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THE EAST.-The convention for the final ad- justment of the Eastern question was signed in London on SlInday, thp. 14th inst. Despatches received the night before from Constantinople, announcing an intention on the part of the-SULTAN to make such modifications in the Haiti Scheriff of the 13th ult. as the Conference might think proper to dictate, M. DE BOURQUENEY, having no longer any excuse for withholding his adhesion, had signed the convention in the name of France. Lord PALMKRSTON, on the other hand, w >s said to have made so concessions to the French Cabinet, and. amongst others, had agreed to recall Lord PONSONBY from Constantinople. TilE DISPUTE wirH AMERICA. —Mr Scbyler^ the American consul of the port of Liverpool, left this country on Friday last in the stnain ship Acadia, from that port; whether the sudden departure of the consul (who has only been appointed a few months) lias anything in it connected with our relations with America, it is not known; but certain it is, that he ooked himself II lid sailed in an assumed name, which is not usual in persons holding his high office, which in its salary, perquisites. &c., is said to be second only in value to that of the President. -Times. France has for some time past been endeavouring to conclude a matrimonial alliance for the Prince de Joinville with the Princess Imperial of Brazil, A Brazilian diplomatist now actually commissioned, in Europc. ami at present at the court of a son in law of r..ouj Philippe, for the purpose of arranging suit- able matrimonial alliances for that Princess and her younger sister.- Morning Herald. M. Rose. a Scotchman, who, in his capacity of U-her of tiie Convention, arrested Robespierre, died in Paris on Friday week, in the 81th year of his age. FR BNCH CUSTOMS.—The authorities of the French Curollls have just published a statement of the stock of foreign produce in the Custom House 8lore" of Paris, from which it appears that on the 31-1 January lilt., there remained in store 56,038 35! kilogrammes of coal, 7,094,634 kil. of cast metal, 191,843 kil. of pure copper, 2,100,732 kil. of 'pati, 465,664 kil. of tin, 99 265 kil. of zinc, and 670,034 kil. of nitrate of soda. Cape of Good Hope ptipers to the 17th of January have been received, from which we learn that a great meeting of the Caffre chiefs had been held at Graham's Town, at which they signed the treaties entered into with his Excellency the Governor. One of the most extensive sales of land ever effected in the colony ia one dav had taken place in Cape Town, when 250,000 acres situate in the district of Beaufort were knocked down to one iii(livi(fumi.. Wo believe it has been determined that Rear Ad- miral Sir Charles Adam is to succeed Admiral Klliot in the command of the sqtiairoti in Ciiina. Should thi3 he true, as we have reason to think it is, a vacatiev will occur in the representation of Clackmannan, and we therefore reeninint-d the Conservative party to be on the alert.—Standard. NORTIIÉR" DISCOVERY.—VVe have received intel- ligence that a splendid ritrer has been discovered be- tween the Clarence River and Nlaretou Bay. Our correspondent states that it has 30 feet of water on the bar, land has been visited by aMr Scott, who states that he traced it up for more than 30 miles, and believes there is more cedar upon it than all the rivers hitherto discovered, and describes the country as most beautiful.-Sydney Aerald, August 21. SUDBURY ELECTION COmmirrFr.-Tlii,-iC-)fninittee have come to the following decision :—"That George Tomline, Esq., was duly elected to serve as u burgess in the present parliament for the borough of Sudbury. —That the petition against the return, and the op- position to it, were neither frivolous nor vexa- tious." PAHLIAMETARY GRANTS.— We find from a return just laid on the table of the House of Commons, in accordance %vitli a motion made by Nir J. C. Herries, that the amount of grantsof Parliament for the service of the year ending the 1st of April, 1841, was as fol- lows Army, £ 6,616,853; Navy, £ 5,824.074; Ordnance, ^1,893,358; Canada, ^354,746 China, £ 173.442; and Miscellaneous, X2,760,040. The estimated amount of demands outstanding, or chnrges incurred, stands thus: Army, :C753,300 Navy, £ 1,421,068; Ordnance, £ 610.840; ti 54,497 China. £ "23,442; and Miscellaneous, JM,314,769- We understand it is the intention of her Majesty to give a series of state balls shortly after the Paster holidays. QUEEN ADELAIDE -We are sorry to find that her Majesty the Queen Dowager has been suffering for the last week from a severe attack of the prevailing epidecni. but we, liqve the greite%t s;tti,fi(!tioi) it) stating that her Majesty is gradually recovering. Her Majesty the Queen Dowager has given .£25 towards the restoration of St Mary's Church, Stafford. The Earl of lalbot has subscribed .£100, and the Duke of Sutherland, Karl of Harro»f>y, and Karl of Bradford, have respectively given a donation of ^"50; and the Bishop of Lichfield, Karl Pcrrars, Sir O. Moseley, and the Hon. and Rev. A. C. Talbot, are also contributors. The repairs are estimated to cost .CSOOO Mr Jesse Watts Russel, of I lam Hall,givirig tbe munificent sum of £ 5000 for the restoration of the interior of that venerable edifice and to have it re-pewed.




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