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MERTHYR. Mr. Lewis Lewis, of Wellington-street, near the market, has been appointed by the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes, Sub-distributor of Stamps for the town of Merthyr Tydfil and neighbourhood. NERTHYR POLICE.—FRIDAY 10. [Before G. R. Morgan, Esq., and the Rev. C. Maybery.l John Forrester and Quentin Forrester were charged by William M'Crea, all of Merthyr, with committing an atJ- sault on his person on the 28th ult. They were fined each £2 10s. and costs.—Paid. The defendants in the last case were also charged by Mary James, of the same place, with wilfully breaking a door in the dwelling-house of the complainant. In this case the bench allowed the parties to settle out of court. Mary Thomas huckster, was charged by Thomas Richards, both of Merthyr, with assaulting him on the 4th inst. Case dismissed, and complainant ordered to pav the costs. Catherine Howell* and Ann Btddow, stewardesses of a certain benefit society, appeared to answer the complaint of Mary Morgan, for excluding her from the said society. The stewardesses, in their defence, stated that complainant had violated the rules of the society, by neglecting to pay her contribution-money in proper time. On the contrary complainant produced witnesses, who proved to the satisfac- tion of the bench that the money in question had been paid in proper time, but an entry of the same had been omitted. It was therefore ordered, that complainant should be rein- stated a member of the society. John Morgan, Dowlais, miner, was charged by Daniel Williams, of the same place, with stealing a live hare, the property of complainant. Committed for trial at the'next Glamorgan Assizes for the said offence. Several other minor cases were disposed of, and settled out oP court. MOHDAY. [Before G. R. Morgan, Esq.] John Morgan, alais Shon Fach," a well-known character to the the bench, on account of the particular attention paid to him by the police, was charged by P.C. 14, G. Pirn, with being drunk and disorderly, and making use of obscene lan- guage in High-street, on the 12th inst. Committed for one month to Cardiff House of Correction to hard labour, in default of his finding bail for his future good conduct. OLD IRON WORKS. We have metPepys's Memoirs the following passages relative to the old Iron Furnaces in the Forest of Dean, probably at the place now called Cinderford, where Mr! Henry Crawshay lately managed some of his father's Iron Works. "June 20, 1662. Drew up the agreement between the King (Charles the 2nd) and Sir John Winter, about the Forrest of Dune; and having done it, he came himself. I did not know him to be the Queen Dowager's Secretary before, but observed him to be a man of fine parts; and we read it, and both liked it well. That done, I turned to the Forrest of Deane, in Speede's mapps, and there he showed me how it lies • and the sea-bayly, with the great charge of carrying it to Lydny, and many other things worth my knowing; and I do per- ceive that I am very short in my business by not knowing many times the geographical part of my business." "August 14, 1662. Commissioner Pett and I being invited, went by Sir John Winter's eoach sent for us, to the Mitre, in Fanchurch Street, to a venison-pasty where I found a very worthy man, and good discourse. Most of which was concerning the Forrest of Deane, and the timber there, and ironworks with their great antiquity, and the vast heaps of cinders which they find, and are now of great value, being necessary for the making of iron at this and without which they cannot work with the age of many trees there left at a great fall in Edward the Third's time, by the name of forbid-treee, which at this day are called vorbid trees." It is to be feared that the interests of U The Mutton- eating King" suffered while his Agents and Tenants were thus discussing venison-pasty. t Wall this passage quoted by the Counsel on either tide on the great Scoria question ? NEATH TOWN-HALL Feb. 8th.-Magistrates present,- F. Fredncks & Howel Gwynn, Esqrs—Mary Duies, alias lybach, was charged by William Morgan, policeman, with stealing wearing apparel, the property of Mary Griffiths and Elizabeth Hughes, Neath; fully committed for trial.- teb. 10th,- Magistrates present.-F. Fredricks, Howel Gwyn, and Griffith Llewellyn, Esqrs.—Morgan Thomas, was charged by Serjeant Bowyer, rural police, with assault- iug William Rees settled by consent, out of court.Mary Williams, Swan, Aberavon, was summoned by the rural police, for keeping a disorderly house; ordered to stand over until April next.-David Jones, Thomas Rees, and Evan Rees, were charged by David Davis, with assaulting him; dismissed by complainant paying costs.-Margaret and Mary lhomas, Lansamlet, were charged by Rees finpdC4 cutting and carrying away a quantity of bent; fined 4s. each, including costs, paid.-Feb. 13th-Before Howel Gwyn, Esq., William Davies, was charged by P. C. Sd ZL S dmnk: Promi.l,,out SWANSEA PETTY SESSIONS.—Fbshi/ARY, 7. 