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An account of COAL and IRON brought down the Mon- mouthshire Canal Company's Tram-roads and Canal, from the 28th January to the 4th February, 1843. Tram Road. Cant. COAL. — Tons, Cwt. Tons. Thomas Powell 541 15 ThomasFrothero. 127 9 Martin Morrison 987 16 225 Rock Conl Company Rosser Thomas & Co. 1269 Thomas Phillips & Son W. S. Cartwright Penllwyn Coal Company James Poole. Jun 191 6 Joseph Latch & Co 235 1 Tredegar Coal Company 697 5 Latch and Cope. John Russell & Co. 322 2 Joseph Jones. 116 13 John Jones. ]27 3 Roger Lewis 455 6 Clements and Jones Benjamin Young. 87 10 •. R. J. Biewitt 100 Mon.. Iron and Coal Company 125 John Vipond Richard Morrison JamesTreasure. 259 2 R.Thomas. Peiitwyn and Golynos Company. 50 Ryce Davies 198 Hf Phillips Rosser Williams Tram Road. Canal. IRON. Tons, Cwt. Tons, Cwt. Tons. Cwt. Tons, Cwt. Tredegar Iron Company 269 13 t Rhymney Iron Company 608 8 Harford, Davies, and Co Cwmcelyn and Blaina Co 12 6 j Coalbrook Vale 52 j Ebbw Vale Co 655 16 I From sundry Works | 1059 15 BRECON INFIRMARY.—Feb. 7, 1843. ————— IN. OUT. Patients remaining last Week 4 33 o Admitted since 1 8 — 5 41 Cured and Relieved 0 6 Dead. 0 0-0 6 Remaining ————— 5 35 Physician for the ensuing Week .Dr. Lucas. Surgeon, &e ::M,ir. Armstrong. ANOTHER DREADFUL SHIPWRECK.—WHITBY, Sunday Morning.—One of the most distressing shipwrecks that has occurred on this part of the coast for several years took place yesterday morning at the entrance of Robin Hood's Bay, whereby, we regret to state, a party of the Coast Guard Service, belonging to the station at that place, under the command of the chief officer, Lieutenant Lingard, R.N., with the crew of the distressed vessel, consisting of six persons, met with a watery grave. The particulars are as follows:—During Friday night and yesterday morning the wind blew a hurricane from N.E. Early in the morning a brig was observed endeavouring to run into the bay for shelter, but a tremendous sea threw the vessel upon her broadside, and drove her ashore, within a short distance from the entrance of the bay. The crew made every exertion to get her off, but finding it impossible, and that her destruction would speedily follow, they took to the rigging for safety. Immediately upon their situation being observed by the officer on duty near the spot, he hastened to give the alarm to the station. Lieutenant Lingard directly ordered the life-boat to be launched, into which he got, followed by five of his men, and they pushed off in gallant style to the dis- tressed vessel, which proved a collier belonging to London, named the William and Ann. The sea being excessively high, and as it snowed heavily, it was a length of time before they could reach the vessel. Upon coming alongside, the crew were taken off, and the boat's head was put about for the shore, Lieutenant Lingard taking charge of the helm. She had not reached any considerable distance from the wreck before a heavy wave struck the boat and turned her bottom up, throwing the whole of her living freight into the boiling surf. Lieutenant Lingard and several others im- mediately rose and clung to the boat, while others attempted to gain the shore by swimming. Their cries could be plainly heard from the beach, but it was beyond all human power to render them assistance. Every soul perished. An attempt was made by the commander of the brig Ayton, which happened to be within a short distance of the spot, and four seamen, to go to their assistance, but their boat was upset, and they narrowly escaped meeting with a similar fate. A reduction is about to take place in the British forces in Canada, to the extent of three regiments, which are to return immediately to this country. The King's Dragoon Guards will be one; the other two will be selected from those regiments whose length of colonial duty will give them the preference. Other reductions are either decided on or in progress, in accordance with the intimation conveyed in the Royal speech.- United Service Gazette. SHIPWRECKS ON THE NORTHUMBRIAN COAST.—Feb. 6.— Early on Saturday morning last, during a most terrific hurricane from N.E., which had raged throughout the whole of the preceding evening, accompanied by drifting snow in the early part of the night, a light vessel, named the Blucher, on a voyage from London to Warkworth, came on shore, and was totally wrecked, on the Northumbrian coast, near to the small fishing village of Newbiggen. The crew con- sisted of seven peisons, four of whom, including the captain's son, were drowned. I have not been able to learn the names of those of the crew that were drowned, or of the survivors, but I am enabled to state that the captain of the vessel was amongst the latter. The three survivors were saved by leaping from the vessel on to a dry rock. The captain saw his son attempt to rescue himself in the same manner, but, unfortunately, he leaped short, and was seen for a short time to hang on by a ledge of the rock, until unable to cling any longer, he dropped into the surge beneath and was drowned. The other three in the vessel were not able to gain the rock by reason of the sea shifting the ship, and then shortly after- wards splitting her to atoms. In the harbour of Blyth, on the same coast, a very great deal of damage was done to the shipping, many of them having been drifted from their moorings, and driven violently against each other for some time. One vessel, the Rochester Castle, was carried out to sea without any person on board, and wrecked near to the entrance of the harbour. At Shields similar results followed the awful hurricane of Friday evening. BANKRUPTCY ANNULLED, (Friday.)—William Tomlinson, Ashbouro, Derbyshire, malster—Bankrupts.—John Overing- ton, Arundel, Sussex, plumber-Joseph Rands, Southamp- ton, boot and shoe dealer—Thomas Berry, Lewes, Sussex, brewer—John Van, Milton-next-Gravesend, gold lace-man- ufacturer-Thomas Reynolds, jun., Great St. Helen's, Bishopsgate-Street, merchant John Walker, Hayfield, Derbyshire grocer-James Gordon, Liverpool, Buenos Ayres, and Monte Video, merchant-William Denver and William Nixey, Liverpool, woollendrapers—John Wood, Greasly, Nottinghamshire, miller-Robert Elliot, Sheffield, merchant John Elliot, Sheffield, merchant Thomas Walker, Leeds, brewer—William Jones, Cardiff and Merthyr TydviL



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