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TO THE GENTRY, CLERGY, Freeholders, and Electors OF THE COUNTY of RION-RIOUTIt Gentlemen, I beg to offer you my best acknowledgments for the continuance of your confidence, by re-electing me this day one of your Representa- tives in Parliament. Relying on your kindness I have not had those communications with you previous to the day of election which I should have had, if your flattering reception of me in July last had not encouraged me to suppose you neither wished for, nor required them. But you may rest assured that my feelings of respect for you are undiminished, and my anxiety faithfully to discharge the duties of the honourable position in which I am placed by you is unabated. In- deed, I hope my conduct will show you how deeply I appreciate your favour, and how desirous I am to evince my gratitude to you for renewing, for the thirteenth time, my honourable and grati- fying connection with the County of Monmouth. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient humble Servant, Granville Charles H. Somerset Monmouth, Sep. 24th, 1841. i ;f; .cr: r ..=- TAFF VALE RAILWAY. QUARTER SHARES. CALL OF TWO POUNDS TEN SHILLINGS PER SHARE. THE DIRECTORS of tbe TAFF VALE RAIL- WAY COMPANY acting under the provisions of the Acts of Parliament, hereby give Notice that the Proprietors of Quarter Shares are requested to pay oil or before the 28th of OCTOBER, 184J, to any of the undermentioned Bankers, the Sum of Two Pounds Ten Shillings on each of their respective Shares :— Messrs. GLYN, Hallifax, Mills, & Co.London. West of England & South Wales ) r> t i District Bank, „J Bmto1- DITTO Ditto .Cardiff. DITTO DITTO ..Merthyr. Messrs. WILKINS & Co., Merthyr. By Order of the Board of Directors, JOSEPH BALL, Secretary. Railway Office, Cardiff, Sept. 28th, 1841. jg&t- EMIGRATION. jfigfeEagFOR PHILADELPHIA. THE AMERICAN SHIP GENERAL PARKHILL, A 1.—553 TONS Register, J. C. HOYT, COMMANDER, INTENDS SAILING FROM THE BUTE DOCKS, C.&MDEIFW, (WIND AND WEATHER permitting,) On the 7th of October, 1841, For Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York, WITH GOODS AND passengers. PERSONS desirous of Emigrating, will find this a most advantageous opportunity, She being a first Rate Ship, and possessing superior Cabin, Second Cabin, and Steerage accommodations, together with a Master well acquainted with tile Trade, who will engage to refund the Passage Money should any party be reasonably dissatisfied. ø- For Terms of Freight and Passage, which are exceedingly low, apply (if by Letter pre-paid) to Mr. JOSEPH BITOW-N, Agent, Bute-Street, Car- diff; or to Mr. W. YOUNG, Broker, Newport. GLaiilOEGAKSlIZ&E. SOCIETY rOI PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE. The anniversary MKF/rirsGof thecovv- BK1DGK DISTRICT COMMITTEE of the above Society will be he'd in the I OWN HALL, at Cowbridfff, on TUESDAY, the ::26th day of OCTO- BER instant, al On<* o'clock, when a St Helmut of the Accounts and Proceeding* of the Cmntniiii <• for the past year will be made, a;,d other bu-iucss transficied. DIVINfc, SERVICE will commence in Co,dHidge Church at Eietet. o'clock, and the Sermon will tie Preached by the Rev. William Drucp, M.A Rector of St. Nicholas. T. STACF.Y, Treasurer and Secretary. Cardiff Vicarage, October Is', 1841. College School, Gloucester. THE ANNUAL DINNER of the Gentlemen Edu- cated at this Sch'iof, will take place on MONDAY, OCTOBER 4, 1S41, at the BELL Hotel. Gloucester. Dinner on the T'ible at Four o'Clock, JOHN W. WILTON, Esq.,) fJ JAMES WINTLE, Esq., Each Gentleman is allowed to bring a Friend. Royal Exchange Assurance OF HOUSES AND GOODS FROM FIRE, 21, LOMBARD-STREET, LONDON, (Established by Royal Charter, in the reign of King George the First,) For Assuring HOllses. Buildings, Goods, Farminq Stock, jfc from Loss or Damage by Fire; and also for ihe Assurance of and granting Annuities on Lives. THE Insurance Duty of .'