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FRIDAY EVENING, FIVE O'CLOCK. '.j CARDIFF STEEPLE CHASE. This affair, which was the subject of so much joyous anti- cipation for weeks past, and about the precise locality of which so much prudent mystery was maintained, came off to-day (Friday) at Penhill. Few sporting localities in the neighbouthood of Cardiff could be better selected, as well for the purpose of showing sport and affording a good run, as for giving the spectator an opportunity of witnessing the ardour of the race, and the hair breadth'scapes" of the eminent double-ditch, than that chosen by the Stewards. The morning was fine and breezy indeed, sufficiently propitious for bipeds as well as quadrupeds, and such a sun as might have been expected on a raw and gusty day, shone forth as brilliant and exhilarating as if bespoke for the occasion. The horses, as is the custom elsewhere, were not walked over ground, the break-neck peculiarities of which it is presumed they would have accurately scanned. At 12 o'clock Cardiff and all about was up and stirring, and shortly after, Cardiff, like London on such occasions, may be fairly said to be out of town" and on the ground to witness the sport. The following horses were entered :— Handicap Sweepstakes of 5 sovs. each, with 940 added, for any Horse to enter at the Post: distance about 3 miles. Capt. Griffith's Warwick, aged, blk., list. 3lbs.C. Vivian. Mr. Reynold's Ragged Jack, 6 yrs., scarlet body purple cap, lOst. 121bs Dally. 1 Mr. Farquarson's Pihe Apple, aged, lOst. 71bs. Mr. M. P. Lloyd's Whalebone, 6 yrs, buff and black cap, lOst A. Vivian. Handicap Stakes of 2 sovs. each, with £ 30 added: distance about two miles and a half. Mr. Edward Bradley's Duke, 6 yrs., list Wapham. Mr. M. P. Lloyd's Jack, aged, buff and black cap, lOst. lOlbs A. Vivian. Mr. H. Lewis's Tartar, aged, black, lOst. Glbs. Vivian Mr. W. Bradley's Bullbridge, aged, white and black cap., lOst. 21bs. At one o'clock a considerable concourse of spectators had assembled to witness the sport, and previous to the start there could not be on the ground, perhaps, less than 2,000 persons. The coldness of the day, though i-elieved by a cup full of excellent sunshine, prevented the gathering from being large. Nothing could be finer than the view from the hill. A beautiful Champagne country lay all around, and afforded an excellent sight of the horses as they dashed along. Precisely at half-past two o'clock a bugle sounded the note of preparation. All were on the qui vive. Men and horses were conveyed to a single point. All were eager expectation, and the word "away" released horse and rider from the fret and suspense of five minutes' prancing and curvetting. The start was in excellent style. A fine dash was made by the horses, and a good hearty cheer sped them on their way. Ragged Jack led away in capital style, and with those in his wake took his leaps in fine condition. The lead which he took at starting he kept through a hard run of three miles; hardly pressed, however, by his competitors, who nobly contested every inch of the way. The honours of the field were nobly done by the animals, and rarely in the annals of Steeple Chasing was finer sport exhibited. After a run of about 16 minutes, Ragged Jack came in, closely followed by Tartar, amidst the cheers and huzzas of the multitude. The honours of the day however were questioned by the rider of Tartar, who insisted that Ragged Jack, when within a half-mile of the goal, deviated from the prescribed rout, marked by the flags, and ran at the wrong side of the post. This created considerable r delay and discussion, and retarded the second run and up to the hour of our going to press we believe the question remained undecided At half-past three o'clock the second run took place, and like the former, created much excitement. The horses were in fine condition, and did their work with spirit and vivacity. The race was won by Duke, the property of Mr. Bradley, of Treguff. On the ground we observed the following:—Mrs. C. R. M. Morgan, Ruperra Castle Sir C. Morgan and family; Sir Robert Jenner, Bart.; Capt. Griffith J. M. Richards, Esq.; C. C. Williams, Esq., (mayor) Rev. Robert Knight; Rev. W. P. Lewis, New House William Williams, &c. After the chase, upwards of forty gentlemen sat down to dinner at the Angel Inn, Capt. Griffith, of the Scots' Greys, in the chair; Mr. J. M. Richards, of Plas Newydd, occupied the vice. Toasts and sentiments in keeping with the festivity of the day, characteristically terminated the sport of the field. In our next we shall go into further details. The dinner was served up by Mr. Davis, in his usual excel- lent style. After the sports of the day were concluded, an ordinary was held at the White Lion Inn, when upwards of forty gen- tlemen sat down to dinner, Mr. Wm. Whapham, jun., in the chair, and Mr. John Bird, in the vice. The landlord, Mr. P. Bird, provided a bountiful supply of good things, which the guests did ample justice to, and the company appeared I highly delighted, both with the sports of the day and the pleasures of the evening. The following is a correct return of the sport. First Race. Mr. Reynold's ch. g. Ragged Jack (Dailey) -I Mr. H. Lewis's cr. g. Tartar (Vivian, jun.) 2 Mr. Lloyd's ch. g. Whalebone. (Vivian, sen.) 3 Second Race. Mr. Edward Bradley's b. g. Duka .(Vivian, jun.) 1 Mr. Lloyd's c. g. Jack (Vivian, sen.) 2 Mr. W. Bradley's b. g. Bullbridge (Taylor.).. 3



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