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Fox HUNT.—On Friday, the 31st ult., the celebrated Park and Grindun hounds, the property of Henry Lewis, Esq., were met by the. lovers of the chase at the Courtyralla Lodge, a fixture which generally attracted a large field. Cwm George was the first draw, and about nine o'clock a note was sounded by tongues that were never known to tell a tale. Hark toGomer—hark to Tidings, backed by Chantl'er, Trailer, and many others of the real sort (ringing below among the rocks, like music at a distance), was the order of the morning; and, as usual, the said wood afforded a gallant fox. Reynard, not altogether willing to leave his home, gave three or four rings through Cwinslater, Cwm- penllynog, and the Dynaspowis woods but finding the op- position too many for him, he was, at last, obliged to give a "notice to quit," and by St. Andrew's faced the hill for Coedpencotry in beautiful style. From here he broke off for Bear's wood, by Maesfellin, Duffryn, Caemain, and Coed-Arthur. By this time my gentleman was not allowed to view the beauties of his native country, and, compelled to lose no time, made for the TregufF covers, Coed-Colemau, over the Flimson Mores, leaving Lanbethery and Lancadle to the left, turning short back by Cliff. Here a slight check took place; and, indeed, we can safely say it was but a slight one, for in an instant they recovered themselves, dashing away in magnificent style along the Lancarvan valley, straight a-head by Lanvithin for the Witton Wood, where Reynard had made up his mind to spend the re- mainder of the day, but was vastly deceived, for the hounds, like thorough game ones, came up as brisk as kittens, driv- ing him along most severely for Duffryn Wood, Coedllnn- prane, Goldsland, the Wcnvoe great wood, crossing the bottoms under Sweldon, by Caira church, for Leckwith. By this time the Nimrods of the day were calling out "'bellows to mend;" but, in fact, the field became very select, only a few ot the choice ones up. Again uiey uasneu off for Coedyrapoy, above Landough, in a line with Penarth church, for the cliffs, where they ran into him in an open field. Thus ended one of the best day's sport ever witnessed in this county. The distance gone over was full thirty miles, almost without a check. MARRIAGE LICENSES.— By a recent direction of the Chan- cellor of this Diocese, no marriage license is hereafter to be issued by any surrogate until notice of the application made for the same have been transmitted by him unto the princi- pal Registry Court at Exeter, and time allowed for the return of any caveat which may have previously bean entered therein. It is recommended, therefore, to every applicant for a mar- riage license, previously to transmit to the surrogate whom he intends to employ, the names of the parties wishing to be married, with their situation, parishes, and church where the ceremony is intended to be performed, in order that personal application may be made, when previous notice has been given to the Court at Exeter, and time allowed for the return of any veto thither sent.— Western (Exeter) Luminary. [The practice above referred to, as newly adopted in the Diocese of Exeter, has long been followed in the Dioceses of London and Rochester, of Oxford and Worcester, and in our own of Llandaff, and is almost universally observed. We are aware that some delay and inconvenience may hence arise but it is neither regular nor safe, nor, as we believe, legal to act otherAvise.-Ed. A. and G.] We are rejoiced to find that the fire at Rheola was con- fined to the kitchen, though it was something more than a kitchen fire. Mr. Williams, of Aberpevgwm, dispatched 40 of his colliers immediately to assist: and to this aid, with the admirable management of the servants left in charge of the house, and the copious supply of water, may be attributed the small amount of injury. Mr. Yaughan was at the time on a visit to Mr. Strangways, at Alne Court, near Easingwould. W. are sorry to hear that the nail trade at Bromsgrove is in a more distressed state than was ever known in the memory of man.-A letter from Stockholm, dated March 21, savs- Our most clebrated Iron Mines, those of Dannemora, the greater part of the produce of which goes to England, have yiolded during this winter no less than 90,000 ship pounds (qy. tons) of ore." THE SEVERN lArPROVFIIFNT.Tlie Staffordshire Canal Company's bill for raising money for the purposes of the Severn Improvement has been read a third time in the Commons, and passed. The works will be commenced next month simultaneously at various points of the river.