redeemed. For permission to view the Promises, apply to Mr. Webber and for further particulars, apply to the Assignee, at Cardiff; Mr. Hutton, Offic'al Assignee, Bristol; Messrs. Savery, Clark, and Co., Solicitors, Bristol or, to Messrs. Prothero and Towgood, Solicitors, Newport. I CARDIFF TIMPIKE DISTRICT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the TOLLS arising at the Several TOLL GATES within this District, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the CARDIFF ARMS INN, in the Town of CARDIFF, on SATURDAY, the 29th day of APRIL next, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, in the manner directed by the Acts passed in the Third and Fourth Years of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, For regulating Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced the last year above the Expenses of Collecting them the following Sums, viz.— The East, West, North, Crwysbwchan, Llandaff Gates, and Radyr Chain £ 20(>0 The Porsed Gate. 73 The Pwllypant and Gwernygaiach Gates 188 And the said Tolls will be put up at such Sums, but should the said East, West, North, Crwysbwchan, Llandatf Gates, and Radyr Chain not be let in one lot, they will be put up again, separately whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, pay One Month in advance (if required) of the Rent at which such Tolls may be let, and give Security with sufficient Sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said District, for Payment of the rest of the Money Monthly, or in such other proportions as shall be directed. The Rent to commence on the Sixth day of May next, on which day possession will be given. WILLIAM JENKINS, Cardiff, 27th March, 1843. Clerk to the Trustees Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal n Navigation. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the Next HALF-YEARLY MEETING or ASSEMBLY of the Com; any of Proprietors of the said Navigation, will be held at the SHIRK-HALL, in the Town of BRECON, on THURSDAY, the 27th instant, at Twelve o'clock at Noon. JOHN PETRCE, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Canal Office, near Abergavenny, 5th April, 1843. ) NEW PATENTS.—March, 1843. Alexander Angus Croll, superintendent of the gas-works, Brick-lane, and William Richards, of the same works, mechanical inspector, for improvements in the manufacture of gas, for the purposes of illumination, and in apparatus used when transmitting and measuring gas or other fluids. Angier March Perkins, of Great Coram-street, engineer, for improvements in the manufacture and melting of iron, which improvements are applicable for evaporating fluids and disinfecting oils. Martyn John Roberts, of Brynycaeran, Carmarthenshire, Gent., for improvements in the composition of ink, blacking, ^and Vlaek paint. >• Gent., for improvements in the composition of ink, blacking, ^and Vlaek paint. >• SALES. GLAMORGANSHIRE. MOST IMPORTANT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. W. MORRIS Has the honor to announce, that he has received Instructions from the Executors of the late Mrs. MAEKHAM, TO SELL BY AUCTION, At NASH HOUSE, distant about Two Miles from the Town of COWBRIDGE, On Wednesday, the 19th APRIL, 1843, and following dayt, THE WHOLE OF THE VALUABLE AND WELL-PRESERVED HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; Linen; Dairy and JjL Brewing Requisites, and a well-selected collection of BOOKS. The Drawing-room Furniture include Sofa and Pillows; Couch 10 Arm-chairs and Cushions Mahogany pillar and claw, Card, and Work Tables; very handsome fire, hand, and folding Screens 3 Pier and 1 Chimney Glass, in gilt frames; Window Curtains and Poles; Carpet and Hearth Rug; Fender and Fire Irons; Pope Joan Board and Counters; 2 Draft Boards, Chess Men, &c. In the Dining-room are 12 Mahogany Chairs, with puce colored horse -hair Seats; 2 Elbow ditto, and Sofa and Cushions to match; a very handsomely carved Cheffionaer; Escritoir Cellaret; Teapoy; Ottoman and Stools Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with circular ends Oval ditto, and 2 Sofa ditto Bookshelves Globe 2 Ebony Inkstands, and Candle Stand; Fire Screens; Hearth Brush; Fender and Fire Irons an excellent Brussels Carpet, and 2 Hearth Rugs; Moreen Window Curtains and Poles; Window Blinds and Rollers; a large Mirror, in gilt frame; a well- toned Piano-forte, and Music Stool. In Library, a Sofa; 2 Mahogany Tables; 3 Mahogany Chests of Drawers; 2 Fire-screens; Weather Glass; Portable Desk; White Vase; Inkstand, Paint and Tool Boxes, &c. Butler's Pantry and Housekeeper'e Room, 1 Plated Sauce and Spirit Castor; 1 pair branch Candlesticks; 