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NEWPORT. POLlCB APPOINTMENTS.—On Friday last P.C. Huxtable and P.C. Harlow were appointed day and night sergeants, vice Sergeant Cormack, who has been removed to the Risca district; and Thomas Hopkins, son of the Superintendent, to be police.constable No. 8 in the Newport force. INCOME TAX.—The Commissioners were occupied the whole of Friday and Saturday last, at the King's Head IAn, Newport, hearing appeals against this tax. CAERLEON MONTHLY MARKET.—This market on Monday- last was tolerably well attended. There was a plentiful supply of stock, but few buyers. Beef fetched 5d. to 5^d. per lb. mutton, 5d. to 6d. per lb.; and pigs, 6s. per score. TOWN HALL, NEWPORT.—MONDAY. [Befrre the Mayor, Thomas Hawkins, and Thos. Hughes, Esquires.] Wilt the Whistler," whose performances in the whistling department has made him a perfect nuisance in the town, department has made him a perfect nuisance in the town, was placed at the bar, charged with making use of one of the stalls in Mr. Lloyd's stables as a bed-room on Sunday night, without the consent of the landlord. Upon his pro- rpising to leave the town he was discharged. FELONIES. A red headed rascal, named Patrick Macnamara, was placed at the bar? charged with four several distinct and separate charges of felony. The first case was that of STEALING A HE\RT from Mr. Edward Hicks, of Commercial-street, butcher, who on Friday night last lost it from off the rail in front of his shop. It appeared from the evidence that the prisoner was seen to unhook the heart from off the rail of Mr. Hicks's shop on Friday night, about nine o'clock, with which he ran off down Commercial-street, pursued by several persons shouting—" stop thief." The cry reached the ears of P.C. Hayward and Pennymore, who apprehended the prisoner, Upon searching him a piece of beef was found in his pocket, Tyhi<$had been taken off the rail the same time as the cow's heart, P.ung the CQa,li ftGf the prisoner, & youngster, named Williams, saw him throw away the heart, which he (the witness) picked up and gave to P.C. Hayward, who produced the same before the magistrates, and it was, as was also the piece of beef, identified by Mr. Hicks as his property. The prisoner was committed to take his trial. Mr. Thomas Woollett appeared in support of three other charges against the prisoner. The first, for stealing from the house of Mr. Henry Collier, of Commercial-street, on the 2nd of February, one Mackintosh, one great coat, the ptQpei'ty pf a relative of Mr. Collier's; and one umbrella, the property o^ Mi'r Collier hirpself. The evidence adduced went to show that the property was stolen from Mr. Collier's passage on the night of the 2nd instant, and the Mackintosh found upon the prisoner at the time of his apprehension exactly answered the description of the one lost; and Mr. Collier swore, as to his belief, that it was the same but the magistrates thought they could not commit the prisoner upcn this charge, and left it open to the parties to indict the prisoner at the assizes, when therp wotyltj Qf; chance of producing the owner, who was now in London, and'who probably could satisfactorily identify the property, The second was a charge against the prisoner for stealing, on the 7th inst., from Mr, Collier, a box of tho very best and most delicious cigars, 24s. per box, prime cost in Lon- don, besides carriage. The other charge was preferred by Mr. Henry Symons, of Commercial-street, against the prisoner, for stealing, on the 21st of January, two boxes of prime cigars. The three boxes of cigars were found by Sergeant Huxta- ble under the bed of the prisoner, in his bed-room, at his lodgings, and sjrejre identified rey clearly both by Afr. Coilier and Mr, Symons; but it was proved in evidence th^t the prisoner slept in a double-bedded room, occupied by other parties, who at all times had access thereto, and might ha, e placed the cigars therein. Mr. Woollett called Mr. Stephen Masters, who proved that the prisoner, on Thursday or Friday last, offered him cigars for sale, and requested him to ask his (witness's) brother, who keeps the Parrott Inn, if he wanted any, as he had some for sale, and would sell them either by the hundred or the box. The magistrates did not consider the evidence sufficiently strong to cbufVict upQi)., and tfye pv^quer therefore stoftd committed upon the first case only. EBBW YALE, BURGLARY. -A most daring burglary was committed