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BUTE DOCKS, CARDIFF. TAND, CONTIGUOIS to these DOCKS, for BUILDING HOrShS, SHOPS, and other Erec- ti"ns. rn.,v now he had ou Lease. For terms and other particulars apply to Mr G. S. rlt'awq,wn Stirvv,r. CarditT t'or QUEBEC from CARDIFF. The fine new Barque MARQUIS OF BUTE, 900 Tons Burthen. JAJlES FRAZER Master, ftte"ds SA 1 ILING from CARDIFF, the 1st day of PRI r lIext. I his fine Vessel ha* excellent accommodation for •singers, and going out in Ballast trim will be sure of a speetiy Voyage. For Freight or Passage appl v to M r T). Davis, Hirwain B. Morgan, Merthyr; Mr i. Brown, or to Messrs W. »tson and Co., Cardiff. CARDIFF and BRISTOL STEAM PACKETS NAUTILUS, JOHN ALLEN, Commander. LADY CHARLOTTE, HENRY JEFFERY. Commander, ARK INTENDED TO SAIL During the NF.XT WEEK, a* follow*. (From the Bute Ship Dock, J FltOM CARDIFF Mar. 8.. Monday Nautil its 6 morning 0.. Tuesday .I.adv Charlotte ft morning 10.. Wednesday.Nautilus 6 morning I I.. Thursday .Lady Charlotte 7 morning 12.. Friday Nautilus 7 mirnini; 13.. Saturday .f.adv Charlotte n morning FROM BRISTOL. Mar. R.. Monday Lady Charlotte fi morning 9.. Tuesday .Nautilus. 6 morning 10.. Wednesday f. adv Charlotte 7 morning 1\ Thursday Nautilus. 7 morning 12.. Friday La dv Charlotte 7 morning j 13.. Saturday Nautilus. 7 mortling Carriages and Horses must he along-side an hour and *half previous to the time of Sailing, otherwise they c*t>not be Shipped, in consequence of Locking through I 'he New Docks. the New Docks. PARKS:—AflerOabin. Cabin."s. Children tinder 12 Years of Age, Half-price.— Do^s, Is ea,ril. 5 t Female Steward attends on Board both Packets. Kefreth ments may be had on Board, on ino(terate term. F«»nf.\v|lec| Carriage, I. T<vo-\Vheel Carriage. 10s C'd.; H,)r%e,.4. fi4. eacii !for-e. and Rider. After Cahin s., Fore Cabin, 74. 6,1. Cattle, ()s. Sheep, 1. 6d heae Fares include every expense. 5^* Not accountable for any without Shipping Notes. Freighter* arc requested to order all Goods intended for lie NAUTILUS to be sent to Vo. 12, Quay Street, or tn no""rt Ch"plill. Cllrnhl'tlallrt R""in Loch; and for tho I.OY CHVM.OTTH, to Clare Street lIall, Marsh Street. Bristol. Goods will be hauled from the Warehouses to the "•ckets. at the expense of the Com!):inies. t Merthyr. XeirbritUfe. Aberdare. Cowhriilge. ttridyeutt, LJuntriitenf .and Caerphilly.—Goods forwariloil to these Pla.es in Spring Waggons and Lock-up Canal Roal< im •nediately on arrival. unless ordered bv any panicul". conveyance, in which case they will be deposited in the glea,n Packet Warehouse till called for.-Freiglit to be pai,i on delivery. Goods, Package*, forwarded to al!t,-tr-q 01 the Kingdom witlioti- delay. when <en t to cither of t her Stealll Packet Offices in Cardiff or Bristol. Further information as to Freight, &e. will he *Va,ly obtained by applying to the Agents, M- j "odinan, Agent, at the Packet Office on the j « ^'•"liff; or to Mr John Griffith Jones. Agen'. 12, Quay Street. Bristol, for the NAU TILUS Par. I "'id of Mr Donovan, at the Packet Office, on tlu »liarf. Cardiff; or to Mr W. B.Owen. 20, \von Cres. «eoi. HotwelU. Bristol, for the LADY CHARLOTTE Packet. ..NoTICE.-The Proprietors of the above Steam Packets Notice, that they will not be accountable for any Pueeuger's Luggage, nor will they he answerable foi Olly Goods. Packages, or Parcels (if lost or damaged y Fire, Leakage or otherwise) unless Booked at either their Offices at Cardiff or Rristo!. if above the value tOs.. unless entered at its value, and Carriage in pro- portion paid for the same, at the time of Booking.