7 Bed Candlesticks 3 pair Dishes, with handles; 2 Teapots a Water Jug; 1 Egg-hold a taper Candlestick; 10 De- canter Stands; 1 pair of Asparagus Tongs; a pair of German Silver Sugar Tongs 2 pair Nutcrackers; 12 Dessert Knives and Forks; pair Grape Tongs; a large Skewer; an Urn and Salver; Set of Ivory-Handled Knives and Forks; Dessert ditto; Melon and Cheese Knives, and black and buckhorn-handled Knives and Forks; breakfast and Tea China Dinner Ware Jugs and Cups Set of Green Dessert Service; ditto of Stone; 2 Sandwich Boards, with Services of Wedgewoodand Stone Blinclimaliche Moulds; Bread Pans and Covers, and sundry other articles of Ware Mahogany and Japan Dinner, Cheese, and Tea Trays, and Stand Knife and Candle Boxes; 2 Copper Urns; Plate Warmer; Corner and other Cupboards; 8 Chairs, with Leather Seats; 2 Mahogany Tables; Pier Glass; Fender and Fire Irons; Carpet and Hearth Rug. The Glass are a general assortment, including 7 quart and 2 Pint Decanters; Glass Dishes and Plates; Saltsellers; Butter Tubs and Coolers Water Bottles; Tnmblers; Wine; Jelly; Custard; Syllabub, and Finger Glasses; Scent Bottle; 2 Chandeliers and Flower Stand; Table and Hand Lamps; Lamp Glasses, and 2 Glass Lanthorns. The Linen and Bedding are a considerable number of Breakfast and Dinner Cloths, and Napkins Chamber and Kitchen Towels; Doyleys and Toilet Covers; about 40 pair of Linen and Cotton Sheets; 15 pair of Blankets; 3 large Marseilles Quilts, and 6 Counterpanes 15 Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows; 2 Hair Mattresses; 7 Wool ditto and 4 Palliasses. The up-stairs Furniture comprise 7 four-post Bedsteads, with Satin, Moreen, Chintz, and Dimity Furniture 3 Tent ditto and Furniture: 2 Press and 1 Slope ditto 10 Maho- gany and Painted Washstands and Ware; 11 ditto Dressing Tables Swing Pole, and Shaving Glasses; 4 Night Com- modes; 3 Mahogany and Painted Wardrobes; 9 Chests of Drawers 4 Bureaus and Drawers Escritoir and Drawers Hanging Press; Towel Horses; Fire Guards; 2 Easy Chairs; Rushbottom and other Bed-room Chairs; Slipper Bath; Footpans and Water Jugs Rushlight Stand; Curtains and Poles Bedside and Stair Carpetting Passage Matting; Floor Cloth, &c. In the Kitchen, Scullery, &c., are 3 Deal and I Oak Table; 4 Benches; Mangle; Meat Chest; an Eight-day Time- piece an Eight-day Clock, in Mahogany Case; Linen Chest; Nest of Drawers; Meat Screen; several dozen Pewter Plates and Dishes 12 tin Dish Covers; Copper and Wooden Coal-boxes; Copper Teakettles; Stew and Pre- serving Pans Fish-kettles; Boilers, Saucepans, and other Culinary articles; Trussels and Ironing Board; Folding and other Clothes' Horses; Warming Pan, Pestles, and Mortars; Steelyards, Scales, and Weights; Brass and Iron Candle- sticks Bed-room and Kitchen Fenders and Fire Irons, &c. Dairy and Brewhouse, a Cheese Press Box and Upright Churns; Cheese Vats, Milk Pails and Yokes a number of White Ware, Milk Pans; 2 ditto Churns and Cream Pan, with Tub, Butter Trundles, Bowls, and Skimmers Brass Pans, Butter Scales, and Prints Meat Safe and Flour Bin; Lead and Stone Salting Tables Salting Tubs and Benches; 3 large Upright Casks, and 8 other ditto Mash Tubs; Coolers; Pails; Tubs; Carry Cows; Sieves; Bowls; Buckets; Brass Kettle; Filtering Stone; several dozen Bottles, Baskets, &c., &c. Stable and Outhouses, 2 Men's Saddles 2 Side ditto; several Bridles, Collar, and Chains; Corn Bin; Saddle Stand; Carriage Jack Wheelbarrows, Pikes, Rakes, Hay- knives, &c., &c. At the same time will be Sold, Two Close Carriages, and Harness, in very excellent condition. The Auctioneer respectfullysolicits an early attendance, as the Sale will commence each day at ELEVEN o'clock in the Forenoon precisely. PILLCWENLLY, In tlte Borough of Newport, and County of Monmouth. ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PREMISES, EVER OFFERED FOR SALS BY AUCTION. Mr. S. H. LONG, Begs leave most respectfully to inform Capitalists and Inn- keepers that he will submit to competition, on MONDAY APRIL 24th, 1843, at the TREDEGAR ARMS INN, in the Town of NEWPORT, punctually at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, (unless Disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), subject to such Conditions as will be then produced THE Well-accustomed and Established NAVIGATION- HOUSE, at present a Beer Shop, (but the Auctioneer would most respectfully suggest that a Spirit License may speedily be obtained) situate at Pillgwenlly, held under a Lease from the Tredegar Wharf Company, 64 years of which are unexpired, at a moderate Ground Rent. Comprising on the first floor an excellent Brew-house, 22ft. by 