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THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, HENRY J EFF liK Y, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL *'ie NEXT WEEK, OH follows— (From the Bute Skip Dock.J FltOM CARDIFF OCT. IB..Moiiday Nautilus 6 morning t.atly Charlotte 7 morning 80.. Wednesday.. (.Nautilus 7iriorriiijg 21..Thursday .Lady Charlotte 8 morning 22..Friday Nautilus 8 morning 23..Satuiday I.a<W Charlotte 9 morning NTO.M BKISTOI.. OCT. ld.. -lionday Lady ( li <rl<>tte 7 morning 19..Tuesday Nautilus. 7 morning 20.. Wednesday .Lady Charlotte 8 morning 21..Thursday Nautilus. 8 morning 22.. Friday Lady Charlotte 9 morning 23.. Saturday Nautilus 10 morning Carriages and Horses must be along-side an hour and a half previous to the time of Sailing, otherwise they cannot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New Docks. iggf Coach to Bridgend through Cowbridge, im- mediately on arrival of the Packets Leaving Bridgend 3 hours previous to the Packets departure from Cardiff. FARES:—AfterCabin. 5s.—Fore Cahin. :\11. Children under 12 Years of Age, lialf-i-rice.-I)ogs, Is each. A Female Steward attends on Hoard both Packets. Refreshments may be had ou Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, 2 Is.; Two-Wheel Carriage, 10s fid.; Horses, 6s. each; Horse and Itider, After Cabin !)* Fore Cabin, 7s. 6d.; Cattl", 6s.; Sheep, Is. 6d These Fares include every expense. T7, Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS t" be sent to No. 12, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Rusin Locks; and for the LADY CHAKLOTTli, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol, Goods will he Ilanlcd from the Warehouses to the Packets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Neabiiaye, Aberdare, Cowbridge. Bridgend, Ltantrissepti,a,&(i Caerphilly.-Goo,is forwarded to these Flaxes in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately on arrival, unless ordered by any particular conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Steam Packet Warehouse till called lor.— Freight to be paid Oil delivery. Goods, Package, Parcels, &c. forwarded to allparis of the Kingdom withoif delay, when sent to eitherof their Steam Packet Offices in Carditf or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c. will he readily obtained by applying to the Agcnls, Mr Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agenl, No. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac- ket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packct Oiffce, on th.~ Wharf, CarditT; or to Nlr W. B. Owen, 2f), Avon Cres- cent. Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CILYULOlih J'acket. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets give Notice, that they will not be accouutable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be ausweritble for ,c,J any Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged by Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either of their Offices at Cardiff or Bristo., if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro. portion paid for the same, at the time of Hookill.- Goods consigned to order,or not taken away before Six o'clock in the evening of the day of Sanding, will be warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees Ail goods to be considered as liens, not ouly for freight a i charges due thereon, but also for alhip»eviousiy ua- satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the Proprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights or measurement, claims for loss or (iikiiiitgc, &c., cannot be allowed, tinlcs a written notice of the sault: be sent to the Olficeon the day of delivery. iftilertityr fgitofril Cuniptfte trut. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the TOLLS arising and payable at the several lOLL- GATES within this TRUST Wlill bt net iiy Auction, (Subject to the-written conditions to be then and there produced), at the CASTLE INN, in the Town of MERTHYR TIDVIL. on MONDAY, the 8th Day of NOVEMBER next, between the hours of 12 o'clock at Noon and Four in the Afternoon of that day, to the best ttidder, on his producing sufficient sureties for payment ot the Money Monthly, from 12 o'clock of the Night of the 14th Day of November next, to the same hour of the Night of the 14th day of June next, and if it should be determined by the Trustees at such Meeting for the term of One Year, from 12 o'clock of the Night of the said 14th day of June next, which Tolls produced the last year of Letting, the sum of „ £ I60(>, and from the 15th Day of May last, to the 2n4. Day of October instant, both inclusive, (during which period the Trustees have been in the actual receipt of the said Tolls by their Collectors) the said Tolls produced £ 502 9s Id. above the expences of collecting the same, and such Tolls will be put up either in one lot or in several par- celli or lots, and the said Tolls, if in one lot, or if in separate lots, each parcel or lot will be put up at such sum as the Trustees shall at such meeting think fit. WM DAVIES, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Trust. Merthyr Tidvil, October 4th, 1841. Ñtrtbc Eifcbil flftmtpfgi? rttøt. TO BE LET BY AUCT ION, at the CASTLE INN, MERTHYR TIDVIL, at One o'clock in the Afternooll of MONDAY, the 8th Day of NOVEMBER next, (subject to the written condi- tions to be then and there