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THE CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, HENrty JEFFERY, Commander, ARE INTENDED TO SAIL "ur'n8 l^e NEXT WEEK, an follows— (From the Bufe Ship Dock.) FROM CARDIFF OCT. I.. Monday Nautilas I afternoon 12..Tuesday .Lady Charlotte 2 afternoon 13..Wednesday.Nautilus 3 afternoon 14..Thursday .Lady Charlotte 3* afternoon 15..Friday .Nautilus. 6 morning 16..Saturday iatly Charlotte 6 morning FROM BRISTOL. ()CT. I I.. Monday Lady Cliarlotte 2 afternoon 12..Tuesday .Nautilus. 7f morning 13.. Wednesday Lady Charlotte 3 afternoon 14..Thursday Nautilus. 6 morning 15.. Friday Lady Charlotte 91 mornit)g 16.. Saturday Nautilus. 6 morning Carriages and Horses must be along-side an hour and half previous to the time of Sailing, otherwise they viiiinot be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through the New Docks. IW Coach to Bridgend through Cowbridge, im- mediately on arrival of the Packets Leaving Bridgend 3 hours previous to the Packets departure from Cardiff. FARES:-After Cabin, 5s.—Fore Cabin, Ss. I Children under 12 Years of Age, Half-price.— Dogs, Is t,acb. A Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Refreshments may be had on Board, on moderate terms. Four-Wheel Carriage, 21s.; Two-Wheel Carriage, 10s fid. j Horses, 6s. each; Horse and Rider, After Cabin 98.; Fore Cabin. 7s. 6d.; Cattle, 6s.; Sheep, Is. 6d These Fares include every expense. T3;- Not accountable for any Goods without Shipping Notes. Freighters are requested to order all Goods intended for the NAUTILUS to be sent to No. It, Quay Street, or to Robert Chaplin, Cumberland Basin Locks; and for the LADY CHARLOTTE, to Clare Street Hall, Marsh Street, Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the Jackets, at the expense of the Companies. Merthyr, Newbridge. Aberdare, Cowbridge, Bridgend, .Lt(&nti-isseiit,and Cae rphilly.- Goods forwarded to these 1, lases in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Boats im- mediately Oil arrival, unless ordered by any particular ClIrIveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the Sicam Packet Warehouse till called for.—Freight to be Paid on delivery. Goods, PackageF, Parcels, &c. forwarded to allparts the Kingdom withou' delay, when sen t to either of their Steam Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &c. will he V,-adily obtained by applying to the Agents. Mr Woodman, Agent, at the Packet Office on the Wharf. Cardiff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agent, o. 12, Quay Street, Bristol, for the NAUTILUS Pac. ket; and of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on the I Wharf, Cardiff; or to Mr W. B. Owen, 29, Avon Cres- cent, Hotwells, Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE l'acket. NOTICE.—The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets |ive Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Passenger's Luggage, nor will they be answerable for "lIy Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged "y Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either "t their Offices at Cardiff or Bristol, if above the value of 40s., unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.- Goods consigned to order, or not taken away before Six in the evening of the day of landing, will t'e warehoused at the risk and expense of the consignees All goods to be considered as liens, not only for freight *"d charges due thereon, but also for all previously tin- satisfied Freight and Charges due by consignees to the "roprietors of the said Packets. Disputed weights Or measurement, claims for loss or damage, &c., cannot be allowed, unles a written notice of the same be sent to the Office on the day of delivery. PORT OF CARDIFF. To Timber Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, and others. or Sale, by Private Contract, In large or small Lots to suit the convenience of Purchasers, the CARGO OF THE 'EXILE,' JUST LANDED FROM MIRAMICHI, BRITISH AMERICA, AND NOW LYING ON THE WHARF, AT THE BUTE DOCKS, YELLOW PINE, At One Shilling and Three-pence per Foot. Approved Bills at Four Months' date will be tken in payment for Sums exceeding £ 15, or per Cent, discount allowed for Cash. Apply to Mr. T. ELFORD, at Mr. John Richards's, 8111ith and Bell-Hanger, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. Cardiff, Sept. 28, 1841. Royal Exchange Assurance OF HOUSES AND GOODS FROM FIRE, 21, LOMBARD-STRKKT, LONDON, (Established by Royal Charter, in the reign of King George the First,) Por Assuring Houses, Buildings, Goods, Farming Stock, rtc., from Loss or Damage by Fire; and also for the Assurance of and granting Annuities on Lives. lnE Insurance Duty of 3s. per Cent. on FARM- ING STOCK having been REPEALED by an *Ct of the 3rd and 4th William IV., the Com auy's ■^eents are authorized to accept New Insurances, and the renewal of existing Policies, on Agricultural "Toduce, Farming Stock, and Implements of Husbandry 4t a Premium of Two SHILLINGS perCent. WITHOUT IliF AVERAGE CLAUSE. Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29th '"stant, are hereby informed that Receipts are now eady to be delivered by the Company's Agen's; and tile parties assured are requested to apply for the renewal their Policies on or before the 14th of Ociober, a< the .'1111 fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date Of each Policy, will then expire. Thomas Tooke, Esq Governor. William Sampson, Esq Sub-Governor. Bartholomew Jeffery, Ksq.Deputy-Governor. 