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nXTRAOflDtNAHY FORGERY. -c- Tllp Gazette (les Trihunatix states that a forgery, accompanied with some extraordinary circumstances an I skilful arrangements, brought Mr. Pcyre, alias Peters, before ihe Court of A '.siz"s of Paris on Friday se'nnight. years <iince a Frenchman, nam '.l Jean Cour- tois, the issue of a family of needy cuilivators in Ow I department of the Moselle, died in England, leaving a considerable fortune. The report of ihiscircumstance having been circulated throughout France by the press excited the desires of Peters, who from that moment turned bis attention to the manner by which he might convert it to his aiKantange. In 1839 he set out for England, appeared before a no'ary in London accom- panied by a person who represented himself as Jean Courtois, and who, in the presence of two witnesses signed an almost unlimited power of attorney autho- rizing Peters to administer the property, gi\ ing him one-third for his trouble, "Provided with this document he returned to Franee and forged an agreement by which an Englishman fiamed Richardson, representing the house of Tho IUsn", Alluseti, atiti Co.. of Newcastle, purchased the right of Jean Courtois's property for 1,000.000 tons «>f coal, of the value of gUmv.4, to be delivered to Peters. This was eot In ofder to stive this agreement an anthcuitic appeapotce it »«s <j £ cw*ary Sffthavo it Icgalizj-d bv the F-iiglis!i cot;sul, -u)(i tlt,- difficulty was how to present himself in company with IviclnrdsoH, who did not exist. This was a trifle for cunning Poieps, wjho taking advantage of an acquain- tance which he foiviicd at the British soc. ceeded in obtaining tlt,, f,)rin;ility required. •'Towards the of June, IS40. Peters, ad- dressed himself to M. DeVmaire, at Paris, banker, and asked him to undertake tin* saleof 2,000.000 tons of coal, which were to arrive in a ort time, as they had been shipped on board six ships, Mid were then at SPn. Thp agreement was produced perr.?ct:V regular independently of whichPcters had a prepossessing man- ner, which contributed to his success. M. Demmaire, however, before he would engage in such a serious matter, wished for references. Pelers readily gave, him every satisfaction oil thai head, and wrote a letter in his presence to -Thompson, Allusen, and Co. Ho at the same time informed M. Delamaire that he required ROOOf. to-pay for some furniture, which lie had purchased, and which sum the banker immediately advanced. M. Dalamaire WAS not the only person swindled in this manner. Another merchant, M. Gallouin, imposed on by the same fraudulent, manoeuvres, wrote to his correspondents, and prepared extensive stores in different countries to receive the immense quantity of coal that Peters was every day pretending to expect. lie was even about to make him an advance of money, when he heard he was ill custody of the police M. Dalamaire, finding that various creditors were coming after Peters, and not having received any answer li-ki liiii) irrcstpd. %Viieti in tlii- li;itids of the police Peters persisted in maintaining the authenticy of Richardson's agree- ment, and that lie was really expecting the coals from Newcastle. He produced letters, having the Newcastle post mark, but it waS ascertained that the Post-offic« stamp was forget! that the letters were writtten by Peters himself; and that no such house existed at Newcastle as that of Thompson, Alinscn, and Co* Oil Peter's trial, Pick ford, the British Consur, declared that no person of the fJameof Richardson ac- companied Peters, and that he only legalized the sig- nature of the latter. Peters persisted in his system of denial, and declared that he still expected the coals. Tlie prosecution was conducted by the Attorney- General, and the defence by M. Coral. Peyre, alias Peters, having been found guilty by the jury, was sentenced to s'.aud in the pillory, to re- main at the gallies nine years, and to pay a fine of 150 francs."



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