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BRIDGEND. SLAUGHTER AMONG SHEEP.—About three weeks ago, 14 of a flock of fine sheep were found dead in a field belonging to Mr. Robert Bobcrts, Bridgend, it is supposed they were killed by dogs, as the impressions of paws were observed near the spot, but they have not been detected. At the be- ginning of this week 40 were killed in the same manner, belonging to Mr. Evan Bevan, of Coychurch, near Bridgend. It is to be hoped that these devouring animals will soon be put an end to. TO J. W. C., BRIDGEND. have read lines in the last GUARDIAN, which you stole from me. Acknowledge it publicly, or expect to 'meet me the first dark night. The late Jack Hopkins, rrp. • Cowbridge. [ i nis lamented poet was the author of a copy of verses on the immersion of Mr. Humphrey Salter (some time hair- dresser of Cowbridge) in the river Ogmore, from which poem we quote four lines. The people hearing a noise uncommon, Thought it was a noble salmon But when they came unto the place, Humphrey stared them in the face." [We ire bound to acknowledge that the similarity of Mr. J. Hopk.ns style with that of J.W. C., throws an air of pro- bability on the assertion of our ghostly correspondent.— ED. A. & G.] NEATH TOWN HALT.,—Friday, March 31 Before F. Fredrick, and Howel Gwyn, Esqrs.—Mat,hew Jones, charged Evan Jones, both of Neath, with a common assault; settled out of court. -Wm. Morgan, policeman, of the Borough of Neath, charged Lewis Reynolds, (alias Satan), a notorious friend of (Sir John), with being drunk, and assaulting him in the execution of his duty fined 40s. including costs, or in default to be committed for 4 weeks to the Swansea House of Correction with hard labour committed.—Wm. Morgan, policeman, charged Richard Itees, of the House of Lords, Neath, writh permitting drunkenness in his house on the night of the 26th instant" at 12 at midnight. Morgan could not prove that the parties at 12 at midnight. Morgan could not prove that the parties got drunk in his house, and the case was dismissed, with a suitable caution fiom the magistrates not to appear before the bench again on similar cliarge.-Cliai-leR Lewis, of the parish of Lantwit-juxta-Neath, charged Thomas Jenkins, with refusing to pay him his wages due 18s. Gd. j ordered to pay the amount claimed and costs.—Margaret Gregory of the parish of Neath, charged James Gregory, her husband^ with violently assaulting her dismissed. GERMAN RAILROADS.-Duriii,- the year 1842nine German railroads were either opened or extended, making an addi- tion of 36 German (143 English) miles to the lines previ- ously open to the public. Two of these were railroads that were at once thrown open in their entire length -namely, the Berlin-Frankfort (50t English miles long), and the Hamburgh-Bergedorf (10 English miles long). Those of which only portions were thrown open were, the Berlin Stettin, the Upper SlIeslan, the Saxon-Bevarian, the Yienna- Glocknits, and the Ferdinand line. The whole of the rail- roads open to the public in Germany, at the close of 1842, amounted to 200 German (943 English miles). In 1843, it is expected, G6 German (311 English) miles would be added —namely, from Olmutz to Hohenstadt, in Moravia; from Angermunde to Stettin from Hanover to Brunswick; from Wolfenbuttel to Magdeburgh; with a branch line from Oschersleben to Halberstadt from Heidelburgh to Carlsruhe from Brieg to Oppeln from Breslau to Schweidnitz and Freiburg; from Aix-la-Chapelle to the Belgian frontier; from Bonn to Cologne and from Alten- burg to Werdau. During 1842 there were opened railroads in Belgium to the extent of 56i, in Holland of 17f, in France of 16, in Italy of 28, and in Great Britain and Ireland of 165 English miles. Jeremiah John Kelly was taken into custody in the lobby of the House of Commons, on Friday evening, in a half mad, half drunken state, with a carving-knife in his posses- sion. He was inquiring for Lord John Russell, and there can be little doubt that he intended to commit an assault and perpetrate an outrage on that nobleman.—[If these horrible designs are not repressed with a strong hand, no gentleman will ultimately take any part in public affairs.]

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