1 DIRECTORS. lililry Baitbridge, Esq. Sir J. Wm. Lubbock, Bart. eoge P Barclay, Esq. Chas John Manning, Esq. ■jj, iam Brown, Esq. The Hon. J. T. L. Melville. W. S. P. Calvert, Esq. Henry Nelson, Esq. Jollliam Davidson, Esq. Edw. Flow-ley .Palmer, Esq. J hn Deacon, Esq. John H. Pclly, Esq. I^Ties Gibson, Esq. Abraham G. Robarts, Esq, WW. Grenfell, Esq. Charles 'obinson, E*q. j dliatn T. Hihbert. Esq. Sir Samuel Scot:, Bart. g.a<icelot Holland. Esq. VVi iliam Soltau, Esq. I r G. G. de H Larpent, Robert Thorley, E#q. j. Bart., M.P. Octavius Wigram, Esq. Chr. Lochner, Esq. c AGENTS. J'ckhowell Mr. G A. A. Davies £ Qtiseu Mr. Thomas A. Marten b Mr. William Bird brtdyend creeon Mr. William "Evans j^Tniarthen Mr. David Evans Lewis j^broke p erysticith Mr. Thomas Jones h rnarvon Messrs Morean and Preoce pl"9or Mr. J. V. H. Williams ipWieli Mr. Da/id Williams jjr?*ham Mr. Richard Hughes fy'Vvell Mr. Meredith Vickers 4 nouth Mr. Thomas Farror JV er9avenny ft*Port Messrs Prothero&Towgood j £ ref0rd Mi. John Gwilliuo, jun. jj-yurd Mr. Thomas Watkins and Presteign. Mr. Thomas Oliver l'lbury Mr. Joseph Bird yj °"iinster Mr. William Preece ty*3.' Mr. William Thomas \ye shpool Mr. David Gwvnne Mr. P. S. Parker »c»- 1841. ALEX. GREEN, Secretary. J? In consequence of the destruction of the Royal k Se *'re> the business of the Company, in all gj ranches, is carried on at their New Premises, No JSx .^0ttlbart Street, until their Offices 'm the Royal cftange are rebuilt. THE (2?cQZBZDZt&W ADVE R TISE R, AND DUTOWt MMIOM IS PUBLISHED TBARLY EVERY SATURDAY MORNING, AT THE OFFICR., T3H&I&SS Iffimill (S&IBIMIFIF. GENERAL PRINTING, U1 Ll AND BOOKSELLING ESTABLISHMENT, HENRY WEBBER, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. PROPRIETOR and PUBLISHER of the above JL Journal, respectfully announces that his arrange- ments are now fully completed for carrying on the above Business, in all its branches; and trusts, by moderation of charges, beauty of workmanship, and expedition, to merit a share of public patronage and support. ORDERs FOR Books, Magazines, and Periodicals, EXECUTED mT THE SHORTEST NOTICE; Of every description in a superior style, THE EXTENSIVE Variety of fUlDtICrit Cjjpr, BEING ADAPTED FOR BOOK, PLAIN, AND ORNAMENTAL WORK; HANDBILLS, BILLS OF LADING, SHIPPING NOTES, fturttoiiem* (ratatoqueo, PUBLIC NOTICES, LAW FORMS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF WORK n (o o g PRINTED ON tSTiie ftorttøt ilotice, In the best manner and most reasonable Terms; A(DO(Busg,g J]3aD@ RULED TO PATTERN, AND MANUFACTURED ON THE PREMISES; (D K B 9 N D 0 N ry I\ ALL ITS BHA NCHES, COMBINING ELE. GANCE WITH CHEAPNESS AND nUIUnILITY. AGENT FOR THE BRITISH FIRE OFFICE. All ORDEIIS directed to the GUARDIAN OFFICE, DUKE-STREET, Cardiff. will be promptly attended to, and satisfactorily executed. FOR SALE. A m> ill JLdl II Jt\J @ El <3>UF S H!, AND TWENTY-SIX ACRES OF GOOD PASTURE LAND, AT COYCHURCH, NEAR BRIDGEND; AND FIFTEEN SIIARES IN THE BRIDGEND RAILWAY. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. EVANS, AT THE WYNDHHAM ARMS INN, BRIDGEND, On WEDNESDAY, the20th day OFOCTOREII, 1841, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, in Lots, and subject to certain conditions,— A I.L that DWELLING-HOUSE at COY- Aci 1URCH, near Bridgend, occupied by Abraham Levis', with the premises thereto belonging. All those Closes of RICH PASTURE LAND, containing together Tweuty-six Acres, be the same inore or less, situate near the Village of Coychurch, and occupied by Messrs. Abraham Lewis, and Thomas Jenkins. The whole are within, and held of the Mjuor of Coity Aolia. Also, FIFTEEN SHARES in the BRIDGEND RAILWAY. The Tenants will shew the Premises and any further particulars may be had, by applying at the office ot Mr. William Lewis, Solicitor, Bridgend, where a Map of the Lands may be seen. Norwich Union Societies. OFFICES. London—Crescent, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars. Edinburgh—Princes Street. Dublin—Capel Street. Norwich—Surry Street. Fire Insurance Society. CAPITAL, £ 550,000. DIRECTORS. President,—E. T. Booth, Esq., Norwich. Vice-Pri aident,— Lieutenant-Colonel Harvey. Anthony Hodson, Fsq. George Morse, Esq. William Herring, Esq. Colonel Sir R. J. Harvey, C.B. C^inrlrs Evans, Esq. Isaac Jermy, Esq., Recorder of Norwich. Edward Steward, Esq. Captain Blak'ston, II. N. I.ewi, Evans, Eso., M. D. Wiliiam Martin Septings, Fsq. Samuel Bignold, Esq Secretary. Insnrancps are granted by this Society on Buildings, Gnod, Merctiandise, and Effects; Ships in Port, Hatbour, or Dock from Loss or Damage by Fire, in any part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. It is provided by the Constitution of the Society, that the Insured shall he free from all resp msibility, and to c t guarantee the engagements of the Office, a Fund of X550,000 has been subscribed by a numerous and opulent Proprietary. Returns are periodical1} made to the Parties Insuring. The Business of the Company now exceeds Fifty-seven Millions, placing it amongst the largest Fire Insurance Establishment iu the Kingdom. KICHARD EVANS, National Provincial Bank, Cardiff, Agent. Life Insurance Society. ESTABLISHED 1808. DIRECTORS. PRESIDENT, Lieutenant-Colonel Harvey, Thorpe Lodge. VlCE-PREStDBNT, Isaac Jermy, Esq., Stanfield Hall. Recorder of Norwich. Edward1'temple■Both, Esq.. Bodney Street, Norwich, Colonel Sir R. J. Harvey, C. B. T. Steward. Esq., » • Dr. Evans, &c. &c. Secretary, Samuel Bignold, Esq., Norwich, Actuary, Richard Morgan, Esq., Norwich. Tins InstUution was founded on the original principles of the London Kquitable, with various Improvements; among the most prominent of which, is a Reduction of the Rates of Premium of nearly One-tenth. Its Capital now rxceeds £ 1,700,000. -Its Income from Premiums. £ 190,000 pei Annum; and its Annual Issue of Policies is between Five and Six Hundred. Bonuses were declared at General Meetings, held in the jf-ears 1816, 1823, and 1830, by which, additions to the amount of £ 1-45,798 h^ve been made to the sums Insured. The present state of the