produced) for the term of Seven Years, a COTTAGE, in BRIDGE SILLEI, IVIEIITHYR TYDVIL. lately used as one of the Toll Houses of this Trust. Merihyr Tidvil, October 4th, 1841. BR ECK N OCKSHIRE. VALE OF CRICICKOWBIi. Co be Urt, AND ENTERED UPON IMMEDIATELY, A BEAUTIFUL and compact ESTATE, called LIiWYNCKWH, Situate in an excellent Neighbourhood, surrounded by Gentlemen's Seats and Villas, in the Parish of Saint Michael, Cwmdy, in the County of Brecknock, containing nearly 115 Acres of Arable, iVeadow. and Pasture Laud, aud Orcharding, not to be equalled in the County within one mile and a half of the Town of Crickhowcl, and the Brecknock and Abergavenny Canal, twelve miles from the County Town, and within six miles of the reat Mineral District of I it Monmouthshire and South Wales. The new Turn- pike Koad from Crickhowell t.) Talgarth, Builtb. Landrindod, Aberystwilh, North Wales, Heretord, &e,. passing1 through the land, TheMail Koad from London to Mi!lord near adjoining, AND THE RIVER USK, So celebrated for its Salmon and Trout Fishery, being close to it. Having in addition to a good Farm Ilouseand Buildings, commodious and extensive Malt House, capable of niakiog Five Thousant J3tisliels of Malt, Cyder Mi! &c, A very COMPLETE AND PRETTY RESIDENCE, On the most Picturesque part of the Property, fit for the Residence of a Genteel Family together witli extensne Sheep Walk on the neighbouring lulls. The Meadow and Pasture Lauds may be irrigitci nnd there is a convenience of Water in every mclosure It is a good Sporting Country, and abounds wltll Game. Further particulars may be obtained on application to Mr. John Griffiths, Catherine, Brecknockshire. N il. The Tenant may be accommodated with well harvested Hay, at a fair valuation, October 6, J 841, THE £ 3&&3>3> ADVERTISER, AND MilTiTO MMiDM IS PUBLISHED JJARLYElVERY SATURDAY MORNING, AT THE OFFICK, 115)illírn millill9 GENERAL PRINTING, fP dl !,Jl[! Q)!i:I J.:eJ lJ3'i:l' A BOOKSELLING ESTABLISHMENT. HENRY WEBBER, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF, PROPRIETOR and PUBLISHER of the above Journal, respectfully announces that his arrange- ments are now fully completed for carrying on the above Business, in all its branches; and trusts, by moderation of charges, beauty of workmanship, and expedition, to merit a share of public patronage and support. ORDERS FOR Books, Magazines, and Periodicals, EXECUTED ON THK SHORTEST NOTICE; Of every description in a superior style, THE EXTENSIVE Varietv of i^lotrcrn C.)jpr, tt BEING ADAPTED FOR BOOK, PLAIN, AND ORNAMENTAL WORK; HANDBILLS, BILLS OF LADING, SHIPPING NOTES, attrtioliterol ocatatoottro, PUBLIC NOTICES, LAW FORMS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK la H lw (o mngzpju s5 osi, PRINTED ON Tile hortet Hotite, In the best manner and most reasonable Terms; &@@\Q11£1 )]3])CQ)]Æ. RULED TO PATTKKN. ANI) MANUFACTURED ON THE PHEMISES; IV ALL ITS llIlANCHRS, COMBINING ELE- GANCE WITH CHEAPNESS AND DURABILITY. AGENT FOR THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICE. All ORDERS directed to the GUARDIAN OFFICE, DUKE-STREET. Cardiff, will be promptly attended to, and satisfactorily executed. 7                    TAFF VALE RAILWAY. rnilE DIRECTORS are now ready to Receive X TENDERS for LOANS of MONEY in Sums of not less than TWO HUNDRED POUNDS upon the Security of the Loan Notes, to be issued und;;r the Company's Seal, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per y Cent, per Annum, payable Half-yearly, drilling the Holder to receive Mortgage Debenmesof the Company, deliverable in the Month of FEBRUARY, 1843 or 1844. TENDERS may be addressed to the undersigned, at the COMPANY'S OFFICE, Cardiff; or to Messrs. GLYN, Halifax; MILLS AND Co., Bankers, London; Mr. WIll. MALLARD, 27, Small Street, Bristol. JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. Taff Vale Railway Office, Cardiff, Sept. 10, 1S41. CHANGE OF FAIRS. TO HORSE &CVTTLE DEALERS, GRAZIERS, &c BOROUGH OF KEATH. Notice is hereby Given, THAT the TWO FAIRS, held within the Borough of NEATH, on the 30th day of MARCH and the 25th day of OCTOBER, will not be held on those days in future, but 011 the last WEDNESDAY in MARCH, and the last WEDNESDAY in OCTOBER, in every Year; and that a FA I R will be accordingly held Oil the 27th day of OCTOBER noxt; and a'so on tin* 30th day of MARCtt noxt. By order of tho Town Council, II. S. COKE, Neath, 1st Sept., 1841. Town Clerk. SALR OF TEN NEARLY NEW STEAM ENGINES, Boilers, Enfjille Houses, Engineer s Observatories. WindirKj and Pumping Apparatus, One and a half miles Single Railroad, Sleepers and Chairs, One mile of Fish-belly and Flat-bottom Rails and Chairs, 1,00J yards of Cast and Wrought iron Pipes, large Wood Water Tanks, with other En, gineering Articles and Implements used in the for- mation of the Summit Tunnel, near Littleborough, On the Manchester and Leeds Line of Railway. By Mr. Frost, On WEDNESDAY,the37th day of OCTO BEll, 1841 and following days, on the Preniices, near the SUMMIT TUNNEL, LITTLEBOROUGH, By order of the Directors of the MANCHESTER AND LEEDS RAILWAY CO Sale to commence each day at 11 o'clock precisely. !J F whole of the nearly New TEN STEAM -B- ENGINES, Boilers, Buildings, Stone Observa- 0' tories, Apparatus and Engineering Implements used in the working and construction of that immense undertaking the Summit Tunnel; consisting of, amongst other articles, ten nearly