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NOTICES, &c. TnIE CARDIFF and STEAM PACKETS NAUTIJLUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. IjABY CHARLO rrE, HENRY JEFF lid Y, Commander, ARE INTENUKD TO SAIL During the NEXT WEEK, oa follows— (From the BufeSllip Dock.) FROM O 4 H D JFK Nov. 22.. Monday Naatil 1f) morning 23..Tuvada^ oliarloitv II uioruing 24.. Wednesday.• .• Nautilus. 12 noon 25..Thursday .Lady Charlotte 1 afternoon 26.. Friday Na,itil,iq 2 afternoon 27..Saturday .Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon KllO.U B HIS TO L. NOV. 22.. Monday Ladv Charlotte 10J morning 2}..Tuesday .Nautilus. H morning 24.. Wednesday Lady Charlotte I afterno n 25..Thursday Nautilus 1 afternoon 26.. Friday Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon 27.. Saturday Nautilus. 8 morning Carriages and Horses must be along-side an hour and a half previous to the time of Sailing, otherwise they cannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New Docks. Ø" Coach to Bridgend through Cowbridge, im- mediately on arrival of the Packets Leaving Bridgend at hours previous to the Packets departure from Cardiff. PARES:—AfterCabin, 5s.-Fore Cabin. <s. Children under 12 Vetirs of Age, Half.i>ricc.— Dogs, Is each. A Female Steward attends on Hoard both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage,21s.•, Two-Wheel Carriaoc, los 6d.; Horses, fi. each; Iforse and llider, AfterCabin 9. Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cittle, 6s. Slieep, Is. 6o These Fares inclnde every expense. 0::Zp, Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all (joodsintended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to o. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Clllllherland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CHA'tLOTTli, to Clare Street Hall, %I-rsf Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Neivbriaye, Aberdtire, Cowbridge, liriili/enu, Llantr;sse,lt .,Ind C(terp.li illy.- Good s forwarded to rhpsc Plaees in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats i iii mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any parti.-ula' conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called for.— Freight to he paid on delivery. Goods, Package', r'areels, &c. forwarded malipar s of the Kingdom wit hois' delay. wtwo cnt to eit her of i ne r Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c-. will If readily obtained by applying to the Agents, .\1, Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr John (iriilitli Jones. Agent. No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac. ket; and of Mr Donovan. at the Packet Office, on tin Wharf, Cardiff; or to MrW. B. Owen, 29, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHAftLOTTK Packet. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam I)acki,ts give Notice, that they will not be accountable for atij Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable f<>i any Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, I.eakage or otherwise) unless Uaoked at eithr of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristo. if above the «alu of 40a., unless entered at its valiio bud Carriage in pro portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.— Goods consigned to order, or not taken awav before Si*, o'clock in the evening of the day of landing wil be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees All goods to he considered as liens, not only for irel: and charges due thereon. but also for all previously an satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims for loss or damage.