Society is that of a sound and prosperous concern. The FIRE and LIFE OFFICES are wholly distinct. RICHARD EVANS. National Provincial Bank, Cardiff, Agent, TO THE MAGISTRATES OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. My Lords and Gentlemen, Mr. Prothero having announced his intention of resigning the Office of Treasurer for the County previous to the ensuing Quarter Sessions, I beg respectfully to offer myself as a Candidate for the Situation, and to solicit the honor of your support. Should I be so fortunate as to obtain the appoint- ment, it shall be my constant endeavour to perform the duties connected with it to your satisfaction. The Election will take place at the Town Hall, Usk, on Monday, the 18th Instant, at Twelve o'Clock precisely. I have the Tumor to be, My Lords and Gentlemen, Your most Obedient Servant, HEKR Y JOHN DA VIS. Newport, Oct. 1st, 1841. GLAMORGANSHIRE. SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. THE ANNIVERSARY MEETING of the COW- BRIDGE DISTRICT COMMITTEE of the above Society will be held in the TOWN HALL, at Cowbridge, on TUESDAY, the 26th day of OcTo- BKR instant, at One o'clock, wheu a Statement of the Aceounts and Proceedings of the Committee for the past year will be made, awl other business transacted. DIVINE SERVICE will commence in Cowbridge Church at Eleven o'clock, and the Sermon will be Preached by the Rev. William Bruce, M.A., Rector of St. Nicholas. T. STACEY, Treasurer and Secretary. Cardiff Vicarage, October 1st, 1841. BRECKNOCK & ABERGAVENNY CANAL NAVIGATION. rNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, rpHAT the next HALF-YEARLY MEETING or I ASSEMBLY of the COMPANY of PROPRIE- TORS of the said Navigation will be held at the ANGEL INN, in tho Town of ABERGAVENNY, on THURSDAY, the 21st Instant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon. J AMES PEIRCE, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Canal Office, near Abergavenny October 1st, 1841. Notice is hereby Given, THAT that part of the Boundary of the MANOR, of BUILTH, extending through and over the Parishes of Alltinawr, Llaiulewy Cwrn, Llangunnog, M-lesti,vtiis, Llanynis, Llanvechnn, Llangammarch, New Church or Tvr Abbot, Llanwrlid, Lland- dewy Aborgwessiii, Llanvihangel Abergwessin, and Llanwrthwl, in the COUNTY of BRECON, will on TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY, toe 12th and 13th days of OCTOBER next, be PERAMBULATED: and that such Perambulation will be commenced on the First Day at Ten o'Clock in the Morning, at A BERN ANT, in the said Parish of Ailtiiiawr, and thence continued to the limit of the said Manor in the said Parish of Llanwrtirl, and that at the hour of Ten on the following Morning, the Perambulation will be resumed from the said limit of the said Manor in the said Parish of Llanwrtid, and thcuce continued to the extreme limit of the said Manor in the said Parish of Llanwrtliwl. MAYBERY & WILLIAMS, Agents to MARMADUKE GWYNNE, Esq., Lord of the said Manor. Brecon, September 25th, 1841. REWARD. ABSCONDED, leaving his CHILD chargeable to the PARISH of ABERDARE, JOHN EVANS. The said JOliN EVANS is a Native of TOWYN, MEUIO.NETHSHIKE: he has worked for about these last Two Years at Aberdare, as a Labourer, pre- viously to which time he was employed as a Miller, at Pontdolgoch, in the Parish of Llanvonnog, Mont- gomeryshire: he is about 28 Years of Ag(!, all(i ft Feet 9 inches high, Light complexion, Sandy Hair and Whiskers; is strong made has Round Shoulders, and was dressed in a Round Jacket, and Trousers of Fustian when lie left; before leaving he conveyed away his goods to some place near the Basin. Whoever will give information that shall lead to the Arprchension of the said JOHN EVANS, shall receive a lirindsome reward, with all reasonable expenses, by application to the Overseers 01 Abcrdare. Sept. 25, 1841. PATRONS. HER MOST GRACIOUS MAJESTY. HIS LATE MOVr GRACIOUS MAJESTY. HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF THE BELGIANS HIS MAJESTY THE KING OF FRANCE. And most of the Royal Family. James Johnson, Physician Extraordinary to his late Majesty. Arthur T. Holroyd, Physician to St. Mary-le-bone Dispensary. v T. II odgkin, M.D., l ecturer on Morbid Anatomy, at Guy's Hospital. H. Rowley, M,D., Physician to the Aldersgate-street Dispensary. G. H. Wertherhead, [.ecturer on Meteria Medica and Therapeutics. T. Castle, Physician to St. Mary's Hall, and to the Brighton Dispensary. Amos Middleton, Senior Physician to the Leamington Hospital. Charles London, Physician to the Leamington Bath- ing Institution. D. Davies, Surgeon to their late Majesties. Jonathan Pereira, F. L.S., Lecturer on Materia Medica. F. Tyrrell, 17, New Bridge-street, Surgeon to St. Thomas's Hospital. George Pilcher, M.R.C.S. L., Lecturer on Anatomy, Webb-street. F. Salmon, Consulting Surgeon to St. John's Hospital Jairett Dashwood, Surgeon to the Royal Humane Institution. C. Millard, Demonstrator of Anatomy at the School of Webb-street. J. Harrison Curtis, Auristto his late Majesty. THE above, and Two Hundred and Eight other Medica] Gentlemen, have given the most flattering certificates of the great value and superiority of WOODHOUSE'S ETHEREAL ESSENCE OF JAMAICA G-ISTG-EK, Which is particularly recommended to all Cold, Phleg. matic. and Nervous Constitutions. It is certain in affording instant relief in Cholera Morhus, Spasms, Cramps, Flatulence, Hysterics, Heartburn, Hiccup, Loss of Appetite, Sensation of Fulness, Pain and Oppression after Meals; also those Pains of the Stomach a.nd Bowels, which arise from Gouty Flatulences; Digestion, however much impaired, is restored to its pristine state, by the use of this Essence for a short time. In Bottles, 2s. 6d.; 4s. 6d. glass-stopped, 10s. 6d.: and 21s. each. 6 r Balsam of