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CARDIFF. A Nt) 111 119 INFIRMARY AXD DISPENSARY, CARDIFF. dbs/ract of House Surgeon's Report to the Weekly Board, from June 8th to June 15 th, 1S41, inclusive. 1-Doolt PATIENTS.—Remained by last Report, i Admitted since, 1 -13. Discharged, 0—Cured and 2; Died. 0.-2 Remaining, II. Our-Doon PATIEST*—Rein-iined by last Report. 18'2; Admitted cilice, 19 1. Discharged. 7-Cllrcd 411,1 is -I)ie(i, 0-2-5. Remaining, 17(i. ■Wedical Officers for the Week. — Piivsici in, Dr. Moore,— Consulting Surgeon, Mr Roeee,—Surgeon, "'r Lewis,—Visitors, Mr Woo ls and Mr Tredwiu. TllOS. JACOB, House Surgeon. Sunday next [tomorrow] will be the anniversary of tIle accession of her Majesty — an occasion lor which a 8pral service is provided in the Liturgy, the rubric '"joining that "If this day siiall happen on a Sunday. this whole office shall he used, and tollowed entirely consequently it must supersede the ordinary Sunday Morning Service. The second lesson, epistle, tiad gospel specially appointed for the day, respectively c°ntain appropriate subjects for discourses- We may &11,1, that tile aspect of the times is such as to call for the fervent payers of all who take a Jeep interest in the welfare of the country and also that, besides this Consideration in thus performing their bounden duty (for they are bound to use this service by their oith ol :Ilegi-.tnce to the Sovereign), the clergy will only he attJng in the very Sf irit ci the devout sentiment ex- pressed by her Ma/e ty, in her speech to the houses of parliament on the :lGlh of January lust, when her Majesty said as follows:—" I humbly implore Divine Providence, that all your counsels may be so directed *s to advance the great interests of morality and 'elision to preserve peace and to promote, by en- lightened legislation, the welfare and happiness ol all classes of my subjects." How little her Majesty's Ininisters have concurred to realise the above devout ^ish (we sincerely assume that her Majesty devoutly taeant it), the history of the last five months too abund- antly attests. But that is an additional reason why the anniversary of her Majesty's accession on Sunday next, the 20th inst., should he fervently nnd loyally Cnmmemorated. We hope that our contemporaries will give early and extensive circulation to this notice, Wllictl we respectfully commend to the attention of the m. Rev. and Rev. the Bishops and Clergy.-Stalldard. TAFF VALE RAILWAY.— It will be seen by reference to the advertisement that an alteration will be made in the times of starting the trains from Merthyr and Cardiff, and that trains will be despatched four times day (Sundays excepted when only two will start) from each terminus. The alteration will not be made till July. THE GLAMORGANSHIRE CANAL.-We are required t. contradict a statement made in our last paper re- specting 70 tons of iron ore that were brought up by the railway on Thursday week we stated that it was brought up by the railway in two hours, and that it Would have required tltree days to bring it up by canal, whereas we are now informed the time really required V(Iuid have been only seventeen hotirs,-a very impor- tilnt difference. We -as,e the statement as we got it from a quarter on which we relied, and we hasten to give the contradiction, which we do with pleasure, not Unmixed with regret that we should have made an "ílertioD injurious to any one, particularly to a com- pany which has conferred and still confers such great benefits upon Merthyr as well as a very large district arolintl it We had no object in saying what we said beyond a desire to furnish the public with a piece of intelligence, and we have no object now except a wish to do justice to the party who feels aggrieved by the statement complained of. DEATH OF MASTER HUGHES -MallY of our readers flillbt remember will) delight the musical perlormanecs *f Master Hughe?, a young native of Wales, who came out to this country last year, nnd has since, in eu«jj».iny with two younger brothers, travelled over a Kood part of the Middle States oil a professional tour. IVC are now pained to record bis sudden death by drt)wllit.g The three broilers, under the guidance of their father, visited Newburgh last week, and gave in exhibition of their musical powers oil Tuesday •Evening. On Wednesday they wereinduced to engage