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REVISING BARRISTERS COURT, MERTHYR. This Court opened on Saturday, the I Sth ult., before J. Wilson and J. Evans, Esqrs., when there ap- peared, from the production of the Overseer's lists of objections for the pariah of Merthyr, to be upwards of 400 objections on the part of the Conservatives, and 100 on that of the Radicals. It appeared also, that upwards of 200 objections made by the Conservatives were withdrawn, the Conservative agents having been unable to serve the requisite notices on the parties, owing to the vague description of their places of abode as described on the register of some, and the removal of others from Dowlais, to residences as yet unknown. The first class of voters which the Conservatives objected to was against parties claiming to vote upon property at Gellydeg, which amounted in numbers to 50 and up- wards. This property belongs to Lord Dynevor, and J. Richards, Esq of Roath, near Cardiff; and by the evidence of William Howell, a sub-agent, and others, it appeared that several workmen in the employ of Messrs. Crawahay had built houses upon a verbal promise, with a sub-agent that they should have a lease for three lives granted to them of the Louses. It was objected to, on the part of the Conservatives then, as there was no evidence given of the owners of the soil, or their legally authorized agents to confirm these several agreements, that the parties had not such a legal or equitable estate as to confer upon them the proper franchise. The Barrister, (Mr. Wilson), over- ruled the objection, and the claimants were severally allowed to be retained upon the list of voters. The next class of objections made by the Conser- vatives was against several workmen, in the employ of the Dowlais Company. The parties, in each case, it appeared, claimed to vote in respect of a house agreed by him, to be purchased by the Company — that when the purchase money should be all paid up, a lease was agreed to be handed to the claimant, and which lease was deposited in the Dowlais office, but not executed by the claimant. Mr, Davies on the part of the Conservatives, contended, that as no agreement had beep reduced into writing between the claimant and the company, and as a new lease hud been executed by the former, be neither had an estate in iaw nor equity to entitle him to be on the register, and urged this strongly upon Mr. Wilson particularly, itlut coadjutor, Mr. Evaua bad declared the last year such to be hia opinion, and expunged several similar C!I in consequence. Mr. Wilson, however, decided in favour of the franchise; several of the Dowlais workmen were therefore retainer*. The Couit was occupied in revising the county lists for Merthyr, uutill Thursday, the resuit ia us follows :—— Conservatives expunged 73 Radicals 41 It ha* come to our Wnnwledge; and we confidently as.seilit, that so excessively anxioui were the iqijb- ordinates oi Sir John 'iucst to throw every obstacle in the way of the Conservative* from serving their nicn with the requisite notices of objection, that when the Conservative agents proceeded to serve the re- mainder of such notices on the^5th of August, which our readers w in remember was the last day on which they could be given in, the doors of those workmen who were to have been served were all closed, the parties being out, (of course by accident), rendering any attempt to carry the law into operation com- paratively '"t'le. the Conservatives, however, having previously elected services to the amount of nearly 200 Now the agents and subordinates of Sir J. Guest maj- possibly plead ignorance of this matter, but get out of it they canuot; and to show that we do not found our statement, of Radical manoeuvering or rather charges of unfair dealing, and unworthy col- lusion on the part of the Dowlais geutlemen, we subjoin the testimony of the individual whose duty it was to serve the no.ices in question. He says as foIlt)w.,s:-Oti the 23rd of August last, I Wti snill; not ices of objections at Dowlais, and Thomas Evans, Sir John Guest's agent, and one James Jones came and met me. The former asked me how long I had turned catchpole, I replied I had come to see the phce, and the latter told him that I was in the habit of selling beer there for my stepfather. 1 bonus Lvans then said he would take care 1 would not sell any more beer there, meaning at Dowlais. Tins wa> about 11 or 12 o'clock in the day. Before he Fa a me, the houses of the people I went to serve with notices of objection were open afterwards when I endeavoured to serve any notices 1 found the bouses shut. I l,,ill to serve about bJ. I saw the constables walking about the streets before me, aud also several of me Dowlais agents. If this d >es not exhibit what our Radical friends call intimidation we kuo.v not what does. It remains for the individuals mentioned in the foregoing testi- mony to explain how it was that, doors so suddenly closed on the appearance of a Conservative notice server. We do not at all suppose that a reason will be attempted to be given the fact, however, is