Spermaceti, Coughs, Asthmas, Shortness of Breath, Weazing, Colds, Soreness, Tightness and Oppression of the Chest, and most affections of the Chest and Lungs relieved in ten minutes, by taking one dose of WOODHOUSE'S BALSAM OF SPERMACETI, OR PECTORAL COUGH DHOPS. Persons doubting the efficacy of this Medicine may take a dose in the Proprietor's shop before they purchase. The Proprietor earnestly recom- mends a trial of these Drops to persons afflicted with the above cofnplaints.ibiit he does not introduce the'n as being an infallible cure (as many do), but is warranted in as- seiting their efficacy from the extensive relief afforded in numerous cases of the above description, Constitutional Coughs of three. four, and more years standing, have been cured in the course of a week by the use of these Drops. In the Hoofing and Chin Coughs it will be found equally valuable it will at all times release the most violent Consumptive í'ough. In Bottles, Is. Iid. i 2s. 9d 4s. 6s.; and 10s. 6d. each. Prepared solelt by E. R. GREGORY (who has pur- chased the Receipts), at his Laboratory, Church-street, Hackney and may be had Retail of every Chemist in the United Kingdom. 1Je sure ask for WQODHQV&E'S, | GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the Next GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE for the said County, WILL BE HOLDEN at the GUILDHALL, in the Town of SWANSEA, On TUESDAY, the Nineteenth day of OCTOBER next, At Eleven of the Clock in the Forenoon, when and where all Jurors, Prosecutors, and Witnesses are required to attend. All Appeals and Traverses must be entered before the Opening of the Court, and the several parties thereto be prepared to proceed therewith. At Half-past Eleven o'clock the Justices assembled will proceed to the business relating to the Assessment. Application, and Management of the County Stock or Hate, and to the internal regulations of the County. All Bills and demands against the County Stock must be delivered into the Office of the Clerk of the Peace Fourteen days before the Session., and all costs given or allowed by the Court must be taxed at the same Sessions, or they will not afterwards be allowed, the several acting Magistrates are requested to return all Depositions into the Office of the Clerk of the Peace at Cardiff, on or before Friday, the 15 day of October next. WOOD, Cardiff, Sept. 23d, 1841. Clerk of Peace. GLAMORGANSHIRE. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That at the NEXT GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the PEACE, to be HOLDEN at SWANSEA. in and for the said County, on the Nineteenth day of OCTO- BER next, the Justices then and thtre assembled will, at Twelve of the Clock at Noon of such day, proceed to take into consideration the provisions of an Act made and passed in the Second and Third Years of Her present Majesty's reign, intituled 11 An Act for the Establishment of County and District Constables by the authority of Justices of the Peace," and also of another Act passed in the Third and Fourth Years of her present Majesty's reign, intituled An Act to Amend the Act for the Establishment of County and D strict Constables" and to make and enter into such Rules, Orders, and Resolutions relating thereto, as may be thought expe. dient.—Dated this 23rd day of Septoirber, 1811. WOOD, Clerk of Peace. CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE INSTITUTION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Interest, at the rate of FOUR per Cent, per Annum, on the Shares of this Institution, will )e in course of pay- ment, at the Head Office, No. 6, King-William-Street, City, on and after the 1st day of Sepember next. (By Order of the tioard of Directors,) Aug. 18, 1841. WILLIAM EMMENS, Sec. CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE AND FIRE ASSURANCE, TRUST AND ANNUITY INSTITUTION, 6, King-William-Street, City.—Em- powered by Special Act of Parliament. TRUSTEES. The Right Hon. Lord Sinclair. William Sloanc, Esq. Sir John S. Forbes, Bart. Robert Thurburn, Sen., Esq. PATRONS. Their Graces the Duke of Beaufort, and the Lord Arch- bishop of Dublin the Lords Viscount Beresford and Lorton the Right Reverend the Bishops of Oxford, St. David's, Chichester, Meath, Elphin, Calcutta, and Jamaica. HONORARY DIRECTORS. The Very Rev. the Dean of Ardagh Samuel Baker, Esq., Lypiatt Pane, Gloucestershire Robert Bodle, Esq.. Woolston Hall, Esex; Rev. B. S. Claxson, D.D., Gloucester; Rev. C. J. Fynes Clinton, Rectory, Crom- well-, Sir C. B. Codrington, Bart.; C. W. Codrington, Esq., M.P.; Rev. C. Cole, Peterhead; Rev. A. G Cornwall, Ashcroft House, Kingscote, Stroud Sir R. H. Cunliffe, Bart., Acton Park, Wrexham Rev. John J. Dimock, Rector of Uppingham, Rutland Rev. J Dudley. Bromyard; Rev. John Dolphin, Bath, Rector of Pebmarsh, &c.; Hon. and Rev. T. Erskine, Beigliton Vicarge, Sheffield Rev. W, R. Evans, Kingsland Rectory, Leominster; Rev. Evan Evans. Llanermore, Ruthin; Richard Fothcrgill, Esq, Lawbridge House, Kendal; Rev. W. Gray, Braffeiton, Boronghbridge; the Very Rev. the Dean of Guernsey; Joseph Halford, Esq., Charlcmont Hall, Staffordshire E.G. Hallewell, Esq., Long Court, Stroud; H. T. Hope, Esq., M.P.; Thomas Holt, Esq., Registrar to the Lord Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol; the Rev. Robert Harrisou, Temple Sowerhy Rev. Henry Hope, Rector of Christon, Somerset; Dr. Hoskins, Guernsey; the Very Rev. the Dean of Jersey Alexander Macalister, Esq., Torrisdale Castle, Argyleshire; Sir John .J\Iacnei!l, G.C.B.; Wm. Robinson Matthews, Esq., Jersey Rev. W. Mayd, Withersfield, Cambridgeshire Joseph Neeld, Esq., M.P.; John Neeld, E«q..M.P.; Hev H. Nevill, Cottes- more. Rutland Arcbdeacoa Newcvtn, Cloisters, Rurfiin the Hon. and Rev. B. W. Noel, Minister of St. John's Chapel, Bedford Row Rev. W. Palmer, D.D., Vicar of Yarcombe, Devon; the Sir George Provost, Bart.; Alexander Pringle, K<q., M.P.j \i, R. Scott, Esq., 17, Devonshire Place Rev. James Shirley, Fretteoham Rectory, Norwich; J. M. Shipton, Esq., Gloucester- Rev. H. T. Tucker, Uppottery Vicarage, Devonshire' Rev. Thomas. Tyrwhitt, Whitchurch Rev. \V. Walton' F.R.S., Allcnheads, Northumberland W. Preston White, Esq, Cork; the Rev. Daniel Wilson, Vicar of Islington R. J. Winckworth, Esq., Buckingham Street, Strand. DIRECTORS. William Sloane, Esq.. Chairman. J. Anderson, Esq., I Captain Macdongall. H E.I C.S. Rev. T, 'Iot.ertson, M.A. W. Camp Crane, Esq. George Sloane, Esq. H. P. Hope, Esq. E. Heathcote Smith, Esq B, Jackson, Esq. Robert Thurburn, Sen., Esq Rev. H. J. Kuapp, D.D. Sir William White. James Lamb, Esq. James Lamb, Esq. MEDICAL OFFICERS. Physician.