>s. per Cent, on FARM- ING STOCK having been repealed by an Act of ths 3rd and 4th Wniiam IV., the Company's Agents are authorized to accept New Insurances, and also the renewal of existing Policies, 011 "Agricultural Produce, Farming Stock, and Implements of Husbandry," at a Premium of Two Shillings per Cent. without the AVERAGE Clause Persons whose Annual Premiums fall due on the 29ih instant, are hereby informed that llrceipts are now ready to be delivered by the Company's Agents; and the parties assured are requested to apply forthe reneuai of their Policies on or before the 14th of October, as the usual fifteen days allowed for payment, beyond the date of each Policy, will then expire. Thomas Tooke, Esq Governor. William Sampson, Esq Sub-Governor. Bartholomew Jtffery, Esq.Deputy-Governor. DIRECTORS. Henry Baitlbríclge. Esq. Sir J. Wm. Lubbock, Bart- George P Barclay, Ksq. Chas John Manning, Esq. William Brown, Esq. The Hon. J. T. L. Melville. E. S. P. Calvert, Esq. I' Henry Nelson, Eq. William Davidson, Esq. Edw. Howley .Palmer, Esq. John Deacon, Esq. John H. Peliy, Esq. James Gibson, Esq. Abraham G. Robarts, Esq R. W. Grenfell, Esq. Charles Hobinson, Esq. William T. liibbert. Esq. Sir SamllPI Scott, Bart. Lancelot Holland. Esq. Wiiliarn Soltau, E>q. Sir G. G.deH Larpent, Robert Thorley, Esq. Bart., M.P. Octavius Wigrain, Esq. John Chr. Lochner, Esq. AGENTS. Crickhowell. Mr. G. A. A. Davies Swansea Mr. Thomas A. Marten Cardiff Mr. William Bird Bridgend Brecon Mr. William Evans Carmarthen Mr. David Evans Lewis Pembroke Aberystwith Mr. Thomas Jones Carnarvon Messrs. Morgan and l'reece Bangor Mr. J. V. H. Wiiliams Pwllheli .••••••••••••• Mr. naýid Williams Wrexham Mr. Hichard Hughes Hoiywell Mr. Meredith Vickers Monmouth Mr. Thomas Farror A bergavenny Newport Messrs Prolhero & Towgood Hereford. Mi. John Gwillim, jun. Bromyard Mr. Thomas Watkius Kington and Presteign. Mr. Thomas Oliver Ledbury Mr. Joseph Bird Leominster Mr. W illiam Preece Ross. Mr. Wittia;n Thomas Welshpool Mr. David Gwynne Weobly Mr. P. S. Parker Oct. 1841. ALEX. GREEN, Secretary. In consequence of the destruction of the I:oyal Exchange by Fire, the business of the Company, in all its branches, is carried on at their N ew Premises. No. 21, Lombart street, until their Offices ia the Itoyal Exchange are rebuilt. C A n4 D t' MECHANICS' INSTITUnON. Tria FIRST GENERAL MEETING OF THE MEMBERS OF THE ABOVE INSTITUTION, WILL BE II! D At the Town Han On FRIDAY Evening, the SthofOcfJcr, IS-11 at half-past six o'clock, when A P8PULAR LECTt'iE Will be delivered by GEORGE PRYCE, ESQ., Of Bris'.ol, on DRUIDICAL TEMPI,US, And other STONE ERECTIONS OF THE ANCIENT BRITONS, Illustrated by numerous Drawings on a large scale. THE MEMBERS and their Friends, and ail parties favourable to the INSTITUTION, are most res- pectfully requested to attend. No chcirgc will be made for admission to this Lecture. Reserved SEATS will be provided for Ladies, The Chair will be talsen by the President, WHITLOCK NICHOLL, ESQ. H.HOPKINS, ) G.C. BAYLIS,5 Sccretanes' October 2, S41. CHINA AND GLASS WTAREUOOMS, ANGEL-STREET, CARDIFF. GEORGE