&c.. cannot beallowed, unles a written notice of the same he sent r. the Office on the day of delivery NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT APPLICATION will BE MADK to Parliament in the next Session f <r an ACT to establish a Company for Lighting h Town of CARDIFF, in the County of Glamorgan, with GAS. J. II. LANGLEY. Solicitor. Cardiff, November 9, 1841. WE, the undersigned being LANDOWNERS or duly Authorized AGENTS of Landowners within the PARiSH of PENMARK, in the County of GLAMORGAN, whose interest is not Jess than One-fourth part of the whole value of the Lands subject to Tithes in the said Parish, do by this Notice in Writing under our hands, call a PA IIOC I IIA 1. MEETING of LANDOWNERS within the limits of the said Parish, for the purpose of appointing a Valuer or Valuers to Apportion the TI THES of the said Parish, pursuant to the provisions of an Act passed in the Sixth and Seventh Years of the reign of his late Majesty, intituled "An Act for the Coin- mutation of Tithes in England and Wales And we do hereby also give Notice, that such Meeting will he held at the Dwelling-house of Mr. JOHN JENKINS, in the said Parish, on THURSDAY, the Second day of DECEMBER next, at the hour 01 Twelve at Noon. Given under our hands, this Thirtieth day of October, 18-H. ROJHRT OLIVER JONES. BENJAMIN WOOf). Britannia Siifa Assurance Company No. 1. PRINCE'S STREET, BANK, LONDON. CAPITAL ONE MILLION. Strrttorg. William Bartlgett, Ksq Robert F.glinton, Esq. Samuel Bevinuton, Esq Erasmus llnbt. '.os'cr.Rsq, Win. Fechney Black. Esq Alex. Robert Irvine. Esq. John Brighrman, i'sq I Peter Morrison. Esq. George Cohen. Esq William Shand. J,iti., Esq Willis Coventry. Esq Henry Eewis Smale, Esq John Drewelt, Esq Thomas Tweed. Esq. Mcbíral Of.Fictro. John Sims, M. D.-Ebenczcr Smith, Esq.. Surgeon. Solmtor. William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. ADVANTAGES OF TillS INSTITUTION. A most economical set of rable., composed expresM> for the use of this Institution, from authentic and com plete data. Increasing rates of Premium on a new and remark- able plan, for securing loans or debts; a less imme- diate payment being required on a policy for the who c i'erm ofiife than in any other office. A Board of Directors in attendance daily at Two o'clock. o'clock. Age of the Assured in every case admitted in the Policy. Al' claims payable within one month after proof of death. Medical attendants remunerated in all cases for th< Reports. rremium per Cent per Annum payable during First I Second Third I Fouith Hematn- Age. Five Five Five Five der of Years. Veais Years. Years. Life. i- £ s. d. £ s. rl £ s. d. £ < d t F. d. 20 114 15 10 I 10 11 1 16 9 2 3 H SO 16 4 1 12 2 1 19 1 2 7 4 2 17 6 40 1 Hi 1 2 4 4 2 14 6 3 7 3 4 3 4 50 2 10 7 3 9 44 5 55 0 31)13 PETER .MO lUSON, Esq., He tide tit.Director, London A G I-, N'f S. NEWPORT Mi R. Jenkins. T|> F.DKGAR 1 HON WOltKs W. F. Ireland. CARDIFF —W. D Norwood, Bank. IZTIIYI? Povrvt'ooL —Stephen Vernon, Bauk CIf EPSToW J. L. Bald w"n, Solicitor. I SK — ABIRCAVKNiw -J. Hiley Morgan,Stationc-, ifuhmuutil W. Jenkins, Stationer. NOTICE. &c. THE (0 :U&3>U3»S> ADVERTISER, AND SSI HTM! IRA PKA 7 IS PUBLISHED BARLY nven-f SATURDAY MORNING' AT TlIF, OFFICE, OTnsss (D^uaiDffiFiPo GENERAL P R I N T I T G, taa'ji a* at AND BOOKSELLING ESTABLISHMENT. HENRY WEBBER, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, PROPRIETOR and PUBLISHER of the above -L Journal, respectfully announces that his arrange- ments are now fully completed for carrying on the above Business, in all its branches; and trusts, by moderation of charges, beauty of workmanship, and expedition, to merit a share of public patronage and support. ORDETS FMR Bo iks, Magazines, and Periodicals. EXECUTED ON T'f SK>> rrEST NOTICE; LP>IRlTIII@ Of every description in a superior style. THE EXTENSIVE Vaviety of /HaUcnt Cijpt, BEING ADAPTED FOR BOOK, PLAIN, AND OltNAMbNTAL WORK; HAJDBI&tS, BILLS OF LADING, SHIPPING NOTES, ^mioguro, PUBLIC NOTICES, LAW FORMS, A N 1) EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK miMtyW 3 IE 3 M (& LOIYIJIPA 27 (999, PRINTED ON ht Zft 3rteiSt 113,1icr, In the best manner and most reasonable Terms; RULE:* TO \N> M t Mlf ACTURED ON THIS P tEMISKS IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, COMBINING ELE- GANCE WITH CHEAPNESS AND DURABILITY. AGENT FOR. THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICE All OIlDERS directed to the GUARDI AN OFFICE, DOKE-STKEET, Cardiff, will be promptly attended to, and satisfactorily executed. Birmingham and Gloucester Railway. ''l^HE PUBLIC is informed, that this Company -B- are now prepared to Convey Goods between BRISTOL and BIRMINGHAM, LIVERPOOL, or M A NC11 ES TER, at the following Scale of charges, exclusive of Collection or Uelivery in Bristol or Birmingham:—■ B t ween nrisiol Be ween Bristol and Biimiimliam, an: Liverool. or 31.lI!clrester, If dIP c "V -vgr.ee he. tween Bristo1- 1111<1 OUi he by wn vr,— a. d. a. d. In the first Classification, per ton 12 0 Second 13 6 Third. 