-G. C. Child, M. P. SUTyeon.-Ed ward Duffin, Esq. SURVEYOR. John Fulford, Esq., 14, New Millman Street. SOLICITOR. E. M. Elderton, Esq., 3, Lothbury. SECRETARY. William Ernm-ns, Esq. BANKERS. Messrs, Henies, Farquhar, & Co., St. James's Street Union Bank of London, Moorgate Street. SCOTTISH BRANCH—DIRECTORS,—Office, 4, Queen Street, Edinburgh. Jas. G. Graham, Esq. I James Steuart, Esq W.S. R. K. Greville, Esq.. LL.D. William Stohart, Esq Wilham Scott, Esq., W.S., Patrick Cheine, Esq. A. Urquhart, Esq ,\dvocate T. G. Mackay, Esq., W.S. M.N. Macdonald, Eyq. WS. Adam Hay, Esq., W.S. M. N. Macdonald, Eyq. WS. Adam Hay, Esq., W.S. LlFic.—This Institution, while it grounds its title to the support of THE PUBLIC IN GENERAL, upon the sound principles on which it is founded, and offers to them, combiccd in one Establishment, all the advan- tages presented by the numerous Metropolitan Assurance Companies, at Rates of Premium as low as are consistent with security, claims that of THE CLERGY more especially, on accom.t of the appropriation of one clear tenth of the profits to the foimation of a Fund for the benefit of those of their body who may require its aid, and the reduced Rate at which, in special cases, it Assures their Lives. FIRE.—The Premiums for Assurance against Fire are charged at the usual moderate rates, with a reduction of ten per cent. on the RESIDENCE AND FURNITUHE OF CLERGYMEN. ENDOWMENTS FOR FUTURE CHILDREN.-An extensive sel of Tables has been prepared-expressly for the use of this Institution—whereby a fixed sum may be secured to every child (born of the same parents) at'ain- ing any age that may be desired, from 14 to 21 years inclusive; the payment of the Premium ceasing at the death of either parent, and before the eldest child can attain the age desired. TABLE OF LIFE RATES. ASCENDING SCALE. Age \Vi'h Without rrorit. Profit. pjcKtSeven Sec Seven Hid.Seven Years. Years. Years- s. il. £ s. d. s Ii 8. d. -77 d- 20 I I ï 4 1 13 II 12 0 I 13024 0 30 2 6 10 2 2 7 1 8 0 2 2 0 2 16 0 40 3 3 6 2 17 8 1 19 C 2 18 6 3 18 0 50 4 13 4 4 4 11 3 0 2 4 '0__3 6_IN__ £ The necessary forms and information may be obtained by application to William Emmens, Secretary 6, King- William-Street, City or to any of the following Agents Cardiff .Mr E. Leyshon. Monmouth ,T. M. Lleweliin, Esq. Swansea .Henry Bevan, Esq. Neath Thos. Hargreaves, Solicitor. All application) for Agenda to be Addressed to the Secretory^ GAME LIST—SOUTH WALES. FIRST PUBLICATION. 'PERSONS who have obtained GAME CERTIFICATES for the Year 1841. List (1) GENERAL JL CERTIFICATES, at £ 4 Os. loa. each. Adams, Thomas, Camrose Havard, Thomas, Penygarn, Mer- Peel, William, Taliaris Ackland, Charles. Boulston thyr A. V., Saint Mary, Haver. Allen, Henry, Killrhiw Hands, Thomas, Goodig Lodge fordwest John, Hay Harries, David Lloyd, Llandingat Perch, George, Tcnby Ashmore, Paul, Cleik, Porthkerry ) ouse Phelps, Charles, Saint Martin's Austin, Stephen^ Llwynmadock Harris, John Jenkin, Treverrig # Haverfordwest !■ Brace, John, Hay K. WTenby Phillips, John., Bngwirllod Bailey, Joseph, M. P.^ ulanuSk^" -—, James, Fishguard > Tllfl'ifliks C., Swansea Park John H., Trevacoon Phillipps, Sir R. B. P., Bart., Joseph, Jun., M.P., Pen- George J., Priscelly Picton Castle myarth — .George, Letterson John H., Williamson Robert, Tenby —> W. B., Saint Brides —— f John P, H.. Dale Castle Bassett-, Richard, Boulston House G. A., Saint Thomas, Ha- W. C. A. Saint Bride's William, Llanon verfordwes. Hill Ball, Major, Llwynbrain Hemminsway, James, Cardiff R. John, Saint Brides Bradley, Edward, Cowbridge Henderson, William, Bangeston « P* Lort. Saint Thomas, Edward, Treguff Place Hewitt, Capt., Tynabellis 0 Haverfordwest Blath waite, Jno RobestonWathen Higgs, William H., Pembroke Dock John Lewis, Tenby Breedon, Arthur, Tenby Higgins, William, Hay » W. J., Aberglasney Breach, n., Swansea .Thomas Williarrs,-Hay J- B. Lloyd, Mabus Benson, Starling, Swansea Higgon, William, Frogbill Price, Edward, Clerk, Gellygaer Beavan, Samuel, Gascomb Court ( James, Saint, Haverford- Rectory Breeze, Edward, Knighton west > Rees, Williamsfield Beynon, John, Adpar Hill John, Havorfcrdwest > Charles W.,Ty'nygraig Bl ind, John, Tir Treharne Hinde, J. W., Aberystw.th Charles, Clerk, Ty'ynygraig Joseph, Cefnmably Howell, Henry W., Glaspant » Evan, Llanigon Brigstocke. A., Clerk, Gellydowell Hugh, Aberwocil Cottage > Richard, Southerndown W. 0., Blaenpant David, Bonvilstone John Lloyd, Glangwilly Bristow, Francis, Skerry Lake Hodges, Richard, Danypark Popkin, John L., Llandilo Cottage Hotchkis, George. Ghnwysk Villa Powell, William, Alltmawr Biddulph, John, Plasisha Hollis, Henry, Lickwith > W.T. R., Aberystwith Birks, John, Kidwelly Homfray, John, Llasdaff Prothero, George, Tenby Bowling, George, Woodfield House, John, Penlaa Pugh, William, Hay Bowles, Charles, Millbrook Hughes, David, Llangattock Park Thomas, Aberedow Bowen, James, Cardigan James, Tenby