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THE CARDIFF AND BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS PRINCE OF WALES MATTHEW JONES, Commander, LADY CHARLOTTE HEÑRY JEFFERY Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL iV\. During the Month of APRIL. AS FOLLOWS:- (From the Bute Ship Docie.) FROM CARDIFF. S.. Sattirday. Lady Charlotte. 9 morning 10.. Monday .Prince of Wales 12 noon 11..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte H afternoon 13..Wednesday..Prince of Wales 2, afternoon 13.. Thursday. Lady Charlotte 3afternoon 14.. Friday Prince of Wales 4sifternoon 15.. Saturday Lady Charlotte .» morning 17.. Monday Prinee of Wales IS Tuesday Lady Charlotte fia morning IS..Wedaesday ..Prinee of Wales 7å morning 20.. Thursday Lady 21.. Friday Prince of Wales 8 a morning 22..Saturday Lady Charlotte 10 morning 24.. Monday Prinee of Wales 12 J afternoon ,25..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte. 1 afternoon 28..Wednesday..Prinee of Wales 2S afternoon 27 ..Thursday Lady Charlotte 2 5 afternoon 28.. Friday Prince of Wales 3 J afternoon 29..Saturday Lady Charlotte 5 morning FROM BRISTOL. 8.. Saturday Prince of Wales 10 morning 10..Monday Lady Charlotte 1 afternoon 11.. Tuesday Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 12.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte .3afternoon 13.. Thursday Prince of Wales 3; afternoon 14..1riday La(l), Charlotte 5 morning 15.. Saturday Prince of Wales 55 morning 17 Monday Lady Charlotte 7 morning 18.Tuesday .Prince of Wales 7,niorniig 19..Wednesday..Lady Charlotte 8 morning 20.. Thutsdity ..Prince of Wales 9 morning 21 Friday Lady Charlotte 9 morning 22.. Saturday. Prince of Wales 10 morning 24 .Monday .Lady Charlotte afternoon 25..Tuesday Prince of Wales 2 afternoon 26.. Wednesday.. Lady Charlotte. 3 afternoon 27 Thursday ..Prinee of Wales 3 3 afternoon 28.. Friday. Lady Charlotte. 5 morning 20 Saturday Prinee of W ales 5 morning Carriages and Horses must be along side an hour and laalf Previous to the lime of Sailing,otherwise they cannot be Shipped, in eousequonce of Lacking through the New Doàs. FARII,S:-After Cabin, 6s.-Fore Cabin, 3s. Children nnder 12 Years of Age, lIalf-price.-Dogs, Is. each., A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Your Wheel Carriage, 21s. ditto Pheaton or Gig. 10s. 6d Two Wheel, drawn hy One Horse and Driver. 19s; Horse and ltider. After Cabin," 10s. Horse and Rider, tore Cabin, 8s. (jd. Sheep, Pigs, and Calves, Is. 6d. each. Carriages, Horses, Cattle, and Goods, will be subject to Landing and Wharfages, at Bute Docks." *J* Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the PlUNCE OF WALKS, to be sent to No. 12. Quay Street, or te ltobert Chaplin, Cumberland Hasin Locks j and for the LADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street lIall, Marsh Street, r jst ol Good* will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets *t the expense of the Companies. TI„„ Mertkur, Newbridge, Aberdare. Cou-bridge. Bridgend, Llan- tfiutnt, and Caerphilly.—Goods forwarded to these Places in ■prine Waegons and Leek up Canal Boats immediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular, onveyance. in which «a.e they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freight to be paid on delivery. Goods, Packages, Parcels, &c., forwarded to all parts of the Kingdom without delay, when sent to either of their Steam I'aeket Officcs in Cardiff or Bristol. u„ Further knfortnalion as lo Freight, wiU be readily o y applying t* the Agents, Mr. Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff or to Mr. G. C. Glasson, Agent, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the 1 OF W ¡\ L ES. Packet-and of Mr Donovan, atthe Packet Office, onthc harf, Cardiff-'or to Mr. W. B. Owen, 29. Avon Crescent, Hotwells, Bristol,fonhe LADY CH A IlLO T TL Packet. NOTICK. The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Ijuggaie. nor will they be answerable for any Goods, Packages, Or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire. Leakage or otherwise) Unless Hooked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s.,unlcssentired atits value, and Carriage in proportion paid for the same, at the time of Hookmg —Goods Consigned to order, or not taken away before Six o'clock in the •veaine of the day of landing, will be warehoused at the risk and *xpense of the consignees. All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight and charges due thereon, hut also for all previously unsatisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets, Disputed weights re measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed unless a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TOWN OF CARDIFF. To be Sold by Private Contract, A SUBSTANTIAL and Well-built HOUSE, in CHARLOTTE-STREET, CARDIFF, NO. 32, now in the occupation of Mr. Daniel Williams, with a small DWELL- ING HOUSE behind the same, in the occupation of Mr. William Rosser. The House consists of a Parlour, Kitchen, Cellar, Three Bed-rooms, and a large Garret. The Premises are held under a Lease for the Term of 999 Years, subject to a Ground Rent of £2 10s. per Annum. Further particulars may be obtained at the Office of Mr. E. P. Richards, Solicitor, Cardiff. 30th March, 1843. LONDON MARKETS. GENERAL AVERAGE PRICES OF CO (N. per Quarter computed from the Inspectors' Returns. GENERAL AVERAGE. s. d. s. d. Wheat 47 2 Bye 29 3 Barley 2d 4 Beans. 26 3 Oats 17 7 Peas 28 11 Oats 17 7 Peas. 28 11 DUTY ON FOREIGN CORN. s. d. s d. Wheat 20 0 Rye 1 I 6 Bsrley 9 0 Beans 11 6 Oats 8 0 Peas 1' f> CORN EXCHANGli—Monday. ^HEAT..Essex, Kent,and Suffolk red 40s — 51s Ditto .white 51s 51- Norfolk and Lincoln. red 40s 4-tis Ditto white 44s — 51s Northumberland and Scotch red —s — —s' Ditto while —s — —s RYE .Old .34s — 37s New. 34s — 37s Brank —s — —s A RLE Y. Grinding.20s — 22s. Distilling 21s — 26s Malting 26s — 28s ™ALT. Brown 52s 64s Pale 54s — 58s Ware 56s — 5Ss BEANS ..Ticks, old and new 28s — 29s Harrow.. 29s s Pigeon 33s — 36s PEAS .Grey. 28s — 30s Maple 30s — 33s White 30s — 33S Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.. Feed '20s — 2*2s Poland.. 19s — 23s Scotch, new. Angus 19s — 2'2s Potato ..19s — '23s Irish, white 18s — 19s Ditto, black 14s — 16s SMITHFIELD MARKETS—Monday. Statement ar.d Comparison of the Supplies and Prices of Fat 'tock. Exhibited and Sold in Smithfield Cattle Market, on Monday, April. 4, 1842,and Monday, April. 3, 1843. April. 4, 1842. April. 3. 1843. s. d. s. d. s. d. a. d Coarse and inferior Beasts. 3 2 to 3 4.2 8 2 10 ^Qnd quality ditto 3 6 3 10.3 0 3 4 rime large Oxen 3 10 4 0.3 0 3 8 rinie Scots, 8tc. 4 0 4 4.3 10 4 2 °*rse and inferior Sheep 2 10 3 4.2 10 3 0 *cond quality ditto 3 6 4 0.3 2 3 4 **r»inecoarse woolled ditto 4 3 4 8.3 6 3 10 *^riine Southdown ditto 4 8 4 10.4 0 4 2 !axbs. 6 2 7 2.5 4 6 4 Jaf £ e coarse Calves 4 4 4 0.4 0 4 8 "me small ditto 4 10 5 6.4 10 5 2 Jlarge Hogs S 4 4 0.3 4 3 10 eat Imall Porkers. 4 4 5 2.4 0 4 6 SUPPLIES. Beasts 8,119 2 474 Sheep and Lambs. 22,466 24,240 Calves.. 61 75 3&7 437 NOTICES, &c. NOTICE. THE AUCTION Advertised to be held at the BOOT INN, in ABERDARE, GLAMORGANSHIRE, on the Thirteenth of APRIL next, for the SALE of the TIMBER on the LLWYDCOED ESTATE, is POST- PONED. Dated, March 27, 1843. INCUMBENCY WANTED, FOR ST. DAVID'S CHURCH, LIVERPOOL. AN INCUMBENT of sound piety, ministerial ability, and active habits. The Church is endowed with £ 113 per annum, exclusive of the Pew Rents. Duties-Two full Services in the Welsh Language and one in the English each Sabbath day. Applications and testimonials to be sent on or before Wednesday, the 19th April, 1843. Address, postage paid, to J. Richards, Chadwick Mount, Everton Valley, Liverpool. ESTABLISHED SIXTY YEARS. J. SCin^EFpf & Co.'s SODA WATER & LEMONADE, Principal Mannfactory, BERNER'S STREET, LONDON, Branch Manufactories, LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL FRIAR GATE, DERBY, And for the supply of the Counties of Somerset, Wilts, North Devon, Gloucester, and the Principality of Wales, at 20, BRIDGE-STREET, BRISTOL. THE constantly increasing demand