11 Kitchen, 11ft. by 10 Cellar, 16ft. by 8 and a Pantry. The second floor comprises a Tap-room, 22ft. by 11; Parlour, lift. by 11; Bar, lift, by 8; and a China Pantry. The third floor or suit of Bedrooms are four in number, one 15ft. by 9, and three lift, by 8. The Frontage of the House are 31ft. but the extent of Frontage of the said Leasehold Premises are 91ft. and is capable of erecting several Dwelling-house or Shops. The Auctioneer begs leave, without arrogation, to assert, that the above Property is, without exception, according to its Locality, dimensions, capability of improvements, its contiguity to the Canal and Tram Roads which leads to the splendid, unrivalled, and magnificent Floating Dock, as well as the centre of the several Shipping Departments of all the great Mercantile Interests, Shipping Yards, &c., of this Emporium of South Wales, and is decidedly one of the most desirable properties ever offered to a discerning public. For a view of the premises, or for further particulars, applj, if bv letter, post-paid, fo the Auctioneer, 26, Cross House, Stow Terrace, Newport, Monmouthshire. FORGED POSTAGE STAMPS,—A. forged imitation postage penny stamp was detected by the postmaster of Monmouth, on Sunday week, on a letter which had been posted at his office. The party who had used it was traced, and repre- sentation of the circumstance made to the higher authorities. It may not be generally known that every dissenting mar- riage costs the country the sum of eleven pounds-a fact which ought in common fairness to be borne in mind when- ever the sectarian, cry against church-rates is raised. SALES. GLAMORGANSHIRE, BRECONSHIRE, AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. EVAN LEYSHON, At the Angel Inn, in the Town of Cardiff, On MONDAY, 29th day of MAY, 1843, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon precisely (subject to such conditions of Sale as shall be then produced)- LOT 1. A FREEHOLD BUILDING, situate in ST. MARY STREET, in the Town of CARDIFF, now let to the County of Glamorgan, and occupied as an Armory, at the net Annual Rent of JE31 10s. Two undivided third parts of this Lot are Freehold, the remaining one third is held for the Life of Mr. John Wood, now aged about 65 years. LOT 2.—The LIFE ESTATE of Mr. JOHN WOOD, in TWO FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, or Dwelling-Houses and Shop, nearly adjoining Lot 1, now in the occupation of Mr. John Williams, at the Yearly Rent of L27 6s. LOT 3.-TWO SHARES, of £100 each, in the ABER- DARE and CANAL NAVIGATION. LOT 4.-THREE other SHARES in the said Aberdare Canal Navigation. LOT 5.—A DEED POLL for £100, secured on the Tolls of Rumney Bridge, between the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth. LOT 6.—One undivided Fourth Part of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT, called BEDW, situate in the parish of Llan- I trissent, in the County of Glamorgan, containing 107 Acres, more or less. .This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under it, and a Tramroad, used by Mr. Coffin, passes over it. LOT 7.—One undivided Fourth Part of a FREEHOLD TENEMENT, called PENYLAN, in the Parish of Lango- noyd, in the County of Glamorgan, containing 92 Acres, more or less. This Farm has a bed of Coal of the best quality under it, and the Duffryn Llynvi Tramroad runs over it. LOT 8.—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, FARM, and LANDS, called the HEATH FARM, situate in the Parish of Lankhen and Llandaff, in the County of Glamorgan, con- taining about 114 Acres, more or less. This, and Lot 9, are now in the occupation of Mr. Edward Daniel, as Tenant at Will, at the low Yearly Rent of JE60. LOT 9.-A FREEHOLD PIECE OF LAND, called CEFN COED, in the Parish of Lanishen, and adjoining to, and now held with Lot 8, containing 35 Acres, more or less. There is a fine growth of Timber on this Lot, which is to be taken at a Valuation down to One Shilling per Stick. LOT 10.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises, situate in DUKE-STREET, in CARDIFF aforesaid, now in the occupation of Miss Todd, and Mr. Charles Yachell. The Dwelling-house and Shop is held by Lease for 42 Years, from the 2nd of August, 1821, at the Yearly Rent of £5;). The Premises at the back, consisting of a Malt-house and Court/are held with Lot 11, by Mr. Charles Vachell, for 21 years, from the 1st of September 1832, the apportioned rent of such premises payable to the purchaser of this Lot will be JE5. LOT 11—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSE and Premises, adjoining Lot 10, now in the occupation of Mr. Charles Vachell. These Premises, with a Malt-house and Court at the back of Lot 10, are held by lease for 21 Years, from the 1st of September, 1832, at the Yearly Rent of JE35, of which Rent, X30 will be apportioned to this Lot, as the other part of the Premises comprised in such Lease are at the back of Lot 10, and properly belonging thereto. LOT 12.