Pussey, William, Hendry Thomas, Vayner > Richard, Uanwelteg Puxley, John L., Lletherlestry James, Newport George, Packhouse Ramsden, Thomas, Abernant C.W.J.W.,Camrose House Charles If., Carmarthen Rees, James, Slehech W. W. W., Camrose > Richard J., Tregib David, Onenlas W. Saint Brides ,John. Alltlwyd Richard, Swansea Brooke. Capt. C., Middleton Hall Ingram, Joseph. Ruperia Lodge » Thomas, Coedriglan Bonsall, Edward, Nanteos James, James, Robeston Wathen Richards, Rev. E. W., Saint An- Blosse, Edward L.. Cardiff Jeffreys, Edward, GlandovevCastle drews Booker, Thomas, Velindro Glandovcy Castle —, R. W., Penyglaise Boteler, Capt., I'enmark Jenkin, William, Morriston ———, Rev. H. H., Wenvoe Brown, R. J., Clerk, Knighton Jenkins,^Oliver R., Ely Rectory Browne, Alexander, Cardiff »1 homas, Bulyrch 1 > Alexander, Penyglaise Butter, Peter, Iveston » Owen, Clerk, Cowbridge Robeston, Bowen, Warreston Peter Augustus, Bridge Richard, Jan., Gellyieddar Roch, William, Harbeston Cawdor, Earl, Stockpole Court R. H., Llanharran House Ge(,rge, Butter Hill Cameron,N. P., Danycraig » William, Pontyphillip Romilly, Charles, Porthkerry Carman, Samuel, Llandawke Jenner, Robert F.,Wenvoe Castle -Edward, Porthkerry Chambers, Wm., Llanelly House Rees, Coity Rowlands, David, Whitchurch W., jun., Llanelly House John, Christopher, Bryncrynlian Nathaniel, Park Crawshay, Henry, Cyfarthfa Castle » John. Llanharran Roberts, C. H., Blaenporth Robert'r., c NlfaTthfaCastle William, Bettws -,John G M.D., Broadley Callen, Chas. P., Underdown William, Saint Davids Rogers, Edward. Stannage Daniel P., Molleston Jones, Rees, Glanusk Park Russell, John, Knighton Child, James M Begelly House James. Llanigon Salt, Benjamin, Aberystwith Robert B., Newton « Benjamin, Cardiff Salman, Dr., Penlline Court Coleman, E. B., Aberystwith Thomas, Lhvynhir Saunders, F. D., Tymawr Collier, Stephen, St. Brides • Evan, Pontneddvaughan Erasmus, Aberystwith Collins, John, Saint Florence -1 Arthur, Swansea Scale, George H., Brownslade Colby, John, Fynonc John, Penllargare Sconrfield, William H., Moat Davies, Edmund W., Glannons » William, Llansamlet Higher Scowerless, Francis J.,Saint Mary, -,Thomas, f,langattock Court » David, Clerk, Bishopstone Haverfordwest John. Talgarth » David, Llandilo Talypont Scott, John, Duffryn Castell John, Reynoldston Robert Oliver, Fonmon Cas- Severn, John P., Penybont Hall ——, John David, Swansea tie Sheppliard, P. C.,Bettws Evan, Aberdare • William, Llantarnam House Smith, Ambrose, Tenby Evan, Newbridge C. D. P., Robeston Wathen » Hopkin Cardiff David Coity- » Thomas, Johns Town Charles, R., Swansea Edvard, Dowlais » It. E., Carmarthen » John, Laleston Thomas, Little Hall > Henry, Cwmhordy William, Brynm wr ——, Richard, Llandilo "» William, Mile End »C. II., Llansamlet Higher Henry, Glanrannell » David, Cwmgigfran Smythe, Frederick O. T., Tenby f Morgan, Cwm Ivor » George, Green Castle Snell, Richard, Oystermouth Edward M Penalt r Griffith B., Gurrey Spencer, J. II. H., Oystermouth A. T Tyglyn Ayron Knight, Charles, Newton Stiffle, William, Swansea James, Aberystwith Kymer, Maximilian, Studda Stackpole, W. B. G., Laugharne John, Aberystwith Lascelles, Kowley, Llanstephan Stephens, Evan, Barton y |Haniiow) Danybwlch Lawrence, 'Ihomas, Saint Botolphs Thomas, Hazle Hill John Maurice, Penpont- Daniel, Duffryn Stokes, A. A. J., Saint Botolph pren Leach, Edward, Pembroke 1 j A. B. 0., Saint Botolph Thomas. Narberth North Octavius, Corston Stretton, Richard W., Danypark John, Penycoed Francis E., Kyllbebill Strick, John Joce, Ynistanglws -—Thomas H., Clariston Lee, J. H., Dinas Powis Summers, James B., Moore Gilbert Wm W., Mullock Leeds. Sir Joseph, Bart., Tpnby Swan, W. n., Merrexton House Thomas, Roch Llewhellin, William, Lawhaden Sweaton, John, Cardiff Thomas, Saint Ishmaels Lewis, Benjamin, Duffryn Tardrew, W. G., i iborwen William, Saint Mary, Ha- William n., Clinfew Thomas, Henry, Llwynmadock verfordwest William P., Velindre '= Fdward D., Wellfield Richard W. P., Clerk, David, Stradey House Court-y-Gollen « Thomas N., Pen worn Titus, Newcastle David, Evan W., Radyr 1 1, P. Z. G. J., Laugharne John L., Caeglas Devereux, flon. It., Clerk, Tregoyd Frederick, Gilfach Thomas, Llangadock Hon. W. B Tregoyd D. P., Clnk, Gilfach » Rees Goring, Llanon De Rutzen, Charles F., Baron William, Lanbletliian —, John, Lhvynmoch Slebech Hall N- P., Clerk, Cardiff George, Nanlygaredig Dods, Thomas, Penmaen John, Cardiff Thomas, Blaenpant Du Buisson, William, Glynhir Robert, Jun,, Aberdare T. R.,Treffgarn -1 Edmund, Glynhir William, Coity William, Newcastle Dunn, George, Welstfn Llewellyn, William, Coity —» Rev. George, Llandaff Dynevor, Right Hon. Lord, Dyne- Lewis, Swansea i William, Baydon vor Castle illiam, Bagian Castle Edward, Pickerstone Edwardes, George, Wolverhamp- Thomas, Merthyr Deburgii, Llanblethian ton Griffith, Baglan House O., Newbridge Edwards, John. Glangwilly » J-Dilwyn, Penllargare Todd, Isaac, Merthyr Samuel B., Rhydygors Lindsay, Robert, Margam Traherne, Rev. George, St. Hilary H. J. R., Rhydygors Lisburne, Earl, Crosswood Park Trouncer, W. H., Sheephouse Lewis, Bedlinog Lisle, William, Talygarn Tudor, William, Tenby Rev. F. F., Gilstone lister, Thomas, Cowbridge Tnrberville, Col., Llanblethian i, David. Swansea Lockyer, Joseph, Dynevor Castle Tudge, Wiiliam, Upper House Jkhii, Sealvli am Lodwick, Richard, Abcrdare Thomas, Upper Hall Emerson, Charles, "Clerk, Saint Charles, Treburva Twyning, J. H., Lampeter Fagans Lloyd, Walter, Carmarthen Tvler, Sir George, Cottrell Emlyn, Visconnt Stackpole Court » Edward P., Glansevin Vaughan, Hon. John, J'enlan I ntwisle, Hugh, Marlborough Edward P., jun.,Glansevin > Hon. W. M., Birchgrove Evans. Daniel, Clerk, Ruiith » Morgan P., Glansevin H. F., Lawhaden James, Carmarthen Thomas, Coedmore