for the above Waters, have, as might naturally be expected, produced a num- ber of Rivals and Competitors, some of whom, both in the Metropolis and in the provinces, attempt an ephemeral celebrity, by surreptitiously assuming the name of the above Firm, both on their bottles and labels. The Public are, therefore, respectfully cautioned to ascertain that NO OTHER names than those of J. SCHWEPPE & Co., arc on the labels,-such alone are Genuine. These well-known Waters are constantly used by Her Majesty and His Royal Highness Prince Albert, at Windsor and Buckingham Palaces, (by virtue of a Special Royal appointment) as well as by the principal Nobility and Gentry of the United Kingdom, and universally recommended by the leading faculty. J. S. & Co., also aerated Potass and Magnesia Waters, as well as a LIQUID MAGNESIA, in Bottles at Is., 2s., and 4s. 6d. each. This-latter preparation is highly approved of as an agreeable correction of Acidity. J. S. & Co. are the largest Importers of German Seltzer Water in Quarts and Pints. SIXTH EMIGRANT SHIP. FOR ALGOA BAY, CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, Clears out on th* 5th of .M/l y, THE VERY "MK FIRST-CLASS FAST-SAILING COITERED SHIP, BOWES OF STREATLAM, A.I., Burthen 550 Tons, HENRY FRENCH, COMMANDER, LYING IN THE LONDON DOCKS. This fine Vessel has very superior Accommodation for Cabin, Intermediate, and Steerage Passengers, her height between Decks above G feet, and carries an experienced Surgeon. For Freight and Passage, apply to Mr. J. S. Christophers, East India Chambers, Leadenhall Street. BRITANNIA LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY No 1. PR1 NCR's STREET, BANK, I.ON DON. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament IV. Viet. cap. IX DIRECTORS. William Ilardgett, 1.1 sq I Robert Trillion, Esq. Sa mue I 1Jevingt 0\1, Rq Erasmus Hoht. F oste r, Esq, Wm. Fecliney Black, Esq Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. John Brightman, Esq I Peter Morrison, Esq. George Cohen, Esq Henry Lewis Sinafe, Esq Millis Coventry, Esq Thomas Teed, Esq. John Drewett, Esq AUDITORS. J. B. Bevington, Esq.—F. 1'. Cockcrill, Esq.—J. D. Dow, Esq. MEDICAL OFFICER. John Clendinning,M D. F.H S., 16. Wimpole St., Cavendish Sq. STANDI NO COUNSEL. The Hon. John Ashley, New Square, Lincoln's Inn. -Mt.Serjeant Murphy, M P., Temple. SOLICITOR. William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. flANKERS- Messrs. Drowott and Fowler, Princes Street, Rank. This Institution is empowered by a Special Act of Parliament, and is so constituted as to afford the benefits of Life Assurance in their fullest extent to Policv-Hohiers, and to present greater facilities and accommodation than are usually offered by other Companies. The decided superiority of its plan, and its claim to public prcfcvcnce and support, have been proved incoutestably, by its extraordinary alld unpircedented success. A ssurances may either he effected by Parlies on their own Lives, or by Parties interested therein on the Lives of others The efirct of an Assurance on a person's own life is to create at once a Property in Reversion, which can by no other means be realized. Take, for instance, the case of a person at the age of Thirty, who by the payment of 51. 3s. 4tl. to the Britannia Life Assuiance Company, can become at once possess. d of a hI quealhahle property, amounting to WOOL., subject only to the condition of his continuing the same payment quarterly during the remainder of his life,-a condition which may be fulfi led by the mere saving of EIGIIT SHILLINGS weekly in his expenditure Thlls, by the exertion of a very slight degree of economy-snch indeed, as can scarcely be ft,1t as an inconvenience, he may at once realize a capital of 10001., which he can bequeath or dis- pose of in any way he may think proper. A Board of Directors m attendance daily at Two o clock. PETER MORRISON, Esq., Uesidellt J)ireclor. Detailed Prospectuses, and every requisite information as to the mode of effecting Assuiances, may be obtained upon appli- cation tu the follow ing