—A FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOIESE and SHOP, situate in ANGEL-STREET, in CARDIFF aforesaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Harris, Seedsman, as Tenant at Will, at the Yearly Rent of £ 35. LOT 13,—A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, called the OLD BANK, in DUKE-STREET, in CARDIFF aforsaid, now in the occupation of Mr. Henry Webber, as Tenant at Will, at the Yearly Rent of E50. LOT 14.—A COTTAGE and TWO CROFTS, Copy- hold, called TYR DOWNTON, in the Village of Rumney, in the County of Monmouth, containing about 2A. OR. 25P. LOT 15.—The LIFE ESTATE of Mr. JOHN WOOD, in one undivided Third Part of a Farm, called CWM FARM, in the Parish of Langorse, in the County of Brecon, now in the occupation of Mr. John Higley, as Tenant at Will. LOT 16.-All those THREE FREEHOLD FIELDS, called COED-Y-PERTHI, in the Parish of Langorse, in the County of Brecon, containing 4A. 2R. IIp., more or less, in the occupation of the said John Higley, as Tenant at Will. These Fields are now held with the Cwm Farm, and the apportioned Rent will be jE;2 10s. Messrs. Maybery and Williams, Solicitors, Brecon, will give information as to Lots 15 and 16 and for further par- ticulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Dalton, Attorney, Cardiff. THE TRACY PEERAGE.—The case of the Tracy Peerage, the estates of which are very extensive in Gloucestershire, came on for consideration before a Committee of Pri- vileges, it having been pending for some years; and evidence has been given from time to time in support of the claim, as it was collected. At this sitting, some documentary evidence of an important nature was put in, and several witnesses gave their testimony at the bar, both being directed to prove the lineal descent of Mr. Tracy, who claims the honours and dignity in question. When the evidence had been given, another day was asked for by the claimant's counsel to produce further evidence, to which request the committee immediately acceded, and the first Tuesday after the Easter holydays was named for that purpose. The Cheltenham Journal says We hear from some quarters that the decision will affect a vast amount of property, including all Lord Sudeley's Gloucestershire pro- perty, and the noble estate of Mr. Lawrence at Sandywell, while others as confidently tell us that the claimant may possibly secure the dignity, but that the- estates will be un touched; be that as it may, the agitation of the matter causes a great sensation in this neighbourhood, and numbers are not wanting who wish Mr. Tracy may gain possession of both dignities and estates—or, as they term it-' enjoy his own again. MONMOUTH.—THE LATE BELL FRACAS.—On Saturday week, citations were served on four persons at Monmouth, from the Ecclesiastical Court at Hereford, at the instance of the Rev. G. Roberts, for ringing the parish bells against the consent of the vicar, on the occasion of a wedding, some time since. A fifth citation was in the hands of the messen- ger, but he was unable, from absence of the party, to serve it. These proceedings were threatened at the time of the alleged offence, but as some weeks elapsed without any notification of them, one of the ringers waited on the vicar, to thank him for his consideration. The party was astonished, however, to find that he was mistaken in his calculation, for he was assured by the vicar, that proceedings were then in progress against the' whole of the ringers, but which should be abandoned upon their paying the expenses and making such an apology as would establish the rev. gentleman's claim to the control of the bells. The ringers accordingly consented to apologise to the vicar and to pay the expenses, but the rev. gentleman insisted upon the apology, which he dictated, being published in four newspapers of three different coun- ties. This was at first refused by the former, but ultimately four of the number acceded, upon the vicar refusing to alter his terms. The remaining five adhered to their original resolution, and hence the present severe proceedings. Great surprise and very general disapprobation have been ex- pressed at the unexpected course which the rev. vicar has taken after so lengthened an interval, and which gave so much scope for the exercise of that