new high-pressure steam engines, used for either winding up materials or pumping, all especially constructed lor this under- taking, hy the very best makers in the country, including one 20 horse power engine, with boiler and winding apparatus, by Naysinith and Co.; one 12-horse power engine, with boiler, and winding and pumping apparatus, by Horsley and Co.; one 20- horse power engine, with boiler, aud winding ditto, by Nitys-iiith and Co.; one 12-horse power engine, with boiler and winding ditto, by liothwell and Co.; one JiO-horse power engine, with boiler and winding ditto, by Naysniith and Co.: one 20-horse power engine, with boiler and winding ditto, by Naysniith and Co. one 12-lwrsc power engine, with boiler and winding and pumping apparatus, by Rothvvell and Co.; one 12-horse power engine, with boiler and ditto, by Rothwell and Co.; one six-horse power engine, with boiler, by Copeland; one small steam engine and boiler at the Littleborough Station. Also all those ten several engine houses and buildings, with the chimneys, boiler seatings and engine founda- tions; four stone engineer's observatories; 1,600 yards of fighbelly rails, with chairs for them 1 miles of single railroad, will) sleepers and chairs complete; 500 yards square pump rods with iron joints; 16 six-feet square, three-inch plank tanks or water cisterns one large tank, 12ft. 6in. by I I ft. 4in. by 8ft. Sir,. 800 sleepers for temporary rails, a quantity of round timber, OliO yards of two- inch gas piping with screw joints, a quantity of zinc, six tons ot flat and round ropes, two sets of winding c sheaves; 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, S, and 9-inch iron pipes; a quantity of water troughs, iron pumps, working bar- rels, top trees, delivering pipes, straight and elbow pipes, cast-iron ptjniping shafts and cranks, cast- lutlal wheels, L legs pedestals and weights, 30 or 40 tons of cast and wrought metal for various purposes about the works, with other valuable articles. Further iniormation may he had from the Auc- tioneer, 30, Oldham-slreet, Manchester. Descriptive catalogues will be ready eight days befure the sale, and may be had from the agents at any of the princi- pal stations on the line, or the Auctioneer as above, who will also forward them to any part of the country, it applied for, per post. ti DIOCESE of LLANDAFF. THE AUTUMNAL VISITATION of the Rever- es- end and Worshipful WII.LIAM BRUCE KNIGHT, M.A., Chaucellor of the Diocese of Llandaff, will be held at the times and places followitiz At USK, on WEDNESDAY, tlic- 20tij Of OCTOBEIL. At NEWPORT, on THURSDAY, the 21st ofoe-r. At COW B Itl 11ft E., Oil TUESDAY, the 26th of Oct. At LLANDAFF on Fitl D A Y, the 29th of OCT. The CHANCELLOR takes this opportunity of expressing his hope that all such defects as were presented at the last visitation will have been set in order, and that certificates to that effect will be regularly de- livered to him at the several places of meeting, by all such parties as have not already Certified. He will also feel greatly indebted to the several Rural Deans for any information with which they may be pleased to favour him in regard to the condition of the Churches, Church-yards, Glebe Houses and Lands, &c., in their respective jurisdictions. ED\V. STEPHENS, Deputy Registrar. Llandaff, 30th Sept., 1841. REWARD. ABSCONDED, leaving liis CHILD chargeable to the PARISH of ABERDARE, JOHN EVANS. The said JOliN EVANS is a Native of TOWYN, MERIONETHSHIRE: he has worked for about these Inst Two Years at Aberdare, as a Labourer, pre- viously to which time he was employed as a Miller, at l'ontdolgoch, in the Parish of Llanvonttog, Mont- gomeryshire: he is about 28 Years of Age, and 5 Feet 9 inches high. Light complexion, Sandy Hair and Whiskers; is strong inide; has Round Shoulders, and was dressed in a Round Jacket, and Trousers of Fustian when he left; before leaving he conveyed IIway his goods to some place near the Basin. Whoever will give information that shall lead to the Apprehension of the said JOliN EVANS, shall receive a handsome reward, with all reasonable expenses, by application to the Overseers of Aberdare. Sept. 25, 1841. CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE INSTITUTION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Interest, at the rate of FOUR per Cent, per Annum, on the Shares of this Institution, will he in course of pay- ment, at the llsail Office, No. 6, King-VVilliain-Street, City, on and "fter the 1st day of September next. (By Order of the Hoard of Directors,) Aug. 18, 1841. WILLIAM EM MENS, Sec. CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AVD FIRE ASSURANCE, TRUST AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION, 6, King-William-Street, City.