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IRELAND. Oi M onday %yeek, oiie of the irreatest miracles of modern days occurred in our old Eblanutn-uamely, the elevation of one of Ihe greatest rogues and robe's to the post of Lord Mayor of Dublia. The city was nothing hut one scene of excitement from Mud Island to Kingxbridge, from morning until e veni ng. For nearly an hour before the Council met for the election of Lord Mayor, every street leading 'o the Assembly House was crowded by persons anxious to get a glimpse of the novel sight. Oil the Council meeting, and previous to Ihe election, Mr. Alderman Boyce inquired of Mr. O'Coniiell, what course would he pursue in cas" of hit, electiou with regard to repeal?" Mr. O'Councll replied, c. that in the office of Lord Mayor no one should know what his politics were," and with this pre- meditated falsehood in his mouth was invested with the go'd chain. Af'er the business of the Council had concluded, the new Lord Mayor's friends and Sycophants seemed all at once to be impressed witli ibis awful responsibility, for Mr. Councillor Cal- laghan rose, and with the air of a man big with a most momentous question said, addressing O'Con- nell — •* My Lord, may I take the liberty of asking if your Lordship will occupy the Mansion Hou-e this day, or will your Lordship !jleep: there Itbi. night?" Like Macbeth his "Lordship" has done so much to "murder sleep," one would expect that he ought to sleep no more"—" Glamis hath murdered sleep, and therefore Cawdor shall sleep no more." When his lordship flung his burly person that night into the state bed, never before pressed but by loyal men, I should like to know the visi.ihs that visited his chaste pillow—how the old gallant of Lord Killeen's cinder wench felton finding himself between the four grand posts, aud under the sombre drapery of the civic couch, which, altis is too like Procrustes' bed, so equal io its accommodation of rogues and honest men. The visions of his head upon his bed might, I thiesk, have been most happily published, and proved as protitable and prophetic as Pharaoh's dream. It is the intention of a friend of mine to write an epithalamium on the new Mayor's first civic bedeiiig-I hope the perfoimance will be equal to the subject. When the fat rascal awoke next morning-, I can almost fstiey him rubbing his eyes in bewilderment, and looking round at the furniture of the civic bedroom, whi!e one after the other his ideas and senses recurred to him, and at length assured of the reality of everything he saw cryitiz out, in the words of Christopher Sly (in the Taming of the Shrew.) under nearly similar circum- stances of suo-prise- Upon my life I am a -Lord indeed." It was but a few minutes before Mr. Callaghan put the question 1 have jut alluded to, Mr. Alderman Boyce (whaae similarity of name to the celebrated Sir Uobert Boyle seems to have given him a share in that illustrious Irishman's talent for bulling) said, addressing the iNleyor-11 It occurs to me, my lord, that we olJgoht to have four quarter days In the year." What profound wisdom! The Alderman is ipsia Hibernicis Hibernior and a paper of to-day (the Mail) has the following racy comment on Sir Boyce's suzl,,est ioii :-I' Poor Sir John Stevenson, of fe cetious memorv-an excellent Doctor of music, but indifferently skilled in farriery-was once persuaded by a whig to believe that a horse, purchased by him on his own judgment, had five fetlocks and he ab. tiolutely returned it to its owner, a cavalry officer then in this garrison, as unsound—assigning, in a w i ii ten document, still in existence and worthy a place in the curiosities of literature," the super- numerary fetlock as the cause of ro.iection What an Alderman he would have made! When the business of the Council had concluded, there was considerate delay in getting O'ConuelPs carriage to the door of the Assembly House, so dense was the ciowd in the neighbourhood O'Con- nell accordingly took occasion to seize upon the op- portunity which this circumstance afforded him to address his tatterdemallions in his new capacity he appeared at the front window of the Assembly House, dressed in his scarlet velvet gown, cocked hat, and chain—it was Polybius's description of the Carihageniau demagogue to life only for the snub nose and the round red potato face, you would be slow to recognise hiui but there is an everlasting identity about those features which prevents mistake he certainly was a startling sight, and one had trouble to convince himself that the demagogue was not masking. By a little exertion you can have him in your mind's eye fancy a big figure stuck up in the front window of the Assembly House, decked and bedizened like a waxwork, red goowu and red face, the latter enlivened by a cunning twinkling eye, and shaded by a cocked hat; while thousands of ragamuffins, with countenances upturned to this flaming figure, yelped and roared without inter- mUsion: a friend, as we were crushed in the crowd, whispered in my ear a paraphrase of the well-knowu liues- In scarlet and brogue Shines many a ro^ue, Good morrow, O'Conncll." t. Friends," said the agitator, Mayor, &c., waving one hand, and flourishing his cocked hat with the other, what a daylfor old Ireland A Repealer is Lord Mayor of Dabliti-tlii-,4 is but a foretaste of wiiat you may expect when we have a Parliament in College-green. We have carried theCorporaiion, my boys—keep your heads together, and we will also carry Itel,eitl." This brief but characteristic speech drew forth yells that almost frightened old father Lifty—and so it might, such a speech from a Lord Mayor of a loyal Corporation of Dublin In the crowds of rascals filled the streets, from the Castle to College Green, along Dane-street, &c. and in the neighbourhood of the Assembly Baillie; they were well disposed for distui bance. In College Green they lore up the newly laid down shingle, and commenced battering the equestrian statue of King William; hut a strong force of police opportunely arrived to prevent much mischief. O'Connell has announced his intention to go in slate to the Popish chapel, in Francis-street, on Sunday next, where here arc to be fine doings in honor of this extraord- inary event. His name appears on proclamations convoking the Council, and the circumstance of O'Connell's name surmounted by the Royal arms appearing on the walls makes every one stare. The loyal reception which the Viceroy received at the theatre, in Hawkins's-sireet, has excited the ire of the Radical papers beyond all bounds. Dick Barratt is roaring in sound and turyat the event, the most remarkable feature of which was a few rounds of Kentish fire. I should have mentioned thai the stone-throwing was carl ied to such an extent on Monday night, in the neighbourhood of College Green, thai the shopkeepers were obliged to put up their shutters, and the fiont entrance to the College was shut, the students having been obliged to pass in and out through the back gate. in "Brunswick Street.

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