AGENTS— N F.w POUT Mr R. Jenkins. TREDEGAR Mr. George Harrhy, Bank. C I I F, Ps,l,o %V NJ,. J. L. Baldwyn, Solictor MONMOUTH M R. T. George, Solicitor. Blair's Gout and Rheumatic Pills. To lvir. Pront 229, Strand, Frimlry, near Ragslfot, Surrey, FdHuary l4-th. 181-2. CJIR—Having suffered much f/f% k"} from acute Rheumatism, ll' filly 1 was induced ttv try your Blair's ""S- Pills. and beg to bear my humble   testimony to their efncacy, not     own case, but in several of my friends who have taken them on my recommenda tion. I am, Sir, your obliged, JOHN GILES. The never-failing effects of Blaii's Gout and Hheumatic Pills, curing every description of Gout or B helllllatism, has secured to them a celebrity unequalled by any medicine of past or present times. They not only give rdief in a few hours, where the patient has been driven nearly to madness by excruciating tor- tures, but restore to perfect health in an inconceivably shott space of time. See Testimonials of Lieut. Masters (of Hawley, near Bagshot), late at the Royal Newfoundland Veteran Companies, who was invalided home by a garrison order; the Rev. Dr. Blom- herg the Chevalier de la Garde; Mr. Miskin, Dartford; Mrs. Chambers, Maidstone, &c., &c., which demonstrate this prepa- ration to be one of the greatest discoveries in Medicine. They are equally speedy and certain in Rheumatism, either chronic or acute, lumbago, sciatica, pains in the head and face, and indeed for every rheumatic or gouty affection in fact, such has been the rapidity, perfect ease, and complete safety of this medicine, that it has astonished all who have taken it, and there is not a city, town, or village in the kingdom, hut contains many grateful evidences of the benign influence of this medicine. The efficacy of Blair's Gout and Hheumatic Pills is unparalleled for I the foregoing diseases, and it must be consolatory to the afflicts d with Gout to be assured that it possesses the property of prevent ing the disease flying to the stomach, brain, or other vital part. Sold by Thomas Piout, 229, Strand, London; and by his ap- pointment by Mr. T. Stephens, druggist, Merthyr fydvil Mr. Phillips, Cardiff; Mr. Farror, Monmouth Mr. Williams, Brecon; Mr. Williams, Newport and all respectable Medicine Venders throughout the united Kingdom. Price 2, 9d. per box. Ask for BLAIK'S GOUT AND RHEUMATIC PILLS, and observe the name and address of Thomas Prout,229, Strand, London," impressed upon the Government Stamp affined to each ox of the Geuuiae Mediciae. SALES. GLAMORGANSHIRE. MOST IMPORTANT SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c. W. M 0 RRI S Has the honor to announce, that he has received instructions from the Executors of the late Mrs. MARKHAM, TO SELL BY AUCTION, At NASH HOUSE, distant about Two Miles from the Town of COWBRIDGE, On Wednesday, the 19th APRIL, 1843, anclfollotVing days, THE WHOLE OF THE VALUABLE AND WELL-PRESERVED HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE; Linen; Dairy and JLI Brewing Requisites, and a well-selected collection of BOOKS. The Drawing-room Furniture include Sofa and Pillows; Couch 10 Arm-chairs and Cushions Mahogany pillar and claw, Card, and Work Tables; very handsome fire, hand, and folding Screens 3 Pier and I Chimney Glass, in gilt frames; Window Curtains and Poles Carpet and Hearth Rug; Fender and Fire Irons; Pope Joan Board and Counters; 2 Draft Boards, Chess Men, &c. In the Dining-room are 12 Mahogany Chairs, with puce colored horse-hair Seats; 2 Elbow ditto, and Sofa and Cushions to match; a very handsomely,carved Cheffioneer Escritoir; Cellaret; Teapoy; Ottoman and Stools Set of Mahogany Dining Tables, with circular ends; Oval ditto, and 2 Sofa ditto Bookshelves Globe 2 Ebony Inkstands, and Candle Stand; Fire Screens; Hearth Brush Fender and Fire Irons an excellent Brussels Carpet, and 2 Hearth Rugs; Moreen Window Curtains and Poles; Window Blinds and Rollers; a large Mirror, in gilt frame a well- toned Piano-forte, and Music Stool. In Library, a Sofa; 2 Mahogany Tables; 3 Mahogany Chests of Drawers; 2 Fire-screens; Weather