-E,n- powered by Special Act of Parliament. TRUSTEES. The Right H011. Lord Sinclair. William Sloaue, Esq. Sir John S. Forbes, Bart. Kobert Thurbum, Sen., Esq. PATHOS. Thrir Graces the Duke of Beaufort, and d.e Lord Arch- bishop o; Dublin the Lords Viscount Beresion! and Lnrton the Bight Reverend the Bishops of Oxford, St. David's, Chichester, Meath, Klphin, Calcutta, and Jamaica. HONORARY DIRECTORS. The Very Rev. the Dean of Ard.igh; Samuel Baker, Ksq., Lvpiatt Parit, Gloucestershire Robert Bodle, Esq., Woolston Hall, Essex; Rev. B. S. rtluxson, D. L> Gloucester; Rev. C. J. Fyncs Clinton, Rectory, Croin- well; Sir C. B. Codrillf!lon, Bart.; C. W. Codrington, Ksq., M. I*. iiev. C. Col", Peterhead Rev. A. G Cornwall, Ashcroft Kingseotol, Sliond; Sir R. H. Cunliffe, Bart., Acton Park, Wrcxham; Bev. John J. Dimock, Rector of Uppingham, nutland; Hev. J. Dudley, Bromyard Rev. John Dolphin, Bath, Rector of Pebmarsli, &c.; Hon. and Rev. T. Erskine, Bci2liton Vicarge, Sheffield Rev. W. It. Kvans, Kin^slaud Rec'ory, Leominster; Rev. Evan Evans, Llancrmore, Ruthin; Richard Kothergill, Isq, Lowbridge House, Kendal; Rev. W. Gray, Urafferton, Boroughhridge; the Very Rev. the Dean of Guernsey; Joseph Halford, Esq., Charlemont Hall, Staffordshire; E. G. Hallewell, Esq., Long Court, Strond II. T. Hope, Esq., ,f. P. Thomas Holt, Esq., Registrar to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol; the Rev. Robert Harrison Temple Sowerby Rev. Henry Hope, Rector of Christon, Somerset; Dr. Hoskins, Guernsey; the Very Rev. the Dean of Jersey; Alexander Ilacalis or, Esq., Torrisdale Castle, Argyleshire; Sir John Macneiil, G.C.U.; Wrn. Robinson Matthews, Esq., Jersey Hev. W. Mayd, Witbersfield, Cambridgeshire Jo-enh Neeld. Esq., M P.; John Neeld, Esq., M: P.; Rev H. Nevill, Cottes- more Rutland Archdeacon Newerm,Cloisters, Ruthin the Hon. and Rev. B. W. Noel, Minister of St. John's Chapel, Bedford Row Rev. W. Palmer. D.D., Vicar of Yarcoinbe, Devon; the Sir George Provost, Bart.; Alexander Pringlc, Esq.. M.P.; L H. Scott, Esq., 17, Devonshire Place Kev. James Shirley, Frettenham Rectory, Norwich; J. M. Shipton, Esq, Gloucester; Rev. 11. T. Tucker, Uppottcry Vicarage, Devonshire- R-v. Thomas. Tyrwhitt, Whitchurch Rev. W. Walton', F.R.S., Allenheads, Northumberland W. Vreston White, Esq, Cork; the Rev. Daniel Wilson, Vicar of Islington; R. J. Winckworth, Esq., Buckingham Street, Strand. DIRECTORS. William Sloane, Esq.. Chairman. J. Anderson, Esq., Captain Macdongall. H E.I C.S. Kpv. T. Robertson, M.A. W. Camp Crane, Esq. George Sloane, Esq. H. P. Hope, Esq. L- Heathcote Smith, Esq B. Jackson, Esq hobert rhurburn, Sen., Esq Rev. H. J. Knapp, D.D. Sir Williair, White. James Lamb, Esq. MEDICAL OFFICERS. Physician.—G. C. Child, M. P. Surgeott.-Ild,v-,i,-ti Duffin, Esq. SURVEYOR. John Fulford, Esq., 14, New MiUman Street. SOLlClTO I. E. M. Elderion, Esq., 3, Lothbury. SECRETARY. William Emmens, Esq. BANKERS. Messts, Hcrries, Farcjllhar, & Co., St. James's Street Union Bank of London, Moorgate Street. SCOTTISH BRANCH.—DIRECTORS,—Office, 4, Queen Street, Edinburgh. Jas. G. Graham, Esq. I James Stenart, Esq.. W.S. R. K. Grevilie, Esq.,LL.D. | William Stohart, Esq William Scott, Esq., W.S, j Patrick Cheine, Esq. A. Urquhart, Esq ,\dvocate I T. G. Mackay, Esq., W.S. M.N. Macdonald, Esq. WS. J Adam Hay, Esq., W.S. LIFE.—This Institution, while it grounds its title to the support of THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL, upon the sound principles on which it is founded, and offers to them, combined in one Establishment, all the advan- tages presented by the numerous Metropolitan Assurance Companies, at Rates of Premium as low as are consistent with security, claims that of CLEHGY tnorc especially, on accoui.t of the appropriation of one clear tenth of the profits to the foimaliou of a Fund for the bendlt of those of their body who may require its aid, L and the leduced Rate at which, in spccial cases, it Assures their Lives. FIRli.—The Premiums for Assurance against Fire are charged at the usual moderate rates, uith a reduction of ten per cent. on the RESIDENCE AND FURNITURE OF CLERGYMEN. ENDOWMENTS FOR FUTURE CHILDREN.-An extensive set of Tables has been prcparcd-cxpresly for the use of this Institution—whereby a (ixod sum may be secured to every child (born of the same parents) at; ain- ing any age that may he desired, from 14 to 21 years incitisive the payment of the Premium ceasing at the death of either parent, and before the eldest child can attain the age desired. TABLE OF LIFE RATE*?. „ ASCENDING SCALE. W'-U Without s Troiit. Profit 3 l'"ir^tSuven Sec .heven l'lul.Seven Yeais. Years. Years- f. <1. £ 8. d. s d. £ s. ï. £:7d 20 1 17 4 1 13 U 12 0 I 13 0 2 4 0 30 26 10 2 2718 0 220 2 Hi 0 40 3 3 6 2 17 8 I 19 C 2 18 6 3 18 0 50 I 4 j 3 4 4 4 II 3 0 2 4)0 3 6111 4 The necessary forms and information may be obtained hy application to William Emmens, Secretary. 6, King- William-Street, City j or to any of the following Agents Cardiff ..Mr E. Leyshon. Monmouth T. M. Llewellin, Esq. Swansea Henry Bevan, Esq. Neath Thos. Uargreavcs, Solicitor. All applications for Agencies to be Addressed to the Secretary, GLAMORGANSHIRE. IFID Iu itet, AND ENTERED ON IMMEDIATELY, ALL that COLLIERY and COAL WORK, com- monly known by the name of the RHYGOS COLLIERY, situate and being at RHYGOS, in the Parish of YSTRAD Y FODWG, in the County of GLAMORGAN, with all the Machinery and Ap- paratus used or employed in working the same. The above Coal Field comprises an area of several hundred acres of Land, and contains Six workable Beds or Strata of Coal, varying from Three to Eighteen Feet in Thickness; some of the lowest of which are of the Anthracite description. The nine feet Vein has lately been found to be of a superior quality. An extensive Range has recently been opened upon it at the Baily Glaes Farm. A great quantity of Coal might be obtained from this Colliery at a Cite?p rate of working, and there are great fac litie, conveyance of the produce by Tram Roads to the heads of the Neath and Aberdare