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iFotfign Intelligence.


iFotfign Intelligence. OUTBREAK AT OPORTO.-On Tuesday, the 31st of Janu- ary, the lists of names and rated amounts, under the new and more stringent system of levying the decima, were posted through Opotto, and the populace rose en masse to resist the impost, clamoured vociferously against what they decribed as an exhorbitant assessment, tore down the tax-lists, de- clared their total inability to pay, uttered fierce cries of hatred and revenge, rushed like furies through the streets of San Antonia and Flores, and, the Largo da Feirs, till, they reached Don Pedro's square, the principal place of the city, into which they poured iii hundreds, and presently in hQJI-' r aandg; with'âH the wilcf tumult of an enraged Peninsular gathering, and raised what is described as a fearfitl algazarra," a word retained from the Moorish times, in- dicating a terrible upioar of human voices. The mounted Municipal Guards were sent to disperse the mob, but though upwards of twenty in number, fully armed and appointed, instead of causing the rioters to fly, they turned tail them- selves; and to this cause alone is to be attributed the absence of dreadful bloodshed. The Civil Governor issued a proclamation acceding to the illegal and violent requisition of the people, ordered the tax-lists to be taken down, in- formed the mob by proclamation of this fact, and that they were sent back to the respective juntas to be reconsidered, and to have the mistakes and inequalities amended:" and further condescended to acquaint them, that he had written off by that days post to the Government to inform them of the complaints manifested." Nay, more, to conciliate the "sovereign people," the assessing juntas, by order of the same Civil Governor, placarded edicts announcing- that they were already assembled, and revising the lists as the people required. So the "gentle monster" had it all its own way. The Cologne Gazette states, as a remarkable fact, that whilst Eastern affairs give rise to so much discussion, the Austrian Government has not an Ambassador either at Constantinople, or St. Petersburgh, or at London, Letters from Barcelona of the 3rd inst. state that tranquil- lity had not been seriously disturbed, but the agitation still continued, affrays between the soldiers and the civilians daily occurred, and the troops of the garrison were still consigned to their barracks, The payment of extraordinary contribution had been suspended, and the Captain-General was awaiting fresh instructions from Madrid. PRESENTS TO THE KING OF THE FRENCH.Last Thursday was forwarded hy the General Steam Navigation Company's steam-ship Harlequine, for Boulogne, a splen- did full-length portrait of Her Most Gracious Majesty, painted by Partridge also a portrait of his Royal Highness Prince Albert, by Mr. Moon, being a present from the Queen to King Louis Phillippe. The Wurtzburg Gazette announces, that the coronation of the reigning Empress pf Austria as Queen of Hungary will take place with great solemnity in the month of September next. The Lord Bishop of Antigua, in a sermon preached on Sunday morning, at St. Clement Danes Church, Strand, on behalf of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, stated that it was the intention of the society to send missionaries to China without delay, and at no dis- tant period a bishop. MILITARY INVESTIGATION.—We understand that in con- sequence of a representation made to the Duke of Welling- ton, complaining of the conduct of the military (the 32nd) stationed in Leeds. Major-General Brotherton has been sent to the place to investigate the charges, and to report to. the Government the result of his inquiries. PRODUCE or THE INCOME TAX.—It now transpires, on good information, that government have every reason to be- lieve that the newly adopted impost will yield nearer six, ^millions annually than tivg^jwyj. that^t-is ori tbis account titty are, to a certain ext'ent, mdifierent as to the operation of the' tai-iff.-Post. HER MAJESTY'S THEATRE.—The opera will open early in March. Grisi, Persiani, Moltini, Lablache, F. Lablache, and Mario, are the recognised favourites who will appt-ar this season, and a tenor named Carti, and a bass named For- nasari, will make their debut. Taglioni, Cerito, Fanny Elssler, Guy Stephan, Camille, and Perrot, are among the engagements for the ballet, with the addition of a new danseuse, Adele Dumilatre, of whose talent and beauty report speaks highly. The whole of the opera company, with the single exception of Grisi, will probably appear before Easter. ADULTERATION Or- SIJGAR.- Professor Brande stated at a recent meeting at the Royal Institution, that there is a manu- factory in London where the conversion of potato-starch into sugar is carried on in a large way, the article thus produced being afterwards used to adulterate the moist sugars. The: starch sugar certainly possesses a degree of sweetness, but it! is much weaker than cane sugar, and consequently a much larger quantity is required. It can be used only to adulterate the sugars which are used by the poorer classes, as from it not possessing the power of crystallising, it cannot unite with loaf sugars. I


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