17 6 32 6 Fourth 22 6 4 j 0 Fifth 32 6 60 0 I f'Mift coilW /unci* IP. fwecn Br-stl)l Fe Glou- cester t,y LtHd. In the Fourth Classification, per ton 35 0 52 6 Fifth 42 6 70 0 Goods from Bristol for Liverpool or Manchester, which are expressly ordered by Land Carriage between Bristol and Gloucester, wili be delivered'at their destination on the following morning, those by water in ordinary course. The charge for Collection or Delivery of Gods, in Birmingham, will be Two shillings per Ton; in Bristol, Two shillings and six-pence per Ton. Lists of the principal articles in each Classification, and every oilier information may be obtained on appli- cation (either personally or by letter) to Mr. Kidder, Camp Hill Station, Birmingham, or at any of the Company's Offices or Booking Stations ortoSouthan, Evans and Co. the appoinied Agents of the Com- pany, at Bristol, to whom it is respectfully requested that Goods from thence, inten !ed to be forwarded by this Railway may he consigned. H. Southan and Son are the appointed Agents of the Company at Newport, Cardiff, Swansea &c. By Order, GEORGE KING, Secretary. 13, Waterloo Street, Birmingham, 5*kh October 1841. piIE ALFRED HOME and FOREIGN LIFE I ASsUK A and MUTUAL ANNUITY ASSO- CIATION, 51, Old Broad Strcpl. London. IJI B ECTORS. G. Tves Raymond Barker. Sir W Parish, K. C. H. Esq Sir David Scott, Bart. Samuel Bosanquet, Esq. Robert Scott, Esq. George Fred Dickson, Esq Ernest A. Stephenson,Esq Charles Heaton Ellii; Esq. Major I'uHorh W G1 ni. Esq. Vitliiir Willis. E"q. J.,srph .J¡;\1ieop. Esq. lie Hon. ElliotT. Yorke, William j. Maxwell, Esq. I M TRUSTEES. Sir David Scott, Ba-t. Joh:i P. Hey wood, Esq. Granville Sharp, Esq. | \i thur Willis, Esq. AUDITORS. Edjrar Corrie, Fsq. I J D. Walford, Esq. David 1 owell, Esq. j W. J Lanraster, Esq. Secretary—J. W. Hampton, Esq. ADVANTAGES OF THIS ASSOCTATION. Entire srcurity Irom an ample subscribed capital wiihoul resp .nsii,ji¡ty Id the assured Four-fifths of the profits appropriated to them every five years. III addition to ali the ordinary rates of as- su anee. Policies may be made payable at 60 or other ages, and a ^xed proixntlon f,f ttie premiums returnid oil policies oi this description incase of surrender. Pprllons assuring Itle lives of others may, by a small extra premiu m, avoid the risk of the party vitiating the poiin by Koing abroad. No extra charge lor residence in any part of Europe, or in the Briiish colonies in Australia, the Cape, and North America. And to those going to other countries, the option i< offered, either of paying an additional premium for extra risk, or of a corresponding deduction to be made from their policies in the event of their death abroad. Loans granted to the assured upon a new and ad- vantageous plan. Premiums may be paid quarterly, half yearly, or annually. A rliitration preferred to law in all cases of dispute. .ullui'ies granted on an entirely new principle 0' participation 111 profits. Kates oi Annuities Payable Half yearly Age Annuity. Age. Annuity, Age \nnuity. V- °< 1! 40 i-6 :3 9 60 £ 9 6 4 £ > £ 4 6 45 GUI 65 10 17 4 30 5 9 i 50 7 7 10 70 13 1 10 3a 5 lb 1 55 84 8 80 22 9 0 3a 5 lb 1 55 8 4 8 80 22 9 0 J. W. UWIPTON. SECRETARY. AGENTS. Merthyr Tydjil Carmarthen Mr Hichard (ardner. Swansea Thomas Alt wood Monmouth W. A. Williams. Newport David Williams. Pontypool C. I]. Crofts, Uth •—11, Moit^o. I NOTICES, &c. OTlCE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That applica- tion is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session for leave to hring in a Bill to alter, atnend,and ciiiiirge the powers and provisions of an Act passed in the 7th Year of tlx- reign ol his late Majesty William the Fourth, intituled An Act for the better Paving, Cleansing, Liithtitu, and other- wise Improvin the I'own of Cardiff, in the County of Claiiiorgiiii," and for granting further, better, and more effectual powers for Paviiig. Cluaiisiii. Lighting. Watching, Draining, Regulating, and Im- proving the said Town and the Police thereof. Dated the 26 day of October, 1841. E. P. KICHARDS, Solicitor. b£rbïtre CuntatUc rtt¡Jt. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the TOLLS arising at the TOLL GATES, upon the ABi;RD kRE TURNPIKE ROAD, called and known by the names of Craig E an Leyshon, Cefn Glas, and Aberdare Village Gates WILL BE LET BY AUCTION, to the Best Bidder, at the bouse of Robert Jones, the BLACK LION INN, at ABERDARE. on THURSDAY, the 211d dtv of DECEMBER next, between tile hours of Eleven and Two, in ili« manner directed by the Act passed in the third Year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth, for reo gulating Turnpike Roads which Tolls produced the last Year the sum of Two Hundred and Thirtv-one Pounds above the expenses of collecting them; and will be ru up at IllIIt sum. Whoever happens to be the best Bidder must, at the same time, pay one (tiotitsi in advance (if required), and give Security, wi h sufficient Sureties, to the satisf iction of tho Trustees of the said Turupike Roads, for the rest of the money Monthly. Signed, WILLIAM JENKINS, Clerk. November 15, 1841. PATaoifS. HER MOST GRACIOUS M IJESTY. HIS LATE MOST GRACIOUS WAJES I'Y HIS M AJESTY THE KIN OF THE BELGIANS. HIS MUESTY THE KING OF FIANCE. And most of the Koyal Family. James Johnson, Physician Extraordinary to his late \Iaie"tv. \riti,ir T. Ilolroyd, Physician to St. Mary,le-bone Dispensary. T. tlodgkin, M.D., I-ecturer on Morbid Anatomy, at Guy's Hospital. !t. Rowley, M.D., Physician to the Aldersgate-strect Dispensary. G. H. Wertherliead, Lecturer on Meteria Medica and Therapeutics, T. Castle, Physician to St. Mary's Hall, and to the. Brighton Dispensary, Amos Middleton, Senior Physician to the Leamington Hospital. Charles London, Physician to the Leamington Bath ing Institution. D. Davies. Surgeon to their late Majesties. Jonathan I)ereiral F. L.S., Lecturer on Materia Meoa .S F. Tyrr-lf, 17, New Bridge-street, Surgeon ctdi j Thomas's Hospital. George Pdclicr, M.R.C.S. L., Lecturer on Anatomy, Webb-street. F. Salmon, Consulting Surgeon to St. John's Hospital Ja reft Dashwood, Surgeon to the Royal Humane Institution. C. Millard, Demonstrator'of Anatomy at the School of Wel)b-strect. J. Harrison Curtis, Aurist to his late Majesty. THE aoove, and T.,o Hundred and Eight other JL Medical GentlPlnen, have- given the most flattering certificates of the great value and superiority of W )ODHOUSR'S ^ETHEREAL ESSENCE OF GI..3- 3, Which is par icularly recommended to all Cold, Phleg- matic. and Nervous Constitutions It is certain in affording instant relief in Cholera Morbus, Spasuis, Cramps, Flatulence Hysterics, Heartburn, Hiccup, Loss of Appetite, Sensation of Fulness, Pain and Oppression after Meals; also those Pains of the Stomach and Bowels, which arise from Gouty Flatulences j Digestion, however much impaired, is restored to its piistine state, by the use of this Essence for a short time In-Bottles, 2*. 6d.; 4s. 6d. glass stopped, 10s. 6d and 2ls. each. Balsam of Spermaceti, Coughs, Asthma;, Shortness of Breath. Woa^ Colds, Soreness, Tightness and Oppression of the Chet. and most affections of the Chest and Lungs relieved in ten minutes, by taking one dose of iVOOOHOU>E\S BA',S\I OF SPERMACETI, OH P'?-CTOR\L COUGH DROPS. Persons doubting the efficacy of this Medicine may take a dose in the Proprietor's shop before they purchase. The Proprietor earnestly recom- mends a trial of these Drops to persons afflicted with the above co-nplitints."I)tit he does not introduce tlie:ri as being an infallil) e cure (as many do), but is warranted in as- seiting their efficacy from the extensive relief afforded in numerous eases of the above description. Constitutional Coughs of three, four. and more years stanuin have been cured in the course of a week by the use of these Drops. In the floo ing and Chin Coughs it will be found equally valuab'e it will