— ,°°ds consigned to order, or not taken away before Six •clock in the evenina of the day of landing. wil: be w#rehoused at the risk and expense of the consignee* All onds to he considered as liens, not ouly for freight charges due thereon, but also for all previously un- ■f'ufied Fre ight and Charges due by consignees to the r°prietors of the said Packets. Disputed weighu measurement, claims for loss or damage. &c.. cannot • allowed, utiles a written notice of the same be sent t<> e Office on the day of deli very. ..taunta. Life isaurance Company. No. I, PRIVCF/S STRKRT. BWK, LONDON. CAPITAL ONR MILLION. Streetovg. Willi. Bardgett, Vdq f Robert Rjjlinton, Esq. uinu,e' Revington, Ks<j Krasmus Roht. Foster, Esq, m. Fechney^Blaek. Ksq Alex. Robert Irvine, Esq. J'10 Brightman, Ksq Peter Morrison, Ksq. .'f"T'5c Cohen, Ksq William Shantl, Jon., F,sq, J I ^ove'i,ry. Esq Henry Lewis Smale, Esq °hn Drewett, Ksq Thomas Tweed, Ksq. i ftetotcal Officers. John Sims, M.I).— Kbenezer Smith. Esq., Surgeon. Solicitor* William Bevan, Esq., Old Jewry. ADVANTAGES OF THIS INSTITUTION. most economical set of Tables composed expressly "r the use of this Institution, from authentic and com- plete data. J,lcreasing rates of Premium on a new and remark- pl»n,f.)r securing loans or debts; a less imme- *te payment being required on a policy for the whole °f'ife than in any other office. Board of Directors in attendance daily at Two "clock. pA?c °f the Assured in every case admitted in the j claim! payable within one month after proof of •eat),. • Medical attendants remunerated in all cases for the ♦ports. lre,mium per Cent per Annum payable durin j First Second Thiru Fourth Iternain- kge. Five Five Five Five der of Years. Years. Years. Years. Life. £ d. £ t. d £ d. £ s d £ i. d. IV 1 I I 5 10 I 10 11 1 16 9 2 3 8 T? 1 6 4 1 1-2 2 I 19 1 2 7 4 2 17 f> I Z? j 1 16 1 2 4 4 -2 14 6 3 7 5 4 3 4 j | 2^ 1G 7 3 9 44 5 55 6 36 13 7 PETER MOKRISON, Ksq., | Hetident Director, London. AGENTS. R T IV)r A. r-. Jetikiiiq. *rk»kg ar IRON WORKS — W. F. Ireland. — W. D llorwood, Bank. i. EnTltylC TVD\'Il. \alterTh6mpS()(). n(lnk, <».NT V POOL, —Stephen Vernon, Bank Us^PSTovv, —J. L. Baldwyn, Solictor. ^HCavennv —J. Hiley Morgan.Stationer OUTII. W. Jenkins, Stationer. JRPFICACY of VVRAY'S BALSAMIC PILLS Letter from Professor Dewii V usT. St. John's British Hospital, 16, Cross Street, «< liatton Garden- to ;uj dear Sir;—In cotnpliaiuse ivitli your request I lieu- (wh, \,T"' y«» that I have employed your 4 Balsamic Pills' VecuT "hberailv presented to this charity) in treating •t»sii('ar u,a^'cs aift'eting some of the patients of thi> piibli"1'0"! I have row tlie pleasure ot' bearing *>ladd te*tini<'ny to tluir great efficacy in deceases of th> yrem er anc^ tiritiarv orgiiiss. They f.ave al o proved or albV'Ce sevcra' obstinate cases of leucoirliaea, m I have the honotir to be, my dear Sir, •' Yours faithfully, HENRY WILLIAM DKWHUKST, Resident Surgeon, Professor of «« l*1?* Astronomy, Anatomy, &c. | U' °- E^ 1$, Hoib9t» m» "t L- LAW. WANTED, a YOUNG MAN as a COPY- ING and INGROSSINO CLERK. Apply to Mr T. Gal,b, Solicitor, Abergavenny. (DO HEREBY GIV E NOTICE, That I SHALL t NOT HE ANSWERABLE for any DEBTS con. \:a.ctl'd hy mv Wife. MARY WM'KIIS, W F L I, WATERS. Dated this 3d of March,_18H. NOT I C E. I.l. PERSONS having CLAIMS upon tlm Estate V „f the late DAVID THOMAS, of the WHITE HART. DOWLAIS, are requested to send in their Accounts to the Office of Mr Geo Overton, Solicitor, Mrrthyr. in order that they may he examined and settled and all Persons indebted to the said Estate are requested to pay the same immediately. Merthyr Tydvil Savings Bank. jVTOTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the BUS1- 1 » NloSS of the above BANK is SUSPENDED till WEDNESDAY, the 18th day of MARCH next, and all Persons having claims are requested to bring in their Deposit Books or Papers, to me, the undersigned, before the 14tli day of the said month of March, in order that the same may be examined and allowed. EDWARD MORGAN. February 18th, 1841, Actuary, pro tern. t3ritigrnb guntpifte Trufst. VTOTICE IS HEREBY niVEN, that the 1. ANNl'AL GENERAL MEETING of the THUS- TRESof