on Wednesday, the 8th inst., between the hours of one and five o'clock in the morning, at the residence of Mrs. Ann Brown, widow of the late Mr. W. Brown, mill-agent at Ebbw Vale iron-works. A pane of glass was broken, and the window-hasp unfastened. The parties having made their entrance through the window, succeeded in getting off with four silver spoons, marked J. A. B. twelve silk hanj^kej-pbiefs, one work-box, a case of lancets and razorSj to- gether with every thing "eatatjlp found in tho house' of the lady, who is nearly eighty years of age. The greater praise is due to Mr. Irwin, surgeon of the works, who, at six o'clock the same morning, in company with Mr. Alcock, mill-agent, and Mr. Rosser, cashier of the works, found part of the property, by tracing the burglars through the anow, over the mountains to Tredegar, where information wai^iven to the police officers, who, it is hoped, will succeed in bringing the parties to justice. Lieut. Col, Sir Digby Mackworth, Bart., was sworn into office as High Sheriff tor this county. We understand that the gallant baronet has appointed A. Waddihgton, Esq., of Usk, his Under-Sheriff. Mr. John Rogers, of Danypark farm, near this place, left his house on Saturday morning last, at six o'clock, and at seTe4 o'clock he was found drowned in the canal, near his house, An inquest was held on the body, before E. Davis, Esq., coroner. Verdict Found drowned." At a meeting of the rate-payers of Chepstow held on Thursday, the Churchwardens accounts were examined and passed, and the usual rate to meet the expenses of the cur- rent year, was granted without the least opposition. FATAL ACCIDENT.-As the Bristol Mail was on its way to this town, on Monday evening, an accident, which has since terminated fatally, occurred to a little bqy only six years of age, named S»miiel Case, It appears that when the coach had reached Cross Hands, the poor little fellow ran partly across the road, and being called to bv the coachman, was, it is supposed frightened, and endeavoured to run back but in so doing, came in contact with the shoulder of the off-leader, which threw him under the off-fore-wheel. Mr. Mills, the coachman, pulled up before the hind wheel could pass over the boy, who was picked up, and conveyed to his father's house, where notwithstanding he received every attention, he died on the following day. An inquest was held on the body on Friday, at the White Horse, near the Qld Passage, before W. Joyner EUis, Esq., Coroner, aud a respectable jury, when a verdict of "Accidental Death, and a deodand of Is. on the coach," was returned. No blame whatever can be attributed to the coachman, who has since contributed to the wants of the poor family, and exerted himself to raise a sub- scription on their behalf. The gentlemen who were passen- gers by the mail when the accident occurred, offered to draw up and sign a statement to the effect that the unfortunate occurrence was purely the result of accident.- Beacon. An account e COAL and IRON brought down the Mon- i4otithrhire Ganal Company's Tram-roads and Canal, from the 6th to the 11th February, 1843. Tram Road. Canal. COAL. ——————- -——— Tons. Cwt. Tons. Thomas Powell. 710 10 Thomas Prothero 676 14 Martin Morrison 854 11 350 Rock Coal Company Rosser Thomas & Co. 793 11 Thomas Phillips & Son W. S. Caftwright 57 8 Penllwyn Coal Company.. James Poole Jun 267 I Joseph Latch & Co 388 2 Tredegar Coal Company 588 16 Latch and Cope. John P.;well & Co 3 11 5 Joseph Jpnes John Jones Roger Lewis 400 10 Clements and Jones Benjamin Young. 65 10 R. J. BleW!tt 75 Mon. Iron and Coal Company 125 John Yipond Richard Morrison 25 James Treasure. 438 2 R. Thomas Pentwyn and Golynos Company. Ryce Davies 83 3 H. Phillips Rosser Williams TramRoad. I Canal. IRON. -————— ————— Tons. Cwt. Tons. Cwt. Tredegar Iron Company 213 5 I Rhvmney Iron Company 356 11 ) Harford, Davies, and Co Cwmcelvn and Blaina Co 48 19 I Coalbrook Vale 116 10 Ebbw Vale Co 518 13 I From sundry Works | 1366 10 BRECON INFIRMARY.—Feb. 14, 1843. ————— IN. OUT. Patients remainiqg last Week 5 33 A.dmitted since 1 8 6 41 Cured and Relieved. 1 7 Dead 0 0-1 7 Remaining 5 34 Physician for the ensuing Week Dr. Lucas. Surgeon, &c Mr. Batt. The trials of Feargus o'Conner and the Chartists upon th e indictments against them, which were removed by certiorari from the late special cominiasioll will be tried at Lancaster and not at Liverpool. »


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