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CARDIFF POLICE.—MONDAY. • [Before the Mayor.] James Crossicait was charged with being drunk and dip- orderly on Saturday night. As this practical hater of Tee- totalism exhibited some contrition for his offence, he was dischatged on a promise to leave the town. THURSDAY. Michael Sullivan was convicted in the penalty of 6d. and costs, for having, on Wednesday, cut down a piece of wood, value 6d., in the Old Man's Wood, at the back of the Castle. Michael Sullivan, in extenuation of his offence, said that he thought there was no harm in doing in Wales what he could have done in Ireland with impunity. Daniel Jones was charged by Mary Ann Hill with as- saulting her. The complainant, a few days ago, went to the house of Jones to claim a dog belonging to her. An altercation about the dog took place, when Jones, it ap- peared, held Mary Ann by the arms until his wife had pummelled her. in the melee, Mary Ann's cap, with some of the hair attached, came off. Much as Mary Ann was buffetted, she resisted the" rape of the lock," as much as the violence used to dissever it. Fined 5s. and costs, or in default, fourteen days' imprisonment. John Phillips was charged by John Owen with assaulting him. On the 26th January it appeared the defendant, ac- companied by his wife, went to Owen's house and demanded admission. They were accompanied by Policeman Davies. They demanded that the door should be opened, and that their daughter, who, it was charged, was in the house, should be given up. On a refusal to open the door, it was burst open by the defendant and his wife. On complainant's coming down stairs he was set upon by J. Phillips, who beat him violently, and knocked him down. The defendant in extenuation said that his daughter lay concealed from him in the house of complainant, and that his object was mereh to insist on her being given up to them. Fined 5s. and costs. THE GREAT WESTERN. —This far-famed vessel left Bristol for New York on Saturday last, at 2 p.m. In order to avoid the stormy latitudes at this season of the year, she will proceed on her voyage via Madeira. She takes out above fifty passengers, besides a general cargo of manufactured goods,