th BRIDGEND DISTRICT will be held at the WYNDHAM ARMS llitIDGVNI), n the County of N. on Saturday, the Twen- tieth day of I A" Cft next. at Twelve o'clock at Noon, in pursuance of an Act passed in the Tliird and- Fourth years of the teign of his late Majesty King William the Fourth, i-ititiili,d. An Act requiring the Annual Statements of Trustees or Commissioners of Turnpik lloa is, to be trans nitted to the Secretary of State, and afterwards laid before P.ir iainent. WILLIAM MORGAN, Clerk to the Trus'ees. B.idgeml, 20ih February, 1841. Dreconøljíre QrurttPHu ruøt. I OTICF, IS HEREBY GIVEN, that tl. GE- l. NEIUL ANNUAl. MEETING, of the T I'S- TEKS of this Trust for the puipose of Audi'itig the Accounts, and to receive a HepHt of the state of the Roads under this 'Trust, WILL BE HOLD EN at the SHIRE H ILL, in BRECON, on WEDNESDAY, the Tenth day of MARCH, 1841. at Noon. Dared this Tenth day of February, 1841. EDWARD WILLIAMS, Clerk to the Trustees, M K R T II Y R NEW CHURCH. TO ARCHITECTS. rI^IIE COMMITTEE of tlio above Chort-li i REQUEST that all ARCHITECTS who may feel disposed to undertake the erection of the said Church do send in PLANS, SPECIFICATIONS, and ESTIMATES, on or betore the Twenty Fifth day of MARCH next The building mllst he large enough to accommodate one thousand persons, including a front Gallery, which must accommodate three hundred children, with room for th" erection of an Organ, and leaving room for Side Galleries Sufficient room must he left in each pew to allow the congregation to kneel, and means must be provided for that purpose, and in other respscts the Architect must be guided in giving in his Plans by the regulations of the Church Ruilding Society, The whole Church will he regularly pewed, with the exception of the sittings in the gallery for the children. Further particulars may be learned on application to the Secretary, the Rev. Thomas Williams. Merlinr Tydvil. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Metthyr Tydvil, Feb 26, 1841. Secretary. TREDEGAR ARMS INN, TREDEGA R, M JNMOUTHSHIRE. Mrs MARY THOMAS BEGS leave lo inform hor Friends that she has fhed hor PUBLIC DINNER For WEDNESDVY, the 17th of MARCH, 1841. when the favour of their Company will be greatly esteemeC. Dinner Ticket One Sovereign. Every Gentleman who intends dining is requested to supply himself with a Ticket previous to the day, in order that provision may be made accordingly. Tickets may be had at the Tredegar Arms.Tredegar, and at the Bush Inn. Merthyr Tydvil Samuel HOMFUAY, Esq High Sheriff, Chairman. THOS JONES Piiii.i,ii,s Esq., Under Sheriff, Vice. N.B. Dinner on the Tahle at Five o'clock. The Bristol Newspaper Press. I^HE attention of Advertisers, and of the Puhlie in general, is particularly requested to the fol- lowing Extracts from the" Parlimentary litturiis," i,ist published. NUMBER OF STAMPS ISSUED TO THE BRISTOL (SATURDAY) PAPERS, For the Year 1840, From Jun. lvt. to Dec. 31 st inclusive. Mf.bcury. MIRROR. JOURNAL. TIMES. 108 000 111,000 64,000 42,000 Majority of the Mercury on the Year Over the Mirror 57,000 The Journal 101,000 The rimes 1'26,000 The MERCUBY HAS BY FAR THE LARGEST CIRCULATION IN THE WEST OF ENGLAND, the average h<-in<r upwards of THREE THOUS\ND FIVE HUNDRED per wpi-k. For the lastyear (with the exception of 7000 only on the whole period), its supplies of Stamps equalled he combined numbers of Th$ and The Journal, while they EXCEEDED by no less than 13,000, the COMBINED NUMBERS of The Journal. Times, and Standard- ír:7- The superiority of The Mercury is shown on the ENTIRE SERIES of Parliamentary Returns. Office, 35 BROAD STREKT. Bristol. AN EXCELLENT FAMILY MEDICINE FOR INDIGESTION, BILIOUS AND LIVER COM PLAINTS, &e. &e. IN every in*tgnce where a fair trial has been made, NORTON'S CAMOMILE PILLS have invariably given satisfaction, aft'ording permanent relief in all cases of Indigestion, and a speody cure for licad Ache, Bilious and Liver Complaints, Heartburn and Acidity of the Stomach Depressed Spirits, Disturbed Sleep, Violent Palpitations, Spasms. General Debility, Costivencss. &c. They are mild in their operation, safe tindfir iiny eiretiiiistancer, an I thousands of persons can now bear testjujojjv to the benefits to be drrived from ti,eir is, Sold in Bottles, jjr Is Ijd, 2s £ d, and lis each, in every Town in the Kingduta. CA VTION.