Glass Portable Desk; White Vase; Inkstand, Paint and Tool Boxes, &c. Butler's Pantry and Housekeeper's Room, 1 Plated Sauce and Spirit Castor; I pair branch Candlesticks 7 Bed Candlesticks 3 pair Dishes, with handles; 2 Teapots a Water Jug; 1 Egg-hold a taper Candlestick 10 De- canter Stands; 1 pair of Asparagus Tongs; a pair of German Silver Sugar Tongs 2 pair Nutcrackers 12 Dessert Knives and Forks; pair Grape Tongs; a large Skewer; an Urn and Salver; Set of Ivory-Handled Knives and Forks; Dessert ditto; Melon and Cheese Knives, and black and buckhorn-liandled Knives and Forks; breakfast and Tea China Dinner Ware Jugs and Cups Set of Green Dessert Service; ditto of Stone 2 Sandwich Boards, with Services of Wedgewood and Stone Blanchmanche Moulds Bread Pans and Covers, and sundry other articles of Ware Mahogany and Japan Dinner, Cheese, and Tea Trays, and Stand; Knife and Candle Boxes; 2 Copper Urns; Plate Warmer; Corner and other Cupboards; 8 Chairs, with feather Seats 2 Mahogany Tables; Pier Glass; Fender and Fire Irons; Carpet and Hearth Rug. The Glass are a general assortment, including 7 quart and 2 Pint Decanters; Glass Dishes and Plates; Saltsellers; Butter Tubs and Coolers Water Bottles Tumblers Wine; Jelly; Custard; Syllabub, and Finger Glasses; Scent Bottle 2 Chandeliers and Flower Stand Table and Hand Lamps Lamp Glasses, and 2 Glass Lanthorns. The Linen and Bedding are a considerable number Of Breakfast and Dinner Cloths, and Napkins Chamber and Kitchen Towels; Doyleys and Toilet Covers about 40 pair of Linen and Cotton Sheets; 15 pair of Blankets; 3 large Marseilles Quilts, and 6 Counterpanes 15 Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows; 2 Hair Mattresses 7 Wool ditto and 4 Palliasses. The up-stairs Furniture comprise 7 four-post Bedsteads, with Satin, Moreen, Chintz, and Dimity Furniture 3 Tent ditto and Furniture: 2 Press and 1 Slope ditto 10 Maho- gany and Painted Washstands and Ware; 11 ditto Dressing Tables; Swing Pole, and Shaving Glasses; 4 Night Com- modes 3 Mahogany and Painted Wardrobes 9 Chests of Drawers 4 Bureaus and Drawers; Escritoir and Drawers Hanging Press; Towel Horses; Fire Guards; 2 Easy Chairs; Rushbottom and other Bed-room Chairs; Slipper Bath; Footpans and Water Jugs Rushlight Stand Curtains and Poles Bedside and Stair Carpetting Passage Matting Floor Cloth, &c. In the Kitchen, Scullery, &c., are 3 Deal and I Oak Table 4 Benches; Mangle; Meat Chest; an Eight-day Time- piece; an Eight-day Clock, in Mahogany Case; Linen Chest; Nest of Drawers; Meat Screen; several dozen Pewter Plates and Dishes; 12 tin Dish Covers; Copper and Wooden Coal-boxes; Copper Teakettles; Stew and Pre- serving Pans Fish-kettles; Boilers, Saucepans, and other Culinary articles; Trussels and Ironing Board; Folding and other Clothes' Horses Warming Pan, Pestles, and Mortars Steelyards, Scales, and Weights; Brass and Iron Candle- sticks; Bed-room and Kitchen Fenders and Fire Irons, &c. Dairy and Brewhouse, a Cheese Press Box and Upright Churns; Cheese Vats, Milk Pails and Yokes ;'a number of White Ware, Milk Pans; 2 ditto Churns and Cream Pan, with Tub, Butter Trundles, Bowls, and Skimmers Brass Pans, Butter Scales, and Prints Meat Safe and Flour Bin Lead and Stone Salting Tables Salting Tubs and Benches; 3 large Upright Casks, and 8 other ditto; Mash Tubs; Coolers; Pails; Tubs; Carry Cows; Sieves; Bowls; Buckets; Brass Kettle; Filtering Stone; several dozen BoLtles, Baskets, &c., &c. Stable and Outhouses, 2 Men's Saddles; 2 Side ditto; several Bridles, Collar, and Chains; Corn Bin; Saddle Stand; Carriage Jack Wheelbarrows, Pikes, Rakes, Hav- knives, &c., &c. At the same time will be Sold, Two Close Carriages, and Harness, in very excellent condition and a large Collection of Books, in good preservation, by some of the best Authors, amongst which are Rees's Encyclopnedia, in 39 Volumes, complete Scott's Works; Pope's, Milton's, Burzis's, &c., of which a list will be furnished at the time of Sale. The Auctioneer respectfully solicits an early attendance, as the Sale will commence each day at