Lewis, Llwynmadock William. Altycadno Thomas, Bronwydd Nash E., hheola Thomas, Carmarthen Lucas, Henry, Swansea Venables, Joseph Henry, Llys- Benjamin. I'antglas Lydc, J. W. P., Hay dinam Hall Edward Aberystwith Maliphant, Richard, Kidwelly Verity, Abraham, Coity Samuel, Cerrigtarranam Marsden, Andrew, Merthyr Henry, Coity ( Stephen, Newport Matthew, Edward. Cefnpot Watkins, J. W., Hay > Griffith, Kelwendog Matthews, John, Taljgarne » E. B„ Broynllys James, Llanstman ° Marshall, Charles, Aberystwith Lewis, Hay John, Treffgarn Hall Mathias, Lewis. Lamplia Court ■' Thomas V., Pembroke 'f David, Jun., Cardiff Massy, E. T„ Cotts Wayne, William W., Gadlys Ucha ——— Evan, Aberdare Mand, Charles, Bettws Walters, Jonathan, Bronwydd John, Treburba Miers, Richard, Ynyspenllwch Webb, Richard, Talgarth Fendall, Capt. A., Llwyn-y-Berth- Millwaid, Thomas, Llant White, Henry, Clerk, Llangoed Ian Minchin, J. P., Kymin Wells, Charles C., Tenby Fisher, Edward, Saint Marv. Ha- Michael, H., Clerk, Llwynworm- Whittaker, James, Laugharne verfordwest wood Whittingham, Matthew, Llantwit Fortune, William, Lewiston Moore, Thomas, Old Hall Lower Fownes, Henry G.. Saint Thomas, Moses, Ldwin, Bayden Wheeler, Thomas, Dale Haverfordwest organ, Thomas, Swansea Williams, R. M., Mersyddhirion Francis, Thomas, Carmarthen > David, Rhydygors Wm., Keeper's Lodge Franklen, Richard. Swansea Charles, Cwmdwyfran Sir James, Edwinsford Fuge, James, Studda > Thomas, Glan Bryden Rev. D. H. T. G., Llwyn- Garner. William, Burton Charles, Hafod-neddyn helig George, William, Placerunn J*» Abercothy — Wm., Court-y-gollen Thomas, Cardigan William, Lampha > William, Aberdeu Gittins, George, Tyn-y-over John L., Saint Mary's, Ha- ————— Owen, G., Swansea Gittoes. Edward, Penybryn verfordwest *"———— Evan, Ystradliynach Glegg, Edward H., Swansea Morris, James, Mydnm John, Newton House Goode, George, Croft Cottage # Richard, Brechfa David, Llanelay Gonne, T G„ Vaynor Morrice, James, Aberllolwyn R. J., Marcross Gravell, David, Kidwelly Myers, John, Ivy Towers William, Aberpergwm Green, James, Kilgwyn Nevill, C. W., Llangennech Park William, Merthyr Francis, Court Henry -1 Richard, jun., Llangen- David, Garth-hall Richard, Knighton nech Park H. T., Duffryn-frood Greenfill, John, Cardiff Nieholl, J. W., Dimlands Wm. Evans, Pwllypant Griffiths, Charles, Newmoat Nugent, Thomas G., Cardighn *-————, William, Glog Moses, Manor Owen George Lloyd, St. David's William, Llantrissant Gronow, Edmund. Rhisosaison Oldfield, John, Velindre Rees, Aberpergwm Gwyn, Howell, Baglan House Okey, Thomas, Dinas Powis Whitshed, St Vincent, Llwynbrain Gwynne, Marmaduke, Llanelwed Owen, O., Cwmgloyn Wilshire, John Monkton Hall Palmer, Thomas D, Gallowlwick Wilkins, Evan, Llantwit Major A. L., Aberayron Parall, James, Lydstep Charles, Builth ————, John. Cilciffith Parry, W. H Noyadd George, Builth Gwyther, William, Beavers Hill James. Aberystwith .William, Saint Brides Hall, Joseph, Boverton John, Aberystwith Wood William. Hay Hallett, Rev. R. Southcott, Ga- Jolin, Glanyfraith William, Ash Hall balva Place, John L., Blaeonddan Wooley, Squire, Heather Hall Harding, Henry, Wenvoe Castle Perry, George J Reynoldstone Wrey, William L., Thornhill Harry, ^Evan, lanwensar Perkins, Richard, jun., Garnant Yeates, Robert, Solva Harman. David, Southerdown Cottage List (2) GAMEKEEPERS, not being Assessed Servants, 1 Morgan, John, Rbeola-by Nash E. Vaughan, Esq foi at f4. Os. 10d. each. Resolven, and other Freehold Lands ic the counties of Glamorgan and Brecon. Adams, William, Gnoll—appointed by H. J. Grant, Price, Thomas, Llyswen—by Sir Charles Morgan, Bart., Esq, f,»r Neath, Neath Citra, Breton, for Llyswen and Llandefally. .Avon Wallia, and Tyryravll. /3\ GAMEKEEPERS, bring Assessed Servants, al Evans, Thomas, Llyswen-by Henry Wh.te, Clerk, for I Yl 7s. 6J. each. the Manor of Llangoed. Arthur, William, Pnybont-appoiuted by J. C. Severn, Hardes, Leonard, Dolglenen-for the Manors of Spytty I Eq., fnr the Manors of Gotton, Cwmhir Evan, Ystradmeirig, Mevenydd, Blaen- Dolelvan, Bwlchllwyn Close, Garnow ayron, Pennarth, Doverchan, or Court o.hr-rwise St. Harmons, and Glascombe C.vmystwith, Havodwen, Morfamawr, jn Radnorshire. and Haminiog, in the. county of Car- Baker, James, Slebech—by Sir R. B, Phillips, Bart, digan. M.P., Picton Castle, for the Manor o digan. M.P., Picton Castle, for the Manor o Hopkin, David, Crinant—by Capcl H. Leigh, Fsq for Picton Castle, alias CrisbroiiKh, Hil Crinant and ottier Freehold Lands in Walls, Wym&StOUj Druce^ and Clar the County of Glamorgan, bestoa. Barmmg, John, Aberpergwm—by William Williams, Esq., for Aberpergwm, and other Free, hold Lands in the counties of Glamorgan and Brecon. Bruce, Thos., Bangeston—by Wm. Henderson, Esq., for Nangle Hall and Eastington, also the Lands of Greenhill and Henllan, Depu- tation granted by John Mirchouse, Esq., Brownslade. Davies, John, Llandshipping—by Hugh O. Owen, Esq., Landshipping, for the Manor of Monkton. and Weston, Sir John Owen, Bart., Lord of the said Manor. Davies, Benjamin, Aberglasney-by J. W. Philipps, Esq., for his Lands. Howells, David, Penmark-by Robert Oliver Jones, Esq., for the Manors of Fonmon, Pen- mark, Llancaddle, Llancarvan, Molton, Island of Barry, East and West Orchard and other Lands, in the county of Glamorgan. Jenkins, Morgan, Wenvoe-by Robert F. Jenner, Esq., for the Manors of Wenwoe, wrinstonc, ins Dynas Powis, Cadoxton, East Barry, and Castle Mo'yle. Jones, Thomas, Spittal—by W. C. Philipps, Esq., Saint Bride's Hill, for the Manors of Bromaston and Spittal. Jones, John P., LIvther-by G. Roch, Esq., for the Manors of Leviston and Rhydigille. Lockyer, Thos., Golden Grove-by Earl Cawdor, for the Royalty of Perfedd, Commot of Iskennen Fairdreff, Forest, Betel, Rbywradar, Cilsarn, Altygar, and