-lic sure to ask for -1 Norton's Piiia, and do not be persuaded to purchase an Imitation. WORMS DKSTROYKD. |J EDIpJNE never witnessed a more important 1" Discovery thai) in PRITCHETI'S VEGETA-I RLE VERMIFUGE, a licti;e(ly that, contrary to a 11 others, neither purges, vomits, nor othcrwjsp afh'Cts the constitution j requires no confinement, has neither taste nor smell, and is so harmless that it may be taken by an infant of an hour old yet never, in one instance, failed des- i-ovitig Gllery worm in the body. of which ample and IllI(lollhld tellímoniøi ¡¡.re Iven with it. It ii like actual discovery of a medical pyaptioner of eminence, who may be reailily referred to, and who a Icit)tily as- serts it contains not a particle of calomel, scammnny, gamboge, or other drastic article. PIUTCHETT's VEGETABLE VERMIFUGE, is pre- pared by BARCLAY and SONS. No. 95, Farringdon Street, (late I). I'ritciicui}; giid sold iu large packets, price 2s. 9d. sufficient for a grown perjijn, or three small children; or III small packets, price I.. Itd, s'lfiicjen, for a child sold also by all Medicine Venders iu Town and Country. Observe the Name of BARCLAY and SONS, on the Stamp affixed to each Packet of the Powders, without which they cannot be genuine. T > FU-EiSrACS nI.l\.N AGE:RS. \GOOD PRACTICAL M AN, who can under- take the MANAGEMENT of several BLAST FURNACES (in Wales), may have a PERMANENT ENGAGEMENT and Good Wagi-s, on application to Mr Thomas Evan. of I)ow!.iis Works. None need apply who cannot give testimonials for sobriety,integrity, and industry Dowiais, Fehruary 15, 18-tt. TAFF VALE RAILWAY. "II-Œ DIRECTORS are now ready lo RECEIVE j! TEN D E RS for LO A NS of M ONEY ,in SftlUsofnot less than £ '200, upon the secuiMy of Loan Notes to be issued under the Company's Seal, bearing Interest at the rate of 5 per cent per annum, payable half yearly, entitling the holder to receive Mortgage Debentures of the Company, deliverable in the Month of February, 1843 or 1845. Tenders may he addressed to the undersigned, at the Company's Office, Cardiff; to Messrs Glyn, Hallifax, Mills, and Co., Bankers, London; or to Mr William Mallard, 27, Small Street, Bristol. JOSEPH BALL, Taff Vale Railway Office, Cardiff, Seeretary. January 18, 1841. Brecon and Merthyr Tydvil RAILWAY. TW"OTICK IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Application is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session for an Act to make and maintain a Kailway (with proper works and conveniences con- nected therewith), commencing at or near the Breck- nock and Abergavenny Canal, in a certain Field belonginv, to Sir Cliat-les Morgan, Baronet, in the occupation of Anne Morgan, widow, in the Chapelry of Saint Mary, within the Parish of Saint John the Evangelist, in the Borough of Brecon, in the County of Brecon, and terminating at a Furm called Blaenygarth, in a certain Field. part of the said FaTII. belonging to the Honourable Robert Henry Clive, in the occupation of the Dowlais Iron Company, i-ii the Hamlet of Garth, in the Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, in the County of Glamorgan, and which said Railway is intended to pass from, in, through, and into the ',sevei al l arishes, Townships, and extra Parochial or other places following (that is to say) :—the Chapelry of Saint Marys, within the Parish of Saint John the Evan- gelist, in the Borough of Brecon, the Parish of Saint David's, the Parish of Llanhamlach. the