ELEVEN o'clock in the Forenoon precisely. PILLOW E NLLY, III the Borough of Newport, and County of Monmouth. ONE OF THE MOST DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PREMISES, EVER OFFERED FOR SALE BY AUCTION. Mr. S. H. LONG, Begs leave most respectfully to inform Capitalists and Inn- keepers that he will submit to competition, on MONDAY, APRIL 24th, 1843, at the TREDEGAR ARMS INN, in the Town of NEWPORT, punctually at Four o'Clock in the Afternoon, (unless Disposed of in the mean time by Private Contract, of which due Notice will be given), subject to such Conditions as will be then produced THE Well-accustomed and Established NAVIGATION- HOUSE, at present a Beer Shop, (but the Auctioneer would most respectfully suggest that a Spirit License may speedily be obtained) situate at Pillgwenlly, held under a Lease from the Tredegar Wharf Company, 64 years of which are unexpired, at a moderate Ground Hent. Comprising on the first floor an excellent Brew-house, 22ft. by 11 Kitchen, I Ift. by 10; Cellar, 16ft. by 8; and a Pantry. The second floor comprises a Tap-room, 22ft. by 11; Parlour, lift, by 11; Bar, HfCbyS; and a China Pantry. The third floor or suit of Bedrooms are four in number, one 15ft. by 9, and three lift, by 8. The Frontage of the House are 31ft. but the extent of Frontage of the said Leasehold Premises are 91ft. and is capable of erecting several Dwelling-house or Shops. The Auctioneer begs leave, without arrogation, to assert, that the above Property is, without exception, according to its Locality, dimensions, capability of improvements, its contiguity to the Canal and Tram Roads which leads to the splendid, unrivalled, and magnificent Floating Dock, as well as the centre of the several Shipping Departments of all the great Mercantile Interests, Shipping Yards, &c., of this Emporium of South Wales, and is decidedly one of the most desirable properties ever offered to a discerning public. For a view of the premises, or for further particulars, apply, if by letter, post-paid, to the Auctioneer, 26, Cross House, Stow Terrace, Newport, Monmouthshire. AN ANTE-DILUVIAN TOAD.-Oil Saturday week, while some workmen were employed at their avocation in Boag Quarry, near Stevenston, they, on breaking up a piece of rock, found a toad imbedded in the mass. On being re- leased from its prison-house, it lay motionless for several minutes, but eventually became animated, and at present is quite lively. It is very large, and somewhat dffierent in appearance from the common toad. The curious may see it, in the possession of Mr. William Logan, Steveustou.-Avr Advertiser« NOTICES, &c. CARDIFF TURNPIKE DISTRICT. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT the TOLLS arising at the Several TOLL GATES within this District, WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the best Bidder, at the CARDIFF ARMS INN, in the Town of CARDIFF, on SATURDAY, the 29th day of APRIL next, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon, in the manner directed by the Actii passed in the Third and Fourth Years of the Reign of His late Majesty King George the Fourth, For regulating Turnpike Roads," which Tolls produced the last year above the Expenses of Collecting them the following Sums, viz.— The East, West, North, Crwysbwchan, Llandaff Gates, and Radyr Chain jE2060 The Porsed Gate 73 The Pwllypant and Grernygaiach Gates 188 -1 And the said Tolls will be put up at such Sums, but should the said East, West, North, Crwysbwchan, Llandaff Gates, and Radyr Chain not be let in one lot, they will be put up again, separately whoever happens to be the best bidder must, at the same time, pay One Month in advance (if required) of the Rent at which such Tolls may be let, and give Security with sufficient Sureties to the satisfaction of the Trustees of the said District, for Payment of the rest of the Money Monthly, or in such other proportions as shall be directed. The Rent to commence on the Sixth day of May next, on which day possession will be given. WILLIAM JENKINS, Cardiff, 27th March, 1843. Clerk to the Trustees