Christian forbearance, forgiveness, and charity, so becoming a minister of the Gospel of Peace. The issue is the more extraordinary as in the rev. gentleman's own dictated apology, he attributed the error of the ringers to their ignorance of the law and the excitement of the moment. This being the vicar's recorded opinion, one would have imagined that terms less severe might have been exacted, as the penalty of an offence com- mitted against one who should exemplify in his practice and example the reality of those doctrines and principles he re- commends to others. The case came on before the court at Hereford on Wednesday last. Several technical objections were taken by the Proctor for the defendants, and the fur- ther proceedings were adjourned until the next court day, in April.-Meriii;. NOTICES, &c. Just Published the 12th Edition, Price 2s. 6d., inclosed in a Scaled envelope, and sent Free to any part of the United Kingdom on rec«ipn»f « Poet.office Order for 3s. 6d. THE SILENT FRIEND A MEDICAL WORK, on the concealed cause that de- stroy t physical energy, and the ability of manhood, ere vigoar has established her empire; with observations on the baneful effects of YOUTHFUL KXCESSES and INFECTION, with Means of Restoration. The influence of mercury on the skin is pointed out and illustrated by engravingt; followed by observations on MARRIAGE, with directions for the removal of disqualiifcations, BY R. AND L. PERRY AND; ;CO., CONSULTING SURGEONS, BIRMINGHAM AND LONDON. Published by the AUTHORS, and Sold by STRANGE,21, Pater- noster Row; WILSON, 18, Bishopsgate Street; PLJRKIS Compton Street,Soho JACKSON and Co., 130, New Bond Street London; GUEST, 51, Bull Street,"Birmingham BTICKTON, 50 Briggate, Leeds ADVERTISER" Office, Cardiff; W. PER Kl Ns Haverfordwest; Jenkins, Merthyr and Dowlais; and by al Booksellers in Town and Coun'ry. PERRY'S Purifying Specific Pills Price 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. per box. (Observe, the signature of R. and L. PERRY and Co. on the outside of each wrapper). Are well known throughout Europe and America to be the most certain and effectual cure ever discovered for every stage and symptom of the Venereal JDjseAse. in hoih sexes, including Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures, Seminal Weakness, Deficiency, and all diseases of the Urinary Passages, without loss of time, confinement, or hindrance from business, They have effected the most surprising cures not only in recent and severe cases, but when salivation and all other means have failed and are of the utmost importance to those afflicted with Scorbutic Affections, Eruptions in any part of the body, Ulcera- tions, Scrofulous or Venereal Taint, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood from all foulness, counteract ever) morbid affection, and restore weak and emaciated constitutions to pristine health and rigour. They are particularly recommended to be taken before persons euter into the matrimonial .state, lest the indiscretions of a parent are the source of vexation to him the remainder of his existence by afflicting his innocent but unfortunate offspring with the evil eruptions of a malignant tendency, and a vrriety of other complaints, that are most assuredly introduced by the same neglect and imprudence. The Cordial Balm of Syriacum s intended to relieve those persons, who, by an immoderate ndulgeDCe of their passions, have ruined their constitutions, or n their way to the consummation of that deplorable state are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray its approach, as the various affections of the nervous system,obsti- uate gleets, excesses, irregularity, obstructions, weaknesses, total impotency, barrenness, &c. A perseverance in its use has been the happy means of relieving many thousands, and of restoring a great number to the permanent enjoyment of life. It is remark- able for its efficacy in all disorders of the digestive organs, and is especially reco:nmended to those, who, from the irregularities of youthful age, habits of studious application, or a life of pleasure, have fallen into a despondent state of mind, and that distressing train of symptoms commonly denominated the ncrvoas. In such persons the mental are not less enfeebled than the corporeal, and to them a remedy that acts with efficacy, without interfering with domestic habits is peculiarly desirable. Sold in Bottles, price lis. eacb, or the quantity of four in one Bottle for for 33s. by which one 1 Is. Bottle is saved. (Observe the signature of R. and L. PERRY and Co., on the outside of each wrapper.) The Five Pound Cases (the