Parish of Cantreff. tlie Parish of Llanvrynach, the Parish of Llanvigan, the Hamlet or 'Township of Tenkelly, in the said Parish of Llanvigan, the Hamlet or Township of Glyncollwnsr, in the said Parish of Llanvigan, the Parish of Llanthettv, the Hamlet or I ownship of Duffryn. in th:1 Parish of Llanthetty. the Hamlet or Township of Vro, in the said parish of Llanthetty and the Parish of Vajnor, otherwise Vaynor, the Hamlet or of Coed y Cummer, I in the said Parish of Vainor, otherwise Vavnor. the Hamlet or township of I'uilVvri. io the said Parish of Vaitior, otherwise Vaynor, and the Hamlet or Township of Gelly, in the said I Brish of Vainor, otherwise Vaynor, or some of them, all in the said County of Rrecon, otherwise Brecknock; and the Parish of ,Nlertliyr 'I'yd,-il, and the I],-tiiiiets or 'Yo tisliips of Garth and Heolywormood, in the said Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, or one of their}, in the County of Glamorgan, And also to make and maintain an extension of the said PrincipalormainRailway.com mencing at or near the said Farm called lllaenygarth. belonging to the Honourable Robert Henry Clive! in the occupation of the Do.dais Iron Company, in the said Hamlet or Township of Garth, in the said Parish of Merthyr Tydvil in the said County of Glamorgan, and terminating at the head ot a certain Railway, called 'he Taaf Vale Railway, near the Pier belonging to, and in the occupation of the Plymouth Iron Company, sirxnte on the eastern side of the River Taaf, in the Hamlet or Township of lIeolywormood, in th" sai,l l'ariS\1 of ,Mertli.t r 'I'yd ,II, ip the County of Glamorgan aforesaid, and to lead to or near the Iron Wijrks of Dowlais, Penydarran, and Plymouth, in the said Hijniiets of Garth and Heolywormood, or one of them. fn the said Parish of Merthyr Tydvil, in the said Coiniv of Glamorgan. \nd, Notic, is hereby also given, that power will be applied for in such Act to divert or alter, in such cases where it may be expedient or n< cessary for the pur- poses of the said Act, the course of the several Turnpike Roads, passing through or into the several Parishes of Llanhamlach, Llanvrynach, Llanvigan. the Hamlet or Township of Glynpollwng. in the ParMi of Llanvigan. all in the County of Brecon, and through or into the I arish of Mcithyr Tydvil. in the County of Glamorgan. And. Notice is hereby also given, that power will be applied for in the said Hill to deviate "vltll tile line laid out on the Plans, deposited under the standing orders to any extent which may he necessary or expedient, not exceeding ten yards in any Town, or one hundred yards not in any town. And, Notice is hereby a'so given, that Duplicate Plan and Sections of the said tindenakitiir, wi:h Bo ;k of reference thereto, will on, or before the First dav of March oeyt, be deposited wit > the Clerk of the Peace of the County of Brecon at his Office in the Town of Brecon, ill the sail County of Brecon and. als, wirh the Clerk of the Pe;»ce of the County <,f .morgan( j,t his Office, in the Town of Cardiff, in the said County of Glamorgan; and. also that Copies of so much of the said Plan and Sections as relate to each Hamlet, Chapelry. and I arish, will, on or before the First day of April next, be deposited with the Parish Clerks of the several Hamlets, Chapeiries, and Parishes herein before par ticularly mentioned. And further Notice is herehv als.