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BREEDING OF CATTLE. In attempting to improve the breeds of the different varie- ties of the several families of the brute creation, the mere crossing of the females with superior or differently formed males will never in itself sufficiently improve their offspring so as to become permanent or lasting. A man, or a society of men, setting about so important a business as that of im- proving their stock, too frequently begin at the wrong end of their work. They are, generally speaking, men of capital, who go about the country at considerable expense in seeking 41 new blood," instead of stopping at home, in the first in- stance, and endeavouring to improve the nature of the produce of the lands they cultivate if they did, the improve- ment of the breed" wonld, with a small portion of new blood, inevitably follow. As the matter has been tried on exposed situations, of great altitude, the proprietors soon find that their stock is inferior to what they expected, and when the show day comes they cannot compete, but the next year or two they have recourse to foreign agents such as oil cake, &c. But surely lie who does this ought not to be de- signated 44 a farmer and grazier." If we take the sheep, for instance, which is one of the most useful of quadrupeds, and examine it in the highlands and in the lowlands, and at all the intermediate stations of altitude, we shall find a very similar animal at the same altitude, though at 100 or 5UO miles apart, providing that the geological formation of the respective stations is about the same, and that there has been no superior cultivation of the products of the land at one station than another. For on those similar stations of alti- tude and geological formations we find the same kinds of grasses and other plants which the sheep feed on, the whole of which possess similar feeding properties and as the at- mosphere is of about the same specific gravity, it would appear that the breed" of sheep and other animals, enters at the mouth and nostrils rather than by the blood vessels. Hence it must be evident that the proper way to set about so important a business as the one in question is to shelter the land with good fences and plantations, drain and pulver- ize the ground, and clear it of those plants, whether grass or other plants, which the sheep will not eat, and sow those kinds of pasture, whether grass or otherwise, which they are fond of. These preliminaries being fully established, then, we should have gained one main point towards the improve- ment of the breed of sheep or other animals which we might make choice of for our experiment, and with a small portion of new blood added to our old stock, our task would be com- pleted to the fullest extent, on the siven altitude or locality, fiitf, by the present fashion of feeding, or rather cramming with foreign compounds, there is nothing gained but the prize by the fortunate individual whose circumstances have enabled him to stuff his animals to an unnatural condition; but which, if slaughtered, neither the judges nor any of the lords and ladies who witnessed the show would taste the least particle of, if ever so daintily cooked, for in truth it is only fit for the vultures of mankind to eat. This kind of competition shuts out those very men who ought to be brought forward, I mean those farmers who absolutely attend the daily toil of the plough for they are better calculated to double the produce of the land than the mounted farmers are. But those men require telling what errors they are committing, and how they ought to proceed in future, in very plain language for the representation of manures under the crack-jaw title of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, muriatic acid, potassa, and other alkalies, with an almost interminable list of neutral salts, sounds so like Algebra to them that they are glad to fall back on their former practices, be they ever so rusticated.


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