purchasing of which will be a saving of One Pound Twelve Shillings,) may be had as usual at 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, and 19, Berner's Street, Oxford Street, London and Patien's in the Country who re- quire a course of this admirable medicine, should send Five Pounds by letter, which will entitle him to the fall benefit of the advantage. AGRNT FOR CARDIFF MR. H. WEBBER, "ADVERTISER" OFFICE. -Owl% PAI ACIOUS R IMQO JE ALS S, OF E Ub 0 (fJ ç£l f!J [f J:l (J) Q MANY SHOP-KEEPERS of apparent respectability) but destitute alike of honour and of talent, for the sake of gaining a trifle more profit, basely attempted to impose their pernicious compounds upon the public, as the real MACASSAR OIL for the Hair, aud KALYDOR for the Complexion; they copy the bills and labels of the original articles, substituting either a FICTITIOUS NAME, or the word • GENUINE, in the place of" ROWLAND'S." To frustrate such Imposition, it is necessary on purchasing either article. to see that the word ROWLAND'S is on the wrapper, as follows-without which None are Genuine. Rowland's Macassar Oil. The only article that produces and restores Hair; prevents it from falling off or turning, grey to the latest period of life a changes grey Hair to its original COLOUR—frees it from scurf, and makes it beautifully SOFT; CURLEY, and GLOSSY. In dressing HAIR, it keeps it firm ia the curl, uninsured by damp weather, crowded rooms, the dance, or in the exercise of riding. To Children. it is invaluable, as it lays a foundation for a BEAUTIFUL HEAD OF HAIR. ON PURCHASING (BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS ask for ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL and see that those words are on the wrapper. To ensure the genuine article, spe that the words Row- land's 31acassar Oil" are engraved on the back of the envelope nearly 1,500 times, containing 29,028 letters-WITHOUT THIS NONE ARE GENUINE. Price 3s. 6d., 7s. Family Bottles (equal to four small), 10s. 6d. and double that size, 21s. per bottle. ROWLAND'S KALYDOR. Its vritues are commonly di-pla3 ed in thoroughly eradicating all pimples. spots, redneu., tan, freckles, and other unsightly cutaneous defects, in healing, sun burn stings of insects, and in rendering tne most lough and uneven skin pleasantiy soft and smooth. To the complexion it imparts a juvenile roseate hue, and to the neck, hand, and arm. a delicacy and fairness unrivalled GENTLBMEN will find it peculiarly grateful after shaving in allaying irritation of the skin. Price 4s 6d. and 8s. 6d. per Bottle, duty included.' Rowland's Odonto; or, Pearl Dentifrice. A WHITE POWDER of OBIENTAI HERBS of the most DE LIGHTFUL FRAGRANCE. It eradicates TARTAR and decayed I Spots from the TEETH, preserves the ENAMEL, and fixes the TEETH firmly ill their sockets, rendering them DELICATELY WHITE being an Anti-Scorbutic, it eradicates the Scutvey from the GUMS, STRENGTHENS, BRACES, and rendeis them of a healthy RED, and imparts a DELIGHTFUL FRAGRANCE to the Breath. Price 2s. 9d. per box. duty included. NOTICE—A ROWLAND and SON, 20, HATTON GARDEN, LONDON, is engraved on the Government Stamp, which is pasted on the "KALYDOR" and "ODONTO;" also printed, in RED, on the Wrapper in which the MACASSAR OIL and KALYDOR are enclosed. Be sure to ask for ROWLAND'S Articles." Sold by every respectable CHIMIST and PERFUMER, ACCOUCHEMENT OF HER MAJESTY.—Every preparation has been made at Buckingham Palace in anticipation of this highly interesting event, which is expected to take place during the present week. It will be remembered that (in November, 1841) for several days previous to the birth of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, and up to the morning of the day preceding her Majesty's accouchement, the Queen, accompanied by her illustrious consort, prome- naded daily, as usual, in the private grounds attached to Buckingham Palace; thus showing that the general health of the Sovereign upon that occasion, as upon the present, continued in its usual state of excellence to the latest period. RATHER STRAI,GIE. -Last week as a lad was cleaning a first-floor window in the High-street, his cloth fell from the ladder on which he was mounted. A lady passing at the instant deliberately picked it up and put it in her muff, and before the window-cleaner could reach terra firma in search of his cloth, the finder had carried off her prize. He, how- ever, gave chase, and on being challenged, the lady, as deliberately as she had taken it, drew the duster out of her muff and returned it.—.WaKfofcwe Journal.

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