Dryslwyn. Phillips, James, Bottiston-by R. 1. Ackland, Esq., for the Manor of Boulston. Roe, Thomas, Stannage—by Edw. Rogers, Esq., for the Manors of Stannage, Farrington, Knighton, and Cwmgiller, in the county of Radnor. Roc, James, Slebech-by F. C. Baron De Rutzen, Sle- bech Hall, for the Manors of Slebech, Maryborough, Colby, New Park, Robe- ston, Wathan, Narberth, Llandewy, Velfry, Lampeter Velfry, Templeton, Moleston, Newhouse, Caulstan, Minwire, Newton, Martletwye, and Cresswell. Sandland, George, St. Nicholas-by John B. Pryce, Esq., for the Manors of St. Nicholas, St. Lythans, otherwise Worlstone, Monk- nash, High Lights, and the Lands of Ireus College, in the parishes of Llan. carvan and Wenvoe. Solomon, William, Gogerddan-by Pryce Pryse, Esq-, for his Lands. Thomas, George, Underdown-by Charles Poyer Callen, Fsq., Underdown, for the Manor of Lameston. Thomas, John, St. Nicholas—by Sir George Tyler, for the Manors of Trehill and Boulston. Tracy, Joseph, Stackpole Court-by Earl Cawdor, Stackpole Court, for Castlemartin, Mer- rion, and Stackpole. List of Persons Licensed to deal in Game. Goulstone, Esther, Park Street, Llanelly. Hill, John, Swansea. Mutters, Wm., Swansea. Made up to September 28, 1841. By order of the Board, CHAS. PRESSLY, Stamps and Taxes. Secretary. PENALTIES. The Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes HEREBY GIVE NOTICE, that every Person taking, killing, or pur- suing Game without first obtaining a Certificate, incurs a penalty of £ 20, and is also liable to be surcharged in double the amount of the Cei tificate Duty. Any Person in pursuit of Game refusing, on being duly required, to produce his Certificate, or to permit the same to be read, or a copy thereof to be taken, or refusing to declare his true name and place of residence, also incurs a penalty of £ 20. Gamekeepers are desired to take notice, that a Certi- ficate at the rate of £ 1. 7s. 6d. will not authorise any Person to kill Game beyond the limits of the Manor for which he is deputed and, in order that a Certificate at such rate of duty may protect a Gamekeeper, it is requisite, not only that he should be deputed by some Lord or Lady of a Manor, or reputed Manor, but also that such deputation should be registered with the Clerk of the Peace, or the Gamekeeper will be liable to be surcharged in double the duty of £4<. Os 10d, and also to be prosecuted by any common informer for the penalty of J20. N.IS. It is the intention of the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes to publish in a separate List the Names and Residences of all Persons surcharged in. double duty for sporting without Certificates. MEDICINE RENDERED PALATABLE Moioa's Effervescent Magnesian Aperient, For Indigestion, Bilious Affections, Pains in the Head, Sicle Headache, Casual or Habitual Cos- tiveness, Nausea, Sickness, Heartburn, Piles, Fistula, Derangement of the Stomach and Head caused by excess either of eating or drinking, and especially as a preventive and safe remedy for the Gout; RECOMMENDED BY Dr. GRAHAM, Author of Domestic Medicine Dr. TURNBIILL, of Russell-Square, London; Dr. WJLSON, of London, Author of a work on the application of Vapour, dedicated to Dr. Macartney, of Dublin Drs. HARE, ARDEN, REECE, land by the FACULTY in general. THIS elegant preparation of Magnesia, the result of much study and experiment, is fast superseding all other medicines of its class, and is now very generally acknowledged to be the best purgative ever introduced as a public medicine. The almost un- precedented sale which it has obtained, has aroused the cupidity of many unprincipled pprsons, who are always ready to take advantage of the popularity of another's invention and this medicine has therefore been extensively imitated, by Compounds possessing none of its properties. Purchasers can only rely upon the Government Stamp, which, in the genuine article, has Moxon and Smith, (then co-partners) Chemists, Hull," engraved on it. This is the only certain proof of the genuine preparation. It possessess all the efficacy of the most approved Saline Purgatives, without the disagreeable taste which renders such medicines so obnoxious to the palate and stomach and is universally allowed, by all who have given it a fair trial, to be superior to all other medicines as a FAMILY PURGATIVE, And as an invaluable companion to the traveller, par- ticularly those visiting tropical cotiiitries the sportsman, the delicate female, the sedentary student, and to all persons subject to irregularities of the bowels, and the disorders resulting therefrom. A teaspoonful taken after any excess, either in eating or drinking, will restore the tone of the stomach, and relieve all unpleasant symp- toms. If taken regularly for some time previous to the usual time of experiencing a fit of Gout, it will generally prevent, and always mitigate the severity of the attack, without that injury to the constitution which is conse- quent upon the use of colchicum and other strong sedatives. To those afflicted by Indigestion, Bilious Disorders, Sick Headache, and all other affections caused by an imperfect performance of the functions of the digestive organs, it affords a pleasant and effectual remedy, its operation being at once effective and unattended by griping or other unpleasant symptoms. Testimonialt from several medical and other gentlemen are interted in the bill inclosing each bottle. Sold Retail, in Bottles at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d., and in stoppered Bottles at 6s. and lis., by all respectable Medicine Vend ers.-Wholesale Agents, Barclay and Sons; Suttons; Edwards and all other Medicine Houses, London; J. and R. Raimes, Edinbro' and Dublin; Butler, Dublin; Dennis, York; &c. &c.

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