a saiing excursion on the River to see the fisher- men raise their nets. The wind was blowing quite fresh at the time, and just after they reached the stakes the person before mentioned, who hid command the helm — and who knew little of his business as itt iiiiiiv appears — gibed the boat suddenly, instead of 8JtJMtrt¡;,f/ her round as he should have done. and she immediately capsized. Mr Hughes grasped his two youngest children and sustained them oil the keel of the boat; but the eldest, Joseph T. Hughes, was carried awav t'y the current and was drowned. He Waw about 14 years old, and greatly beloved by all Wtidt knew liiui. Up to Saturday, his body bid not been recovered. The others of the party (six) were secured a;tototi after the accident, greatly exhausted. By this accident, all interesting and gifted family is ■plunged into the deepest anguish.—New York Tribune, Alay 18. SWANSEA. BOROUGH OF SVVANSEA. At 11 meeting of the council of the said borough, kcld in tlie Guild Hall of the said borough, on Friday, the litkday of J one, 1841. PRESENT: Mr MATTHEW MOCCKIDGE, Mayor, in the Chair. Ifr RichanJ Aubrey I Mr G. U. Morris Ur Bird Mr David Saunders Mr Dillwyn Mr J H Vivian, M P. Mr Th omas Glover I Mr Roger Walker lir Ni. J. Michael Mr Thomas Walters JUr Watfcin Morgan I Mr O. G. Williams It was resolved, "The committee appointed at tlie last meeting re- port that the following ancient deeds, having no reference to any part of the estate which now belongs to the corporation, they should be presented as curiosities to the floyal Institution." A bond of arbitration which has the seal of the ■hospital of Saint David's." "The will of Peter de la Beere, and four convev. ances of houses in the town which are dated in the reign of Henry the 7th." Iteao/vi'rf unanimously,—" 1 hat 300 of the money receised Iro.m tlie Water Works Company, be paid to Mr Jameg Grove, in reduction of his bonded debt which is owitig by the corporation to him. "That a committee of the town council, consisting of the Mayor, Mr Richard Aubrey, Mr Giover, Mr O. G. Williams, 24ad Mr M. J. Michael, he appointed to confer with Mr Ilowas Walters, respecting John Humphrey's Well, and to ascertain how far the rights -Of the public, so far as tiiiii couticil is concerned, are interfered with by the closing of the same and to meport on '.he subject at the next meeting and that Et siall be competent for the said committee to call so tl aid of professional advice, and to take counsel s wpirwMi if necessary, either jointly with Mr alters, or ottLerwuie Air GUw-er gave notice—" That at the next meeting it will be proposed that the sum of £ "580 or as much •of it as may be required, being a balance in hand tfrom monies paid by the Water Works Company, be impropriated in liquidation of current debts." Air Morgan gave notice—" That he would apply at tJw; Oext meeting on behalf of Frederick I I lckey. Esq.. to be permitted to assign such part of the pre. mines catupri.aed in a lease from the Burgesses of Swansea, io iJbe I vJLe Captain Hickey.R N dated 2 lst April, 1825. as Jie to the west of Bryn Mill Lane, to •J. II. Vivian, fwj and that the reserved rent of two ;guineas per annum be equally apportioned to the (premises on each tide of the l»»e. Also, that at the next meeting he would bring (Forward Mr John Davies's claim for compensation. "To take into consideration at ihe next meeting Daniel Jones's application for a lease from the cor oratAon of a pIece of ground at Green li il 1, lia v n Ifrontag* to the road 76 feet, but part of xvhich has only a depth, of about 4 feet, at a rent of t3 10s, for S9 years. "To take into consideration at the meeting on Wednesday next, ilie watering of the town. f The subject of a site f.t the lite boat, and another site for the intended building for the harbour master, and the ferry men." Mr Glover gave natice—" That 4e next council meeting application will be made by the Com- pany, for the purchase ot the fee ot a field i# the -occupation of Joseph Martin, Esq., held for an unex Jiired term of 22 years, which interest h is been pur- chased by the Gas Company, for the purpose of meeting a new gas establishment, situated on the right hand of the road leading to the Infirmary from Rutland Place, known as part of the field attached to Portland Lodge." Ordered—"That cheques be drawn on the treasurer for