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'1. > FOR GOUT, RHEUMATISM, AND RHEUMATIC GOUT.— Simco's Gout aud Rheumatic Pills are a certain and safe remedy they restore tranquillity to the nerves, give tone to the stomach, and strength to the whole system. No other medicine can be compared to these excellent pills, as they prevent the disorder from attacking the stomach or head, and have restored thousands from pain and misery, to health conjfort. Sold by A. Willoughby and Co., late B. G. Windus, 61, Bishopsgate Without, and Jnearly all medicinc vendors, at Is. 14d. or 2s. 9d, per box, AN EXCELLENT MUDICINE.—-Norton's Camomile Pills are confidently recommended as a simple, but certain remedy, to all who suffer from indigestion, sick headach, billious and liver complaints; they act as a powerful tonic and gentle aperient, imparting strength to the stomach, and composure to the nervous system. Sold in bottles at Is.1-d. or 2s. 9d. each, by A. Willoughby & Co., late B. G. Windus, 61, Bishopsgate Without, and nearly all medicine vendors. SUDDEN CONVERSION.—A short time since, as the Rev. C. Rawlins, W esleyn mtpister^ of Shrewsbury, was drawing near the conclusion of his sermon, he suddenly stopped, looked very fierce around him, and vehemently exclaimed, Now those who have made up their minds to go to heaven stand up," when about two-thirds of the congregation stood up, and the other part had considerable difficulty to refrain from laughing at this disgusting freak.— Shropshire Conser- vative. SAILORS' STRIKE.—Sunderland, Feb. 12.—For some time past the seamen of this port have been dissatisfied with the rate of wages they receive (2L. 10s. or 21. 15s. per month), and they have now commenced a "strike," for the purpose of obtaining 3/. per month. On Friday a body of from 200 to 300 entered the shipbuilding vard of Mr. Hutchinson, at which a vessel was fitting-out lor Canada, to compel the sailors who had shipped at the usual rate of wages to leave their work. After remonstrance had failed, the police were sent for, and the men then peaceably left the yard without accomplishing their object. On the following day a proces- sion, numbering some hundreds of sailors, walked down the High-street, the principal thoroughfare of the town, and had a meeting on the Town-moor. Three or four sailors were spokesmen, and urged their shipmates not to sail for a tarthing less than 3/ and threats were held out, that if any saIlor jpioved a a bJack sheep," he should be tarred and feathered, or otherwise roughly handled- The me. ting separated without coming to any resolution, but those present appeared determined to strike" for the proposed advance. On Tuesday Mr. Wakley, M.P., held an inquest at the Coach and Horses, Welbeck-street, Cavendish-square, on the body of Mr. C. Smith, aged 69, of 7, Park-st. Grosvenor- I square. The deceased was brother of the late gallant Sir Sidney Smith. Stephen Stanners, baker, No. 69, Hinde- s ret t, Manchester-square, stated that the deceased, on Satur- day afteroon last, about half-past two o'clock, entered his w#?' Sa^n^' May I allowed to rest for a few moments!" witness, who was behind the counter, said, Certainly," aI} ,efease<^ sat down in a chair, immediately upon doing w nc I he plaped his right arm on the coupter, and resting ."l 'u.^s hand, seemed to faint. Witness thereupon ■is e him if he felt unwell, but he was unable to answer and merely shook his head. A surgeon being instantly sent fo, deceased on his arrival was pronounced to be dead. The Rlght Hon. Yernon Smith, M.P. for Northampton, deposed that the deceased, who was a gentleman of independent furtune, was his uncle. Witness had not seen him for six months, but he had ascertained that deceased left home on Saturday, about one o'clock, being in the enjoyment of his usual good health. The jury returned a verdict of Natural Death."



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