4 HINT TO SPORTSMEN- TILT IT Vo.v. RJ [Before the Rev. William Hewson, D.D., chairman, Rev. J. Collins Rev. S. Davies, W. J. Jones, and Thomas Edward Thomas, Esqrs.] William James, and William Davies, both of Sketty ap- peared to answer charges preferred against them for shooting with guns, and searching for game with dogs, without a game certificate. Mr. Llewellyn of Neath, appeared for the informants and Mr. Melvin of Swansea for the defendants; but previous to the cases being gone into the latter moved for a postponement of the hearing, until the following luesday, on the grounds of there being no less than the several informations preferred against each of his clients, one of whom had not received the summons until on the Saturday night previous, and the other not until Monday morning the sixth, thereby giving to his clients so short a time to prepare for their defence. The application however was refused, and the cases proceeded. Benjaman Bevari was the hrst witness called, who gave evidence to the effect that on the tenth day of December last, he saw the defendant James and also William Davies in pursuit of game in Wemalog Wood, part of a farm occupied by witness, that James had three dogs with him, and that he saw him shoot a pheasant, and that after he had picked up the bird and put it into his pocket, witness went up to him and asked him for his certificate which he did not produce, he said his name was David Jeremiah of Lougher, this witness on his cross- examination by Mr. Melvin admitted that he had seen Mr. James frequently before, but did not know his name, but that he had never seen him out near his land shooting before. John Rosser of Sketty, wa. then called to give evidence on the part of the defendant, and his evidence contradicted that of the proceeding witness in every particular. He said that he saw the defendant James ploughing in the next field to him, the witness on the tenth day of December, during nearly the whole of the day he knew it was the tenth of December because his brother told him so. This witness underwent a very long cross-examination from some magis- trates on the bench, as well as from Mr. Attwood their clerk and Mr. Llewellyn, and became evidently confused, he spoke very bad English, and could not understand or explain whether even the present month was not December or in short what month in the year it was, he was also very unhappy in his description of the colour of the horses he saw at the plough with Mr. James, he could not in short describe their colour, amongst other questions he was asked by the Rev. S Davies whether he had been privately ex- amined by any person previous to his coming into court, to which question he gave a decided negative. John James was next called and deposed positively to William James the defendant not being from home on the tenth day of Decem- ber last, that he was at plough, and that John Rosser the proceeding witness was at work in an adjoining field, that he and his brother partook of dinner together at their fathers house with others of the family that were at home no contradictory evidence as to the above facts was elicited from this witness. After a long cross-examination, but previous to the bench adjudicating upon this the first case, it was determined to proceed with the other.cases defendatif. < -c The ueiendant William James was then charged with a second offence of having pursued game without a. certificate on Killibiva farm in the parish of Llanrhidian. Mr. Grose the occupier of the above farm swore that he saw the defendant shooting game on his farm on the twenty fourth day of December last, and his evidence was corroborated by David Jones labourer in his employ. Mr. Mehin on behalf of the defendant then called Edward Rosser of Sketty, farm sen ant, who swore that the defendant was in company with him at Swansea on the twenty fourth day of December last, and about the time on which the witnesses for the prosecu- tion swore that he was unlawfully pursuing game in the parish of Llanrhidian he also stated that the corn he brought to Swansea, on the last mentioned day was sold to a Mr. Davies maltster, he said also that he the witnese, William James, and John James, parted from each other in the town of Swansea. The testimony of this witness wnfc not shaken by the long cross-examination he underwent. The next witness called on behalf of the defendant was John James, and whose evidence went mainly to confirm the testimony of proceeding witness as to his accompanying his brother William James to Swansea on the last mentioned day, but he differed with the last witness as to the place at which they parted saying that he and his brother left Edward Rosser about a mile on this side of Swansea. Mr. Melvin in his address to the bench admitted that there was a discripetency in the last case, in the evidence of the de. fendants witnesses with regard to where they parted, but as the defendant if time had been given to him might probably have been enabled to furnish to his attorney the names of other witnesses to confirm their testimony as to the fact of William James being at Swansea on the twenty fourth day of December last, positively deposed to by both of the last mentioned witnesses, he trusted that their worships would take all the circumstances into consideration, he also dwelt upon the fact that in the case against his clients which was called on the proceeding Tuesday, there was only one summons served and one information, in which a man of the name of David Jones was set forth as the informant, l whereas in the present cases the dates of the several trespass were not only different from that of the previous infoimation, but also no such informant all David Jones appeared tn tho face of any of them. )