no- torious, and speaks badly for Radicalism. That must lie a bad cause indeed which needs such shifts to protect it; but to such expedients as "closed doors" have the Dowlais Liberals resorted. We trust this will be a case to which the attention of the Govern- ment wili be drawn to provide for an act by which speedier services may be effected, and such tricks be effectually guarded against. Messrs. Davies and Coke appeared for the Conservatives; Messrs. J. Wil- liams and James for the Radicals. FRIDAY. The Borough Court waj opeued this morning, at 10 o'cior k, tor the purpose of revising the Borough List of Voters, when the learned Barrister, Mr. Wit- son called upon Lewis Lewis, one of the overseers, who was in attendance, and who has held that office for several years, aud who it may be almost un- necessary to say i* pretty extensively known as the Master of the Horse," and lately iu the employ of Sir Jolin Guest, to produce the list of objections made by the Conservatives, atnonutio £ lo 113, and like- wise the notices of objections. ') othis requts; Mr. Lewis Lewis, alias tbe '• Master of the IInrs<, coolly replied, that he kuew nothing I u's of either notices or objections. 1 he learned ll.irrister who was evidently disgusted at the gross neglect, aud we should say wilful omission of Mr. f-e- is Lewis, addressed the Master of the ■ !or.-e thusSir, you are overseer of this parish, and you know it to be your duty to be in attendance here wi h your ii-t of voters and objections, as well as all tiie documents connected with the revision of the Borough Lislit, and unless such respective lists aud notices ot objection are brought into Court iin- •.nediuuU, I Viii take care to represent your conduct to Her Secretary of State." This I. I; a." iu hill mouth made the "bcrse" start oft, aud in a short time ail lists of voters as well as of (yi-il ctious ami uot.i,,es of, objections and poor rate books were produced, and the business was therefore pioceedfd %tii upon which we were immediately struck with the reason of the delay on the part of the said Lcivis Lewis the overseer, in the pioduction of the documents, for upon examining them it was dis- coveted that tiie Conservatives had made 143 ob- jections, whilst the Liberals had, after Luntiug for auiiosanccfi, only scraped together 23; and this P'iiditn; the petitioa made against the return of Sir John Guest, Before we have done with this Mr. Lewis Lewis, we may as well append a piece of evidence concerning him and which is eminently calculated to show off the .1 appropriation claws" of that gentleman to the best, or perhaps we should say worst, advantage despite the hibernicism. Morgan Williams says, on the 23rd of August last, I went to serve Mr. Lewis Lewis with two potices of objection at his house. I served him with two notices, and laid on the counter about 40 otker notices. 1 nut my arm upon them, and while 1 referred to my list they were taken away. I then eeked Mr. Lewis Lewis what had become of Own; replied, 411 have got them, I consider that ewry tiling which is put on uie counter to be given to M M oversee*this was between 8 and 9 o'clock at night. I returned home, and the following morning, the 21th of August, through the assistance of Messrs. Meyrick and Davies, solicitors, procurred the original notices in time to effect a legal tervice. We shall now hasten to furnish our Conservative friends with the glorious result of the revision. It appeared upon an examination into this and last year's register, that about 87 names upon this year's list (friends of the member) had been omitted, severely being disqualified by non-payment of rates and other reasons; and out of the 143 objections made this year by the Conservatives, 71 names were expunged, and 8 Conservative claims established; and out of the 23 objectors made by the Radicals four names only were expunged, and not one new claim egtablislied out of the four, two were expunged for non-attendance. This, we hope and believe, will give our Conser- vative friends courage and induce them to look out for a good and true man to the cause, and to present him on the hustings on the first opportunity, (which bye- the-bye is soon likely to happen), and we assert upon the very best antliority that Sir Robert Peel will, when that opportunity occurs have an additional vote in the House of Commons. We were gratified to observe some of our Conser- vative friends attending the Revision Court; among them we noticed R. O. Jones, Esq., of Fonmon Castle; Anthony Hill, Esq.; Howell Gwyn, Esq., of Baglan House; Wm. Meyrick, Esq.; John Homfray, Esq., of Llandaff House; Henry Thomas, Esq. &c. &c. In this Court also, Messrs. Coke and Davies ap- peared on behalf of the Conservatives. The revision at Caerphilly was proceeding with on Saturday, when Mr. Coke, the Conservative agent had not (from what our correspondent informs us) that Conservative aid which he ought to have received, as 8 or 9 names were expunged on account of the parties objected to not attending to substantiate their votes.








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