Canals; from the former of which the Colliery is distant Two and a half miles only. There is a considerable Stock at the Colliery, consisting of Tram Waggons, Tram Plates, Weigh- ing Machine, &o. Also a number of new Canal Barges adequate to an extensive Trade, which might either be included in the letting or taken at a valuation. A Coal Wharf, eligibly situated, at Biition Ferry, with all the necessary conveniences thereon, would also be let with the Colliery. For terms of letting, applications should be made to Mr. S'eel. Mining Engineer, Cardiff; or at the Office of illr. E. P. Richards, Solicitor, Cardiff. Mr. Morgan Phillip, of Baily Glaes Farm, will shew the Colliery, THE MOST POPULAR MAGAZINE EXTANT, THE SPORTSMAM, Published Monthly, beautifully illustrated with TWO superb STEEL ENGRAVINGS, exquisitely fin- ished from Original Designs, PRICE TWO SHILLINGS. EACH Number contains Ninety-six Pages of Original Letter press, from the most distin- guished Sporting Writers of the age. May be had, by order, of all BcokseL'crs. "This is the best of the best of the Sporting Magazines. illeichniait, Sept. 1841. So real lover of Field Sports should be without it. -Leicester Journal. To the sporting world we venture to recommend it as the most talented publication extant."— York Herald. We can discover considerable improvement in every department.l1ell's Life. THE NEW MONTHLY BELLE ASSEMI3LEE Is beautifully illustrated, with highly finished PORTRAITS OF THE NOBILITY, And contains TWO Coloured Plates of the Fashions finished in the first style, PRICE FIFTEEN PENCE. In the number for November will appear an ori- ginal ahd superbly executed Portrait of JULIA VISCOUNTESS VILLIERS Eldest daughter of the Hight Hon. Bait., SIR HOBERT PEEL. May be ltad, by Order, of all Booksellers. fl This Magazine shouU find its way into every drawing-room in the kingdom.— The Times "A very great acquisition to the Fashionable world. Reading Ile"c", The literary contents surpass those of any similai publication."—Kent Herald. Office, 24, Norfolk Street. Strand, London. Tin 13 ALFRED HOME and FOREIGN LIFE I. ASSURANCE and MUTUAL ANNUITY ASSO- CIATION, 51, Old Broad Street, London. DIRECTORS. G. Ives Raymond Barker, Sir W Parish, K. C. H. Esq. Sir David Scott, Bart. Samuel Bosanquet, Esq. Robert Scott, Ksq. George Fred Dickson, Esq.l Ernest A. Stephenson.Esq Charles Heaton Ellis, Esq. Major Tulloch W. Gladstone, Esq. Arthur Willis, Esq. J.isrph Jellicoe, Esq. The Hon. ElliotT. Yorkc, William J. Maxwell, Esq. M.P. TRUSTEES. Sir David Scott, Bart. | John P. Hey wood, Esq. Granville Sharp, Esq. I Arthur Willis, Esq. AUDITORS. Edgar Corrie, Esq. I J. D. Walford, Esq. David Powell, Esq. | W. J- Lancaster, Esq. Secretary—J. W. Hampton, Esq. ADVANTAGES OF THtS ASSOCIATION. Entire security from an ample subscribed capital without responsibility to the assured. Four-fifths of the profits appropriated to them every five years, in addition to ali the ordinary rates of as- surance. Policies may be made payable at 60 or other ages, and a fixed proportion of the premiums returned on policies of this description in case of surrender. Persons assuring the lives of others may, by a small extra premium, avoid the risk of the party vitiating the policy by abroad. y No extra charge for residence in any part of Europe, or in tho Urilish colonies in Australia, the Cape, and North America. And to those going to other countries, the option is offered. either of paying an additional premium for extra risk, or of a corresponding deduction to be made from their policies in the event of their death abroad. Loans granted to the assured upon a new and ad- vantageous plan. Premiums may be paid quarterly, half yearly, or annually. Arbitration preferred to law in all cases of dispute. Antiuiiies granted on an entirely new principle of participation in profits. Hates of Annuities Payable Half-yearly. Age I Annuity. Age. Annuity. Age Annuity. 21 f5 0 9 40 £ 6 3 9 60 X9 6 4 25 5 4 6 45 6 14 1 65 10 17 4 30 5 9 11 50 7 7 10 70 13 1 10 35 5 16 1 55 8 4 8 80 22 9 0 J. W. HWTPTON, SECRETARY. AGENTS. Merthyr Tydfil Carmarthen Mr Richard Gardner. Swansea Thomas Attwood Monmouth W. A. Williams. Newport David Williams. Pantypool C. II. Crofts. Usk —H. Mostyn. Good News for the Million ATKINSON'S ROYAL INFANTS' PRESER- VAT1VE, of which 100,000 Bottles are now annually sold, has been established upwards of 50 years — It is a p'.easant and efficacious carminative, affording instant relief in, and effectually removing those aiai ming and numerous complaints to which infants are liable as affections of the Bowels, difficult Teething, the brush or Frog, Convulsions, Kickets, &c. is an admirable assistant to nature during the progress of the flooping Cough, Measles, and the Cow Pox or Vaccine Inoccu- lation, and is so perfectly innocent that it may be giveii with the greatest safety immediately after birth. In short, whether this medicine be destined to enter the palace or the cottage, the Proprietor feels all honest conviction of its power to assuage maternal pain for in- fant siifferinz to convert that pain into gladness, that suffering into balmy repose. Prepared only by Robert Barker (nephew and suc- cessor to, and formerly partner wilh, the late JVlr Atkin- son, the discoverer of this invaluable medicine), No. 1, Market Place, Manchester, and sold in bottles at Is Id, •2s 9J. and 4s 6d each. Sold retail by all respectable Druggists and Medicine Venders in Town and Country; and wholesale by Messrs Barclay and Sons, 95, Parring- don Street; W. Sutton and Co., 10, Bow Church Yard F Newberry, 45, St. Paul's Churchyard E. Edwards, 67, St. Paul's Churchyard; and T. Butler, 4, Cheap- iù' London. N.B. Please to be particular in asking for Atkinson's Infants' Preservative, and in observing the name ot .1 Robert Barker, 1, Market Place, Manchester," upon the government stamp affixed over the cork of each bottlb of the genuine »edj«iaQ.