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GLAMORGANSHIRE CANAL. „F ARRIVALS. iI ELlGA N, Roach, Falmouth, ballast. Active, Morgan r Milford, light. Sally, Roberts, Bridgwater, timber Friend&, Bryant, ditto, light Martha, Jones, Minehead. ore Maria Elizabeth. Frage, Elsfleth, ballast Anna Agatha, De Beor Rotterdam ditto Three Sisters, Newport, cement. Messenger; Hughes, London, sundries Mathilda, Weydeman* 1 Bremen, ballast.Hoop, Kathiler, Groningen, ditto.Ocean Corbet, llfracombe, ditto. Fly, Scanall, Carmarthen, oat* Friends, Crockford, Bridgwater, light.Comet, Bead, While- > haven, ballast Coronation, Stevens, Bideford. ditto. Castle, Morgan, Bristol, sundries. fireeze, Ragsley, Bideford, ballast. John George, Gulliford, Bridgwater,flour. Liver- pool Packet, Westlake, Watch-t, sundries Bowina, Beize,. Amsterdam, ballast Friends, Wright. Bristol, sundries. William, Smith, Gloster, pig iron. Orb, Knight, P..I. ballast.Donegal, Elson, Exeter, dhto.Prosperity, Chitds., Gloster, fruit. Enfield, Welch, Yarmouth, flour Lark* iayo, Gloster, fruit.Margaret, Jonea, Cork, sundries. DEPAHTURES. r.-i ANNA AGATHA, De Beor, Rotterdam, tin and iroii.i. Heligan, Roach, Oporto, iron.Vansktart, Down. Rotterdam, iron.Ann, Thomas, Bristol, ditto.Three Sisters. Fifoot, Newport, light. William, Fisher. Waterford. coal. Sally* Roberts, Bridgwater, ditto Bellona, Hoskins, Faversbam* iron.Moderator, Westfake, V, atchet, coal. Fly, Scannall, Carmarthen, illarllia, Jones. Bristol, iron Fly, Ayland.MJloster, coal. Elizabeth. Pernil, Liverpool, iron. Comet, Head, ditto, ditto. Elizabeth, Rogers, Bristol, ditto.. Active, Morgan, Liverpool, iron and tin Frifinds, Crockford Bridgwater. coal. Ci)iiimerce, Hart, Bristol, coal. Ninible, Phillips, Oporto, iron Maria Elizabeth, Frage, Bremen, ditto. Coronation, Stevens, Bideford, coal. Laxey Mines, Cubborn, Liverpool, iron, Friends, Bryant. Bridgwater, roal .John George, Gulliford, ditto, ditto.Hoop. Kleirs. Am- stcrdam, iron. Lark, Mayo, Gloster, coal. Margaret, Jones, Cork. coal George and Henry, Flahagen, ditto.William, and Henry, Heigh, New Ross, ditto Wiliiam.' Sm'iLli, Gloster, ditto.Sky Lark, Evans, Liverpool tin. ¡i" 6 PORTH CAWL SHIPPING LIST. r. I SSSEST ARRIVALS. SOPHIA, Cobbledick, Padstow, ballast. Two bothers,. Peters, Falmouth, Valentine, Goose, Jefsey. ditto. Zenobia. Lucas, Plymouth, ditto. Jane and Mary, Philips Barrow, iron ore.Sarah, Arr, Bristol, sundries Iris, Wedlock, Swansea, ballast. Albion, Vigors, ditto. «litto.