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Family Notices



Lord James Stuart left the Castle this morning (Friday), to resume his Parliamentary duties. The temporary absence of his Lordship will create a void in those festive and social circles which he was accustomed at once to create and enliven. LLANDAFF FAIR, THURSDAY, 9.- We are sorry we cannot give a favourable report of this our first spring fair. Few beasts were disposed of, and those with difficulty. The more intelligent farmers, however, seem to hope and expect better times; and it appears to be the opinion of the best informed men, that the opening of the vast and densely, peopled regions of China, and the commercial treaty so wisely concluded with the enormous empire of Russia, will, ere long, give such an impulse to trade in general as cannot fail to be of the greatest advantage both to the trading and agricultural interests, the prosperity of both being in- 8eparably connected.— (From a Corresponderit.) PROGRESS or PUSEYISM.—Thomas Frognal Dibden, rector of St. Mary's Brvanstone-square, London, in a letter to the Bishop of Uandaff, thus adverts to the progress of this new doctrine.:—I had thought that the black gown had well and ably done its duty for two centuries, and that we might as well leave the surplice in the quiet possession of the Ro- manists, and with the clergy of our respective cathedrals. One innovation leads to another; and without being the slave of blind submission to "ordinances" savour rather of man than of God, I may be allowed to enter my unalterable protest against changes which, though perhaps unessential in themselves, lead to the disturbing of other matters of direct vital importance. The congregation are divided, if not dis- tracted, by this variety; for both cannot be right. They may still retain an affection for the Protestant church, but they must be prepared for other changes an altar crowded -with priests, candlesticks with tapers to light the sun, crosses, genuflexions, and all the flutter of gossamer robes. My lord, even these are little mischievous compared with the doctrine which has been delivered from the pulpit by a surpliced preacher—by one who dares to receive the pay of a Protestant clergyman, while inculcating some of the most audacious dogmas of Rome. In the afternoon sermon of Christmas day the congregation of were deliberately told that the body of Christ had been as absolutely upon the altar table of the communion, as it appeared to the thepherds in the manger;" in other words transubstantiation in its most flagrant character: I KNOW that this is true nor am I altogether startled at the fact. When young ran are allowed to go on, step by step, without admonition or reasoning, they conceive that all parts of their conduct or discourse bear the same impress of propriety. Causes and effects are adequate the one to the other. CAERPHILLY. CAERPHILLY, THURSDAY.—[Before the Rev. George Thomas, W. E. Williams and Evan Williams, Esqrs.]— Twelve colliers in the employ of Mr. T. Powell, and eight in the employ of Mr. Beaumont, were summoned to answer a charge against them for leaving their work without proper notice. After, a lengthened investigation, during which much excitement was kept up- by a number of colliers, who had assembled on the occasion, the magistrates decided that Mr. Powell's twelve men had forfeited the wages due to'them. Five of Mr. Beaumont's men were similarly punished; and the remaining three, Thomas Humfrey, John Edwards, and Daniel Bowen, were sentenced to one month's imprisonment. COWBRIDGE. The monthly fair this day (Feb. 7th) was very slow. There Was a large number of beasts fit for the butcher and those Which were sold fetched about 5d. per lb.-but no Merthyr butchers snatching up the stock as in former years. We have only to" hope for better times. i r ) 3 V NEATH. • INSPECTION OF WEIGHTS AT NEATH—Wednesday.—The Mayor of Neath, (H. Gwyn.Esq.,) F. Fredericks, Esq., and Mr. Coke (the Town Clerk), proceeded to our market-place this day, accompanied by Mr. Taylor, the inspector of weights and measures, to test the accuracy of the weights of the leveral butchers and other parties. The inspection continued for- Uriwards of two hours, and we are glad to say, that taking into consideration the number of weights weighed, compara- tively speaking few were "found wanting." We, however, would caution the butchers and others to provide themselves "With proper weights, without delay, as we hear the Mayor is •determined to inspect again, and in case of deficiency to fine the party. This inspection has been the first which has taken place here for some years, and the Mayor therefore did not fine the parties, but condemned the weights only. NEATH TOWN-HALL, February 3, 1843.