tlli- navmpnt ci t. following- sums 1-1 ° f. II, Auditors 9 9 Samuel Jenkins 26 0 The Mayor's salary, balance due for 1840 J$á 0 Thomas John, balance due for police clothing 5 ¡2 Maria Turner ditto ditto 3 9 R. H. Attwood, on account of Poor Rate SW) 0 lameø Thomas Grove. in reduction of bond.. 300 0 41 Notice to be given that at the next Selteriii meet- ing Mr John Rosser's application, as one of the twelve senior burgesses ot 1835. for pnyment of his annual pension, will be taken into consideration." BOROUGH OF SWANSEA. At a special meeting of the council of the said borough, held in the Guildhall of the said borough, on Wednesday, the 16th day of June, Istl, present: MATTHEW MOGGRIPGE, Ksq Mavor. in the Chair. Mr II. Aubrey Mr W. Morgan Mr («. G Bird Mr R. M. I liillips Mr D. Edwards Mr T.Walters Mr T. Glover Mr G. O. Williams Mr M. J. Michael Mr J. H. Vivian It was Resolved, That the sum of £ 538 ba- lance from monies received from the Swansea Water Works Company, be appropriated towards the liquidation of the common contract debts from the corporation. "That the corporation do sell, at the valuation of their surveyor, Mr Hall, to the Swansea GAS Com- pany. the fee of a field in the occupation of Mr J iseph Martin, under lease, situate on the road leading to the Infirmary from Rutland Place. The conveyance to contain clauses to prevent buildings, other than are necessary for the Gas W orks, which arc to be carried on upon the most approved method, and to hint) the Gas Company to set out and plant and keep in planting 25 feet next to the turnpike road. That a license be given to Mr Frederick Hickey, to assign such part of the premises comprised in a leaJie from the Burgesses of Swansea, to the late Capt. Hickey, as lie to tbe west of Brim Mill Lane, to J. H. Vivian, Esq. "That the subject of compensation to Mr Davies. be adjourned to a special meeting, to be held at 11 o'clock in the morning of Monday, the 21st day of June instant, that Col. Cameron's presence be par- ticularly required on this occasinn." It was this day stated by the town clerk, and borne out by such members of the council as were present at the time, that the council did determine on Mr Davies' claim within six months, by rejecting it. "Tllat notice be given to the committee to confer with Mr Walters, respecting John Humphrey's well, that (here will be a meeting of this committee, on Monday next, at ten o'clock in the morning, at the Town Ilall. That the piece of ground near the Old Greenhill gate be advertised, by Mr lIall, to be let by auction, at the next monthly meeting. "That the council do make effectual arrangements for watering the town forthwith at the expense of this corporation, and that the Mayor. Mr Williams, and Dr Bird, be appointed a committee for such purpose. "That the request of the Harbour Trust for a piece of ground near the ferry, be granted as per plan. That the use of the store room under the Town Hall, which is next to the Mountaineer wharf, be granted for the purpose of the lite boat Titat, in consideration of David Williams giving up quiet possession of the house he now occupies, on or before eight o'clock on Monday morning next, it be accepted of, giving him free of the arrears due." COPPER ORFS SOLD AT SWANSEA. Julie 16, 1841. Mines. 21 Cwfs. PUrC!jasCrS. s. d Cobro 101) Sims, Willyr.uis, Nevill, Drucu and Co 11 Õ 6 Ditto 99 Ditto 11 5 0 Ditto 80 Ditto 18 16 0 Ditto 64 Ditto I i) I 0 Ditto 80 English Copper Co 20 7 6 Ditto 73 Williams, Foster, & Co. 19 15 6 Ditto 71) Ditto. 19 IS 0 Ditto 6) English Copper Co. 20 3 0 Ditto 50 Williams, Foster, & Co. "20 3 0 Ditto 36 Ditto 19 16 0 Knockmahoii. 130 Vivian and Sous 7 8 0 Ditto .118 Williams, Foster. & Co. 8 18 0 I)itt4) 112 Viviati itid S,,iis 8 '2 0 Ditto 81 Williams, Foster, & C<>. 10 11 0 Ditto 82 English Copper Co 7 5 0 Ditto 17 Williams, Foster, & Co. II 7 0 Santiago 107 Vivian and Sons 12 14 0 Ditto Ditto, and Mines Royal Company 12 15 0 Ditto .103 Ditto Ii 15 0 Ditto 96 Vivian and So: s 12 15 0 Chili 100 1-. Gi-etifell ktiti Soils 19 0 6 Ditto SC) Ditto 19 0 6 Ditto 70 Ditto 10 10 0 I)itto la Ditto. 20 1 6 Allihies .12S Willi, mis, Foster, & Co. 10 II 0 Ditto 1 19 Ditto 9 12 6 Copiapo .100 Miues Rotnl Co 23 18 6 Ditto 95 Vivian and Sons 22 5 0 Ditto 40 Williams, Foster, & Co. 2;) 2 6 L:kx(-v St) Pei,Iisli Colipt-r (,,s 3 0 6 Ditto 47 Sims, Willyams, Nevill, Druce and Co. 3 0 6 Lnckamore.. 