• •••• Oreston, Bright, ditto, ditto. Ant, Todd, ditto, ditto. DEPARTURES. IBEX. Davis, Port Talbot,iron.Superior, Quick; Plymouth, coal Elizabeth, Prcwett, Bristol, ditto John and Elizabeth, Fisher, Bideford, ditto.Sophia, Cobbledick, Padstow, ditto. t LLANELLY SHIPPING LIST. :¡i'l/b 11.1 ¡/I FFIW58N»Y ARRIVALS. JOHN AND H ANN AH, l'rokenshirc, Padstow, grain.Mary's Helena, Osbourn, Chester, bricks. Hercules (s.), Hoberts, Bristol, sundries. Henry, Llewellyn, ditto, ditto. u. William. Williams, Swansea, copper ore Wasp, Davies, Liverpool, ditto. f,ady Mary. Ley, Plymouth, ballikst. Hope, Alurpliy, Gloster, ditto.Glory, Owen. Cardigan, ditto. Fly, Scanall, Cardiff, ditto. Ageitoria, Larkin, Wexford, ditto. Victoire Eugene, Flambcrt, Cherbourg, ditto. Hylton, Heay, Honfieur, ditto.Canning, Slater, Charcnta, ditto. Nimble, Penquite, Guernsey, ditto. DEPARTURES. MARIA, Hughes, A ml wch, coal. Marchioness of Anglesey., Hughes, ditto, ditto. I iidustry, Mendus, Ross, ditto. Her- cules, Harries, Dublin, ditto Swan, Hughes, Bridgwater. ditto. and Jane, Rowley, Padstow, ditto. Drogalty, Bowcn, London, ditto.Hopewell, Jones, Portmadoc, ditto.. Langford, Bevan, Plymouth, ditto.Albion, illorgaiis, ditto, ditto Richard and Ann, Pile, ditto, ditto Carnauton. Brabyn, St. Ives, ditto. Par, Elery, Fowey, ditto. Hegent, Gange, Gannel, ditto.Shepherd, Llewellyn, Truro, ditto. Ranger, Griffiths, Waterford. ditto. W illi»m, John, ditto, ditto. Three Brothers, Harry, Carmarthen, ditto. Sarah Ann Treharne, Morgans, Laugharne, ditto. Lark, Griffiths, ditto, ditto.Despatch, Winter, Littlehampton, ditto. Comet, Mitchel, Southampton, ditto Ann, Bentley, Barn staplo, ditto. Emily, Thomas, Bristol, copper ore. tierctiles" Roberts, d:tto. ditto. Saturday, April 1, 1843. Published by the sole Proprietor HENRY WERBEB, at Woodfield House, in the Parish of. Saint John, in the Town of Cardiff and County of Glamorgan, and Printed by him at his General Printing Office, in Duke-street, in the said Parish of Saint John, in the Town and County aforesaid. Advertisements & Orders received by the following Agents- LONDON Mr. Barker, 33, Fleet-street; Messrs. Newton and Co., 5, Warwick-square; Mr. G. lleynell, 42, Chancery- lane Mr. Deacon, 3, Walbrook, near the Mansion House Mr. Joseph Thomas, 1, Finch-lane, Cornhill Mr. Ham- mond, 27, Lombard-street; Mr. C. Barker, 12, Birchin- lane W. Dawson and Son, 74, Cannon-street, City and Messrs. Parratt and Mearson, llj, Welington-street, North, Strand.. ABERGAVENNY Mr. C. R. Phillips, Auctioneer BREUON Mr. William Evans, Ship-street BRIDGEND Mr. David Jenkills CHETSTOW Mr. Taylor CRICKIIOWELL Mr. T. Williams, Post-Office LLANDOVERY Mr. William Rees, Post-Office LLANDAFF Mr. J. Huckwell, Registrar's-Ojfice ..Mr. White, Bookseller and Stationer NEWPORT Mr. G. Oliver, Stationer, Commercial-street NEATH Mr. William Prichard Rees, Green-street NEWBRIDGE Mr. Thomas Williams, Ironmonger SWANSEA Mr. T. Shepherd, Chemist, Wind-street USK Mr. J. H. Clark, Printer and Stationer And by all Postmasters and Clerks of the Roads. This Paper is regularly tiled in London at Lloyd's Coffee House, City.—Peel's Coffee-House, Fleet. Street. The Chapter Coffee-House, St. Paul's.—Deacon's Coffee-House Witlbrook, u.a ni lojsiiti

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