at all times release the most violent Consumptive otigh. In Bottles, k lid.; 2s. 9J 4s. 6s.; and 10s. 6d. earh. Prepared » >lely by E. GREGORY (who has pur- chased the Iteceipts). at his Laboratory, Church street. Hackney and may be had Retail of every Chemist in the Unitt-d Kingdom. Be sure ask for PATRONIZED BY THE PROFESSION, satliqzls COUGH LOZENGES, A most certain, safe, and acrpeable remedy for COUG IS, COLDS, ASTHMA, HOOP|\G COUGH, Sl'IT TIN J of BLOOD, and affections of the Chhl in £ <Mi*ral. These LOZENGES have now obtained a preference to aL oth r Cough or Expectorant Medicines, th.i pleasant taste, certain effect, and the absence of those depressing principles contained in the Squill and Ipeca cuanha Roots are i strong recommendation to their use. Testimonial from the Rev. G. Hevwood, Bideford :— I have received advice from many eminent medical practitioners, a d have taken a variety of parent me- dicines. but have found more relief by takin Mr Joce's Cough Lozenges than I have from any other medical preparation. AGENTS FOR W\L'"S:— Abergavenny, George; Brecon, Jones; Cardiff, Cole man; Cardigan, Williams Chepstow, Davis; Haver fordwest, Hicks; Llandovery, Goal-tone; Llandilo Williams; Merthyr Tydvil, Stephens Monmouth, Cos sens; Newport, Williams; Pembroke, Treewecks Swansea, Strick Tredegar, Davis: Tenby, Freeman Sold wholesale in London, Barclay at" I Co. Bristol Cross and Co.; and by the propriet Ir, J. Joce, BId. ford BE MEHUY AND WISE. -Liu,-Iit,-r promotes the arterialisation of the blood, by the rapid and agitated motion which it causes in the blood and air, in the air- cells. Hence we see the advnnirige of cultivating pleasatry and harmless niith, particularly at dinner, when i' materially promotes digestion and in infants and in young children, ill whom it preserves health and promotes growth. "Care to onc's cofin adds nail, no doubt, While each urill so merry draws one out Marsilius Ficierus writes, Live merrily, 0 lily friends free from cares and grief; again and again I exhort you to be merry and if any thing trouble your liearis or vex your souls, cast it off with contempt. This I enjoin you, not only as a divine, but as a physician— for without mirtb, physic is of no force." Thus we see that mirth and lnughter are not only pleasing, but beneficial to mind and body a rose without a thorn. This view ol hamless mitli will, I think, servo to impress oil our minds a belief in the existence of the benevolent spirit displij^) ill cre;itioti.-Paptilar Lectures on Man, by John White, M.R.C.S. MEND Youit FIRST FAUI.T.—The Queen of George II. once said to Wiiiston, f bear you are good at tel i"jf persons their faults; now, as every body has lome fault or other, I should like to know what you have observed in me." Winston would have evaded the question, but the Queen was not to be denied. "Why, then, madam," said Whiston, "the peope complain that you talk to the King when at chapel, instead of minding the service. I- ( beHeve," answered ner Majesty, there is tOlli6 truth in eh"t you say. But now ti ll me of another fault." No. madam, said the old m.onitor," I, let me see you mend tliv. first before 1 jneutiou s of George I V. SALES, LETTINGS, &c. NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. VALUABLE IiEASEHOLD PROPERTY. MR E. PRITCHARD Has received instructions from the Proprietor (who has left Newport) to sl r for &jile fcsj Auctioit. On WEDNESDAY, the 24tii of NOVEMBER, loll, at Fivs o'clock in the Eveuing, at the KING'S HEAD INN, NEWPORT, (Subject to Conditions that will then bf produced,) THE FOLLOWING ¥ ALU AB LIE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, COMPRISING THE FOLLOWING LOTS, VIZ., LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE. DWELLING HOUSE, and SHOP, situate at the Corner of HIGH- STKKET and SKINNER-STREET, in the Town of Newport, containing Eleven Sitting and Bed rooms, with a CORNER SHOP, and other necessary 'On" Offices, the whole of which are of lofty and spacious dimensions, late in the occupation of the Proprietor and of which immediate Possession may be had. The HOUSE is well and substantially built, is