—Beware of Coumerfeits. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. QUARTER SHARES. CALL OF TWO POUNDS TEN SHILLINGS PER SHARE. THE DIRECTORS of the TAFF VALE RAIL. j. WAY COMPANY acting under the provisions of I the Acts of Parliament, hereby give Notice that the Proprietors of Quarter Shares are requested to pay on or before the 28th of OCTOBER, 1841, to any of the undermentioned Bankers, the Sum of Two Pounds Ten Shillings on each of their respective Shares:— Messrs. GLYN, HALLIFAX, MILLS, & Co.London. WEST OF ENGLAND & SOUTH WALES? T. Distil,CT BANK, BNSTO1' DITTO DITTO Cardiff. DITTO DITTO Alertlil-r. Messrs. WILKINS & Co., Merthyr. By Order of the Board of Directors, JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. Railway Office, Cardiff, Sept. 28th, 11341. Saint Bride's-Super-EIy. BENJAMIN MORGAN BEOS leave to inform his Friends and the Public that he has takeu out a License as an Huriioiwer anUr Appraiocir, and hopes by the strictest attention to (he interests of those who may be pleased to favor him with their commands, to merit a snare of their support. Letters addressed to B. M., New House, St. Bride's, Post Office, St. Nicholas, will illect with immediate attention. GREAT REDUCTION IN INSURANCE ON FARMING STOCK. TllE FARMER'S and GENERAL FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE INSTITUTION. Em- powered by an Act of Parliament. Offices, 345 A Strand, London. Capital, £ 500,000, in 50.000 Shares of £10 each.—Deposit ZCI per Share. Wilh upwards of 1,500 Shareholders enrolled. HONORARY DIRECTORS. His Grace tit3 Duke of RUTLAND. a Trustee of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. The Kight Hon. the Earl of STRAnRRoKE, a Governor of the lioyal Agricultural Society of England. The Right Hon. the Earl of COVENTRY. The Right Hon. Eatl OUCH:, Vice President of the Royal AgriculLural Society of England. The Riglit floii. the Earl of STAIR. The Itight Hon. the Earl of STAMFORD and WARRING- TON, Cheshire. The Hight Hon. Lord STANLF.Y, M.P., Lancashire. Lord H YLEIGH, a Governor of the Royal Agricultural Society of England. The Itev. L. PENOYRG, Herefordshire. The Rev. E. H. G. WILLIAMS, Carmarthenshire. K. HOSKINS, Esq., M.P., Herefordshire. THOS. CLIFTON, Ksq., Lytham Hail, Lancashire. Sir T. MAKING, Bart a Governor of the lioyul Agri- culuiral Society. Sir J. B. MlLL, Bart. Sir R. JARVIS. Sir W. KNIGIITON, Bart. Sir J. W. POLLEN, Bart., M.P. Sir II. J. TrclluoHNE, Bait. Sir H. SIMEON, Bart. The Hon. HEN it Y Sr. JOHN. And fifty-six other Members of Parliament and Gen- tlemen. FARMING STOCK insured without the Average Clause at Is. 9J. per cent., no duty. COMMON INSURANCE. Private Houses and Shops, not hazardous, Is. 6d. per cent. Hazardous, 2s. G.I. per cent. Doubly hazardous subject to special agreement. Fire Insurance may be effected for a longer term than one year, at Reduced Hates, by payment in advance. The Premiums f >r Insurance of Lives are upon an equally moderate scale of charge. Annual Premiums on Life Insltrance for £ 100. A¡le 20 ) 3i1-ol 50 j gTj j 70 iiw" I a 4 l| 2 IS 111 I 4 4 "5 I 6 11 ;> I | Endowments of all kind. for future or existing Children The usual commission to Solicitors. Prospcctuscs and Marks for Buildings mav he had of. and P.oposals for Insurances, &c., be forva,-ded, to the Agents in their respective Districts, or to the Office in London. W. SHAW, Managing Director. AGENTS MEDICAI. OFF. Haverfordwest Mr J Meyler J T Evans, Esq Narberth Mr W M Powell.. J Thomas. Esq. Pembroke. Air J Jone T Mansell, Esq. St. David's Mr E Williams. E L Bevan, Esq Caerrr.rtlie,.t Mr J L Thomas Llandilo Fawr. Mr J Thomas. Llant-lly Mr W Itf-es, Jun Cardiff Mr T Watkin J. Lewis, Esq. Cowbridge. Mr E Bradley J Lewis. Esq, of Cardiff. Swansea Mr T Attwood G G Bird, Esq. Neath Mr J M Ames. Powell. Esq. Abergavenny.. Mr R Gabb W Sted, Esq. Monmouth Mr W Mctcalf Garskeli,Esq. Chepstow Mr R, W. Purchase, of Pilstone PERRY'S Purifying Specific Pills, Price 2s 9d, 4s Gd, and 115 per box (Observe, the signature of R and L. PERRY and Co., on the outside of each wrapper), A RE wellkuown throughout Europe and America, i*- to be the most certain and effectual cure ever dis- covered for every stage and symptom of the Venereal Disease, in both sexes, including Gonorrhoea, Gleets, Secondary Symptoms, Strictures, Seminal Weakness, Deficiency, and all diseases of the Urinary Passages, with out loss of time, confinement, orhindrance from business They have effected the most surprising cures not only in recent and severe cases, but when salvation and all other means have fzsiled and are of the utmost import- ancc to those afflicted with Scorbutic Affections, Eruptions in any part of the body, Ulcerations, Scrofulous or Vene- real Taint, being justly calculated to cleanse the blood from all foulness, counteract every morbid affection, and restore weak and emacipated