41 Williams, Foster, & Co. 10 4 6 Counorree pre 15 Knglisli Copper Co. 25 12 0 Fingal 12 Ditto. 6 7 6 Total 2G23 .1" Bill DG UN D. GLAMORGANSHIRE CONSBIIVATIVE AND Covvmu- NS::G A t TIOVAL SOCIKTY.— At a meeting of this society held at Bridgend, on the 17th iustaiit, the following letter from Lord Villiers was read — J line 14, 1S4 1. De:ir Sir,- I ri,grilt (,xtretnely tli:.t illy ing occupations will prevent my attending the meeting of the Conservative Association on Thursday next, hut, I hough absent, I trust the meeting will believe that my best wishes are with the Conservative cause, to support which I have ever made, and always will make, my most strenuous exertions. I am. d.'ar Sir, Your's, trti'v, Henry John Grant, Esq." PAIR AT BRit)rr,vr).-It -.will be ,;een from an advertisement in our paper that in future a fair will be held annually in this town on the second Monday in July. The day has been chosen so that it shall not interfere with any other lair in the immediate neighbourhood and it cannot fail to confer a great benefit upon the neighbouring farmers and cattle dealers as well as upon the town. The fair has been established for the sale of horses, cattle, wool, and other farming stock. ST. NICHOLAS. On Monday last, the third anniversary of the Tywysawg Morganwg Lodge was held at the Three TUlIg Inn. Several of the brethren were seen at an early hour parading the streets towards their lodge room as if determined to be in time for the proceed- ings lit the day; after initiating two brethren into their loyal institution they marched to the village church, where an excellent discourse was delivered by the Hev W. Bruce, Rector of St Nichol as, from Prov. iv, 26, 27. The service being ended, the procession reformed and after parading the principal streets they proceeded to the lodge room, where a most sumptuous repast was prepared by host and hostess Williams, for which due credit must be given them. The cloth being removed, the Queen, and several other loyal and patriotic toasts were drunk and dilly honoured, and among them the Rev William Bruce and the neighbo iriug gentlemen, hoping they wutild search minutely the laws of the order, and become supporters thereof. In the course of the evening several excellent addresses were delivered by brother Reynolds, from the Paradwys Lodge, Cowbridge, on the advantages of the order, and its tendency to make men appear in this world as they ought if they would conform to its precepts. We were visited by brother Win. Richards, Merthyr (on his way to Penmark) who is well known as a performer on the violin, and who had the kindness to favour us with several Welsh airs, &c when temperance, harmony, and sentiment were the order of the day, The evening being spent. leaving no doubt but that brotheiiy love anitniitedencit heart, they separated at an early hour for their respective houses, highly d il ightell with the proceed- ings of the Jay.- (p,.am a Correspondent.) MERTHYR' CnURen MISSIONARY SOCIETV.- Sermons will be preached in our parish church to-morrow, in aid of the funds of this excellent society. 1 he Rev Dr Doran, the deputation from the Society, will preach in the morning, at eleven, and a sermon will be preached in Welsh at three, and another at six in English, after each of which collections will be made, and we hope that these will be liberal, as the cause is deserving of all support from all who wish to provide at) "fain the mealls of giving instruction in the truths of ilik Gonpel to those who sit at present in thick darknet;s and the shadow t)f death." A public meeting will be held iij. the Girls' School Room, George Town, on Monday evening nejftt k lialf past six, when the deputation will give an interesting account of the operations of the society, and urge its claims to continued and increased support. PHRENOLOGY—As a phrenologist and bis friend were indulging ill a cheering cup, the bitter said to the former, Did it never occur to you, to rap oil the head those who came to submit their skulls to your examination, by way of trying it they were empty ?"' Nv," caid the other, rather ohliviout from the fumes of the flask, 0' o; ;t was not necessary, as if they (ia I Any thing in their I¡¡.c.,cy pel )yl,luld never have come ty «ie V


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