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LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC INSTITUTION, STAINES. —The eighth season of this admirable and flourishing Society was opened on Tuesday the 21 inst. by the Rev. Dr. Jones, Vicar of Bedfont, Middlesex, with a. Lecture on Taste."—He commenced, by shewing the object and advocating the advantages of popular Lectures, especially on abstruse debated points. Difficulty of present thesis; but difficulty should rather urge than daunt inquiry. After quoting the recorded opinions of various writers on the subject, Dr. Jones explained his own views; he wished to simplify and diseucuinber from obscurity and ex- clusivei)ess-a discussion applicable to daily life, and quite intelligible by common understandings. He therefore defined Taste "a capability of choice in. fluenced by the affections, moral as well as natural, and modified by the intellect, knowledge, habits, con- dition, peculiar to each individual;" a power inseparable from every sound mind, running as a protective or corrosive thread through the whole motley web of human existence. This position he illustrated by a variety of evidence, from peculiarities in times and localities. Not, however, satisfied with so general a statement, he felt it needful to search for more specific and mflueotiul data: these were found in ttlp agency of the (litferetit setise%-tlte senses being inlets of ideas, consequently fashioners of Taste. Still, some principle, sympathetic and comprehensive, was wanting to elucidate-the phenomena of individual and, tiience preeoeding,-convential, opinions—namelv, the association of ideas. Dr. Jones then lIoticéd Judgment,corrective of the i ma vitiation and affections, as regarding the Sublime, the Beautiful, the Pattletic, the Fit, ilnd Becoming. But there may exist an affection of the noblest gifts and emotions: lievice Ridicule, the quick detector of pretension in all its guises and absurdities; but, alas too often tho cruel scoffer ol truth and virtue: this latter olifco Instanced in the coriupt and corrupting character of modern Comedy, As ministering also to false Taste, the love of Novelty was not t-orgoiteii-Its insatiable require- ments and many mischiefs. In conclusion, Dr. Jones emphatically enforced the need and the power of Moral Taste to purify ennoble, and preserve all other tastes. After furnishing a summary of the whole Lecture,he took leave both of his hearers and subject, with a beautiiul touching passage from Alison's Essays.— I'he subject, a* is evident from the foregoing- Synopsis, was patiently and matu.dy studied and its delivery occupied nearly tw o hours and a half. The Lecture is already in the press. A concise popu'ar treatise upon this intricate yet important subject, though IOn much is not to tie foulld.-From the County Herald ui November 13, 1841.

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