constitutions to pristine health and vigour. They are particularly recommpnded to be taken before persons enter into the matrimonial state, lest the indis- cretions of a parent are the source of vexation to him the remainder of his existence by afflicting his innocent hut unfortuuate offspring, with the evil eruptions of a malig- nant tendency, and a variety of other complaints, that are most assuredly introduced by the same neslect and imprudence. The Cordial Balm of Syriacum is intended 10 relieve those persons, who, by an immo- derate indulgence of their passions, have ruined their constitutions, or in their way to the consummation of that deplorable state are affected with any of those previous symptoms that betray its approach, as the various affec- tions of the nervous system, obstinate gleets, excesses, irregularity, obstructions, weaknesses, total impotencv, barrenness, &c. A perseverance in its use has been the happy means of relieving many thousands, and of restor ing a great number to the permanent enjoyment of life It is remarkable for its cfficacy in all disorders of the digestive organs, and is especially recommended to those, who, from the irregularities of youthful age, habits of studious application, or a life of pleasure, have fallen into a despondent state of mind, and that distressing train of symptoms commonly denominated the nervous. In such persons the mental are not less enfeebled than the cor- poreal, and to them a remedy that acts with efficacy, without interfering with domestic habits, is peculiar!v desirable. Sold in Bottles, price lis CACIT. or the quantity of four in one Family Bottle for 33s (including Messrs Perry and Co.'g, well known TREATISE on Secret Vice, &c.,) by which one lis Bottle is saved. (Ouserve the signature of H. and L. PERRY and Co., on the outside of each wrapper.) The Five Pound Cases (the purchasing of which will be a saving of One Pound Twelve Shillings,) may be had ,is usual at 4, Great Charles Street, Birmingham, aud 41, Albion Street, Lced3; and Tatients in the Country who require a course of this admirable medicine, should send Five Pouuds by letter which will eatiile ihem to the full benefit of such advantage. BttECONSHIRE. 500 MOUNTAIN SHEEP, AND OTHER VALUABLE FARMING STOCK, FOR S A L E. wo tr Solt( ftp Auction, By WILLIAM JONES, On the PREMISES, at WERNYBERLLAN, in the Parish of LLANSAINTFR E AD, on FRIDAY, the 22nd Day of OCTOBER instant, ALL the FARMING STOCK, of Mr. MORGAN WILLIAMS, on the said Farm; Comprising 8 Milch Cows in-calf, 2 three year old Heifers in-calf, 6 yearling Cattle; 6 young and powerful Cart Horses, and their Gearing, 2 Saddle Mares, six year old, of good action, 6 Hill Ponies, 1 sucking Colt of the Saddle kind 20 Pigs of various ages; 500 Hiil Sheep, in convenient Lots, many Pens of which will be found fit for the Butchers, the Breeding Kwes and Yearlings are well selected for the Mountains; a large quantity of Wheat, Barlov, and Oats, in the Straw; IMPLEMENTS IN HUSBANDRY, con- sisting of Husbandry Carts and I Market Cart, Ploughs, Harrows, &c., Dairy and Brewing Utensils; and part of the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Four Months' Credit on approved security. The Sale will commence at 11 o'clock precisely, as the whole will be Sold in one day. The Auctioneer begs leave respectfully to claim the puhlic attention to this important Stock, which, on inspection, will he found worthy of attention. TACK for Cattle, Horses, IInd Sheep, may be had on the Farm, on moderate terms, from the time of Sale to the 30th of November, and Cattle will be taken in on Straw throughout the Winter. Belle Vue Place, Brecon, 2nd October, 1811. GEAND SWESSSH LOTTSHy, CONTAINING 10,000 TICKETS, TO BE DRAWN At STOCKHOLM, 8th NOVEMBER, 1841. PRIZES. 10 of 5,000 Rixdollars or ^1130 Sterling each. 5 ol 10,000 ditto >' < £ 22(50 Ditto. 2 of 30,000 ditto XC)780 Ditto. PRICES. Whole Ticket 0 Half 2 3 Quarter 1 4 Eighth 0 13 Sixteenth o 7 THOXMAS BATTS, Agent, 21, Great Sutton Street, Clerkenwell, London. Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreig-n Parts. District Committee for that part of the Diocese of Llandajf, situate within the County of Glamorgan. THE ANNIVERSARY MEETING will beheld in the TOWN HALL, COWBRIDGE on TUESDAY, the 26!11 of OCTOBER, when the Accounts of the Treasurer will be Audited, and the usual business of the day transacted. JOHN MONTGOMERY TRAHERNE, Cocdriglan, October 13th, 1841. Treasurer. R J^HE CREDITORS who have proved their DEBTS under a COMMISSION of BANKRUPTCY, bear- ing date the Eighteenth day of SEPTEMBER, 1823, awarded and issued forth against JOHN WOOD. of the Town of Cardiff, in the County of G!amorgan, Banker, Dealer, and Chapman, are requested to meet the As- signees of the Estate and Effects of the said Bankrupt, on MONDAY, the Eighth day of NOVEMBER next, at Ten of the Clock in the Forenoon, at the Office of Ir THOMAS DALTON, Solicitor, at Cardiff aforesaid, in o.der to assent to or dissent from an Arrangement pro- posed to be entered into for the Settlement, by the said Assignees, of all Outstanding Accounts between them and Messrs.Ct-RTIS & Co., as Mortgagees of the said Bank. rupt's Estate, to assent to or dissent from tfie said Assignees settling by Arbitration or otherwise as they may think fit, the several Bills of Costs due and owing to Messrs. BA'-SETT, the late Solicitors to the said Com- mission or either of them, and also to assent to or dissent from the said Assignees selling either by Public Auction or,Private Contract, or partly by Public Ntiction and partly by Private Contract, all such parts of the said Bankrupt's real and Personal Estate as now remain unsold, at such lime and place or times and places, and iu such manner, and either to the said Bankrupt or to any other Person or Persons, and upon such Terms and Conditions as the said Assignees may deem meet, advan- tageous or proper, with a view to a settlement of the matters connected with the said Bankruptcy, and on other Special matters. THOMAS DALTON, Solicitor to the Assignees, COPAIBA.