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1/1 YK THINGS IN FEW WORDS. The Queen of Kuizlrnul possesses the special pri \'i!i'ofi'! Int shp I'all hr IlI'r writ ..f protl'ctillll, pri\'il!'gl' a del'eiula .t from all personal am) many real suits foi one year at a time. and no longer, and in respect of hi- beiuj I'Hij'tii'l ill her service out of the The last that oil the honks is one granted bv William III., ill it¡!J 10 1.0.1 LillI. io I"d I,il;; from being outlawed by his tailor. -Hie Rnui'n Academy of St. I .tike lias- conferred the title of hono- rary member on the Queen l)n«,i»(ir of Spain, who, it is well known, is a fine artist in oil colours. The relative statures of her Majest} and Prince Albert are stated to be I feet S, and .5 feet I 1 inches. The infant Princess Royal promises to be a remarkably fine child, her complexion beinir fair, like IKT Royal Parents, witli intelligent, clear, blue eyes. The Duke of C'oveland has had the whole of his valuable stud removed to tlie extensive stablinir attached to Ha by Castle, Durham, where the noble duke intends in future to have all his horses trained. His "race's tine pack of hounds has been disposed ol Relijiaus Disputs in the Holy Land.—Tin* Marseilles papers, in their correspondence from Bevrout, assert thai serious disse/Jsion" have occurred in Syria, 1)0- tween the followers ol the fiierk and tit, Churches, particularly at Jerusalem but the causes and the r.?su'ts are not mentioned. -Sickness in the Rifles.— In consequence of the late I severity of the weather, and from other cauWs. illnes- to n great extent prevails amongst the privates and non-commissioned officers in this regiment. There are now upwards of seventy sick in the hospital under the care of tlic surgeon.and mostly young men under the age of two and twenty venrs. 1,ord Monteagle is short 1 v to bo united to Miss Marshall, daughter ol John .Marshall, Ks;| and sister of the two gentlemen who have married two of his lordship's daughters, j It if a singular fact that while in Kngland coal and iron are always found together, in France no such coincidence occurs. The ironmasters of France art,, it) consequence, obliged to bring from a distance the coal necessary for their furnaces Mr Thomas Gladstone, brother to the lately elected member for Walsall, has, we understand, determined to stand for Peterborough, on the Conservative interest, nt the next election. Value of Tinie The poet Campbell is said to have calculated that a mail who shaves himself every dny,and lives to the age of three score and ten, expends during his life as much time in the act of shaving as would have suf- ficed for learning seven languages. Coltiirs Turn Out — We understand tIn* greater part of the turn out coal miners of Oldli in and the surrounding districts still continue on the strik(, aii(i that the principal colln rv owners (.Messrs Lees, Jones, and Co.) have intiuiat( d their intention of not giving the advanced rate of wages demanded bv the miners. There are about 500colliers out iu the neighbourhood, A man in a fair was asked if his horse was timid. Not at »II."SM I lie, he frequently sp< nds the whole night by himself in his stable. ')n the Wth of February, 141)1, Sir William Sawtrre was the first person that w's burnt alive oil account of religi"U« prillcipll's in England. All men have their frailties: whoever looks for a friend without imperfections, will never ifnd what lie seeks we love ourselves with all our faults, and we ouht to love our friend in a like manner.. Importation of i,'oal to liombuj.- About 5000 tons of coal, at a of-ib,)ut annually imported into Roinhny, and used almost exclusively by the Company's steamers, though it is observed tint on account of defective arrangements at home, scarcely more thnu Iwo tliirds is effectual in raising steam It is said that Mr Barry is to receive the sum of £ 25,0 >0 from the Lords of the Treasury fordesigning, superintending and completing the new Homes of Parliament, St"Jford and Rwjby Railway,- The petition for the hili for conllrudintlt this railway has been presented to the House of Commons, and referred to the committee on private petition* The <1 'posit of ll> per cent., amounting to about „ £ '89 (H)0 is paid up, and waiting the order of the Speaker. Paris and Rouen Railway. — Mr lirassev (thecontrae- tor) has obtained the contract for the whole of this line a t £ I ,000,009 sterling, and has given the planting and lining of the hedges and slopes to Mr Rogers, of Southampton. Newcastle Coal Trade.— The coal trade of the port of Newcastle upon Tym* employs Earl of Cardiirati is not expected to join his regiment till fi,)"tit ti,,e end of the month, when lit, will return to the barracks, and muster the troops as usual on the first of March.— Brighton Gazette.-Barnsley Coal Trade. In consequence of a fierce competition now going on amongst the coal proprietors in this neigh- bourhood, coals arc selling at some of tlie pits as low ¡I <I 4i; 9(1 per ton. — Leah Journal. Running Mutch against Time —Gougl), the well known Wink- fiel-d Shepherd, has been backed to run five miles in t nrtv minutes. The match was to come off on Thursday last, at Spital, near Windsor A grand match of cocks will be fought in the neighbourhood of Sudbury, between the gentlemen of Essex and Suffolk for ten pounds a battle, and fif'y the imin. To comn oil-on Tuesday, the 2d of March an in go of byes in the evening ———— o,s of L/feat New Zealand. —The following persons were drowned by the upsetting of a boat, 25th of August, at Britannia, the new name of the capital of New Ze aland — Mr John Pierce, late of Birmingham Mr XV. Elsdou, late of London; Mr Richard Ifi-ht; Mr J. Lancaster, late of London; Mr Josias Tucker, late of Cornwall Mr Griffin, late Ptewai d of the Cuba Mr Rogers, late of Cornwall; Mr Martin, iii;iriiier.-A woman, named Hannah Uymes, and nu alleged paramour, named Grace, have been committed to Reading gaol, oil charge of basing caused the death of her husband by poisnn-A atuisieian complaining that the tyrant Dintivsius gave lihii nothing, alter promising much, for the exercise (If his art—" You fool, we arp quits. said the tyrant, 11 vou tickled my ears, and I did the same bv votirs." „ The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have given ordeis at Portsmouth Dock Yard 10 lay tii(- k( el of* ,i sl)ip of tli(, iiiie of tli,! I;irgest description ever built in Enbnd. to be named the Prince Albert, and to mount 130 guns Tlie JJuke of Manchester, it is stated, remains in a very [>«e,.arious state of health in Italy. Tlte last rlrcoullts received of the noble duke were very unfavourable. -VVlioever would reclaim his friend, and bring bi:n to a true and perfect understanding of himself, may privawly admonish, but must never publicly reprehend hi in. An open admonition is an open rlis- grace.———There is a pork store in Cincinnati on such a large scale that a inan on horseback can ride through the Key h le Yankees in China- Tiie most interesting intel'igence recently brought fro in China, by the Montezuma of this port, is a rumour that th" crews of two American ships, the Panama and Kosciusko, had deserted and entered into the servicc of the Citi.iese-iii their resistance of British aggression—and that they had been expressly employed to man the Rogue Forts, New York llera'J, Jan.30.



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