> given, that it is intended to apply for power to lew Tolls, Rates, and Duties o:i or in respect of Passengers and Goods, and also of Carll ages passing along, through, or over the said Rail w ay and the Branches-thereof. Dated this 16th day of February, 1811. VAUGHAN, BEVAN, and LAWFORD, Solicitors for the Bill. Brecon, February 16th, Is41. TO those who labour under Debility, Iiidiffeition Depression of Spirits, Loss of Appetite' Trembling or Shaking of the Hands or Limbs, Obstinate Coughs. Shortness of Breath, Head Aches, Gout, Rheu- matism, Asthma, Consumption. Weaknesses, &c., &c. THE CELEBRATED CORDI W, BALM OF SYRIACUM I Will afford instantaneous relief. Nervous disorders of every kind, and from whatever cause arising, fly before the effects of this great Medicine, and all :hat train of ( sinkings, 4itd treniours. which so dreadfully f- feet the weak, the sedentary, and the delipalo, will in a short time be succeeded by cheerfulness and every presage of health. It is highly esteemed for nourishing and invi jjQrating the nervous system, and actiljg as a geneta: i restorative on debilitated constitutions arisingfroRt bilious I • complaints. The studious as well a, tile seden ary part of the com- munity should never be without the Cordial Balm of Syriacum, which removes diseases in the head, invigor- ates the mind, improves the memory, and enlivens the i nihgination To the young it will afford lasting health, strength, and spirits, in place of lassitude and d. bility, and to the aged and infirm it will assuredly furnish great relief attdcRmfort. by gently and safely invigorating the system j it wiij not giyc iirtn}ortality. hut if it be fn the power of medicine to gild the autumn of declining yearg and calmly and serenely protract the close of life beyond its narrow span, this restorative is capable of effecting this grand desideratum. In Bottles at lis, or four quantities in one family bot- tlcfor 33s, duty included, whereby one I Is bottle is saved With each bottle is given a copious bill of directions fcofciijinjng select illustrations of the efficacy of the Medi- cine, and may he h<*d of aji Medicine Venclcrs through- out the United Kingdom, Anieiiea, and the Gontinenrof Europe. Piepared only by Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, No 4, Great Charles Street, liiriiiiiigliain, and No. 44 Albion Street, Leeds. None are genuine without the signature of R. and L. rcITy. &c., inil,res.-ie,i on the Stamp, on the outside of each wr^ppcrf tij jinitgte which is felony of the deepest dye. Messrs Perry and Co., Surgeons, may be consulted as usual at No. 4, Great Charles Street. Birmingham, and No. 44, Albion Street, Leeds. Only one personal visit is required from a country patient to enable Messrs Perry to give such advice as will be the means of effecting a pefipijnciH afjd effeplual cure after all other means have proved ineffectual.' Letters for advice must be post paid, and contain the usual fee of one pound. N.B. Country Druggists, Booksellers, Patent Medicine Venders, and every other shopkeeper, can be supplied Vf'h «jny (juantity of Perry's Purifying Specific l'ills and Balm ot feyriacur^, the usual allowance to the trades by most of the principal wholesale Patent iVjiedicifie house, iu London. t Sold by Mrs Jenkins, Meithyr TydviJ. merthyr TYDVIL. Capital House to be Let. o be Het, AN excellent HOUSE and SHOP, being those lately occupied by Mr WILLIAM WILLIAMS, Ironmonger, eligibly situated in the HIGH STREET, at the C 1RNER of the IAHKrT SQUARE, unques- tionably the best situation for Business in Merthyr. The 'Ho"1' contains ill the basement an underground Kitchen, a large Cellar, and a Store Room, dry and well lihted-on the ground floor. a large handsome Shop, a Parlour, and Kitchen, with three entrances and Watei Close.t-oii the fiist floor. a large Drawing Room, Sitting Room, Bed Room, and spare ttuoui. with a Water Closet-r-and on the second floor, three good Bed Rooms, a spare Room, and a Cistern holding 18 barrels of water. The whole House is finished in the mos' beautiful s'y!e,and amply provided with every convenience for domestic con.fort. For further particulars apply to Mr E, Williams, Market 1I01IC, Me>thyf Tydvil, BOROUGH OF MERTHYR TYDVIL. VOTES FOR 7'HE COUNTY. Valuable Leasehold Property. Wo lie DIb fly Uttt;Jn, By Mr JNO. WINSTONB, At the ANGEL INN. on WEDNESDAY, the 17th of MARCH, 1841, at Two