—Upon reviewing the catalogue of I evils produced by Copaiba, it may be fairly asked is there any one possessed of common prudence who would employ it ? Can any unprejudiced and conscien- tious person advise its use ? Are we to do harm that good may come ?" Any more in physic than morality, when too the former is certain, and the latter more than doubtful-for we must not forget that Copaiba is as uncertain as it is initirioiis-at one time appearing to suddenly check and overcome the disease, and at another entirely failing in producing either. It is also decf ptive as regards the permanency of the desired effect. The patient frequently rejoicing in his supposed recovery, and in a few days. or even hours, is sadly disappointed by the return of his complaint with renewed or increased virulence—the symptoms being much agsravated by the consequent loss of time and the unequal action of the medicine. It is now clearly the duty of the medical profession to avoid and reprobate the use of a drug which has so little to justify its administration, and so much to condemn it. If such baneful effects as described are to be attributed to the pure Balsam of Copaiba, it can be readily imagined how much they are aggravated by the adul- terations daily practised, being mixed with more or less of turpentine, mast;che, rejected castor and rape oils, &c. &c. It is to the uninitiated perfectly astonishing to what an extent this disgraceful practice is carried, more especially since the nostrums formed from it have so mnch increased. It is frequently to be purchased in this state at retail druggists for less than the cost p.ice of the genuine article,-a strong proof that such MUN he factitious;—indeed it is a fact that this natitral pro- duciion of South America is actually made in England. Not many years since the Sun Fiie Office refused to indemnify a party for loss by fire, on the ground that the premises had been used for hazardous purposes, not expressed in the policy, namely, that of making Copaiba. Such being the fact of the drug itself, the argument will, of course, apply with more or les3 force to ail prepara- tions of or from it, for so powerful are its injurious properties, and so closely are they connected wilh those (if auy} of a beneficial tendency, that to abate the one is to annihilate the other. As existing in nature, they are allied; and by such nifcty of chemical union, that to separate them is (by destroying the original principle dr combination) —- lo produce a most unhappy result, namely, an inert substance, and one still more acrid than the drug in its natural state; one OF these is pro- duced when deprived, or partially so, of its nauseous flavour; to deprive it of which is to separate the active principle, and thus destroy all chance of success from its use. NOW, HOW is this known result attempted to be avoided ? By incurring a still greater evil-that of com- bining with it equally injurious, though more palatable, drugs, as Spanish flies, potash, stimulating giims, &-c., hy winch the original disease is greatly aggravated and prolonged. IN conclusion,—avoid, at all times, and under all disguises, this pernicious and ever-adulterated drug; MI fife r not any oac to persuade you to its use withhold from your confidence the professional man who persists, contrary to reason and experience, in prescribing if for yoti-for, be assured, sooner or later, more or less, you will suffer from its baneful influence. The Balsamic Pills, prepared by Mr. Wray, 344, Strand, and Holborn Hill, are free from any of the above objections; ihey act specifically on the urinary passages, and from their tonic properties, tend to strengthen the system and improve the general health. They requite neither confinement nor alteration of diet (except ab- stinence frotu stimulants, where considetable inflam- mation exists), and) as experience has amply proved, they will efiect a cure sooner than copaiha (the dan- gerous results of which, in the inflammatory stages, are too well known to need further comment), or anv other medicine in present use, and may be justly considered (he only safe and efficacious remedy in all stages of those disorders. In addition to these advantages, the very convenient form in which this invaluable preparation is offered to the public must also be considered a desi- deratum. Prepared only by M. O. Wray, and sold wholesale snd retail, at 118, Holborn Hill; and 314, Strand, one iloor from Catherine Street; AND for the accommodation of Strippers and Seafaring people, at No. 8, Uarkhouse Lane, Eower Thames Street. May also be had of all respectable medicine venders in town and COUNTRY, at 2a. 9<1., ta, and lis, caclt bQ,


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