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SINGULAR CASES OF RECOVERY OF HAIR, After 18, 2..ij.dq years' loss. A few attestations (selected from numberies* ptfierf, received during the last forty yurl.) to the virtues of ROWLAND'S MACASSAR Oil.; the originals of which maybe seen at the proprietors. To Messrs. Rowland and Son. 20 Hatton Garden, London. Hiumnums Hotel, Covent Garden, Gentlemen, Feb. 26, 1542. In announcing to you the following corroboration of the efficacy of vour MACASSAR OIL, if by your making it public it will be of any service, I shall consider myself hut returning in a very small degr.ee the great obligation I feel I Ue unilrr to you, and shall be most bappy during my stay in London to satisfy any gentleman who to-tv feel interested in the truth of the fol- lowing —In the 1776 I wtut to JP4 shortly after my arrival therf my hair fell off in considerable quantities, to that I soon became entirely bald in which state I remained until my arrival last year in Atnsrica, and at Boston was induced by reading one of your advertisements to make trial of your MACASSAR OIL, though 1 confess with but little hope of success. After the use of one bottle, I found my hitherto bald head covered with a iort of down continuing the use of the Oil, much to my surprise And gratification, I have now the pleasure to inform yQu. without exaggeration or vanity, that I can bout of asl1ue Ii ha4 of hair as any one nerd to have. I arn, Gentlemen, your grateful Servant. A. M ACKRZ(E. Extract of a Letter directed to Mr. Old royd, Merchant, pf London, from a friend at Naples, dated May 6. 1It23. I must turn your attention to the following::—Capt. Kranshair of I he 4th regiment of the line, in the service of Hi* 1 tnperial Majesty the Emperor of Austria, aged 44 years, has been bald ever since the age of 18.—He wa recommended to try 0, Row- LAND'S MACASSAR OIL," by a gentleman who had already ils good effects he bought some of me of the lut quantity { received from England, and persevered in applying it.— In less thna. tR P.1°nths his hair grew on the bald parts, and now very thick. The paptain is highly pleased and has spread its fame < assure yon, the qtJff"J!for that article is very great, and must beg you to send me a fresh supply without loss of time. Gentlemen,—Having derived essential bfnefit from the use of your MACASSAR OIL, I am induced to send you the particulars, which you are at liberty to make known liS you think proper. Hather more than twelve months since, I made trial of the Oil. though [ confesi with pot much faith, as I had been bald 18 years. It was nearly three.months before any effect was percep- tible when a slight down appeared; at the expiration of livl months hair had grown on the bald part full half an inch long. then had the whole of my head regularly shaved once a week for a considerable period, constanly uling the Oil, night and morning, the result is. that I have this day discarded my wig, my hair being quite restored and as strong and great in quantity as when ( was twenty yean of age, 32, Broad-street. I am, gentlemen, your obedient servant. Brighton. April 19. I83'2. C. P. DRIFFIRLD. ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL prevents hair from falling off or turning grey; change grey hair to its original colour; frees it from scurf and dimdriff, and makes it beautjfttlly soft and curly. Ask for" ROW L AN D'S MACASSAR OIL," and see that those words are on the. wrapper, as much PERNICIOUI trash is sold as o. MACASSAR OIL." To ensure the^ real article, see that the words ROWLAND'S MACASSAR OIL'' are engraved on the back of the label, nearly 1,500 times, containing 29.028 letters. Without this NONE ARE GKNUINF.. Price 3s. lid, ;-71.-Family Bottles, (equal to four small.) IOs. pd. and double that size, Sis. per bottle. Sold by them, and by Chemists and Perfunjers.