o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such Conditions as shall be then pro- duced). rlIIE following VALUABLE LEASEHOLD t PROPERTY, situate at DOWLAIS and MERTHYR. LOT f. All that substantially built and commodious INN, called the WHITE H\HT, Dowlais. together with the Yard, Stables. Brcwhouse, aud other Ollthousesthereto attached, alld now in the occupation of Mr Thomas Jenkins, as yearly tenant, at the low rent of £ 50. These Premises are well situated and adapted for carrying on an extensive business, being the only Inn near to the Dowlais tormin1;s of the Taff Vale Railway and to the Junction of the projected a i I way from Merthyr to Brecon. Also, a convenient and well finished DWELLING HOOSE, adjoining the last mentioned Premises, now in the occupation of John "uiell. Esq., and known as the DOWLAIS SURGEilY, yielding a rent of f 18. LOT 2.-TEN COTTAGES, adjoining the Wl,it, Hart, .!1I in thorough repair, and let to 6opd tenants, producing a rent i?s. The whole of the above Premises are held under Lease for three Lives, or. 99 Years (83 of which are unexpired), subject to a gruund rent of f5 15s 6d. LOT 3.— TWO HOUSES, with Brewhouse and other Outbuildings, situate in Vine Street, Dowlais, adjacent to the principal Entrance to the Dowlais Works, and let at a rent of .£20. These Premises are held under Lease for three Lives, or 99 Years (82 of which are unexpired), subject to a ground rent of £1 4s 6d. LOT 4.—A DWFLLING HOUSE. situate at Pont- morlais near the Zoar Chapel, held under Lease (about 150years, of which are unexpired). subject to aground rent of 10" Gd. and let at a lent of £ 3 18s. Further particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneer, Victoria Street; or. at the Office of Mr George Overton, Soli itor, Merthyr. (Letters to be prepaid.) GLAMORGANSHIRE. CAPITAL Oak Timber for Navy Purposes, AND EXCELLENT ASH TIMBER. Co be Solif by Auction, By Mr W. MQRRJS, On SATURDAY, the 20 h of MARCH. 1841. at the WYNDHAM ARMS I\N. in the Town of BltIDG- END, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, in One Lot, subject to sueh conditions _5 phiiii he then produced, rpWO HUNDRED and TVVI3NTV-TWO OAK t TIMBER TREES of large dimension*, and ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY-THREE ASH TIMBER TREES of large dimensions, with the Under- wood, except those reserved as standaids, and marked with red paint, now standing and growing on a Farm called COED LANHILLID, in the Parish of I.AN- III 1.1.1 D; a view of which inav be obtained by applying to Mr William Edmunds, the Tenant. on the Premises. The Timher will be found in its prime, and the Oak being of large dimensions, rc especially well adapted for Naval purposes, and are situated within a short distance of Porthcawl, lending to which are good Turn. pike Roads. TOWN OF BRECON. VERY VALUABLE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, &c., FOR SALE. HUGH JONES Begs to announce that lie has been instructed 3To rU bg fturtton, Without the least reserve, on TU ESDA Y and WED NESDAY, the 9th and 10th days of MARCH. 1841. rpHE whole of the very Valuable HOUSEHOLD S FURNITURE &c.. at the late Residence of VVilliavi HuGllfcs, Esq, deceased, in Lanvace; con- sisting of Mahogany FOllrpost. Tent ,and other Bedsteads, with Moreen, Chintz, and Dimity Furniture, and Wipdow Hapgipgs to Match; Nine very superior and well seasoned Feather Beds; Blankets Quilts, and Coullterpanes; Bedside Carpeting, Palliasses. Itair and Straw Mattresses; Dressing Tables, several vety geod Tier and Swing Looking Glasses. Mahogany and other Wardrobes; Mahogany Chest of Drawers; Washhand Stands Chamber Chairs, Bedstcps, Night Tables and Commodes; a splendid Mahogany Side Board Sofas and Couches; Mahogany Dining Table i Mahogany and Rosewood Card. Pembroke,and otherTahles; Mahogany, Hair, Cane, and Rush Bottomed Chalks; Brussels and )IIIPI' Carpets (nearly new); Hearth Rugs. Bronze