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NOTICES, &c. =. 't' TAFP VALE RAM/WAY. GENERAL HALF-YEARLY MEETING. NOTICE M HEREBY THAT ttftf GENERAL ^HAL*-YEARLY MEETWG of the Proprietors of this Company will, be held, pursuant to the Act of Parliament, at the ANGEL INN, CARDIFF, on TUESDAY, the TWBHTY-FIRST day of FEBRUARY, 1843, at One o'clock precisely. i Signed, 1 J. J. GUEST, phairman. NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN. That the Books kept for the Registration of TRANSFERS, will be CLOSED from WEDNESDAY, the 15th day of FEBRUARY, until after the holding of the said General Half-Yearly Meeting. By or.'cr, Railway Office, Cardiff, > WILLIAM BURGESS, Jan. 31st, 1843. f Slcretary. Bass's East India Pale Ale. THE above CELEBRATED BEKIt, in CASKS and BOTTLES, may be had of WM. HENRY MORGAN, Wine-merchant, Bridgend. January, 1843. Glamorganshire Lent Assizes, 1843. THE HIGH-SHERIFF HEES HY GIVES NOTICE, that the Commissions to hold the ASSIZES for this County will be opened at the TOWN-HALL, in the Town of SWANSEA, on WEDNESDAY, the Twenty-second day of FEBRUARY instant, and that the Judge will go into Court on the following (Thursday) Morning, at Ten o'clock, when and where all Grand and Petty Jurors, and all Persons under Recognizances to Prosecute and give Evidence against, and all Persons employed in the Prosecu- tion and Defence of all Criminal Prisoners, are required to attend. And Notice is hereby also given, that the Magis- trates' Clerks are to deliver to the Clerk of the Assize, at the opening of the Commissions, the Depositions in each case put together, with the Recognizances of the Prosecutors and Witnesses also put together, and delivered at the same time in Court. LlandafF House, 1 February 8,1843. 11t4-\fJJ ??. .¡'-Ul"!¡i ;(I¡, jt'O e 4}' r Contract for British Oak Timber, Thickstuff Plank, and Treenails. Department of the Storekeeper-General of the JSary. Somerset-Place, Feb. G, 1843. THE Commissioners for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of the'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, do hereby give Notice, with reference to the Advertisement of th5 tltli ultimo, for Tenders to be received on Tuesday, the 21st instant, for the supply of BRITISH OAK TIMBER, THICKSTUFF PLANK, AND TREENAILS, to Her Majesty's several Dock-yards, that there will be no objection to receive Tenders for the full quantities required for any one, or more, of the said Dock- yards but no Tender will be received which does not contain a distinct offer for the full quantities in each of the three classifications of Timber, Thickstuft Plank, and Treenails, specified in the printed form of Tender, for each of the Dock-yards comprised in the party's Tender. The amount of Security for the performance of a part only of the Contract will be in due proportion to the amount of penalty fixed for the whole Contract.. EMIGRATION TO THE UNITED STATES. FIRST SPRING SHIP FOR NEW YORK DIRECT. THE SUPERIOR FAST IGFT. FIRST CLASS, COPPER SAILING, FASTENED SHIP, QWZBZB'Wd 800 TONS BURTHEN, Will Sail on or about the 20th February, 1843, Wind and Weather permitting, THIS VESSEL is a regular Trader to America, and has superior accommodation for Passengers. s s e will be only partially loaded, and this being the best season of the year for making a QUICK PASSAGE, the oppor- tunity thus offered to Emigrants is in every respect desirable. HAS ROOM FOR LIGHT GOODS. For further particulars apply to EDWARDS, ROGERS and Co., (late John Corner & Co.), Offices, Corn-Street, Newport. /TWE manifold advantages to the Heads of Families from JL the possession of a Medicine of known efficacj, that may .,<■ resort,-ii to w.th confidence, and usrd with success in castis ot u-uip. rarv sicUcss. occurring in families more or less every day, arc sti obvious to all. th.it no question call be raised of its im- portance to every householder in the kingdom. From among numerous testimonials. the following is respect fully suhmitted TO MR. THOMAS PHOUT. 229, STRAND, LONDON. "5, Coouer-siieer, Manchester, March 12. 1842. "SIR.-I have miich satisfaction in commnnicatin* to you. the result of my experience after repeated trials of r RAMPToN's PILL OF HF.Al.Tfi, and I feel it but justice to state, that in the course of many vears'irial of various Aperient Medicines, I have never found results at once salutary and efficient in the relief of the svstem from redundant hUe, &c., with little incon-, venience I am, therefore, warranted in declaring tha. they supply io me a means long wanting, of being atile to recommend to Families, Schools, atid especially Mercantile .Men, whuthei At the desk or on the road, a most valoabie resource in an oeca. sional medicine. And I shall take credit to myself if, in giving th s testimony, [ am the means of making FRAMPTON S 1 ILLS more generally kiiou-ii slid appreciated. I am, Sir, respectfully yours, • • WILLIAM SMITH." The unprecedented sale of these Pills, arising from the earnest recommendations of the many thousands who have derived benefit form their use, rezicler any lengthened comment unnecessary they are not put forth as a cure for all o.seases to which mankind is liable, but for Bilious and Liver Comp amis with their .any well known attendants, B.ll.ous and Sick Head-ache, Pain and Oppression after meals, Oidoiness. »iz- ziness, Singing Noise in Head and Ears. Drowsiness, Heartburn, Loss of Appetite. Wind, Spasms, &c, Two or three doses will convince the afflCcd of thetr salutary effects. The stomach will speedily regain Us strength a healthy action of the Liver, Bowels, and Kidneys, will rapidly take place and instead of listlcssncss, heat, pains, and jaundiced appearance, strength, activity, and renewed health, extending to good old age, will be the result of taking this medicme, accord- ing to the directions accompanying each box.. Sold by T. I'rout, 229, Strand, London. Price Is }d_ and ,| 2s 9d. per box and by his appointment by Mr. r. Stephens,, druggist, Merthyr Tydvil Mr. Ph.llips, Cardiff; Mr. Farror, Monmouth; Mr WtUiams. Brecon Mr. Williams. Newport; ,nd by the Veuders of Medicine generally throughout the KX°forFrtAMPTON'S PILL of H KA LTH, and observe t{ie name and address of » Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London, on rl.e Government stamp. SUDDEN DISAPPEARANCE OF MB. SPEARMAN, THE; SECRETARY TO THE MASTER OF THE HORSE. Considera- ble excitement has been created during the last few days in; consequence of the sudden disappearance of Mr. Ralph Wm., Spearman, the secretary to the Earl of Jersej, the Master ofj the Horse under very painful and unpleasant circumstances, iiiconnexion with the monetary affairs of that department, the Royal household. The defalcation is about £ 10,000 Mr Spearman who had a salary of £ 700 a year, » supposed to have gone to America. I ■jilli-iii'.XUHM iv .v: t

iFotfign Intelligence.


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