in good Repair, with a never-failing supply of spring and soft WATER, and is replete with every convenience for a large Family. It may, if required, be easily converted into a most respectable PRIVATE RESIDENCE, which it lately was, at a trifling expense* The Premises are in the centre of the POPULOUS AND FLOURISHING TOWN OF NEWPORT, and in its PRINCIPAL THOROUGHFARE. They present a Frontage of 1^6 Feet 6 inches a of handsome and Modern Elevation. Under the House is a BONDED CELLAR, for Wines and Spirits (now in the Occupation of James Wintle), at the Rent of £ 12 per Annum. The Premises might easily command a Rental of zC140 per Annum. On the above Premises a respectable and extensive Printing and Bookselling business have been carried on. and if required, the Presses, Type, and Fixtures may be taken to at a Valuation. LOT 2.—All that MESSUAGE or BUILDING, with the Appurtenances, situate in Skinner-street, in the said Town of Newport, adjoining the above, now let to the Commissioners of Customs for the Term of 72 Years or thereabouts, 03 Years of which, or nearly so, are unexpired, at the Yearly Rent of < £ 50; to be used by them as a giuiTira HOUSE. These Premises have been put into complete Repair, at a considerable expense, within the last Three months. LOT 3. -All that WAREHOUSE or BUILDING adjoining the Custom Uoe, occupied by fifessrs. Hughes & Co (Yearly Tenants.) "t the Rent of X30 per Annum, used as CORN LOFHS. The Ground floor is apptoved of for the Housing of Corn and flour, under Bond. There is a CELLAR under the said Warehouse which is not let with it. LOT 4. — All that PIECE or PARCEL of GROUND, adjoining the last-mentioned Lot, well calculated for BUILDING, &c., situate near the Monmouth ihire Canal and Tram Road. It is now used as a YARD, on which is built a STABLE, both together, let for the annual rental of £ 28 8. 0d. The Ground is enclosed by a Wall about 12 feet in height, and silificiently strong for Building upon it, coutuint 7C)9 Square Yards or thereabouts, with a Frontage of 64 feet, including the Stable. This Lot is free from any Ground Rent. LOT 5.-The GROUND RENT of £20 per Annum for the Unexpired Term of a LEASE of 54 Years, from the 1st September last, arising out of Victoria Square, in the aforesaid Town of Newport, on which is built 23 HOUSES (One Double) AtM, the Reversion of 9 Years or thereabouts, on the fore- going 23 Houses, from the expiration of the Term of 51 Years, which Houset and Premises are now Let for the Annual Rent of about £:JO per Annum. The above Premises are held uodpr Lease from Sir 0. Morgan, Bart., for the remainder of the Term of 80 Y s. commencinf the 1st May, 1824, under the Yearly Sum of £ 23 17s. 6d., part of the Rent Reserved by the Lease, which will be charged on the Pre-ioet. in the following pro- portion#,—Lot 1, £ 16 i7a 6d.; Lot 2, £ 3; Lot 3, £ 2; and Lot 5, £ 2. The Premises may be viewed on application to the The Premises may be viewed on application to the respective Tenantu or to Ntr. CLE M ENTs, Chemist, Newport; and for further particulars, application may he made to Messrs. PROTHEHO and TOW GOOD, Solicitors, Newport; to Mr. HENRY FAKR, Solici- tor, Newport; to Mr. HENRY WEBBER, Guardian Office, Cardiff, Glamorganshire or to the Auctioneer. MONMOUTHSHIRE. go be lo-lb & £ Uttrticn, BY E. PRITCHARD, AT TRjfi &ZG'3 READ SSfW, In the Town of Newport, On SATURDAY, the 20th of NOVEMBER, 1841, Betwetn the hours of and 6 in the Afternoon, (Subject to such conditions as tliall be tlien and there produced,) THE FOLLOWING VALUABLE COPflCI WOODS, LOT I. ABOUT Six Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called J.3L iiraig-y-Merchant Fitch, in the Pariah of BASSALLEG, within a Mila of the Monmouthshire Canal, containing a quantity of HUHDLE HOOP, and CORDWOOO. LOT 9.—About Twetve Acres of COPPICE WOOD, cat led Surnt Wood, in the Pariah of BASSALL.EG adjoining the Five containing a quantity of Birk, Pit Timber, and Cofdwowh LOT 3.