-Magistrate. present, F. Fredricks, Howel Gwyn.and Griffith Llewellyn, JEsqrs —David Williams, farmer, Cadoxton juxta Neath, was charged by Sergeant Bowyer, rural police, with cutting a quantity of underwood, the property of Wm. Jones, Esq., Glanbrane. Fined 2s., including costs.-Ann Beasley, charged with assaulting Ann Thomas. Dismissed by each paying costs.-George Eady, Thomas Thomas, Isaac Gam- mon, David Hill, and William Gammon, apprentices to Messrs. Allen and Luly, timber-merchants, Neath, were charged by'William Morgan, policeman, with being disor- derly, and refusing to work. They were reprimanded by the magistrates, and upon promising to behave better in future, George Eady. the principal, was fined 7s., and the oothen 5s. each. Paid. Morgan Isaac, alias "Mock Pen- irally," a well-known character to the police, was charged by Sergeant Bowyer, rural police, with assaulting John Sambrook, and damaging his coat. Fined 5s. damage, and costs.—Paid. SWANSEA. We have authority for contradicting the alleged death of Mrs. Thomas, wife of Mr. Daniel Thomas, landlord of the Swansea Arms, which appeared in the Swansea Journal. RATHER PREMATURE.—Swansea Petty Sessions, Tuesday, February 1st, 1843.—Mr. Melvin attended as the solicitor of a Mr. William James, and a Mr. William Davies, both of Sketty, in this county, to answer an information preferred against them, for trespassing on certain lands in pursuit of game but, previous to the case being gone into, Mr. Mel- Tin took an objection to the informations filed and the sum- monses filed thereon upon his clients. It appeared by his statement, which was confirmed on production of the informa- tion, that it was dated the 21st day of January last, and the summonses served thereon, on that day, and that the trespass stated therein to be committed, was on the 24th day of the same month and year, being three days after the information given. On a perusal of the summons by the respectable Bench of Magistrates presiding, it naturally excited their risible muscles. What made the matter still more ludicrous was that the constable instructed to serve the summonses on the parties had, in his anxiety to de the requisite, served the joriginal, with the seal and magistrate's name set thereto, instead of the copies The informations were consequently ^quashed, and the informants retired home to their several .domiciles, apparently by no means pleased with their rooming's excursion to Swansea. MERTHYR POLICE.—FRIDAY, Feb. 3rd. $Before G. Morgan, Esq., and the Rev. C. Maybery.] William Lloyd, miner, Rhymney, was charged by "Ehenezer Williams, Dowlais, with removing his household furniture, in order to evade payment of rent, due to com- plainant. Ordered to pay double the value of the goods removed, or six month's imprisonment. William Jenkins, Job Bevan, Thomas Bevan, and Evan Jones, all colliers, were charged by Griffith Roberts, also collier, of Dowlais, with assaulting him on 23rd ult. Thomas Bevan, and Evan Jones, were discharged, William Jenkins, and Job Bevan, ordered to pay the costs between them. Daniel Bevan, Dowlais, Evan Davies, Thomas. Francis, JRobert Davies, John Jones, Benjamin Williams, Adam Newell, Martha Jones, Samuel Bloom, John Jeremy, William John, and Richard Beck, all of Merthyr, were summoned for non-payment of poor-rates. Thomas Francis, and Marthl Jones, only were recommended by the bench to be excused on account of their poverty, all the others were ordered to pay the respective sums demanded of them and costs. William John Henry, miner, Dowlais, appeared to answer the complaint of Hannah Griffiths, of the same place on behalf of her son for non-payment of wages, amounting to ten shillings. Ordered to pay the same and costs. Elizabeth Istance, married woman, was charged by Ann •Jones, also married woman, with stealing an earthen pan, the property of the complainant on the 31st ult. Committed for trial at the next Glamorgan Assizes, for the said otfence. Several other cases of minor importance were disposed of. Nothing of any importance was brought before the bench on Monday. On Saturday the 4th inst., an inquest was held at the Castle Inn, Merthyr, before William Davies, Esq., coroner, on the body of William Havard, miner, who met with his death on the preceeding day by a fall of rubbish in the level where he was employed at the Penydarran Works. Verdict "Accidental death." On the morning of Saturday the 4th inst., a poor man named John Davies, shoemaker, Dowlais, was found dead on the mountain near the above place, by two men going to their work. It appears that the unfortunate man on the preceding night had gone to some distance to deliver a pair of shoes which he had made, and on his returning home had lost his way in the dreadful storm on that night, as his shoes had the appearance of having walked much more than was necessary to complete the journey, and becoming over fatigued had either fallen or laid down and perished in the snow.