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THE LANARKSHIRE COLLIERS.—The strike is now nearly general over the county. In our paper of last week we noticed that a number of the colliers above Hamilton had been ejected from their houses since then we learn that 400 more, with their wives and families, were turned out on Friday week, in the neighbourhood of Holy town. A cor- respondent in that neighbourhood says—" It is truly lamentable to see the havoc that is made by the ejectments. All, however, are put up as yet in Holytown and the sur- rounding neighbourhood, and the men seem as determined as ever." To this we have only to add, that notwithstanding the great distress the colliers have but recently experienced, the district is perfectly peaceable. The origin of this strike, we are imformed, did not arise so much from the prospects of the ironmasters being worse than they have been for some time back, but from one or two of the masters having been able to effect a reduction of about twelve per cent, in the rate of wages, and hence an advantage was obtained by them over those who were paying the full rate. Under these circumstances, the full paymasters had only two ways --of acting, in order that they might not be undersold in the market. This was, either that the men should get the wages at the works that were paying the low rate raised to the regular standard, or, if this could not be accomplished, the works paying the full rate would require, as a matter of necessity, to reduce the wages to the low rate; and out of this has arisen the present strike.-Glasgow Chronicle. HUMANITY IN THE ARMY.—A private-of the 52d stationed here, was tried by a court-martial for being drunk on guard, and sentenced to 100 lashes. The entire garrison was ordered on parade to witness the punishment, and the delinquent was stripped and tied up to the triangle to re- ceive his punishment. Sir Guy Campbell, the Lieutenant- General in command of this district, rode into the lines and ordered the drummer, who had his arm raised to begin the work, to cease, and then proceeded to explain to the man the enormity of the crime of which he had been found guilty, and for which he would, if in an enemy's country, have for- feited his life; and, after a pathetic appeal to his feelings as a man and a soldier, and advising him to give up intoxica- ting liquors, concluded by saying he would forgive him if he promised in future to conduct himsef properly and be a good soldier. This the poor fellow solemnly promised to do, and he was immediately released and sent to his duty. Too much praise cannot be given to Sir Guy for the humanity he dis- played, and we hope the disposition he evinces to treat the men under his command with kindness will not be abused. Athlone Sentitwl. THE MILITIA.-We have reason to believe that the inten- tion in calling out the militia this year is to supersede, by the due equipment and discipline of that constitutional force, the county constabulary. The staff of each regiment will be stationed at Lancaster, Liverpool, and Preston, and the three regiments will combine and assemble for a short period of permanent duty some time in May. The officers of each regiment are determined to do the thing with spirit, and have made most liberal arrangements for music, &c., and other requisites to military parade and grandeur.- Liverpo( I Standard. BLASPHEMOUS PUBLICATIONS.At Bow-street Police- office, on Friday, Thomas Patterson was brought up under four warrants, issued some time back on the prosecution of Government, charging him with exposing certain blas- phemous publications in Holywell-street. Patterson was partly defended by his counsel, Mr. Thomas, who took some technical objections that were overruled and he partly de- fended himself, reading professedly for that purpose some papers which are said to have been outrageously blasphe- mous, and they were eventually taken from him. In three of the cases he was fined 40s.; and, refusing to pay the fines, was committed to prison for one month.



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