—About Five Acres of COPPiCE WOOD, callt'd Cord Coch, in the Parish of MAC HEN, adjoin- illl the Rumnev Railway, containing a quantity of Pit and Cord wood. LOT #About Twenty-eiflit Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Coect Nest, in tbeP.iriahof MACHLN, adjoining the Sirhowv Train ttoad. containing a quantity of Pit, Hurdle, and Hoop tuLf. LOT 5.-About Eighteen Acroa of COPPICE WOOD, oil Gwae od-y-Wami Farm, in the Parish of Bcdwellty, adjoining the Ruinuey Railway, con- taining a quantity of Pit Timber, Hurdle, and Cord- wood. LoT 6.-A bout Ten Acres of COPTICS WOOD, called Wern fJdu. in the Hamlet of La livedo*, con- tainin a quantity of ccellpllt Pit and Cordwood. LoT 7—About Eiglit Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Mill Wood, in the Halet of Lanvedn8. COli. timing a quantity of Hurdle, Hoop, and Cnrd.ood. LoT N—About Six Acres of COPPICE WOOD, called Wernleigion 1Yo"II, in tike Haualot of Lanve- ,low, containiuK a quantity of Pit and Cordwood, For a view of the Woods, apply to Mf. Robert Touug, Park Hopae, in the Parish of Baaaalleg, ;tbo will direct a pcrsoti to oliee the save* For further pariiuilep PfJi1 at the Tredegw OSee, Newport Messrs. Birch and Davis, Solicitmo, •Jawport; or to the Auctioneer, if by letter, post-paid. SALES, LETTINGS, &c. By Virtue of an Order of Her Majesty's Court Review made in the Bankruptcy oj David Storm, To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, PEREMPTORILY, On SATURDAY, the -¿7th rlav of November, 1S41 By MR. THOMAS WATKINS, AT THE CAlSIF A S. S Z M W In Ctrdiff between the hours of Two and Four o'clock in the Afternoon, pursuant to thn appoint- ment of the Commissioners (subject to such con- ditions of s.t!c a> suall be then produced), ALL THAT Capital Freehold Matsaage, WD EXTENSIVE PREMISES, NOW occupied by Mr. STORM situate on the South side, of CROCKHERBTOWN. in Cardiff aforesaid, containing on the Ground Fluur, spaCIUlIS Dining and Drawing Rooms, Breakfast Parlour, and Study, together with Kitchen, Back Kitchen. Ser- vant's Hall, China Pantry, Washhouse. with Lauudrv over it, Larder, aud other convenient offices. It has Eight large Bedrooms on the first and se- cond Boors, besides two rooms over tho Kitchrns. There are Two excellent dry arched Wine and Beer Cellars. Behind the dwelling-house is a good Four Stalled Stable and a Coach-house, with Hay loft above, with « spacious Court Yard. There is also a Garden adjoining, 47 yards by 12. The Fittings in the China Paltry, Kitchen, and offices, may be taken at a valuation if wisiied, For leave to view, apply on the premises; and for further particulars, to Messrs. PROTHKRO and IOWGOOD, Solicitors, Newport or to Mr. K. P. RICHARDS, Solicitor, Cardiff. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET BY TENDER, And entered Lady.day ensuing, ALL THAT FARM & LA ADS C.ir.LED PAR K: A -BACH, SITUATE IN THE PAR SH OF NEWCASTLE, In the County of Gla, Now itt tiio Occupation of Mr. James Hughes. FURTHRR particulars may be had of Mr. GEORGE DODS, Little Gnoll; or at the office of Mr. CUTHBERTSON, Solicitor, Neath. I And all persons desirous of taking the above premises mast deliver Sealed Tenders for tii(- sanie, to Mr. Dods, at his residence, on or before Monday, the 22nd instant. tne tenders will be opened at Twelve o'clock on that day; and tho most eligible offer, if there be one approved of, will be accepted. Dated tho 3rd day of November, 1841. TOWN OF BFJDGEND, GLAMORGANSHIRE. go br oIlr fj,) xtuftjon, AT THE WYNDHAM ARMS INN, BRIDGEND, On Saturday, the 27tlt November, 1S41, Between the lioura of One and Three in the after- noon subject to 3uch conditions as shall be then and there produced,— ALL THOSE TWO MESSUAGES OR BWEILIlfG-HOUSES, SHOP AND PREMISES, SITUTE in the Town of Bridgend aforesaid, n >w in the several occupations <>f Mr. Win. Llewellyn Linen Draper, and Mr. William Morgan, Spirit Merchant. The above premisc-s are advantageously situated for business, beiiiif opposite the New Market, and are held under a Ifvise granted hv the "arl of Dunraven. for a term of 50 years, cotninencinif from the 1st of Nt tv, 1833 at a reserved Rent of £9 7s., and pro- ducing Annually £84, Further particulars may be had on application to, the proprietor Mr. Tlinman Jones, Whi'e Hart Bridgend, or to