I'enders. Brass and Qthei" Fire Irons; Two good Eight- lay Clocks a quantity of the very best Linen Plated Articles, and Cut Glass; a handsoijie China Dinner Service, and a Breakfast and Tea ditto, &c, &c., together vith the usual assortment of C"linary Requisites, and a iscful PONY CARRIAGE AND HARNESS. N.B. — The Auctioneer begs to ca'I the attention of the Public to the above Sale, which will commence at Eleven ,'clock precisely. -p- SOUTH WALES, IN THE COUNTIES OF CARMARTHEN AND GLAMORGAN Important Sale of Valuable Freehold Estates, and Extensive Leasehold Mines of 4ntftmcite Oca I and Iron Ore. Messrs BRAY and SON Have the hononr to announce that they are instructed by the Proprietor to offer for unreserved £ ale Auction, At G.lP.RAWAY'S COFFEE HOUSR. CHANGE ALLEY, in the latter part of APRIL next, IMIE following valuable FREEHOLD and )! LEASEHOLD ESTATES, situated in South Wales, viz.:—Two FREEHOLD ESTATES, consisting of 750 Acres of superior Arable, Pasture, Plantation, and Marsh Land, divided into convenient Farms, with HOllsell and appropriate Out Buildings thereon also, an Ornamental Cottage Ornee and Farming Buildings attached, with tastefully iaid out Grounds, Lawn, Siirub- bery, and Plantations The LEASEHOLD portion consists of very extensive and valuable Mines of Anthra- cite Coal and Iron Ore, running under about 2,000 acres of Land, nearly maiden, producing an abundant and almost unlimited supply of 00..1 and Ore, of the finest quality The.Mine" are at present laid dry by level, and opened out so as 10 be capable of a large and immediate working, and are connected by a Railway (terminating at the Floating Dock) with the Port of Llanelly. Full particulars, with lithographic p'ans, are in course of ppepar^tjon, in 'Yh\fh the many advantages of this very valuable Properly will be fully detailed. Auction Offices, 259, High Holborn. *> I GLAMORGANSHIRE. PITWOOD A ND CORDWOOD. To be oIh fry enbrr, A LL the PITWOOD and CORDWOOD now cut and to be cut during the present season, on the Lnnharan Demesne Lands, on the sevcr.il Farms following,-—Garth, Craigmelin, Whitehall, Meirose and Wcrnddiijin the Parish of Lanharall; and Llwynybrain, in the Parish of Peterstone Super vlontem and also on the Farms called Pantynawell, Pantgronow, Aber- garw and Cadw, in the Parish of Langeinor, in the said County. The Wood will be cut and corded at the Vender's expense, and Persons desirous of purchasing the same, are requested to send Sealed Tenders to the Office of Mr Cutbbertson, Solicitor, Neath, on or before the Eighth day of March next, who will afterwards communicate with the party whose Tonder is accepted, if any be ap- proved of. Further particulars may be had on application to Mr Cuihbertson and the Wood in the Parish of Langein >r, will be shewn by Thomas John,Woodward, Brynymenin, and on the other Lands by Morgan Morgan, Carpenter, Lanharati. Treborough Wood, Ship Oak, FOR SALE, Near Minehead, Blue Anchor, andWatchet, Somerset. 955 Oak Timber Trees OF SUPERIOR QUALITY, AND FIT FOR SHIP PLANKs' AND SHIP BUILDING PURPOSES GENERALLY', To be "-loltr ftp Auction, At the TREVELLYAX ARMS INN, at YAIW. in NETTLECOMBE. on TUESDAY, the 16th I)ay of MARCH next, at Two o'Clock in the Afternoon precisely, TV INE HUNDRED and FIFTY-FiVE OAK -1-* TREES, standing in TREBOROUGH WOOD, with their Tops, Lops, and Baik, all numbered with red paint, in ten lots, nine of 100 Trees each, and the tenth and the last lot of ihe remaining 55 Trees. All r.ear good and level public mads, and within a short distance from the Bristol Channel. Mr James Babbage, tt "ptrlecolllhc Court, or Robert Bryant, the Wondican, at Side WooJ, in Trr:borough, ",¡Ii shew ibe Timber, Fuit'ier particulars may be known on application to Mr Babbage, or Mr owcliffe, Sol icior, St,)guinber, near W site bet. Stognmber, February 23d, 1841

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