GOULD respectfully thanks the Nobility, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Cardiff generally, for the kind and liberal support be has received from them during the last Seven Years, and begs to inform them that be has resigned the above Business in favor of his Daughter, JANE GOULD, who will continue to conduct it on the same premises on her own account. JANE GOUXiD In returning thanks to her numerous Fiiends for the extensive patronage hitherto conferred on her Father, begs to assure them, that in succeeding to the concern hitherto conducted by her, for him, she will strenuously endeavour by continued attention to Business to merit a continuance of the support with which he has been favored, J. G. begs to add that from recent circumstances iu the Stalfordshire districts she is enabled to offer the best Goods at Reduced Prices. All Persons having demands on the said G. Gould, are requested to send in their accounts to J. Gould, by whom they will be examined and paid and it is requested that all Sums due to him be immediately paid to her, she being authorised to receive the same. September 29th, 1841. TO THE MAGISTRATES OF THE COUNTY OF MONMOUTH. My Lords and Gentlemen, Mr. Prothero having announced his intention of resigning the Office of Treasurer for the County previous to the ensuing Quarter Sessions, I beg respectfully to (ilter myself as a Candidate for the Situation, and to solicit the honor of your support. Should I be su fortunate as to obtain the appoint- ment, it shall be my constant endeavour to perform the duties connected with, it to your satisfaction. Tlte Election will take place at the Town Hall, Usk, on Monday, the 18th Instant, at Twelve o'clock precisely. I have the honor to be, My Lords and Gentlemen, Your most Obedient Servant, HENRY JOlIN DA VIS. Newport, Oct. Ist, 1841. Vale of Glamorgan. Important Sale of Live and Dead Farming Stock. D he iloUr t? Suction, ]1)" Mr. W. MORRIS, On THURSDAY the 71h of OCTOBER, 1841, on the Premises of the late Mr. W. DAVIES at Batslay's Farm, in the Parish of Llantwit Major, distant .j about Five Aliles from the Town of Cowbridge, the undermentioned valuable STOCK, viz :— ONR Hundred and Fifty three Breediu^ Ewes, 5t> Fat Wethers; 107 Lambs; 4 very superior ltam3 and 4 TLmn Lambs; 4 remarkably line and useful draught Morses and 6 ditto Mares; 2 very active hackifr Mares; 1 Filly ri«ing four years old Hiid '2 ditto ri^iii? ti,rpe vrar" old; I very superior Glamorganshire milei, Cow in calf; 4 Sows in farrow -!i(i 1 3 store Pi^s 5 sets of Plough. 4 rlIt to of SIih ft, lId 4 ditro of Long Harness; 19 Ri< ks of Wheat; 5 Mows of Barley ai d 2 )IoAs of O.,ts. he Flock 01 Sheep will be found truly desirable, haviiisj heen selected at a considerable expense from the very best Flocks of the new Leicester breed, are perfectly healthy and in irood coudit ion the whole of the Horses are "t'11 hred and the Pigs which are he very best of the Berkshire kind. are in forward condition for winter feeding. The whole of the Corn is remarkably well harvested and there is a Thrash- illg" Machine on th • premises* which may he ha,1 if required ;0" the convenience or Purchasers by agree- ment oil the dav of^siie. The Sale will coinuiencc precisely at E'(-veii o'Olock in the Forenoon with the Sheep, "hidl will be put up in suitable Lots for the convenience of Pur- chasers; three .Months' credit will be gicen if required, upon approved security, to those who buy Stock to the a:nount of tio. and upwatds; and six Months to the Purchasers of Corn. Saint Bride's-Super-Bly. BENJAMIN MORGAN BEC1S leave to inform his Friends and the Public that he nas taken out a License as an &urtiOttrer anU apIJraíørf, and hopes by the strictest attention to the interests of those who may be pleased to favor him with their commands, to merit a s sare of their support. Letters addressed to B. 1., New House, St. Bride's, Post Office, St. Nicholas, will meet with immediate attention, BRECKXOCK & ABERGAVENNY CANAL NAVIGATION. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, r 14AT t lit, next 11A IFYF A HLY MEETING or I ASSEMBLY of the COMPAN Y of PROPRIE- TORS of tho said Navigation will be fcpld at the ANGEL INN, in the Town of ABERGAVENNY, on THURSDAY, the 21st Instant, at Twelve o'Clock at Noon. JAMES PEIRCE, Clerk to the Company of Proprietors. Canal Office, near Ab'Tgavtimy, October 1st, 18-11. PONTYPOOL. TO IRONMONGERS, BRAZIERS, TINMEN, WHITESMITHS, & OTHERS. TO BE DISPOSED OF, THE OLD AND WELL ESTABLISHED BUSINESS in the above TRADES Now carried on by GOUGH BO WEN, f"B"^IIE connections are very extensive atid hifjldy respectable, the Stock well a 'orted and in good condition, and may be reduced to suit the convenience ot'a Purchaser. A Lease of the Premises (which are commodious and possess every convenience) may be obtained. For furtiier particulars, npp!y as above, or to GOUGH and BOVV EN, Birmingham. N.B.-If not soon Disposed of, the Stock will be Sold retail, under prime cost. Notice is hereby Given, THAT that part of the Boundary of the MANOR of BU1LTH, extending through and over the Parishes of Alltmawr, Llandewy Cwrn, Llangunnog, Maesmynis, Llanynis, Llanvechan, Llanjfammarch, New Church or Tyr Abbot, Llanwrtid, Lland- dewy Abergwessin, Llanvihangel Abergwessin, and fclanwrtbwl, in the COUNTY of BRECON, will on TUESDAY, and WEDNKSDAY, tee ¡:ll h and 13th day3 of OCTOBER next, be PERAM HULA" ED: and that such Perambulation will be commenced on the First Day at Ten o'Clock in the M orning1, at ABERNANT, in the said Parish of Alltmawr, and thence continued to the limit of the said Manor in the said Parish of Llanwrtid, and that at the hour of Ten on the following Morning, the Perambulation wiil be resumed from the said limit of the said Manor in the said Parish of Llanwrtid, and theuce continued to the extreme limit of the said Manor in the said Parish of IJanwrthwl. MAYHKRY & WILLIAMS, Agents to MARMADUKE GWYNNE, Esq., Lord of the said Manor. Brecon, Septembor 25tb, 1841. D;i0CtlE of ILSjAK 3D AFP. npHE AUTUMNAL VISITATION of the Rcvcr- end and W'otj! ipful YViiliam Hrijc'e Knf(;iit> M.A., Chnr.ecMor of th Diocese of Liandati, will be held at the times and places following — At USsK, on Wednesday, the 20th of October, At NEWPORT, on Thursday, the 21st of On. At COW BR no on Tuesday, the 2G: II of Oet. At LLANDAFF on Fhiday, the 29th of OCT. The CHANCE!.L"Rt.<ms this opportunity of expressing his hops that all such delects as were presented at the last visitation will hare been set in order, and that certificates to that effcct will be regularly de- livered to him at the several places of meeting, by all such parties as have not already Certified, lie v.ill also feel greatly indebted to the several Rural Deans for any information with which they may be pleased to favour him in regard to hc condition of the Churchcs, Uhureh-yanls, Glebe Houses and Lands, &c., in their reswective jurisdictions. EDTT. STEPHENS, Deputy Registrar. LlandnfF, 30th Sept., 1841.





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