Mr. Cuthbertson, Solicitor, Neath. PILL, NEWPORT, MONMOUTHSHIRE. SHIP CHANDLERY AND iiosjaiairaEHY BUSINESS TO BE DISPOSED OF. A N excellent opportunity now presents itself to any Person desirous of embarking In the above Lines of Business, the wiiole of the WELL ASSORTED STOCK AND TRADE Of the late Firm of TAPSON AND WEBBER being now to be Disposed Of under a Deed of Assignment. To a person of active habits, who is possessed of a moderate capital, the above possesses extraordinary advantages, as the Premises are so eminently calcu- lated for carrying on profitably the above Trades, being situated in the common thoroughfares of all the Iron and Coal Wharfs in Piligwenllv, and the only Shop of the sort below Newport, a distance of one mile. To treat for the same, apply to BOOTH, RICHARDS, and Co., Birmingham; or THOMAS CHAMBERLAIN, 97, Redcliffe-street, Bristol. BRYNMAWR, BRECONSHIRE. —o— "0 tif "oUr ft Slurtfott, BY MR. JOHN WILLIAMS, On MONDAY, the 6th dev of DECEMBER, 141, at tIN BRITANNIA INN, situate at BRYN MAW*, t» tke Parish of^ LLANELLY, in the Couaty of BRECON, (by Virtue of and und» r a Power or Trust for SALE, tor the bea^ftt of the i CREDITORS of lWr. WALTER WATKINS, j aod subject to audi conditions as shall then and there be produced); LOT I. ALL that MESSUAGE or DWElJ.iVfj. HOUSE, 4 known by the sign of THE BRITANNIA INN, situate as above mentioned, with a good Unierground CELLAR, BLtEW.HOUSE, GAR- | DKN, Roomy STABLE, and other conveniences attached. LOT 2.—All timi COTTAGE or TENEMENT, and Premises edjoiniflg or near to Lot 1, now in the occupation of William Morgan, as tenani thereof. LOT 3.—All thoae TWO CO I TAGES or TENE- MENTS and Premiaes, adjoining tlte above mentioned Premises, now in the occupation of John Walters, as tenant thereof. The above Property is situate on the aide of the Turnpike Road leading from Abergavenny towards Herthyr TytWl adjoining the Boat Company's Coal Yard; and is held under a Lease from kis Grace The Duke of Beaufort, lor the Livaa of Three Young Peraoag, at al entail eviisal ground rent. Tfee buildinga have re- ceaily been erected, ore in good repair. for fort6w particulars opply to Messrs. Morgan Md Batt, Solicitors, Ahwirgavetiny. toate to commence at Two o'clock in the Afternoon. Abergat«nnf, 4th Nor., 1841. NEWPORT CLOTHING (BgtaMtsfimeitt, Opposite the Post-Office, High-street. THOMAS DAVIES, IN expressing his gratitude for the extensive patronage he has received from the Public, respectfully invites i. those who have not inspected his STOCK to au early VISiT, feeling a strong conviction of being able to Offer them very great inducements to favour him with their orders. The circumstance of his confining his attention to the WOOLLEN and MANCHESTER Trade, and his experience in the MARKETS, as well as his adopting the principle of Buying and Selling for CASH, enables him to Offer GOODS, warranted of the best Fabiic, extremely Moderate in Price. His Cutter is one of first-rate Abilities, possessed of Practical knowledge of the Art, under whose superin- tendence none but workmen of decided talent are employed, T. D, being determined to produce articles that may vie vlith those of any House for Elegance of Cut. Ease, and durability of Workmanship. Gentlemen are allowed to return any article, if not approved of, as respects -cut, colour, quality, or make, although previously ordered. PARTICULAR ATTENTION! PAID TO JUVENILE DRESSES, SERVANTS' LIVERIES. Every Article of MEN'S CLoritING, Ready Made. Manufactured by him, warranted well made, and will be exchanged or the money retarned, if not approved. kt 8tnttal tOtk Consistfi of COUNTKY and YORKSHIRE Superfine CLOTH ES, W A rERPROOF BEAVERS DOESKINS. CASSKMERES; Ri<h SILK and WOOLLEN VESTINGS; Fancy VELVETEENS,' MOLESKINS, CORDS, &c.; GOSSAMER and BEAVER HATS, warranted to retain their shape and colour, and not to spot with rain; BOYS' and INFANTS' CLOTH and VELVET CAPS HOSIERY and SHIR TS. N.B.-TAItORS' TRIMMINGS. OBSERVE,— THOMAS DAVIES, OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE, HIGH-STREET, NEWPORT, MOXMOUTHSIIIRE. MACINTOSHES, INDIA RUBBER GARMENTS, MADE TO MEASURE, WARRANTED WATERPROOF.