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CHINA AND INDIA. BY AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPRESS OF THE 11 TIAIES." We have received, in anticipation of the Indian Mail, the following intelligence Malta, March 30. The Oriental, which has just arrived, brings news from India of the 1st of March, and from China of the 21st of January. On the 17th of February, General Napier gained a brilliant victory in Scinde, near Hyderabad, after a desperate combat of three hours. e The Belochee army of 22,000 men was completely over- thrown by 2.700 English, who had 250 men killed and wounded, in:luding 18 officers. The insurrection in Bundelkund was making great progress. Lord Ellenborough had returned to Delhi on the 5th of February. In China the most perfect tranquillity continued, and pro- gress had been made towards the conclusion of the treaty. Major Malcolm arrived on the 14th at Bombay, and started again for Hong Kong on the 18th. There was no news in the Paris papers of the 3rd. The house of Rothschild had obtained the quicksilver con- tract for 8I5 piasters per quintal, for four years. SUDDEN DEATH OF 1\IRs. HONEY, THE ACTRESS.—We have to record the death of this lady, which took place at her residence, Albany-street, Regent's-park, on Sunday evening, at eight o'clock, from the effects of violent inflam- ation, induced by over-exertions in her profession. It is not a little singular, that during her visit to this town last year that that lamented lady, with all her constitutional and professional buoyancy of spirits, should have occasionally given way to the utmost despondency, During her stay at the Cardiff Arms, she told a lady that she anticipated such another death as Miss Murray, who also fell a victim to extraordinary physical and mental excitement. The coin- cidence is not a little remarkable, that she died from precisely the same cause—over-exertion in her profession. Both died on a Sunday morning, and at the same hour-8 o'clock. The deceased was born on the 6th of December, 1817, and was, therefore, in her 26th year. Early in life she was initiated into the theatrical art, and was engaged at Sadler's-wells, the Olympic, Victoria, and Surrey theatres, where she ex- hibited considerable ability under the name of Laura Bell. At the early age of sixteen she formed a matrimonial alliance with Mr. Honey, who was only two years her elder. The marriage was an ill-assorted one, and they parted shortly after. Mr. Honey was unfortunately drowned in a sailing party on the Thames, in the year 1836. As pn actress, she belonged to no distinct class yet her beautiful person, rich contralto voice, and arch humour, ensured the success I of many of those comediettas and burlettas which arc written for a popular favourite. She has left two 9l)Udre»> one ten and the other three years old. HIGH WATER AT CARDIFF, 'J" J APRIL. | ivioriiing. Evening. | i Sundav, 9 I 11 43 0 51 I í Monday, 10 1 27 2 19 Tuesday, 11 j 2 53 3 32 j j Wednesday, 12 | 3 55 4 28 j j Thursdav, !•* ••• I 4 51 5 20 I j Friday, 14 | 5 44 6 9 Friday, 14 | 5 44 6 9 I Saturday, 15 { 0 32 HIGH WATER AT BRISTOL, &c. (From Bunt's Tide Table.) .A-rv' J HIGH WATER. Cumb. iBathust APRIL. | | Even. j Gates. Sunday 9 0 38 i 1 36 j 20 10 j 9 7 Monday ..10 2 22 { 3 14 j 22 8 { 11 5 Tuesday U | 3 48 4 27 j 26 I I 14 10 Wednesday 12{ 4 50 j 5 23 j 29 Oj 17 9 Thursday' 13 S 5 46 j 6 15 i 31 5i 20 2 Friday, 14 G 39 7 4 33 3 22 0 Saturday 15 { 7 27 7 50 34 5 23 2 EQUATION OF THE TIDES. These Equations, applied to the above Table, will give the Approximate Times of High Water, at the following Places on the Coasts of England and Wales. A. M. 1 A. M. Aberystwith add 0 15 i Liverpool add 4 0 Caernarvon add 1 45 Newport, Mon. sub 0 3 Cardigan Bar .sub 0 15 j Portsmouth .add 4 2 Carmarthen Bay ..sub 1 5 j Swansea Bar. sub x 6 Chepstow sub 0 13 j Thames'Mouth sub 4 55 'I"r. Sunday next before Easter. S 1st Lesson. 9 chapter Exodus.: ning 2nd Lesson.26 chapter Matthew. „ > 1st Lesson.10 chapter Exodus.; Evening } 2nd Lesson 5 chapter Heb.

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